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Chapter 28 Reactions from All Sides

8399words in this chapter2023-12-30

Teaching the subordinates the internal martial arts was something Su Xin didn't intend to hide,nor could he.The first person to know,naturally,was Ji Gang,who still stayed in Kuaihuo Forest.

Ji Gang's first reaction upon hearing the news was envy,followed by resentment.Although he wasn't as obsessed with martial arts as Li Huai,being a martial artist at the bottom of the Jianghu,who wouldn't desire to learn internal martial arts?Now,everyone under Su Xin had learned it,except for Ji Gang.How could he not harbor resentment?

He understood the awkward situation he was in under Su Xin.Even if Su Xin didn't teach him internal martial arts,keeping him in Kuaihuo Forest was probably just a matter of face for Third Uncle Hu.

Currently,Ji Gang's popularity in Kuaihuo Forest was extremely low.Previously,relying on his status with Third Uncle Hu,people under Su Xin were respectful to him.However,since he openly opposed Su Xin's plan to assassinate Dai Chong,these gang members all treated him with coldness and disdain.

Ji Gang had to endure it.He wasn't a fool.This was Su Xin's territory.If he angered Su Xin,Su Xin might kill him without hesitation.

Regarding Su Xin,Ji Gang found it difficult to understand him.Although Su Xin's actions seemed reckless,there was always another layer of meaning behind them.Besides,Su Xin's temper was unpredictable,and he had deep calculations.Ji Gang couldn't be sure that if he angered Su Xin,he could leave Kuaihuo Forest unharmed.

However,Ji Gang was eager to learn internal martial arts.After some contemplation,he decided to seek out Li Huai.

While Li Huai was now under Su Xin's favor,he still belonged to Third Uncle Hu.Considering this relationship,Ji Gang felt he could give it a try.

Every morning,the gang members practiced internal martial arts and trained their bodies in the martial arts arena.During this time,Li Huai practiced in his room.In the afternoon,he would come to the martial arts arena to teach the gang members combat techniques.

So,early in the morning,Ji Gang quietly arrived at Li Huai's door and knocked twice.

"Come in."

Ji Gang pushed the door open,but Li Huai frowned,"What are you here for?"

"Hehe,we've known each other for so many years,do we need to be so distant?"Ji Gang wore a fake smile,completely ignoring Li Huai's cold tone.

"If you have something to say,say it.Don't waste my time."Li Huai said coldly.

Hearing Li Huai's words,Ji Gang restrained his fake smile and directly said,"Alright,I won't beat around the bush.Give me a copy of the internal martial arts Su Xin taught you."

"Impossible!If Su Boss didn't teach you,there's no way I'll teach you.If you want to learn,go directly to Su Boss."Li Huai refused without the slightest hesitation.

Ji Gang didn't expect Li Huai to be so resolute in his refusal.He said coldly,"Li Huai!You should know that your boss is not Su Xin but Third Uncle Hu!I'm not learning this skill for myself;I plan to give it to Third Uncle!"

"Well,he's not anymore."Li Huai glanced at him and said coldly.

"You..."Ji Gang pointed at Li Huai and whispered,"Su Xin is so high-profile.Why do you follow him to the end?I heard that during the General Assembly,Su Xin offended Dang Changwu,the head of the Execution Hall.Do you think Su Xin can get away with it in the future?"

"I only know that by following Su Xin,I can gain a lot.But in these years with Third Uncle Hu,what have I gained?I've killed over a hundred people for him in these years,but the rewards I've received haven't exceeded a hundred taels in total!"Li Huai said coldly.

Ji Gang was suddenly at a loss for words.He couldn't refute this point.Third Uncle Hu,for some reason,was extremely fond of money.However,he was very strict with his subordinates.

Li Huai was the top thug under Third Uncle Hu,but every time a battle ended,his reward was never more than ten taels.

"You don't like money,don't you?"Ji Gang sneered.

"I don't like money,but I also need to eat!"Li Huai said coldly.

Seeing that Li Huai was determined to stick with Su Xin,Ji Gang could only snort coldly and turn away.However,he didn't return to his room.Instead,he walked towards Sui San's place.

Since he couldn't get the internal martial arts himself,it was fortunate to inform Third Uncle Hu about this news.At least,it could be considered a merit.

As a well-known figure under Third Uncle Hu,Ji Gang arrived at Third Uncle Hu's mansion without even reporting his presence.He could directly go to see Third Uncle Hu.

In the hall,Ji Gang greeted Third Uncle Hu with clasped hands,"Uncle Hu,Su Xin has openly taught his subordinates the internal martial arts,cultivating his own power.This is a serious matter!"

Third Uncle Hu waved his hand casually,"Don't make a big deal out of it;I already know."

"What?You already know?"Ji Gang was momentarily stunned.

