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Chapter 108: Blood River Divine Sword

8918words in this chapter2024-01-06

Su Xin's fabricated identity was that of Meng Qingze,a renowned wandering martial artist from earlier years.He was a martial arts master in the Divine Fusion Realm,and the direct disciple of Zong Haoyang,a prominent figure known as the'Wandering Master of the Four Absolutes.'

In the martial world,there were many unaffiliated martial artists,but reaching high realms was challenging.Even achieving the Pre-Natal Realm was rare,and individuals like Zong Haoyang,who could reach the Divine Fusion Realm,were extremely scarce.

Zong Haoyang was skilled in swordplay,poetry,chess,and calligraphy,and he was known for his refined manners.However,ten years ago,Zong Haoyang encountered a bottleneck in his cultivation at the Divine Fusion Realm.Frustrated,he embarked on a journey overseas in search of breakthrough opportunities.

The progression through the Three Realms of Divine Essence–Transformation,Deep Fusion,and Solar Divine–required substantial time and a fortuitous understanding,both indispensable.Zong Haoyang's absence persisted for ten years,leaving the martial world without any news about him.

Recently,members of the Six Fan Gate discovered Zong Haoyang's corpse during a mission overseas.He had long perished,but this information was not disclosed to the public.Living martial arts masters at the Divine Fusion Realm were worth attention,but a deceased one had no value.

The Six Fan Gate wasn't interested in spreading gossip,so this information remained undisclosed.Now,Su Xin was making use of it.

Iron Ruthlessness crafted Su Xin's new identity as Meng Qingze,a disciple of Zong Haoyang,who had returned to the Central Plains after achieving the Pre-Natal Realm.Since Zong Haoyang was already deceased,this information had no corroborating evidence.Iron Ruthlessness even had the Six Fan Gate forge a combat record for Meng Qingze.

"Name:Meng Qingze


Affiliation:Disciple of'Wandering Master of the Four Absolutes'Zong Haoyang.

Martial Arts:Nameless Sword Technique,suspected to be passed down by the Wandering Master of the Four Absolutes.

Strength:Pre-Natal Qi Sea Realm

Achievements:Single-handedly killed all four fierce bandits of the Pre-Natal Qi Sea Realm,the'Four Villains of Dongshan.'


This combat record was flawless.The'Four Villains of Dongshan'were actually eliminated by a Wind Chaser Patrol member from the Six Fan Gate,and there were no other witnesses.As long as the Six Fan Gate didn't expose themselves,others wouldn't know.

After Su Xin donned a mask made from human skin,he purchased a set of snow-white robes in a town,brandishing a longsword.He transformed into a handsome young swordsman.

After some consideration,Su Xin also bought a gourd of fine wine and hung it from his waist,exuding the free-spirited vibe of a wanderer.As Meng Qingze,he needed to embody some of Zong Haoyang's characteristics.If Zong Haoyang was known for his proficiency in swordsmanship,poetry,wine,and chess,then Meng Qingze should reflect at least half of these traits to avoid suspicion.

As for martial arts,Su Xin's Swift Sword was out of the question.The combat record for Meng Qingze mentioned proficiency in swordsmanship,leaving room for interpretation.Zong Haoyang,being a wandering martial artist,had a diverse and eclectic background,lacking any signature techniques.Su Xin could use any martial art,attributing it to Zong Haoyang.

"It's time to use the accumulated villain points and try the lottery."Su Xin thought.

With his cultivation at the Pre-Natal Realm,Su Xin could now master more powerful martial techniques.Especially since his Swift Sword was off-limits,he needed to find a martial art of at least two and a half stars.

Upon entering Shangshan City,Su Xin found an inn,secured a room,and entered the system.

"System,how many villain points and lottery chances do I have now?"

The system responded,"Host currently has 1180 villain points and 113 chances for the basic lottery."

Su Xin was now one of the wealthiest individuals since he obtained the system.However,he needed to carefully consider how to use these points and chances.

With 113 chances for the basic lottery,he could exchange them for 11 chances for the intermediate lottery and one chance for the advanced lottery.

Su Xin was tempted to try the advanced lottery,but even if he drew a character rated three stars or higher,it required specific selection of martial techniques,consuming a significant amount of villain points.

Choosing a three-star technique required 800 villain points,while a two and a half-star technique needed 1600 points.If Su Xin drew a technique rated two and a half stars or higher,he wouldn't even have enough points for specific selection.

Moreover,if he didn't specify,and the character he drew possessed multiple low-level techniques,randomly selecting one could result in a subpar martial art.In that case,Su Xin would waste this opportunity.

