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Chapter 109: Shangshan City

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In the first two intermediate draws,there was nothing good obtained,and Su Xin didn't have high expectations for the third one.However,in the third draw,the pointer landed on the column of martial arts,and on the big screen appeared a middle-aged man with an ugly appearance,a hunched figure,leaning on a cane,and a fierce expression.

"Congratulations to the host for drawing the character Duan Yanqing,who comes with three martial arts skills:'One Yang Finger,''Duan Family Swordsmanship,'and'Ventriloquism.'The character's level is a calm three stars,and martial arts ratings range from half a star to three and a half stars.The host can randomly select,or spend 1600 antagonist points for a specified selection."

Su Xin's face turned dark.He was initially excited to draw Duan Yanqing,the leader of the Four Great Villains,and he was sure that Duan Yanqing must possess the unique skill'One Yang Finger'from the Duan family of Dali.However,he didn't expect the system to also throw in ventriloquism–was that even considered a martial art?

Unable to reason with the system,Su Xin could only sigh and say,"Let's go with a random selection."

The pointer rotated among the three martial arts skills,finally landing on'Duan Family Swordsmanship.'

"Congratulations to the host for drawing the martial art'Duan Family Swordsmanship,'rated two stars."

Su Xin picked up the'Duan Family Swordsmanship'and glanced at it,feeling that it didn't have anything particularly impressive.The sword style was grand and agile,with fewer cunning and ruthless moves.Perhaps due to the Duan family's royal lineage in Dali,this'Duan Family Swordsmanship'naturally carried a kingly aura.

However,being a two-star martial art,its power could only be described as average.Yet,for Su Xin,it still had its advantages.Surveying various sword techniques from around the world and incorporating them into his own swordsmanship was a significant help to Su Xin's sword path.

In the past,in the Postnatal Realm,martial arts techniques were rigid and fixed,much like the training methods of his subordinate Luo Zhen.But now,in the Prenatal Realm,martial arts were no longer confined to specific moves.Su Xin could freely use the'Duan Family Swordsmanship'with the speed of a fast sword,transforming it from its kingly aura into something cunning and ruthless,with even higher power than before.

This was the true application of martial arts–using them at will,solely for the pursuit of absolute combat power.

Compared to the easily accessible'Duan Family Swordsmanship,'what truly caught Su Xin's attention was the Blood River Divine Sword.

Wen Shu's martial arts level was undoubtedly high,but most descriptions were extremely vague,leaving people puzzled.The Blood River Divine Sword was no exception.Some passages were so confusing that even after reading them,it was unclear whether the term referred to the sword itself or a sword technique.

After careful consideration of the Blood River Divine Sword,Su Xin felt that it was more of a method of using the sword rather than a specific sword technique.The sword was nourished by blood,emitting bloodlight when unsheathed,and at its peak,it could even manifest a river of blood,horrifyingly terrifying.

Su Xin didn't know how the original character Wen Shu practiced the Blood River Sword,but in his view,the only way to cultivate it was through constant slaughter–using the blood essence of enemies to nourish the sword's aura.

If Su Xin had a weapon of yellow grade or higher,he could completely integrate the blood essence into the sword,turning it into a true'Blood River Divine Sword.'

There was a reason the system split this three and a half star martial art into three parts;only when combined did it truly become the Blood River Divine Sword.According to Su Xin's previous research,the authentic Blood River Divine Sword was a high-grade weapon at the Earth level and also classified as a high-level three-star martial art in the system's evaluation.To exchange for it,he would need 1600 antagonist points,a sum that Su Xin currently didn't possess.He would stick to his own Dragon Sword for now.

However,the Dragon Sword couldn't withstand the integration of blood essence;at least,Su Xin needed a weapon of profound grade to achieve that.

Drawing out the Dragon Sword,a thin layer of red blood aura covered it,and the sword energy resembled flying blood,vivid and bloody.Su Xin stored the blood aura on the Dragon Sword.The martial skill of a three and a half-star level consumed a considerable amount of inner energy,and using the Blood River Divine Sword didn't give off the impression of an orthodox martial art.

As'Meng Qingze,'Su Xin needed to be cautious about using this sword technique,at least covering up the gruesome red blood aura when using it,as it might be too intimidating.

Sheathing the sword,Su Xin casually hung it on his waist,while on the other side was a wine gourd.He had purchased a fast horse and was heading straight toward the direction of Shangshan City.

After taking two days,without rushing,Su Xin leisurely arrived at the gates of Shangshan City.

As the largest city in southern Hunan,Shangshan City was built spectacularly.

The name'Shangshan City'was derived from the place it was built upon.Shangshan City was built on a mountain,and the mountain beneath it was Shangshan.The entire Shangshan wasn't tall,but it was extremely treacherous,surrounded by cliffs on three sides,with only one side facing the official road leading to southern Hunan and the Central Plains.

