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Chapter 147: Tearing Face

8923words in this chapter2024-01-07

Yan Huangjiu's move puzzled Hantinglan of the Jiuhua Sword Sect.In his impression,Yan Huangjiu was a very rational person.It was precisely because of his rationality that he would not resort to using the entire Shangshan City to confront all the martial forces in Xiangnan.

In the end,Yan Huangjiu chose to form alliances with major martial forces in Xiangnan,achieving the current prosperity of Shangshan City through diplomatic means.They believed that even if they took action today to eliminate Su Xin and destabilize Yan Qingsnow's position as the lord of Shangshan City,Yan Huangjiu would likely be angry,but he would still endure and not take action.

Unfortunately,their understanding of Yan Huangjiu was not as deep as that of Su Xin.For a shrewd figure like Yan Huangjiu,he might tolerate for the sake of interests,but he had his own bottom line!

"This is my Shangshan City.I'm still alive.It's not your turn to act recklessly.Get lost!"Yan Huangjiu shouted angrily,the last word"get lost"thundering like a lightning strike,with a formidable momentum.

Hantinglan's face darkened."Yan Huangjiu,have you considered the consequences of your actions?"

"Consequences?The consequence is if you don't get lost,you'll die!"With Yan Huangjiu's character,even if he hadn't decided to break ties with the major martial forces in Xiangnan,he would endure any excessive actions from the other side.But now that the face-off had begun,he didn't mind being a bit more ruthless.

The expressions of Hantinglan and the other three turned cold.As martial practitioners in the Elemental Spirit Realm,they were all figures dominating their respective territories.When had they ever been scolded like this?

A dazzling sword aura unsheathed,and Hantinglan's long sword seemed to transform into a huge mountain,its momentum covering the surrounding space for miles,pressing down from above!

The sword techniques of the Jiuhua Sword Sect were always grand and majestic,using force to overpower opponents.However,Yan Huangjiu's response was even more resolute.

Yan Huangjiu's figure turned into a dragon,battling in the sky,and his surging true energy tore through the air,forming a massive dragon shadow that continuously rolled in mid-air,completely tearing apart the sword aura.

A look of horror flashed in Hantinglan's eyes.He swung his sword,and dozens of swords were already slashed out in an instant.Each sword represented a different variation,with sword qi crisscrossing and endless sharpness shining forth.

A mocking expression flashed in Yan Huangjiu's eyes.A dragon shadow appeared behind him,and as he punched,the powerful true energy compressed to the limit,exploding violently!

A punch breaking myriad laws!

Hantinglan spat out a mouthful of blood;even a powerhouse in the Elemental Spirit Realm couldn't withstand Yan Huangjiu's punch!

"Why aren't you attacking!?"Hantinglan roared at the other three.

The other three also wanted to take action,but Yan Huangjiu's strength was beyond their expectations.They thought that Yan Huangjiu,being old and weakening,wouldn't be able to resist,but they were wrong.

The Elemental Spirit Realm expert from the Canglan Valley's Mo family hesitated for a moment but eventually attacked.A palm struck out,and thousands of waves descended with powerful palm force,carrying fivefold variations,each burst with intense killing intent.

Yan Huangjiu's fist changed again,and under the roar of the dragon,he tore apart the waves.

At the same time,the Elemental Spirit Realm expert from the Qianji Divine Sword Sect slashed down with a divine blade,tearing through the sky with a fierce feeling.The Elemental Spirit Realm expert from the Lifire Sect also took action,forming a hand seal,and a fire lotus bloomed from his palm.With a gentle flick,it flew towards Yan Huangjiu like a small sun,carrying endless heat.

Facing the attacks of the three,Yan Huangjiu's only response was to throw a punch!

A punch shattering the world!

His Nine-Transforming Dragon Fist had nine variations,but regardless of which one,it was a brutal and fierce confrontation face-to-face.

Under the dragon's roar,the sea of stars vanished,the blade light shattered,and the fire lotus collapsed.

Among peers,one against three,Yan Huangjiu was not at a disadvantage at all;in fact,all three of them suffered losses.

For Su Xin,a battle among Elemental Spirit Realm experts was an eye-opener.If the External Realm focused on the development of techniques and martial skills,and the Internal Realm focused on the application of true energy,the Elemental Spirit Realm truly mastered the comprehension of the laws of heaven and earth and the understanding of the true meaning of martial arts.

Each realm was a new experience.At this moment,all four people showed a look of astonishment.This decaying person,Yan Huangjiu,whose lifespan was almost exhausted,could still burst forth with such formidable combat power?

There was no need to continue the fight now.Yan Huangjiu's strength showed no signs of weakening.If they continued,and if Yan Huangjiu went all out,they might not even be able to leave Shangshan City.

