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Chapter 75: Full-Scale Assault

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Jiang Beifei looked at Yang Dong,shaking his head,"Lao Yang,you're not wrong in your thinking.Normal people wouldn't do this.But have you ever considered,is Su Xin a normal person?When he was just a small leader,he dared to assassinate the leader of the Green Bamboo Gang,Dai Chong.Before becoming the leader of the Feiying Gang,he killed the only son of Meng Changhe from the Sanying Club.This guy can't be described as just daring;he's practically insane!The scariest thing in this world is dealing with someone like him because you can't predict what he's thinking.Now,our Jiangyang Gang can't afford to gamble.If Su Xin decides to use the full force of his gang to attack us because of this,what should we do?"

Jiang Beifei's words left the two men in silence.Their gang,Jiangyang Gang,was weak,and Su Xin could afford to gamble,but they couldn't.Facing someone like Su Xin,who was practically a lunatic,they suddenly felt more pressure than when dealing with the Sanying Club.

"What should we do then?"Yang Dong asked in a low voice,feeling uncertain.

Jiang Beifei gritted his teeth,"Cut off Jiang He's head and send it to Su Xin.Tell him this was Jiang He acting on his own,and we were unaware!"

"Boss!That's not advisable!"Shen Zhongming and Yang Dong hurriedly protested.Handing over the head of their leader just because of a threat would make Jiangyang Gang look weak and unreliable in the eyes of other gangs.It was a blow to their reputation.

"But what else can we do?If we don't satisfy Su Xin in one go,what if he decides to attack us with the full force of the Feiying Gang?We either compromise and do it properly or face the consequences later.Besides,this mess is all because of Jiang He,that idiot.If it weren't for his son causing trouble with Su Xin's sister,we wouldn't be in this situation,"Jiang Beifei sighed.

Both Yang Dong and Shen Zhongming remained silent,eventually agreeing with the gang leader's decision.

"In that case,both of you go and handle this.Cut off Jiang He's head and deliver it to Su Xin,"Jiang Beifei ordered.

Yang Dong and Shen Zhongming shuddered.Their boss was not an easy person to deal with.

They didn't say anything because they wanted the boss to take the initiative to kill Jiang He.After all,he was the leader of Jiangyang Gang,and killing him would certainly lead to resentment among gang members.But could Jiang Beifei,as the boss,let himself bear the blame alone?Discovered in his scheme,he would undoubtedly be resented by the gang members.So,the two subordinates agreed reluctantly,and they would personally take care of killing Jiang He.

The next day,in the main hall of Jin Yue Fang,Su Xin looked at the head brought by Jiangyang Gang.He chuckled,"Jiangyang Gang is quite clever.This head has blocked all my plans.Well,let you guys stay a little longer."

He put away the box containing the head;Su Xin called for a gang member and tossed it out.

He wasn't fond of collecting such things;it was rather ominous to keep human heads around the hall.

However,there was a silver lining to this incident.The only benefit was that Su Xin's reputation had once again become resounding.

Jiangyang Gang didn't hide the incident;instead,they directly informed the various major gangs in Changning Prefecture of the whole story.

They were afraid that Su Xin would hide the matter and then launch a large-scale attack on Jiangyang Gang.Since they would eventually lose face,it didn't matter if they lost it earlier or later.With this incident publicized,Su Xin's influence among the major gangs in Changning Prefecture became even more formidable.

With just a threat,Jiangyang Gang killed their own leader and respectfully sent his head to Su Xin,requesting forgiveness.This kind of dominance surpassed even the Sanying Club's past actions.

Since attacking Jiangyang Gang to shift the attention of the Green Bamboo Gang was no longer feasible,Su Xin decided to take advantage of the situation and escalate the conflict.

"Go,call Lao Huang and Li Huai for me."Su Xin ordered a gang member.

After a while,Li Huai and Huang Bingcheng arrived.Su Xin directly said,"We've almost devoured the territory of the Green Bamboo Gang.It's time for us to move.Notify the war hall;launch a full-scale attack on the Green Bamboo Gang!"

Li Huai's eyes lit up with excitement;it had been a long time since he had engaged in killing.

He had recently advanced to the early stages of the Innate Realm,greatly enhancing his proficiency in the Demonic Sword Technique.However,he hadn't truly sparred with anyone during this period,making him feel quite frustrated.