So,it's better to be cautious about things like advanced lotteries.The items in the store are not bad,but the prices are twice the designated extraction cost for the specified level of martial arts.To extract a three-star level martial art,800 points of villain value are required,and exchanging it in the store requires 1600 points.Unfortunately,Su Xin still doesn't have enough villain value.

The ones below three stars are cheaper,but given Su Xin's current perspective,he finds them somewhat unimpressive.At this moment,Su Xin suddenly thought of something and said,"System,can you recommend a martial art that is suitable for me now and that I can afford?"

There are still many features in the big villain system that Su Xin hasn't explored.If you don't actively inquire,the system won't tell you.For example,he discovered last time that items from the outside world can be identified in the system,and the system will provide a comprehensive evaluation based on his preferences.

Sure enough,as Su Xin expected,after a moment of silence,the system said,"According to the host's request,I recommend the martial art'Blood River Divine Sword,'originally owned by Fang Yingkan."

On the big screen appeared a young man dressed in luxurious attire,with a handsome face and a noble air in his every move.This is Fang Yingkan,one of the major villains in the"Who is the Hero"series by Wenshu,known as Little Houye Fang Yingkan.He is one of the six top experts in the late Northern Song Dynasty and the actual leader of the'Youqiao Group,'a powerful organization.

Fang Yingkan is mature for his age,ambitious,greedy,selfish,hypocritical,cunning,and extremely patient.Although young,he already exudes the aura of a hero,with a heroic and ambitious personality.

Initially satisfied with the recommended Fang Yingkan,Su Xin frowned and said,"System,I've read the information about Fang Yingkan.The character rating is three and a half stars,and the martial arts rating is at least three stars.I can't afford any of them."

The system explained,"The'Blood River Divine Sword'by Fang Yingkan is special and can be split for exchange.The complete version includes the sword technique'Blood River Divine Sword,'the evolved'Blood River Divine Finger'from the Blood River Divine Sword,and the divine sword'Blood River'passed down by his father,Fang Juxia.Only when all three are combined does it become the three and a half stars rated'Blood River Divine Sword.'The cost for the complete version is 3200 villain points,but you can first exchange the'Blood River Divine Sword'technique for 1300 villain points."

Su Xin's face turned dark."Are you kidding me,System?Even if it's 1300 villain points,I still can't afford it."

The system explained,"If the villain points are not enough,the system can recycle lottery chances at a discount.This way,the host can successfully exchange for the martial art."

Lottery chances can be recycled into villain points?However,the recycling price provided by the system is too steep–only six tenths of the original value.Initially,10 villain points could be exchanged for one primary lottery,but now it can only recover six points.

Despite the high cost of recycling,the allure of the'Blood River Divine Sword'is too strong.Su Xin gritted his teeth and said,"Convert all 80 primary lottery chances into villain points for me."

"Primary lottery recycling initiated.The 80 primary lottery chances are valued at 800 villain points.After a 60%discount,it is 480 points.Would the host like to proceed with the recycling?"


"Congratulations,recycling successful.You now have a total of 1660 villain points."

"Exchange the'Blood River Divine Sword'technique,"Su Xin said without hesitation.

"Ding dong,the exchange for the'Blood River Divine Sword'technique is successful.Deducting 1300 villain points,the host now has 360 villain points remaining."

Su Xin deliberately recycled some extra primary lotteries to have a surplus of villain points for emergencies.A one-time consumable at the three and a half-star level requires 320 villain points,and Su Xin wants to keep a lifesaving trump card.

Having recycled 80 primary lotteries,Su Xin doesn't want to keep the remaining 33,so he directly says,"System,exchange the remaining primary lotteries for three intermediate lotteries.Remove the empty options and proceed with the draw."

As the pointer slowly descends,the first draw results in a potion with a rating of one and a half stars,barely usable for Su Xin at the moment.It's better than nothing.

The second draw falls into the consumables category,and Su Xin widens his eyes.On the big screen appears the face of a handsome monk in plain white robes,ethereal and detached.

"Congratulations to the host for drawing a consumable–'Wind-Cutting Sword,'belonging to the character Wuhua Monk.Martial arts rating is two stars."

Su Xin is silent for a moment,then shakes his head."Not worth it."

This time,the consumable drawn is indeed not very useful.Despite being a unique skill of Wuhua Monk,the'Wind-Cutting Sword'is,after all,only a two-star level martial art in this low martial arts world.Even if used with 100%proficiency,it is only slightly stronger than Su Xin's current full-force sword strike,not very practical.