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Chapter 76: Subduing Luo Zhen

8478words in this chapter2024-01-03

Su Xin was quite famous in Changning Prefecture,and his first renowned battle was against Li Zhonghe of the San Ying Hui,where he defeated him in a life-and-death duel.

During that battle,many people from various gangs and societies had come to watch.Coincidentally,the leader of the Qingzhu Gang was among them.

The overwhelmingly sinister and hateful fist left a deep impression on him,but he could never have imagined that one day he would face that very fist himself.

Li Zhonghe,in the mid-stages of the Innate Realm,couldn't withstand it,and he,who hadn't even reached the early stages of the Innate Realm,wouldn't stand a chance!

So,the leader of the Qingzhu Gang immediately made a decision in his mind:run!

Regardless of the Qingzhu Gang or any reinforcements,preserving his life was the top priority.

However,Su Xin wouldn't give him a chance.Just as the leader of the Qingzhu Gang turned around,Su Xin's palm had already imprinted on his back.

Vengeance Palm!The hatred was as deep as the sea!

The powerful force instantly shattered all the meridians and internal organs within him.A single palm took his life!

Seeing their leader killed with a single palm,the remaining Qingzhu Gang members who were still holding their ground immediately suffered a psychological breakdown and scattered in all directions.

Ironically,as they fled,the reinforcements from the Qingzhu Gang arrived.Leading them was Su Xin's acquaintance,Luo Zhen,the leader of the Qingzhu Gang.

Su Xin had a deep impression of Luo Zhen,the only one in the Qingzhu Gang he appreciated.The rest were just mediocre figures.

"Luo Head,I didn't expect our second meeting to be during a gang battle again.It seems like fate,and congratulations on your significant improvement in strength,"Su Xin said with a light smile,extending a courteous hand.

The last time Su Xin fought with Luo Zhen,he was in the early stages of the Innate Realm,approaching the mid-stages.Just a few months had passed,and Luo Zhen had completely broken through to the mid-stages of the Innate Realm.

This man had decent martial talent and determination.If he hadn't started practicing martial arts a bit late,his achievements would have been much higher.

Listening to Su Xin's words,Luo Zhen couldn't help but smile wryly."Lord Su,those words might be fitting for others,but I,Luo Zhen,dare not accept them.If there's significant improvement in strength,it should be yours."

The last time they crossed paths,Su Xin's strength was slightly lower than his,and he was just an unknown soldier of the Feiying Gang.

Now,when they met again,Su Xin had progressed not only in strength but also in status.He was now one of the strongest figures in Changning Prefecture,and Luo Zhen couldn't fathom Su Xin's current strength.

Su Xin chuckled twice and directly said,"Luo Head,within the Qingzhu Gang,you are the only one I appreciate.If you join the Feiying Gang,the position of the deputy head of the War Hall is yours!"

Honestly,Luo Zhen was tempted by Su Xin's promise.They had observed the reforms in the Feiying Gang's system,and the old ways were practically obsolete.

The other major heads were now just logistical personnel,and all the strong individuals were in the War Hall.The position of a War Hall head was equivalent to that of the heads responsible for managing territories.The current deputy head of the War Hall was Lin Fuhu,and his authority was not even comparable to the head of the War Hall,Li Qing.

Su Xin promised Luo Zhen the position of the deputy head of the War Hall,and this deputy head was different from Lin Fuhu's semi-retired position.This was a genuine position of power,ranking among the top five in the Feiying Gang.

But after thinking for a while,Luo Zhen shook his head with a bitter smile."Thank you for Lord Su's kindness.I don't have much attachment to the Qingzhu Gang.I wouldn't mind if you destroy it.However,Deputy Head Chen Hong has shown kindness to me.In this situation,if I just leave like this,honestly,I won't be able to face myself.Don't forget,I have so many brothers.As long as they join the Feiying Gang,they can all enter the War Hall.It's a much better prospect than languishing in the Qingzhu Gang for a lifetime."

Su Xin's words made Luo Zhen contemplate.He could obstruct Su Xin here to repay Chen Hong's kindness,but he also had a bunch of brothers to take care of.

Su Xin was astute in judging people,and Luo Zhen valued brotherhood greatly.As long as it involved his brothers,he would surely compromise.

Indeed,after a slight hesitation,Luo Zhen said,"Alright,three moves it is."

He agreed,harboring a desire to test his strength against Su Xin.