Since they were preparing for a full-scale war against the Qingzhu Gang,the opportunity to fight would undoubtedly not be lacking.

After the orders were issued,all disciples of the Feiying Gang's War Hall had already assembled within half an hour.This was the advantage of centralized authority.

If it were still like before,where most gang members were under the control of various leaders,the orders would need to be relayed to these leaders first.Then,these leaders would start pondering whether to go easy or engage in a real battle.By the time they had all made up their minds,a whole day could have passed.

There were not many formalities in gang warfare.Once everyone gathered,as the night fell,all members of the Feiying Gang immediately mobilized,launching a frenzied assault on the territory of the Qingzhu Gang.

During this time,the Qingzhu Gang had become vigilant due to the strategy of steady encroachment by the Feiying Gang.As soon as the Feiying Gang invaded massively,they sensed the disturbance and immediately reported it to the two deputy gang leaders.

At this moment,the two deputy leaders of the Feiying Gang,Ma Qingyuan and Chen Hong,were extremely worried.

Even though they had anticipated this day,they had no solution.The disparity in strength was there,and no matter how they calculated,it seemed futile.

In the meeting hall,besides the two deputy gang leaders,there was also Wei Feng,the'nominal'leader of the Qingzhu Gang after being sidelined.He was treated like a puppet,devoid of any real authority.

During gang discussions,even if he sat in the meeting hall,no one paid him any attention.He was practically treated as if he were invisible.Wei Feng harbored deep resentment,but there was nothing he could do.

Now,upon hearing the news of the Feiying Gang's attack and seeing Ma Qingyuan and Chen Hong's troubled expressions,he felt a great sense of satisfaction.

"Hahaha!You also have today!Hmph!You went to great lengths to snatch the Qingzhu Gang from me,but in the end,it's all in vain!"Wei Feng sneered maliciously.

Chen Hong dismissed him,saying,"Are you an idiot?Laughing so happily at a time like this.We just sidelined you,but if the Feiying Gang completely wipes out the Qingzhu Gang,do you think you,as the nominal leader,can escape unscathed?"

Wei Feng's face turned pale.

Even if he was sidelined,at least he was still alive and enjoying the comforts of life.If the Feiying Gang broke through,he might lose even his life!

"What are you waiting for?Why don't you send someone to resist?"Wei Feng shouted.

Ma Qingyuan and Chen Hong ignored the fool.After a moment of silence,Chen Hong said,"Let's play it by ear.Send the gang members to resist for a while first and see if the Feiying Gang retreats due to heavy casualties."

Unfortunately,their plans were destined to fail.

In the dark night,Su Xin led his people to attack from Yongle Lane,while Li Huai,Li Qing,and Liu Shengming flanked from other directions.

Nearly ten thousand gang members from the War Hall launched an attack on the Qingzhu Gang,and this massive force immediately frightened the Qingzhu Gang members.

They had only joined the gang for basic survival,not to fight desperately.In such a situation,they prioritized saving their lives.As soon as Su Xin entered Yongle Lane,the Qingzhu Gang members crumbled,with no proper resistance.

Only one prominent member of the Qingzhu Gang showed some resistance.Leading over three hundred gang members,he stood at the street,waiting for reinforcements.

"Brothers,hold on!I've sent someone to seek reinforcements;support will arrive soon!"

This Qingzhu Gang leader wielded a large guandao,displaying impressive martial skills.As the War Hall disciples charged forward,he cut through them effortlessly,causing bloody scenes.No one dared to approach,and he single-handedly stopped the attack of hundreds of people.

Su Xin snorted and quickly approached the Qingzhu Gang leader.

The night was dark,and Su Xin was dressed in the standard black warrior outfit of the Feiying Gang.The Qingzhu Gang leader thought Su Xin was just an ordinary gang member.

So,the Qingzhu Gang leader immediately swung his guandao,sneering,"The little chick from the Feiying Gang is quite fearless.Perfect,today,I'll send you to the netherworld!"

But the next moment,he couldn't laugh anymore.

Su Xin threw a punch directly at the side of his guandao,the powerful force making his hands numb,and his palms cracked.The guandao immediately flew out of his hands!

Recognizing the familiar starting posture and the overwhelming hatred in that punch,the Qingzhu Gang leader exclaimed in horror,"Hatred Fist!You're Su Xin!"