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Chapter 29: The Chief Constable of the Eastern Twelfth District

8373words in this chapter2023-12-30

Tiger Third Master and the higher-ups of the Flying Eagle Gang had their intentions accurately assessed by Su Xin.Over the following month,Su Xin refrained from any further misconduct,and naturally,no one came looking for trouble.

During this month,Su Xin's subordinates made remarkable progress.Each person's internal cultivation had at least reached one to three acupoints.Though not a large number,it significantly enhanced their strength.However,it also proved that among them,there were very few with excellent martial talents.

The only ones achieving notable success in martial arts were Li Huai,who opened seventeen acupoints,and Li Qing.Li Huai showcased terrifying combat abilities even without internal skills,highlighting his natural talent.Similarly,Li Qing's progress was surprising;in just one month,he opened nine acupoints.

Considering Li Qing had no prior martial arts foundation,achieving this level was commendable.Consequently,Su Xin decided to invest time in cultivating him.After all,in future gang battles,relying solely on himself and Li Huai wouldn't be sufficient.It was essential to have a few individuals capable of holding their ground independently,and Li Qing was worth cultivating.

Now,every morning,Su Xin no longer needed to specifically teach them internal skills.Once they opened an acupoint,they could practice independently.Afternoons turned into mutual sparring sessions,avoiding the previous scenario of being beaten by Su Xin.

As the practice became a habit,there was no need for constant supervision.Fortunately,Su Xin didn't have to stand at the hall entrance each day.Instead,he would check after dinner and then leave.

"Boss,you're here?"Su Xin had just stepped out and saw Li Qing,accompanied by a few brothers,patrolling the meeting point.

"Come,take a stroll with me.By the way,where's Lao Huang?"Su Xin asked while walking.

Li Qing replied,"Huang Ye went to deliver silver to Tiger Third Master.This month,the bosses of major shops have willingly submitted their dividends."

A slight smile appeared on Su Xin's face."Oh,they cooperated so willingly this time?"

Li Qing chuckled,"With your dominance,Boss,how could they not cooperate?It's either pay up or face the consequences.Smart people know how to choose."

"That's why people are sometimes foolish,insisting on seeing blood before realizing fear,"Su Xin remarked.

Slowly strolling,Su Xin admired the night view of Kuaihuo Forest.Though the sky had just darkened,the streets of Kuaihuo Forest were bustling,even livelier than during the day.

However,at this moment,a commotion arose behind Su Xin's group.When they turned to look,they saw a young man dressed like a gentleman running towards them with a short knife,causing the crowd to scatter.Su Xin could tell that the young man lacked internal skills,but he was undoubtedly a martial artist.His light-footed technique was quite impressive;Su Xin wouldn't be able to outrun him without using internal force.

As the young man approached,he shouted,"Get out of the way!"Seeing Su Xin's group standing still,the young man,with a hint of hostility in his eyes,swung the knife.

Li Qing snorted,stepped forward,and,using the spiked short staff hanging from his waist,swiftly blocked,deflected,and struck.The young man screamed in pain,and the knife flew out of his hand,blood pouring from his right hand.

Other gang members immediately took action,kicking the young man to the ground and pressing the spearhead against his neck.

Observing Li Qing's decisive move,Su Xin nodded in approval.Not bad;Li Huai's teachings over the past month had not been in vain.

With the matter resolved,Su Xin and his group continued their stroll.However,the atmosphere turned strange when Liu Laoban from the Drunken Moon Pavilion,with several men holding wooden sticks,rushed over panting.Seeing the young man pressed to the ground by Su Xin's men,Liu Laoban burst into laughter.

"F**k!Why did you stop running,you brat?Why not keep running?In all my life,I've seen people dine and dash,but this is the first time I've seen someone whoring for free!"

Su Xin and his group's expressions suddenly turned peculiar.Whoring for free at the Qinglou?This guy was indeed unique.

"Liu Laoban,what's going on?"Su Xin asked.

At this moment,Liu Laoban appeared somewhat disheveled.This former elegant gentleman now had a flushed face,disheveled hair,and it was unclear whether it was due to anger or running.

Liu Laoban pointed at the young man still on the ground,clutching his right hand and howling,and said through gritted teeth,"It's this bastard.He directly booked the entire Drunken Moon Pavilion this afternoon,took the most beautiful girl,ordered the most expensive food and drinks,and after it was all done,he wanted to run!"

