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Chapter 53: Suxin's Trump Card

9194words in this chapter2024-01-02

"Suxin,I'll give you a choice now.If you kill all your subordinates,I'll spare your life and only disable your martial arts.If you don't act,then the Three Heroes Association will take action!You and your brothers,all of you will die!"Meng Changhe's words were cold,sending shivers down everyone's spines.

He wanted Suxin to suffer,to push him to the brink of death!Even if Suxin killed all his brothers to save himself,he would likely live the rest of his days in guilt.

Moreover,Meng Changhe planned to disable Suxin's martial arts.For a martial artist,losing their martial arts was akin to a deity falling from the heavens–a taste worse than death.

Suxin chuckled,"Master Meng,don't be too confident.What if I don't choose either?What can you do then?"

Others looked at Suxin with expressions as if they were watching a fool.It wasn't that Meng Changhe was too confident;he had the strength to back it up!

With the elite fighters brought by Meng Changhe,even if they slaughtered Suxin's men or the Feiying Gang,it would be an easy task.

Ning Luojun smirked,"Sha Master,Suxin is under your command.Do you have anything to say?"

Sha Feiying's old face turned crimson.Ning Luojun didn't give him any face at all.How could he respond?Admitting to abandoning Suxin and letting them handle it?If he couldn't even protect his own men,how could the Feiying Gang continue in Changning Prefecture?

Although Sha Feiying had initially planned to yield to the Three Heroes Association,it was intended to happen behind the scenes.They would only bow their heads when both sides were present.Now,in front of everyone,if he bowed,not only would other gangs look down on him,but even some of his own members might feel disheartened and leave the Feiying Gang.

However,facing overwhelming odds,if he refused,the hundreds of elite fighters in the Later Heaven Realm brought by the Three Heroes Association were prepared for this.

"Suxin has made a big mistake.This has nothing to do with our Feiying Gang.If the Three Heroes Association wants to deal with him,they can go ahead,"Sha Feiying squeezed these words out from between his teeth.

As he spoke,the expressions of other gang members from different factions present turned disdainful,and even some members of the Feiying Gang looked disappointed.

Meng Changhe gave a cold smile,"Suxin,the Feiying Gang has already given up on you.What else can you say?Since you didn't choose the chance I gave you,I'll send you all down to accompany my son!"

Actually,Meng Changhe didn't want to kill Suxin directly.He wanted to make him suffer first,torment him before his death,to somewhat compensate for the loss of his son.

Unfortunately,Suxin didn't take the bait,forcing Meng Changhe to resort to killing them directly and sending them to accompany Meng Chong.

"Capture Suxin.I'll personally mutilate him before letting him die!"Meng Changhe's expression was fierce,almost insane.

Ning Luojun nodded,holding the Lihun Hook as he approached Suxin.

Just a martial artist in the mid-stage of the Later Heaven Realm.He didn't put much thought into it.

"Suxin,I actually quite admire you.Unfortunately,you are too impulsive at such a young age.This world doesn't lack geniuses;there are many who died halfway.More than you can imagine,"Ning Luojun shook his head,wearing an expression of regret.There was no killing intent on his face,but it sent shivers down one's spine.

Li Huai,with an unchanged expression,stood beside Suxin.Since they were going to die,why not give it their all?

Although Huang Bingcheng's martial arts were inferior,he gritted his teeth,resisting Ning Luojun's pressure and standing by Suxin's side.

"Tsk tsk,three people standing together,quite loyal.But in the end,you'll still die!"Ning Luojun's figure turned into a white shadow,almost instantly appearing in front of the three.

Li Huai widened his eyes.His Exorcism Sword Art was fast,but against Ning Luojun,he didn't even have the chance to draw his sword!

The Lihun Hook stretched out,and this eerie and strange weapon,with a gentle hook,could tear a person's trachea.But at this moment,a flash of sharpness passed,accompanied by a loud'clang.'Ning Luojun was sent flying over ten steps before stopping.The Lihun Hook was even blasted away,leaving only an ordinary-looking waist knife stuck in the ground.

Who was it?Who could make his weapon slip away with a single strike?

Trembling hands,Ning Luojun stared in disbelief ahead.

In Changning Prefecture,there was still someone who could make his weapon slip away with one strike?The immense force just now made him feel an irresistible sense of powerlessness.

"Hehe,quite lively here.Instead of dealing with gang affairs,you guys are here enjoying the show?"In the crowd,the Chief Constable of East Twelve District,Tie Wuqing,leisurely walked over,playing with two iron gallbladders.

Li Huai and Huang Bingcheng stared at Suxin in astonishment.It seemed their boss had arranged for reinforcements in advance.They had worried for nothing.

Especially Huang Bingcheng,who glared at Suxin with a resentful look.If you had reinforcements,why didn't you say so earlier?When Ning Luojun attacked just now,he almost scared him into wetting his pants.