"How could I not know when that kid made such a big commotion?I'm not blind or deaf."Third Uncle Hu chuckled.

Ji Gang lowered his head.It seemed that apart from himself,Third Uncle Hu had other informants in Su Xin's group.

"By the way,Uncle Hu,Li Huai is getting closer to Su Xin now."Ji Gang did not directly say that Li Huai had completely joined Su Xin.Such an obvious move would be too suspicious.Just by saying this sentence,Third Uncle Hu should understand his intention.

Sure enough,Third Uncle Hu's face darkened,and then he showed a cold smile,"Li Huai has been dissatisfied with me for a long time.But I didn't expect that my adopted son has such abilities.He can even subdue Li Huai."

"Third Uncle,what should we do?Just watch Su Xin act so arrogantly?"Ji Gang asked.

Third Uncle Hu clapped his hands,and Li Shiyi came out from behind.

"Deliver this to the gang leader,and explain clearly the matter of Su Xin teaching internal martial arts to the gang members.Don't exaggerate it,"Third Uncle Hu said,taking out a thin book made of a few pages of paper and handing it to Li Shiyi.

Ji Gang widened his eyes,"Is this the internal martial art technique Su Xin taught?"

Third Uncle Hu nodded,"Just a basic internal martial art.It's nothing significant.Deliver it to the gang leader and let him decide."

"Then,Third Uncle,what about me?"Ji Gang asked.

"You will return to Kuaihuo Forest and continue monitoring Su Xin,"Third Uncle Hu replied.

Ji Gang wore a distressed expression,"But,Third Uncle,I've completely offended Su Xin now.Staying there,I'm afraid something unexpected might happen."

"Don't worry,with me around,Su Xin won't dare to do anything to you,"Third Uncle Hu assured.

Reluctantly,Ji Gang nodded in agreement and returned to Kuaihuo Forest once again.However,as he left Third Uncle Hu's mansion,he felt a chill in the air.

He had thought he was highly regarded by Third Uncle Hu,but now it seemed far from the truth.Third Uncle Hu had other informants in Kuaihuo Forest,something Ji Gang was unaware of.Sending Li Shiyi to deliver the internal martial art technique and the message was specifically to prevent him from peeking at the technique on the way.

This fact angered Ji Gang the most.The technique was already practiced by over two hundred gang members in Kuaihuo Forest,making it a common knowledge,yet he was denied the chance to see it.What did Third Uncle Hu think of him?

Although resentful,Ji Gang could only obediently return to Kuaihuo Forest.After all,he had offended Su Xin severely,and for now,he had to stand with Third Uncle Hu.

Meanwhile,the gang leader,Sha Feiying,and the three hall masters learned about the incident from Li Shiyi.Sha Feiying threw the internal martial art book on the table and,in his hoarse voice,asked,"What do you think?"

Hall Master Lin Fuhu burst into laughter,"This kid knows how to play.Quite innovative."

Although his words were somewhat irrelevant,he actually agreed with the idea of teaching disciples internal martial arts.After all,it would significantly increase their strength in the Battle Hall.

Hall Master Dong Chengwu snorted,"Nonsense!Simply nonsense!Who allowed him to teach the gang members internal martial arts?Third Uncle Hu is getting old;he can't even control his own subordinates!"

"Did the gang rules say you can't teach martial arts to your subordinates?"Lin Fuhu countered,but Dong Chengwu just coldly hummed and didn't respond.

Good Deed Hall Master Zhuang Li picked up the book titled"Primary Internal Martial Arts of Quanzhen Taoism"and flipped through it,"This is an entry-level internal martial art,just something that novice martial artists practice.It's not worth much."

Sha Feiying coughed twice,"This kid is indeed making trouble.Even if it's a low-level internal martial art,can anyone teach it at will?Later,tell Third Uncle Hu to keep an eye on this kid;don't let him stir up any more trouble."

Dong Chengwu nodded;he understood Sha Feiying's meaning.This time,they wouldn't take any action.

Of course,Su Xin had played a trick on them.If they wanted to deal with him now,it would be challenging.The gang rules did not explicitly prohibit teaching martial arts to subordinates,and Su Xin was teaching his own martial arts,which didn't pose a threat to anyone.

Sha Feiying stood up and said calmly,"Enough discussions.Pay more attention to this kid in the future,don't let him cause any more trouble.If he becomes too troublesome,Chengwu,take care of him."

Hearing Sha Feiying's calm words,Dong Chengwu shivered,as if he had seen the night many years ago when the gang leader had said something similar to him.

At that time,the Flying Eagle Gang still didn't have hall masters.There were over thirty big bosses,but overnight,almost half of them lost their heads.

The three of them became hall masters not because they were the strongest,but because they were the most obedient!