"Yan Huangjiu,I hope you won't regret your choice today!"Hantinglan and the other three left with these words,turning away directly.

They indeed couldn't defeat Yan Huangjiu now,but at the same time,they didn't need to.They were aware of the news about Yan Huangjiu's limited lifespan.A dying man wasn't worth their desperate struggle.

After Hantinglan and the others left,Yan Huangjiu's complexion turned pale for a moment.Yan Qingsnow anxiously asked,"Father,are you okay?"

Although Yan Qingsnow had never felt affection from her father since childhood,in her impression,Yan Huangjiu was not a father figure but the dignified lord of Shangshan City.Nevertheless,Yan Huangjiu was her biological father,and no amount of neglect could change that.

Yan Huangjiu shook his head,forced a smile,and said,"I'm fine,Qingsnow.In seven days,prepare to officially inherit the position of the lord of Shangshan City."

Before Yan Qingsnow could ask,Yan Huangjiu continued in a serious tone,"Zizhong!Take people and control the eldest and second brothers.Kill everyone from the martial sects in Xiangnan around them!"

The pale-faced'Windbreaker Blade'Lie Zizhong appeared seemingly from nowhere,nodded lightly to Yan Huangjiu,and left without a word.

"Meng Qingze,during this time,Qingsnow will be under your care.With you here,I believe she will be safe,"Yan Huangjiu looked at Su Xin and said in a deep voice.

Su Xin nodded,"City Lord,please rest assured.I promised Miss Yan to ensure her safety."

Yan Huangjiu nodded and,ignoring his injuries,pushed away two Shangshan City warriors trying to support him and left directly.

Su Xin squinted;it seemed that Yan Huangjiu was truly approaching the end of his life.He was already preparing to arrange for Yan Qingsnow to inherit the position of the lord of Shangshan City so soon.

However,Su Xin wondered what trump card Yan Huangjiu had that could secure Yan Qingsnow's position as the lord of Shangshan City.

Yan Huangjiu,a dominant figure in his time,couldn't have overlooked how the major forces in Xiangnan would encroach on Shangshan City after his death.Even when he was alive,those major forces dared to interfere in the succession struggle for his heir.In the end,even experts in the Elemental Spirit Realm were mobilized.

Although the Elemental Spirit Realm experts took action mainly because Su Xin intentionally crippled the direct disciples of those sects,they wouldn't have moved directly if there were no greedy intentions.

"Let's all go back.Shangshan City won't be peaceful in the next few days,"Su Xin said indifferently.

Yan Huangjiu had managed Shangshan City for decades,and after establishing the Wind and Cloud Arena,he had gathered around eighty or more innate warriors.Even though some broke through to the Divine Palace Realm and left Shangshan City to seek opportunities to break through to the Elemental Spirit Realm,there were still over sixty innate warriors under his command.

Under Lie Zizhong's leadership,these sixty-plus innate warriors directly eliminated everyone planted by Yan Zhongheng and the others around Shangshan City.Anyone who dared to resist was ruthlessly killed.

These people's strengths were only at the Qi Sea Realm,and some were even weaker than the cultivators like Lie Zizhong,who had a loose cultivation background.However,they were famous martial artists listed on the Wind and Cloud Ranking.

In just three days,they had been completely cleared out.

During this process,news spread to various major martial sects in Xiangnan,but none of them came forward to cause trouble.In their view,Yan Huangjiu was on his last legs,and now,for a few disciples in the Elemental Spirit Realm,fighting against Yan Huangjiu was suicidal.

With Yan Huangjiu's remaining power and influence,if he decided to go all out and take them down with him,it would be a tragic end for anyone who tried to make trouble.

While the major martial forces in Xiangnan were waiting for Yan Huangjiu to take his last breath,a Taoist suddenly arrived at Shangshan City,being welcomed in an ostentatious manner by Lie Zizhong and many Shangshan City warriors.

This Taoist had an extremely strange appearance,dressed in a golden Daoist robe with a Tai Chi pattern embroidered on it using gold and silver threads.He wore a white jade crown on his head,stepped on golden shoes,and had twenty emerald finger rings on his ten fingers.Even the scabbard at his waist was made of gold and studded with large rubies from the Western Regions.

This extremely tacky appearance immediately caught the attention of all the warriors in Shangshan City,including the spies from various major martial sects who were constantly monitoring Shangshan City's movements.

Seeing this Taoist,who looked like a top-tier nouveau riche,coming to Shangshan City,these people couldn't help but inhale a breath of cold air.Trouble seemed to be looming large.Could it be that the contingency left behind by Yan Huangjiu was him?

Despite the Taoist's extremely vulgar appearance,he was a renowned figure among the independent cultivators in Xiangnan,a powerhouse in the Elemental Spirit Realm,'Money Can Command Gods'Daoist Qian!