Su Xin looked at the young gentleman with surprise.He was dressed in exquisite Jiangnan brocade,and his entire outfit cost several dozen taels of silver.Would a gentleman like him visit a Qinglou without paying?However,it was likely that his attire and demeanor had deceived even the cunning Liu Laoban.He had been served like a master for the entire afternoon,but ended up with nothing.

"Okay,handle this guy.Do whatever you want with him,"Su Xin waved his hand,intending to leave him to Liu Laoban.However,he suddenly felt something was amiss.

"Wait a moment."Su Xin pressed down on the young man's head.He immediately began struggling fiercely,but Su Xin slapped him,rendering him momentarily dazed.Su Xin explored his face for a while,then suddenly lifted it,revealing the face of a middle-aged man in his forties,appearing somewhat disreputable.

Holding the face mask,Su Xin carefully examined it and said,"Hehe,this thing is quite exquisite.I almost didn't notice."While the face mask was perfect,the man's behavior was suspicious.

Ordinary young gentlemen wouldn't have such swift light-footed techniques or the ruthlessness to casually wield a knife.

"Huh!?I think I know this guy;he seems to be the flower thief wanted by the government a few days ago,"Li Qing suddenly spoke.

"Flower thief?"Li Qing nodded,saying,"Exactly,him.The government posted his portrait all over the streets yesterday.This guy ruined the reputation of over ten young ladies within a month,including the daughter of the Prefectural Magistrate's clerk.That's why the entire city is on the lookout for him.No wonder they couldn't catch him for a month;turns out he's skilled in disguise."

"I see."Su Xin looked at the flower thief with a hint of disgust.In his life,he detested those who forced themselves on women the most.Even though he was beaten to death in his previous life for standing up against such an act,he still despised those individuals.

With the flower thief's light-footed skills,he could have made a fortune as a thief but chose to revel in the pleasure quarters with the money he earned.Yet,he insisted on violating young women's virtue.That was simply unforgivable,and Su Xin felt displeased.

"Liu Laoban,this guy has a criminal record.It's troublesome to leave him to you.I'll take him back,chop him up,and feed his head to the dogs.I'll leave the rest to the yamen to claim the reward."

"All up to your orders,Boss Su,"Liu Laoban smiled and bowed,as if he hadn't heard Su Xin's intention to chop the man into pieces and feed him to the dogs.

"Wait,hold off on feeding.We've been chasing this bastard around the city for more than ten days.Let's bring him back first,let the Magistrate's clerk vent his anger,and then proceed with the feeding."

Several government constables in official attire entered,led by a man in his thirties with a face like jade and a perpetual faint smile on his lips.

In his right hand,he held two iron gallstones,playing with them continuously.This action,usually associated with elderly people,carried a sense of strength when performed by him.

"I am the Chief Constable of the Eastern Twelfth District,Tie Wuqing.Nice to meet you,Boss Su."Tie Wuqing smiled and bowed,emanating a formidable pressure.

Su Xin's expression became serious.He had heard of Tie Wuqing's name before;undoubtedly,he was the most powerful person Su Xin had encountered since his rebirth.There was only one way to describe him:unfathomable!

Tie Wuqing didn't intentionally use his aura to oppress Su Xin,but as a martial artist,Su Xin naturally felt the powerful pressure emanating from Tie Wuqing's formidable energy.

"No need for'Boss Su,'call me Su Xin directly if you don't mind."

Tie Wuqing was also straightforward,pointing at the flower thief."My brothers and I chased him for more than ten days,but he always eluded us with his disguise.Thanks to your help in capturing him,we won't keep the Magistrate's clerk waiting any longer.I'll take him;your credit will surely be noted."

Observing the flower thief,Su Xin suddenly said,"It seems,Chief Constable,you might have misunderstood something."

The constables behind Tie Wuqing immediately looked cold,their hands involuntarily moving towards their waist-mounted knives.

"A small leader of the Flying Eagle Gang dares to negotiate terms with our Chief?He's practically seeking death!"

Su Xin pointed at the flower thief and said,"This flower thief was tracked tirelessly by Chief Constable Tie and his subordinates.By following the clues,they broke his disguise and captured him here at the Drunken Moon Pavilion.I had nothing to do with it;all credit goes to Chief Constable Tie."

The constables were dumbfounded,and the hands gripping their knives dropped involuntarily.

The barely discernible smile on Tie Wuqing's lips slowly widened."Interesting,truly interesting!"