Suxin coughed and whispered,"Acting,you know?It had to be convincing enough to make those mentally weaker guys voluntarily leave."

After killing Meng Chong,Suxin had anticipated this situation.He secretly found a patrolling constable and instructed him to convey a message to Tie Wuqing.Suxin had done several significant favors for Tie Wuqing's benefit,and it was time for Tie Wuqing to repay the favor.

When Meng Changhe and others saw that the one making a move was Tie Wuqing,a mix of shock and anger filled their hearts.However,more than anything,they were puzzled–why would Suxin collaborate with Tie Wuqing?

Tie Wuqing represented the imperial court,and no matter how powerful the gangs were,they couldn't openly confront the Great Zhou Dynasty.That would be akin to rebellion and suicide.So,Meng Changhe had to suppress his anger and said,"Lord Tie,Suxin killed my only son,seeking revenge is only right.Why do you want to interfere?"

Tie Wuqing lazily replied,"Meng Changhe,your words are not right.How old are you,and how old is Suxin?If your son,at his age,gets killed due to his inferior skills,blame yourself for not teaching him well.Now,if you go after Suxin,it's just bullying the weak with the strong."

Meng Changhe was almost angered to the point of spitting blood,"The enmity of killing my son is irreconcilable!Even if it's bullying the weak with the strong,I must kill Suxin!"

Tie Wuqing shook his head,"That won't do.I owe Suxin a favor,and I must protect him.Today,none of you can kill Suxin."

"Lord Tie!This is a struggle between our factions.Your interference seems inappropriate,doesn't it?Even if your reputation as the Chief Constable of East Twelve District is great,Changning Prefecture isn't a place where you can dominate!"A thirty-year-old youth beside Meng Changhe spoke sternly.

In Changning Prefecture,the authorities traditionally didn't intervene in the conflicts between gangs.As long as the gangs didn't go too far,they were left to their own devices.

Tie Wuqing,with a faint smile,asked,"May I know who this young brother is?"

Meng Changhe introduced,"This is my disciple,Lin Feng.Lord Tie,any advice?"

"Hehe,I wouldn't dare to offer advice.I just want to remind your disciple that while you can eat things indiscriminately,you shouldn't speak recklessly."

Tie Wuqing's iron gallbladder flew out of his hand towards Lin Feng at an astonishing speed,leaving only a blur.Meng Changhe,without a weapon,used the Large Toppling Stone technique from the Seventy-Two Unique Arts of Shaolin.He clapped his hands,attempting to knock away the iron gallbladder.

To his horror,the iron gallbladder carried a terrifying force that directly deflected his Large Toppling Stone technique.The iron gallbladder crashed into Lin Feng's mouth,instantly shattering a mouthful of teeth,causing him to scream in agony.

Meng Changhe broke into a cold sweat.What frightened him wasn't just the force on the iron gallbladder but Tie Wuqing's incredible control over it.The iron gallbladder had not only deflected the Large Toppling Stone but had done so with enough precision to only smash Lin Feng's teeth.This control was more terrifying than simply repelling the Large Toppling Stone.

Tie Wuqing discarded the other iron gallbladder,and the smile on his face disappeared,replaced by a chilling cruelty."What is propriety?What I say is propriety!Under the heavens,there's nothing outside the dominion of the king.Along the border,there are no ministers other than the king.In this world,everything belongs to the imperial court!In East Twelve District of Changning Prefecture,I,Tie Wuqing,represent the imperial court.If I want you to die,who dares to let you live?If I want to protect Suxin,who dares to come and kill him!"

After this speech,the members of the Three Heroes Association dared not even make a sound.Huang Bingcheng whispered on the side,"Wow,so domineering."

Suxin nodded;his eyes revealed a sense of amazement.He had invited Tie Wuqing to use his imperial status to suppress the Three Heroes Association,but he didn't expect Tie Wuqing's personal strength to be so formidable,surpassing his expectations.If the other three Chief Constables in Changning Prefecture were also as powerful as Tie Wuqing,it would be terrifying.Although the Three Heroes Association seemed to control Changning Prefecture on the surface,if the four Chief Constables joined forces,the Three Heroes Association would likely be obliterated overnight.

Meng Changhe and Ning Luojun exchanged glances,their eyes showing fear.Seeing Tie Wuqing take action reminded them of an important fact.While they were familiar with the other three Chief Constables in Changning Prefecture,who were all locally based and possessed strong but not overwhelming strength,Tie Wuqing,the Chief Constable of East Twelve District,was said to be from the Six Sects of the imperial court.The significance of the Six Sects was well known in the martial world.It was a department specially established by the imperial court to monitor various martial arts sects.If anyone violated the rules,the Six Sects would exterminate the entire sect.The fear and awe it instilled were unparalleled.

Regardless of whether Tie Wuqing was truly from the Six Sects,his current strength alone was beyond the reach of the members of the Three Heroes Association.He was likely already a congenital martial artist.