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Chapter 104: Entering the Black List

7582words in this chapter2024-01-06

铁无情looked at Su Xin,smiling warmly,"Rest assured,saving you is not to send you to die,but to invite you to join the Six Gates.Don't forget,I've said before,not participating in official matters is a waste of your talents.Now,being forced out of Changning Mansion by the Qingcheng Sword Sect,you can only flee in all directions.The Six Gates are your best choice."

Su Xin was stunned,never expecting that Iron Ruthless saved him with the intention of recruiting him into the Six Gates.

"Lord Iron,I want to know why me?I am just a small postnatal martial artist.It seems unworthy of you to kill the Qingcheng Sword Sect for me,"Su Xin asked with hesitation.

Iron Ruthless shook his head,"Su Xin,you underestimate yourself.In less than a year,you've risen from an unknown gang member to the leader of a gang in Changning Mansion.Not many can achieve such methods.I am not interested in your strength,but your capabilities.In the Six Gates,martial arts come second;the most crucial aspect is your ability to handle matters.I see potential in you,and by bringing you into the Six Gates,you become a part of my Iron family.I believe your growth will bring surprises."

"Is the struggle for power and profit intense in the Six Gates?"Su Xin inquired.

Iron Ruthless sneered,"Where isn't there a struggle for power and profit?Although my Iron family is the largest in the Six Gates,there are still many coveting our position in recent years."

Su Xin nodded,but hesitated within himself.Joining the Six Gates was possible,but it concerned the path Su Xin would take in the future.The conflict between the martial world and the court has always been irreconcilable.The court cannot tolerate powerful martial artists violating the law,using force against prohibitions.Martial artists,in turn,detest having a large mountain over their heads,restricting their freedom.Throughout history,the martial world and the court either coexisted with the court declining,becoming puppets of major sects,or the court producing an emperor with extraordinary achievements,using iron-fisted methods to suppress martial artists.

Currently,the court and the martial world seemed evenly matched in power.The court had some deterrent effect on small sects,but for major sects,it was powerless.The top-tier sects also refrained from going too far;at least on the surface,they respected the authority of the court.However,even in such circumstances,if Su Xin joined the Six Gates,he would inevitably carry the title of a'court hound,'a label not well-received in the martial world,whether righteous or evil factions.

Iron Ruthless sensed Su Xin's concerns and laughed,"Are you worried that joining the Six Gates will make it difficult for you in the martial world?Actually,you don't need to worry.Even if you don't join the Six Gates,your reputation in the martial world won't be good.People will probably want to take your head for a reward whenever they see you."

Su Xin was puzzled,not understanding Iron Ruthless's words.

Iron Ruthless continued,"You might not know,but you've really angered the Qingcheng Sword Sect this time.They have put a bounty on your head on the Black List.They are offering a yellow-grade weapon,a lower-grade sword technique,and a reward of ten thousand gold to buy your head.Congratulations,you've become a martial artist in history who reached the Black List within the shortest time after entering the postnatal realm,breaking a record.You are currently ranked 345th on the Black List,probably the weakest and easiest to kill person ever listed.Forget about the gold offered by the Qingcheng Sword Sect;do you know the price of a yellow-grade weapon?Your sword is also a yellow-grade weapon.Moreover,the lower-grade sword technique in the eyes of the Qingcheng Sword Sect is considered a treasure by others.With these two items,you are like a mobile treasure chest.People wanting to kill you for your valuables won't be scarce."

Su Xin sighed,"Lord Iron,you don't need to say more.I've decided to join the Six Gates."He never expected the Qingcheng Sword Sect to spend so much to put a bounty on his head,and this misunderstanding had led to a substantial reward.

In fact,it was all a mistake.Wu Daoyuan had notified the sect just in case and put a bounty on Su Xin on the Black List.However,the Qingcheng Sword Sect assumed Wu Daoyuan would personally handle Su Xin's life,making them increase the bounty,thinking Su Xin was as good as dead.Now that Wu Daoyuan had died at the hands of Iron Ruthless,the Black List bounty had become a reality.

The rewards on the Black List are not just about putting a name on it;the reward must be delivered to the Heavenly Secrets Valley,which acts as the notary.Otherwise,if someone kills the person and brings the head,but the reward is not given,the Black List becomes a joke.So now,the Qingcheng Sword Sect has handed everything over to the Heavenly Secrets Valley,and it's probably irreversible.

Iron Ruthless patted Su Xin on the shoulder and laughed heartily,"Good!A wise man submits to circumstances.Rest assured,becoming a member of the Six Gates is not as bad as you imagine.I cannot guarantee how the court will treat you,but the Six Gates and my Iron family will certainly not mistreat you."

Su Xin asked,"Can the Six Gates help me get rid of the Black List bounty on me?"

Iron Ruthless shook his head,"No,I can help modify some information if it's the People's List,but the Black List belongs to the Heavenly Secrets Valley.As one of the Eight Left Paths,the Heavenly Secrets Valley is powerful,and the Six Gates cannot influence them.However,don't worry;the Black List bounty is not permanent.If there is no news about the person within six months,the Black List will consider them missing and remove them.Although the Six Gates cannot remove you from the Black List,we can ensure that no information about you will be leaked within the next six months.While the Heavenly Secrets Valley is known for its ability to gather information secretly,we,the Six Gates,are not inferior when it comes to collecting and concealing intelligence."

Su Xin nodded,realizing he could only lay low for half a year and then reemerge.

"Oh,Lord Iron,what is the ranking system of the Six Gates,and what position will I have after joining?"Su Xin always felt that the organization resembled the Embroidered Uniform Guard.

Iron Ruthless responded,"Right,I should tell you about these things.The highest authority in the Six Gates is the Chief Constable,and there's only one—Iron Ruthless,the current head of my Iron family,Iron Proud,holds this position.Below the Chief Constable are the Four Great Constables,and one of them is also from my Iron family."

Hearing this,Su Xin instantly understood why people associated the Six Gates with the Iron family;their influence within the organization was indeed immense.

Iron Ruthless continued,"Under the Four Great Constables are the Chief Constables of each path.There are a total of forty-nine paths in the Great Zhou Dynasty,each with a Chief Constable and several Deputy Chief Constables.These paths oversee various regions,and some powerful regions have Six Gates officers serving as Chief Constables,while others do not.For example,in our Xiangnan Path,situated in the southern wilderness with weaker martial strength,there is only one Chief Constable and two Deputy Chief Constables.However,these are just the visible forces.The true strength of the Six Gates lies in their hidden power.Apart from the local constables,the Six Gates also has two forces that do not take orders from the Chief Constables but only obey headquarters—these are the Crime Investigation Spies and Wind Pursuit Constables."

Iron Ruthless pointed at himself,saying,"For instance,before I took the position of Chief Constable in Changning Mansion,I served as a Wind Pursuit Constable.My mission was to find and eliminate the remnants of Du Yuansheng.During the mission,the entire Six Gates force in Xiangnan Path provided support for me.The Crime Investigation Spies and Wind Pursuit Constables do not have connections with local constables and spies from each path.They only obey orders from headquarters.These two departments have more than thirty Chief Constables each,and they report directly to the Four Great Constables.Although their nominal status is the same as the Chief Constables of each path,their actual power is slightly lower,considering they are true emperors in their own right."

Pointing at Su Xin,Iron Ruthless continued,"Originally,with your qualifications,entering the Six Gates would only allow you to accumulate experience in various paths or become a Crime Investigation Spy responsible for intelligence.However,given your cunning and skills,it would be a waste for you to do either of these.Therefore,I've decided to have you become a Wind Pursuit Constable."