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Chapter 52: Betrayal

10239words in this chapter2024-01-02

The entire Changning Prefecture,while not small,was once part of the grand Zhou Imperial City.However,in terms of size,it wasn't vast.Riding a horse,one could traverse from the east to the west of the city in just an hour.

The news of Su Xin killing Meng Chong spread throughout Changning Prefecture's three major gangs and four major societies within half an hour.The initial reaction from everyone was that this young member of the Feiying Gang had stirred up trouble in a big way.

The formidable strength of the Three Heroes Association was undeniable.If not for the other gangs in Changning Prefecture uniting to curb the association's growth in the past,it would have already become the largest faction in Changning Prefecture.

Though the Three Heroes Association's development was not as rapid as before,anyone who provoked them would undoubtedly witness the strength of the largest gang in Changning Prefecture.

In everyone's eyes,Su Xin was now as good as dead.No one believed that anyone could survive after killing the son of the leader of the Three Heroes Association.

Their main concern now was the fate of the Feiying Gang.Whether the Feiying Gang lived or died was irrelevant to them;they were only concerned about what would happen to the territories left behind if the Feiying Gang were wiped out.These territories absolutely couldn't fall into the hands of the Three Heroes Association;otherwise,no one in Changning Prefecture would be able to restrain them.

So,upon receiving the news,members of all three major gangs and four major societies in Changning Prefecture mobilized,sending people to Yongle Lane.

Among these groups,the first to receive the news was naturally the Feiying Gang.

Upon hearing the news,Sha Feiying immediately smashed a cup on the spot,venting his anger."What the hell does this bastard want to do?Is he trying to kill our Feiying Gang?"

Sha Feiying was filled with fear.Although he could be considered a local hero,facing the Three Heroes Association,he couldn't muster even a bit of confidence.

The establishment date of the Feiying Gang preceded that of the Three Heroes Association.At that time,the entire Changning Prefecture considered the Feiying Gang the weakest and youngest faction.

So,when the Three Heroes Association rose,the Feiying Gang was the first to be suppressed.

Already weakened,how could I survive with another competitor?Thus,the Feiying Gang engaged in a fierce battle with the emerging Three Heroes Association,and the result was foreseeable.

If not for Sha Feiying proactively surrendering,there would be no Feiying Gang among the three major gangs and four major societies in Changning Prefecture today.

Dong Chengwu said with a stern face,"I said this kid is lawless.Back then,we should have directly dealt with him according to the gang rules.This wouldn't have happened today!"

They all had previous encounters with the Three Heroes Association,so they knew how formidable it was.

It could be said that if other gangs didn't unite to resist the Three Heroes Association,just sending out a random association leader would have been enough for them to completely crush the Feiying Gang.

In the current situation,the Feiying Gang had provoked the Three Heroes Association by killing Meng Changhe's son.Even if the Feiying Gang were to be wiped out,it would be deserved,and other gangs wouldn't say a word for the Feiying Gang.

"It's too late to talk about this now.What we need to think about is how to handle this situation.We must not let Su Xin's matter implicate us,"Sha Feiying said,waving his hand dismissively.

Leaving Su Xin alive back then was to balance Dong Chengwu and Zhuang Li.However,unexpectedly,Su Xin,who seemed quite clever,had committed such a foolish act now.Compared to balancing Dong Chengwu and Zhuang Li,Su Xin was now on the verge of ruining the Feiying Gang!

Dong Chengwu's face showed a trace of ruthlessness."What else is there to think about?We directly capture Su Xin and hand him over to the Three Heroes Association.We lower our posture a bit,and they get both substance and face.While they are powerful,the cost of launching a gang war is not small.As long as we maintain both substance and face,they won't involve us again."

Lin Fuhu hesitated and said,"At least he is the leader of my Feiying Gang.Now that something has happened,we can ignore it,but actively capturing him and handing him over to the Three Heroes Association—wouldn't that be going too far?How would other gangs view us?"

Dong Chengwu looked disdainfully at Lin Fuhu and didn't bother to answer him.What was the point of discussing whether it was going too far or how other people would view them at a time like this?They needed to deal with the current crisis first before worrying about other matters.

Zhuang Li,who had been silent,nodded and said,"Feasible.However,we need to act quickly.If Su Xin runs away,we'll directly bear the wrath of the Three Heroes Association."

Upon hearing Zhuang Li's reminder,Sha Feiying and the others finally reacted.They immediately led their men to Yongle Lane to find Su Xin.

When Sha Feiying and the others hurriedly arrived at Yongle Lane,they were surprised to find that Su Xin had not escaped.Instead,he was waiting for them at the entrance.

"How come the gang leader and the three hall masters have the leisure to come to my place?Why didn't you say it in advance so that I could have my brothers welcome you?"Su Xin smiled.

Dong Chengwu's face turned cold,stepped forward,and said in a cold voice,"Su Xin,stop pretending.You killed Meng Chong,committing an outrageous crime.If you surrender now,you might suffer a bit less hardship!"

Su Xin's face showed a look of surprise,and he asked in return,"Master Dong,why do I find your words somewhat incomprehensible?How is killing Meng Chong an outrageous crime?I am a member of the Feiying Gang,and Meng Chong was a crucial figure in other factions.Killing him should be beneficial to the Feiying Gang.How did it turn into an outrageous crime?"

Dong Chengwu was suddenly speechless.