Last time,when he fought against Su Xin,he actually had a chance to win,but unfortunately,he lacked Su Xin's fierce determination,so he lost.Now,his strength is a realm lower than Su Xin's.Although winning is unlikely,he still doesn't believe he can't even withstand Su Xin's three moves.

Su Xin's hand gripped the hilt of the Youlong Sword at his waist.As he walked briskly,the ball inside his handguard kept spinning,emitting a crisp'buzzing'sound with a peculiar frequency.

Luo Zhen took a deep breath,tightening his grip on the iron spear in his hand.Only three moves;he would use his strongest three moves to confront Su Xin.He couldn't believe that after practicing martial arts for nearly ten years,he wouldn't be able to withstand even three moves from Su Xin.

The heavy iron spear danced in Luo Zhen's hand,instantly creating five spear flowers.He intended to receive Su Xin's three moves,but he hadn't thought of passively defending;instead,he planned to take the initiative.

"Hidden Dragon Emerges from the Sea!"

Luo Zhen roared,and the iron spear extended,resembling a dragon.However,all around were shadows of spear flowers,making it impossible to discern where the real strike was.

The hidden dragon emerges from the sea,a true dragon hidden beneath the vast sea.When the killing intent approaches,it will soar into the air!


The Youlong Sword in Su Xin's hand emitted a long hum.The ice-cold blade unsheathed,accurately slashing into the chaotic spear flowers.The blade vibrated at a peculiar frequency,and Luo Zhen felt a tremendous force attacking him,almost causing his iron spear to fly out of his hand.

He tightly held onto the spear,but in the next moment,a'clang'sound was heard,and the iron spear shattered.Su Xin's Youlong Sword was already horizontally at his neck.

Stunned for a moment,Luo Zhen showed a bitter smile on his face."I've lost."

He didn't think he lost because Su Xin's weapon was better;even if Su Xin didn't have that sword,he would still lose.Su Xin's sword,faster and more accurate than before,could discern the true'hidden dragon'from the myriad spear flowers.

"Respects to the gang leader!"Luo Zhen threw down the broken half of the spear,clasping his fists and kneeling on one knee.

Su Xin quickly helped him up,and Luo Zhen loudly shouted to the more than eight hundred brothers he had always led,"What are you bunch of youngsters looking at?Hurry up and come over to pay respects to the gang leader!"

His brothers,like Luo Zhen,didn't care about the Qingzhu Gang.They only had this leader,so changing their identity meant nothing to them.They obediently came over to acknowledge the gang leader.

Su Xin smiled on the surface,but he was constantly pondering.While it was a good thing for Luo Zhen and his men to join the Feiying Gang,this group of people was somewhat special.They only recognized him as their leader,not even acknowledging Su Xin as the gang leader.This could potentially pose problems.

Nevertheless,Su Xin wasn't worried.Once these eight hundred-plus people merged into the War Hall,he believed they would be assimilated quickly.

The reason was simple:money.

Currently,they were too well protected by Luo Zhen and lived too comfortably.Everyone had the same level of status,which allowed them to get along like brothers.However,in the War Hall,strength and military achievements always took precedence.As long as you had strength and enough military achievements,you could gain the corresponding wealth and power.

After some time,there would certainly be those who were actively striving for progress,working hard to accumulate military achievements.On the other hand,there would be those who were not ambitious,only seeking to make a living.

This division would naturally occur,and these people would be split.Even if there were mountain heads,they would be just one mountain head that couldn't stand out.

"Luo Head,no,now you should be called Vice Hall Master Luo.Your participation in the upcoming battles may not be appropriate.I'll arrange for you to return to the gang,where your brothers can register their names."

Luo Zhen expressed his gratitude to Su Xin with a cupped fist."Thank you,Gang Leader,for your understanding."

Moments ago,he was still a member of the Qingzhu Gang.Although he had joined the Feiying Gang now,rushing to attack Qingzhu Gang members immediately would still make him feel awkward.Su Xin's move provided him with a way out.

In reality,whether Luo Zhen participated in the upcoming battle or not was already meaningless.The Feiying Gang was almost guaranteed to win.

Among all the leaders of the Qingzhu Gang,only Luo Zhen was worth Su Xin's attention.The others were nothing more than local powers.With Luo Zhen surrendering,Chen Hong and Ma Qingyuan were not even on Su Xin's radar.The remaining leaders and lackeys,with the strength of Li Huai and others,could easily deal with them.

Even if Ma Qingyuan and Chen Hong decided to lead their gang members to resist Feiying Gang to the end,with over ten thousand disciples in the War Hall,it was more than enough to crush them.The territory of the Qingzhu Gang was already within reach!