So the architectural design of Shangshan City is quite unique.The walls on the other three sides are dead ends,but at the only exit,two entrances and two exits are set up.When Su Xin arrived at Shangshan City,all four city gates were crowded with merchants traveling between southern Hunan and the Central Plains,creating a lively atmosphere similar to a market.However,outnumbering the merchants were martial artists from the jianghu,almost everyone carrying swords and knives,exuding a strong killing intent.

The two entrances into the city were overcrowded,especially with merchants from the Central Plains pushing large carts of goods into the city,further slowing down the progress and making the martial artists outside impatient.Despite their impatience,they dared not cause trouble at the city gates.The disciples guarding the city gates of Shangshan City all possessed the strength of the advanced Postnatal stage,enough to deter most troublemakers.Moreover,even if a Prentatal stage martial artist wanted to cause trouble,they had to consider their own strength before challenging the entire Shangshan City.

Su Xin frowned.He didn't want to wait for hours at the city gates,so relying on his own strength,he moved like a white streak,instantly passing through several caravans and entering the city gates.Before the other martial artists could express anger at Su Xin's audacity,they felt the terrifying aura emanating from him,and they fell silent.The gatekeepers of Shangshan City also pretended not to see Su Xin,not uttering a word.

After all,a Prentatal stage martial artist deserved special treatment.Besides,Su Xin didn't cause any trouble;he just cut in line.If you have the ability,squeeze in like him;they had no objections.

Ignoring the resentful individuals at the city gates,Su Xin started to leisurely explore Shangshan City.The entire city appeared extremely prosperous,with crowds bustling about,and large-scale trade of goods,making Shangshan City almost like a crowded marketplace everywhere.

Su Xin was contemplating where to start intervening in the matter of Shangshan City's successor when he suddenly saw martial artists in the crowd rushing in one direction,their faces filled with excitement.He couldn't help but stop one of them and ask,"Excuse me,what's happening ahead?Why is everyone running in that direction?"

At this moment,Su Xin hadn't released his aura as a Prentatal stage martial artist.Without careful observation,one wouldn't sense his true strength.The martial artist Su Xin stopped appeared to be in his twenties,with a strength in the mid-Postnatal stage.He didn't notice Su Xin's exact strength and,being pulled by him,initially felt a bit reluctant.However,seeing that it was a courteous and handsome young man who had stopped him,he felt a liking and held back any complaints.He chuckled,"Brother,is this your first time in Shangshan City?"

Su Xin nodded and asked,"How did you figure that out,brother?"

The martial artist,who seemed talkative,introduced himself with a hearty laugh,"Forget about the'brother brother'address.I'm called Fang Hao."

Su Xin also extended a polite greeting and revealed a mysterious smile,"Brother Fang,please lead the way.I am Meng Qingze."

As Fang Hao led Su Xin towards the crowd,he explained,"Anyone who has been to Shangshan City knows about the Wind and Cloud Arena.At this time every day,it's the moment when the Wind and Cloud Arena battles commence.It naturally attracts a large crowd of spectators.Moreover,today's Wind and Cloud Arena is special;it's said that several children of the Shangshan City's Lord Yancheng will participate."

Curious,Su Xin inquired,"What exactly is the Wind and Cloud Arena?"

Fang Hao,apparently enjoying explaining things,immediately adopted a mentoring attitude to elucidate for Su Xin,"Talking about the Wind and Cloud Arena,it's one of the major features of our Shangshan City.It's a public arena established by Lord Yancheng in the city.The Wind and Cloud Arena has one hundred rankings.After paying a certain fee,any martial artist can compete in the arena.If you successfully challenge the person above you,your ranking will improve,and you'll win a substantial reward.You can then choose to continue challenging or withdraw from the competition.Continuing to challenge brings more rewards,but if you lose once,you lose everything.Also,if someone challenges you,the prize money you earned will go to that person.To withdraw from the challenge,you need to pay one-third of the prize money and safely exit.The top thirty in the Wind and Cloud Arena,as long as they maintain their monthly rankings,Lord Yancheng will also pay them a large sum of reward money."

Su Xin nodded inwardly.Lord Yancheng,the founder of Shangshan City,was indeed a thoughtful person.The Wind and Cloud Arena ensured that Shangshan City wouldn't suffer losses no matter how many martial artists participated.Only the top one hundred rankings could earn money,and even then,they would lose everything if they lost just once.Moreover,if they wanted to leave after winning,they had to pay one-third of their winnings.

The only cost for Lord Yancheng was the reward money for the top thirty in the Wind and Cloud Arena,but compared to the money earned from the arena,it was merely a drop in the bucket.