He couldn't just say it's because we can't match the Three Heroes Association,and we're afraid of them,so we want to capture you to seek forgiveness from the Three Heroes Association,right?

There are so many gang members present,and even if this is something everyone knows,it can't be stated so explicitly.Otherwise,the leaders of the Feiying Gang would lose face.

"Still trying to argue!"

Dong Chengwu snorted coldly,drew the large ring knife behind him,and slashed directly towards Su Xin.

Now was not the time to waste words with Su Xin;they needed to capture him first and then talk!

Su Xin squinted his eyes.The last time Dong Chengwu attacked him,he could only helplessly dodge,being suppressed tightly.But this time,he wouldn't dodge!

The thin sword unsheathed,directly blocking the large ring knife.This made Dong Chengwu momentarily stunned.

His large ring knife had powerful and heavy momentum,but Su Xin,with just a thin sword,managed to block his weapon.What did this indicate?It meant Su Xin's strength was no longer inferior to his!

"Mid-stage of the Later Heaven Realm!He has actually reached the mid-stage of the Later Heaven Realm!"

Dong Chengwu was shocked.A few days ago,Su Xin was only in the early stage of the Later Heaven Realm.He could only helplessly dodge under Dong Chengwu's attacks.But now,he had become a martial artist in the mid-stage of the Later Heaven Realm,capable of contending with Dong Chengwu.

The large ring knife swung back,and Dong Chengwu's knife technique resembled a violent wind,continuous and unbroken.

"So what if it's the mid-stage of the Later Heaven Realm?I've been in the mid-stage for more than ten years!"

In martial arts battles,the realm doesn't represent everything.One's martial skills and combat experience are crucial,and Su Xin had both in abundance.

Dong Chengwu's knife technique was like a raging storm,fierce and unrelenting.However,it also had an obvious weakness:it was vulnerable to disruption of its rhythm!

Su Xin retreated step by step in the face of Dong Chengwu's onslaught.However,after more than ten strikes,he found a slight opening.

The thin sword thrust out,and in the relentless attack by Dong Chengwu,Su Xin found a momentary vulnerability.

The thin sword pointed directly at Dong Chengwu's chest,and if this strike continued,Su Xin's sword would pierce through his chest first.

Dong Chengwu didn't dare to compare his speed with Su Xin's,so he quickly retreated,blocking this sword with his hand.

Su Xin's left-handed sword continued to thrust,forcing Dong Chengwu to retreat step by step.However,after seven strikes,the large ring knife unexpectedly flew out of Dong Chengwu's hand.

A fierce and hateful punch followed.It was the Hatred Fist,a fist technique filled with boundless hatred!

Dong Chengwu had never seen such a sinister fist technique.It turned hatred into strength;as long as there was hatred in the heart,it became the Fist of Extreme Hatred!

He hastily used the large ring knife as a shield in front of him,but Su Xin's punch made it quiver and groan.

Punch after punch,Dong Chengwu's hands went numb,his face turned crimson,and after seven punches,the large ring knife was directly sent flying.

A gleam flashed in Su Xin's eyes.While his left hand held the sword,it was already at Dong Chengwu's throat.

In desperation,Dong Chengwu couldn't avoid it and had to use his hands to firmly grip the sword's edge.

In such close proximity,Su Xin's rapid swordplay could change multiple directions,making it futile for Dong Chengwu to dodge.However,Dong Chengwu was not like Hu San,who had practiced Iron Sand Palm and could use his bare hands to shatter stones.

In an instant,Su Xin's hands were torn open by the sword edge,blood flowing profusely.Yet,this only temporarily delayed Su Xin's assault.

At this moment,a double-edged Miao knife swung horizontally,knocking Su Xin's thin sword away and saving Dong Chengwu's life.

Zhuang Li stood beside Dong Chengwu with a gloomy expression.The slender double-edged Miao knife looked extremely mismatched with his squat figure.

Dong Chengwu's face turned crimson due to the rush of blood from Su Xin's Hatred Fist earlier,but now it was due to anger.

Losing to a junior in public,Dong Chengwu felt like he had lost face for the rest of his life!

"Hehe,your Feiying Gang is really useless.A hall master was actually defeated by a junior who has risen for less than a year.Such a rubbish gang remaining in Changning Prefecture is truly embarrassing for us in Changning Prefecture."

A mocking voice without any mercy echoed.Dong Chengwu turned around angrily,but he couldn't utter a single word.

The three heads of the Three Heroes Association,along with hundreds of gang members,arrived.The one speaking was Ning Luojun,who seemed like a noble son.

Sha Feiying's expression became extremely ugly.The hundreds of people brought by the Three Heroes Association were all martial artists who had opened all thirty-six acupoints and stepped into the early stage of the Later Heaven Realm.

These people were almost the core strength of the Three Heroes Association.To catch Su Xin,only one of the three was needed,but now they brought all the core disciples.What did they want to do?Perhaps wipe out my Feiying Gang in passing?

At this moment,members of his gang had also arrived,but they were watching from a distance,pretending it had nothing to do with them,maintaining a high and aloof appearance.

Anyway,this was a grudge between the Feiying Gang and the Three Heroes Association.As long as the territories of the Feiying Gang didn't fall into the hands of the Three Heroes Association,they wouldn't interfere.They actually hoped that the Feiying Gang,with the strength of one gang,could make the Three Heroes Association pay some price.This would be in line with their interests.