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Chapter 269:You're Not Qualified Yet

8608words in this chapter2024-02-02

Suddenly blocking Shen Tianyao's path was Yuan Dongtian of the Seven Nations Society's Godsoar Forge.

After receiving the news from Ji Wukong,he hurriedly rushed to Qingyang Prefecture,heading straight for the headquarters of the Six Fan Gates.

He had no idea that Shen Tianyao and the others were at the Six Fan Gates to demand someone.He just wanted to use the intelligence of the Six Fan Gates to find Shen Tianyao and the others,but he didn't expect to see the scene before him.

Facing Su Xin's innate shattered body invisible sword qi,Yuan Dongtian's hands unleashed endless thunder,as if the God of Thunder had descended.He reached out directly to grab the invisible sword qi,intending to tear it apart.

However,the moment his hands touched the sword qi,his expression changed.Even with his strength,he felt a bit startled facing this purest form of sword qi.

Thunder roared,sword qi scattered,and Yuan Dongtian took a step back,looking at Su Xin with a wary gaze.

In the previous generation's power rankings,he ranked sixteenth.Even if he was not as strong as Su Xin now,that was ten years ago.Yuan Dongtian had made progress since then,yet with just one move,he found himself at a slight disadvantage.

Yuan Dongtian pushed Shen Tianyao back a bit and said to Su Xin,"Brother Su,it's not a good habit to lay hands on women."

Su Xin shook his head,"Sorry,in my eyes,there's no distinction between men and women.As long as she dares to draw her sword against me,she's my enemy."

Looking at Shen Tianyao and the others standing by Su Xin,and the barely alive Lian Yuehai,Yuan Dongtian roughly guessed the situation.

It was nothing more than Shen Tianyao seeing Lian Yuehai captured by Su Xin,so in anger,she brought Luchan and others to demand him.In the end,they clashed with Su Xin.

He knew Shen Tianyao's temper,which had been spoiled by the entire Seven Nations Society.

And Luchan and the others were all arrogant individuals.Coming to demand someone from Su Xin,the outcome was predictable.

Yuan Dongtian came to Jiangnan Road,and naturally,he inquired about the big figures in Jiangnan Road,including Su Xin,the Chief Catcher of Jiangnan Road.This Godsoar Realm Chief Catcher had a notoriously strong personality.He certainly couldn't tolerate the arrogance of Shen Tianyao and her group.

Just as Yuan Dongtian was about to say something,Shen Tianyao shouted,"Brother Yuan!Help me get Big Brother Lian back,and this Su Xin,look at what he did to Big Brother Lian.You have to avenge him!"

Yuan Dongtian immediately covered his head.Dealing with such a troublemaker was beyond his capability.

At this time,seeking revenge on Su Xin?Is she crazy?

Not to mention Su Xin's strength,this was Jiangnan Road,Su Xin's territory.Even if he wanted to seek justice,Su Xin could easily call hundreds of Pre-Natal Realm Catchers to surround and kill him.Even with his strength,he couldn't beat them.

"Tianyao!Don't talk nonsense!I'll help you get Lian Yuehai back."

Reprimanding Shen Tianyao,Yuan Dongtian looked at Su Xin and said,"Brother Su,Lian Yuehai is the Chief of Incense for our Seven Nations Society.I don't know what mistake he made.Brother Su,why did you beat him like this and detain him?"

Su Xin said indifferently,"Lian Yuehai assassinated me on the street.Do you think this matter is significant?"

Hearing Su Xin's words,Yuan Dongtian's face showed a hint of doubt.

Lian Yuehai and Su Xin had no connection whatsoever.Why would Lian Yuehai come to assassinate him?

Su Xin continued,"This matter has nothing to do with your Seven Nations Society.Although Lian Yuehai is the Chief of Incense for your Seven Nations Society,he is also the son of Lian Mingshan,the master of the Cold Moon Hall in Jiangnan Road.I killed Lian Mingshan,and of course,he wants revenge.So,this is a personal grudge between the two of us,and it has nothing to do with your Seven Nations Society."

Yuan Dongtian frowned.If that was the case,it would be difficult to handle.

As Su Xin said,this was a personal grudge between him and Lian Yuehai.If it were an ordinary person,he could use his strength to pressure them and force them to release the person.However,the other party was Su Xin,the Chief Catcher of the Six Fan Gates in Jiangnan Road.Even if Su Xin gave face,it would only be to the local power,the Xiao family.As for the Seven Nations Society in Runan Road,would Su Xin bother to give them face?

But at this moment,seeing the people in front of him,Lian Yuehai's somewhat confused mind woke up.He reluctantly waved to the people in front of him and said,"Go!Leave quickly!"

For the Seven Nations Society,Lian Yuehai truly regarded it as his second home.

So after learning about the news from Jiangnan Road,Lian Yuehai did not use the power of the Seven Nations Society to deal with Su Xin.Instead,he quietly left alone.

