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Chapter 103: Six Fan Gates

8817words in this chapter2024-01-06

In the blink of an eye,two people were killed,leaving almost no chance for any reaction.Iron Ruthlessness acted decisively and ruthlessly,penetrating deep into the hearts of those who witnessed it.

The remaining individual,Hou Mingsi,had no intention of resisting and immediately turned to run.However,Iron Ruthlessness connected the handles of two curved knives,forming a spinning blade-like object,which he threw towards Hou Mingsi.Simultaneously,Iron Ruthlessness turned around and placed a palm in front of Wu Daoyuan.

A chilling wind rushed from behind,prompting Hou Mingsi to quickly dodge.However,the spinning blade made of two curved knives unexpectedly changed direction during his evasion,directly shattering Hou Mingsi's protective true energy and cutting him in half at the waist.

"Damn it!Who are you?"Seeing three of his disciples killed before him,Wu Daoyuan was on the verge of madness.While it was true that major sects like the Qingcheng Sword Sect had an abundance of innate-level disciples,the loss of three core disciples was a significant matter within the sect.

He couldn't fathom who the assailant was and why they dared to disregard the reputation of the Qingcheng Sword Sect,engaging in such a brutal slaughter.

Discarding his crimson longsword,Wu Daoyuan drew a dark golden longsword.He executed a set of fierce and ruthless sword techniques with a strong killing intent.

"White Tiger's main onslaught with the golden weapon,is this the White Tiger Dao Sword?It's a pity.Since the fall of the'Four Spirit Venerables'in the past,no one in your Qingcheng Sword Sect has been able to master the Four Spirit Dao Sword to perfection.Although you are nicknamed the Four Spirit Sword,you haven't even mastered the four paths:Vermilion Bird,White Tiger,Azure Dragon,and Black Tortoise.It's truly a disgrace to the Four Spirit Venerables."

Wu Daoyuan was shocked to hear this person speak with such familiarity about the secrets of the Qingcheng Sword Sect.Despite practicing the Four Spirit Dao Sword passed down by the Spirit Venerables,few within the sect even knew their names.The Spirit Venerables had died over a thousand years ago,and Wu Daoyuan had discovered their techniques by chance in the sect's scripture repository.

Iron Ruthlessness shook his head,"Weren't you a young expert listed on the rankings back then?Tsk,the previous generation of martial arts truly declined,allowing even mediocre individuals like you to make it onto the rankings after practicing for decades."

Unlike the younger disciples who would erupt in anger when insulted,Wu Daoyuan,despite harboring the desire to kill Iron Ruthlessness,remained silent.The killing intent on his White Tiger Dao Sword became even more intense.

Seeing his two peculiar curved knives already thrown to kill Hou Mingsi,Iron Ruthlessness currently had no weapon.However,facing Wu Daoyuan's White Tiger onslaught,he directly clashed with his bare palms,as if he could envelope the entire world within them.


A clear sword sound echoed.Wu Daoyuan's sword failed to penetrate Iron Ruthlessness's protective true energy and was shattered by a single palm strike.

Su Xin's eyebrows twitched,recalling the times in Changning Prefecture when Iron Ruthlessness would often play with a pair of iron dice.

Wu Daoyuan's expression changed dramatically.A palm covered the sky,and his sword had already shattered.As he attempted to draw another sword,a powerful force pulled him towards Iron Ruthlessness,and he was then slapped away.

"Indestructible Great Palm!Phoenix Wings Eight Slashes!You're from the Iron family of the Six Fan Gates!"Wu Daoyuan spat out blood,finally recalling Iron Ruthlessness's background.

The strange curved knives and the palm strike that seemed to carry the weight of Mount Tai but moved freely were signature techniques of the Iron family in the Six Fan Gates!

Iron Ruthlessness casually remarked,"Correct,but unfortunately,there's no reward for guessing."

As the words fell,he continuously unleashed the Indestructible Great Palm,directly turning Wu Daoyuan,a peak-level practitioner of the Divine Palace Realm,into a miserable state like a torn ragdoll.


With a loud explosion,under the immense suction force and pressure from Iron Ruthlessness,Wu Daoyuan's body was instantly crushed,leaving no trace of his corpse.

"Hehe,quite a piece of trash."Iron Ruthlessness laughed indifferently,causing Su Xin to feel a chill.

Though Iron Ruthlessness's martial technique was named Indestructible Great Palm,giving the impression of a Buddhist skill,Su Xin found it extremely sinister and almost demonic.

Feeling Su Xin's gaze,Iron Ruthlessness turned and smiled at him,"Master Su,surprised to see me?"

Su Xin couldn't help but show a bitter smile,"Not just surprised,it's like dreaming.Mr.Iron,you must have hidden it well.Is the position of Chief Constable of the Eastern Twelve Districts just a cover for your true identity?"