The reason for their actions was because they were concerned about Su Xin's power behind the Six Fan Gates,afraid that involving the Seven Nations Society would cause trouble.

But unexpectedly,they still came in the end.The little junior sister who had always admired him came,the several junior brothers who opposed him came,and Yuan Senior Brother,who usually took care of him,also came.This made him deeply moved and more unwilling to let them go through this muddy water.

But now that they had all come,how could they possibly leave?

Especially when Shen Tianyao saw Lian Yuehai still asking them to leave at this time,tears immediately flowed down from her eyes.

She glared at Su Xin with resentment,"How can you release Big Brother Lian?As long as I can get it,you can choose anything."

Yuan Dongtian also said,"Su Xiong,name your price,spare Lian Yuehai,and the price is yours."

When did the Seven Heroes ever bow to others?However,looking at Shen Tianyao's current appearance,she insisted on taking Lian Yuehai back.Therefore,Yuan Dongtian felt the need to rescue Lian Yuehai from Su Xin's hands first.

Su Xin shook his head,"Sorry,I cannot release Lian Yuehai.If it were someone else,it would be different,but Lian Yuehai wants to kill me.Keeping him is a threat to my peace of mind."

Suppressing his anger,Yuan Dongtian said,"But Lian Yuehai is already disabled.As the chief inspector of Six Gates,are you afraid of revenge from a disabled person?"

"Sorry,he is disabled now,but whether he can be cured in the future is unknown.As long as he has a life,it is a hidden danger.The means of revenge in this world are not just simple violence.I won't leave a hidden danger behind."

Su Xin looked at Yuan Dongtian and said,"Just because Lian Yuehai is from the Seven Heroes,I have to hand him over.Regardless of whether it's an exchange or not,how do you think others will perceive it?Do you think I,Su Xin,am afraid of the Seven Heroes?So,I won't hand over Lian Yuehai."

"Suxin,are you really not giving me face?"Yuan Dongtian said with a dark expression.

Su Xin nodded,"That's right,your face is not enough.If you want to negotiate and talk conditions,send the true leader of your Seven Heroes here."

At this moment,Shen Tianyao stared at Su Xin with eyes full of hatred and said,"Su Xin!You hurt Big Brother Lian like this!I won't let you go!Whatever you did to Big Brother Lian,I will repay you a hundredfold in the future!"

From childhood to adulthood,she had been living in a protected environment,being pampered and spoiled.She could be cute and angry,but this was the first time she felt a deep sense of hatred.

Su Xin looked at Shen Tianyao,a coldness appearing in his eyes.However,he suddenly shouted,"Lu Chen!"

Lu Chen subconsciously looked at Su Xin,but in that instant,he was enveloped by an endless abyss seen in Su Xin's eyes.His spirit seemed to drown in this abyss,unable to move,just sinking into it.

However,in the external world,Lu Chen involuntarily walked to Shen Tianyao's side.With a slap,he directly slapped blood from the corner of Shen Tianyao's mouth,leaving everyone present stunned.

Yuan Dongtian's face changed immediately,and he shouted,"Wake up!"

This sound was like a thunderous roar,accompanied by some thunderous explosions in Lu Chen's ears.It made him shudder,and seeing Shen Tianyao crying in front of him,he was at a loss,not knowing what to do.

Su Xin nodded silently.This Mind Control Technique was quite effective against someone whose mental strength was far inferior to his own.

For the first time in her life,Shen Tianyao cried with tears in her eyes.Yuan Dongtian,with a cold tone,said,"Su Xin!You are asking for death!"

With his perception,Yuan Dongtian could detect that Su Xin used a mental secret technique to confuse Lu Chen,leading to him slapping Shen Tianyao.

Su Xin calmly said,"One can eat a meal messily,but words cannot be spoken carelessly.Threatening the chief inspector of Six Gates in public,isn't a small punishment appropriate?"

Yuan Dongtian took a deep breath,his aura bursting out,a loud thunderous sound erupting from within him.

Actually,Yuan Dongtian didn't want to start a fight here.After all,this was Jiangnan Province,Su Xin's territory.There was no benefit for him to fight Su Xin here.

But now he had no choice.

Just as Su Xin didn't want to trade Lian Yuehai for the sake of his face,Yuan Dongtian also had to consider the face of the Seven Heroes.If he left without taking any action after the daughter of the Seven Heroes'leader was slapped,it would be said that Yuan Dongtian,from the Seven Heroes,was spineless and afraid to retaliate when attacked.

For these top-notch sects,reputation was sometimes more important than anything else.Moreover,he had to explain to Shen Wuming.After all,this young lady had never suffered such a big loss before.After going back,who knows how she would complain to her father.

Yuan Dongtian's aura was astonishing.He stepped forward,surrounded by thunderous waves.The bluestone ground around him shattered,turning into flying debris.When he arrived in front of Su Xin,Yuan Dongtian pointed like a sword.Endless thunder gathered at his fingertips,and he pointed out,unleashing the Thunder Tribulation Finger!