Iron Ruthlessness reached out and a powerful suction force emerged in his palm,pulling the pair of Phoenix Wings Eight Slashing Knives from Hou Mingsi's corpse.

While meticulously wiping the blood off the blades,he said,"You got that wrong.I am indeed the Chief Constable of the Eastern Twelve Districts,a position officially recognized by higher authorities.I used to be just a minor detective in the Six Fan Gates,not even a chief constable."

Hearing Iron Ruthlessness's words,Su Xin secretly scoffed.A minor detective in the Six Fan Gates?Even if it was a minor position,it still belonged to the Six Fan Gates.What kind of place was the Six Fan Gates?It was one of the most powerful martial organizations under the Great Zhou Dynasty,responsible for overseeing martial sects nationwide and gathering imperial intelligence.

"Mr.Iron,don't play games with me.I want to know what all of this is about,"Su Xin said.He couldn't believe that Iron Ruthlessness,a detective of the mighty Six Fan Gates,would come to Changning Prefecture and serve as a chief constable for several years,especially to rescue someone insignificant like him.

Iron Ruthlessness put away the Phoenix Wings Eight Slashing Knives and explained,"I was already aware of the matter regarding the remnants of the Fallen Lion Du Yuansheng and even the location of his treasure.We also knew the true identity of Gong Qingfeng in secret."

Su Xin was surprised,"Then why not just eliminate them directly?Why wait until today?"

Iron Ruthlessness shrugged,"We knew about all that,but we didn't know the identity of another person.We weren't even sure if there were other remnants of Du Yuansheng.So,after discovering Du Yuansheng's treasure and remnants,the higher-ups sent me undercover to Changning Prefecture,hoping to find and eliminate them to prevent future trouble.Unfortunately,I didn't expect Jiang Ling and Gong Qingfeng to endure for two whole years before making a move."

Upon hearing Iron Ruthlessness's explanation,Su Xin was stunned,"So,you knew all along,and you still let them live until now?"

Iron Ruthlessness nodded,"We did know,but we didn't have information on the identity of the other person or whether Du Yuansheng had more remnants.So,after finding Du Yuansheng's treasure and remnants,the plan was for me to stay undercover in Changning Prefecture,hoping to locate and eliminate them to eradicate any potential threats.Unfortunately,I didn't anticipate Jiang Ling and Gong Qingfeng enduring for two years before taking action."

Su Xin showed a helpless smile,"It turns out I thought of it too late."

Iron Ruthlessness remarked,"Actually,I reminded you before.When I asked you about the key that the Yijian Sect obtained,it was a hint.Originally,I intended to wait for the person colluding with Gong Qingfeng to reveal themselves,but you entered the underground palace with a group,so I had no choice.As you know,once someone enters the palace,it can't be opened again for an hour.But your actions exceeded my expectations,and you managed to eliminate Jiang Ling and Gong Qingfeng.That saved me a lot of trouble."

Su Xin shook his head,regretting his impulsive actions.If he had thought about it earlier or hadn't rushed into the palace,Iron Ruthlessness would have likely intervened and killed Gong Qingfeng after he jumped out,preventing this messy situation.

Iron Ruthlessness continued,"I also didn't expect you,Su Sect Master,to be so ruthless not only in Changning Prefecture but also in the face of major sects like the Qingcheng Sword Sect.Tsk tsk,the son of the'Qingxu Sword,'the powerful figure from the Divine Soul Realm,Su Xin,truly lives up to my expectations."

Su Xin smiled bitterly,shaking his head,"Mr.Iron,don't call me Sect Master anymore.I haven't been a Sect Master for a long time.But this time,I have to thank Mr.Iron for saving my life."

If it weren't for Iron Ruthlessness this time,even if Su Xin had exchanged for life-saving items,his fate would have been extremely tragic.

Iron Ruthlessness shook his head,"Don't thank me too soon.I didn't save you for nothing."

Su Xin nodded,"Mr.Iron,just tell me your orders.As long as Su Xin can do it,I will not hesitate,even if it means going through fire and water."

There's no such thing as a free lunch,nor do pies fall from the sky.

Since he and Xie Zhiyan revealed the identities of Jiang Ling and Gong Qingfeng and then killed them,Iron Ruthlessness's mission had already been completed.He only needed to return to the Six Fan Gates headquarters in Shengjing City to report and await his commendation.

However,Iron Ruthlessness appeared here at this moment,saving Su Xin and even killing disciples of the Qingcheng Sword Sect,including the renowned'Four Spirit Sword,'Wu Daoyuan.If he didn't ask for anything,that would be strange.

Although the Six Fan Gates had the right to oversee all martial sects nationwide,major sects like the Qingcheng Sword Sect never really regarded the Six Fan Gates highly.Both sides had a top-down relationship,and if this news were to spread,it would undoubtedly cause a huge uproar.The Qingcheng Sword Sect might even send representatives directly to the Six Fan Gates headquarters to seek justice.