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Chapter 66:The Collapse of the Building

8993words in this chapter2024-01-03

In the deep night,a fierce blaze soared into the sky,casting a fiery glow over the surroundings.

Sha Yuandong was awakened by his subordinates.He was about to get angry when he heard his men shouting in fear,"Boss,run!The entrance is under attack!"

Sha Yuandong was instantly alert and shouted,"Where are the people?Hurry and come help with the firefighting!"

Shouting and throwing on his clothes,he rushed outside with the assistance of his men.However,the scene that greeted him made him pause.In the darkness,numerous members of the Green Bamboo Gang,illuminated by the flames,were charging with weapons,mercilessly slaughtering the Flying Eagle Gang members near the entrance.These defenders,still focused on firefighting,were caught off guard,and many fell without putting up any resistance.

Sha Yuandong's head buzzed.Despite his arrogance,he wasn't a fool.Even an idiot could see that this massive fire was undoubtedly related to the Green Bamboo Gang!

"Where is Xu Chang?Quickly,get him and his men to repel the Green Bamboo Gang!"

In the chaos,Xu Chang was the only person Sha Yuandong could think of,given his past leadership and experience in gang wars.However,the response from the surrounding gang members hit Sha Yuandong like a bucket of cold water.

"Young Gang Leader,the boss fled a long time ago.We should escape too(Strongest Antagonist System Chapter 66)!"

Sha Yuandong's face turned as dark as the bottom of a pot.Furious,he cursed,"Xu Chang,that old scoundrel!He ran away first when trouble started.I won't let him off when I get back!"

After cursing,Sha Yuandong immediately ordered his men to lead him out,leaving the fate of the ordinary gang members behind,something he couldn't bother about at the moment.

The subordinates entrusted to Sha Yuandong by Sha Feiying may not have the best character,but they were reasonably competent.Having trained for several years in external martial arts and supplemented by internal cultivation,they had developed a hint of true energy.With multiple sacrifices,they safely led Sha Yuandong out of the Green Bamboo Gang's siege.

The battle in Yongle Lane was still ongoing,and the significant commotion caught Su Xin's attention without the need for reports.

Su Xin,dressed and ready to leave,was greeted by Huang Bingcheng's hurried arrival.Excitedly,Huang exclaimed,"Boss,Sha Yuandong has really stirred up trouble!"

"Don't be hasty.Take it slow.The one starting the fire isn't us,and we have plenty of time,"Su Xin said calmly.

Huang Bingcheng grinned and shared the details of the situation.The two individuals he had bought off in Yongle Lane had done a commendable job.They had managed to escape from the chaos in time,providing Huang Bingcheng with the unfiltered details of the incident and the Green Bamboo Gang's plans.

Su Xin was genuinely surprised after hearing the story.He hadn't expected the businessmen to play such a significant role,drawing out the Green Bamboo Gang.Originally,Su Xin thought they would likely unite to exert pressure on the government.With hundreds of influential businessmen and combined assets totaling over ten million,even the authorities wouldn't easily ignore them.

Now,these businessmen dared to interfere in the internal struggles of the gangs,and if things went south,lives might be lost.However,their bold actions indicated that Sha Yuandong had pushed them to the edge.Otherwise,these sneaky businessmen wouldn't have dared to orchestrate such a grand plan.

"Boss,what should we do now?"Huang Bingcheng asked.

A cold smile appeared on Su Xin's lips."Of course,we'll just watch.Now is not the time for us to act as saviors.Once everything is over and Yongle Lane is completely lost,that's when we go back to clean up the mess."

In one month,Sha Feiying consolidated all the power within the gang,handing over the entire district,including the Passing Skills Hall,to Sha Yuandong.They even erected a towering vermilion building in his honor.But what was the result?

In one month,the building collapsed completely.This was even more impressive than what Su Xin had imagined.In this situation,even fools could see that Sha Yuandong's position was not secure.Once the matter escalated,those who couldn't bear it,including Dong Chengwu and the other three,would act!

Last time,they endured it because of Sha Feiying's past prestige and the fact that Su Xin didn't intervene.This time,even if Su Xin didn't intervene,they couldn't help but step forward to reclaim their rightful power.

In Su Xin's original plan,these people were most likely to join forces and pressure the government.With hundreds of prominent businessmen,their combined assets easily exceeded tens of millions.Even the authorities would not easily ignore them.

Now,these businessmen dared to do such a thing,indicating that Sha Yuandong had pushed them to the brink.Otherwise,these sneaky businessmen wouldn't dare to engage in such a significant operation.

"Boss,they really played it big.They even managed to provoke the Green Bamboo Gang!"

"The boss has really played with fire this time!"Huang Bingcheng grinned.

Su Xin,intending to go back to sleep for a while,was disappointed that his nap was disrupted by this chaos.

Yongle Lane bordered Longle Lane,which was close to the lively Huaqiang Lane.This time,all the Green Bamboo Gang members were mobilized,directly destroying the entrance of Yongle Lane and killing many Flying Eagle Gang members.

It's unclear if these people were blinded by rage,but a boss even led a few hundred people and charged straight towards Huaqiang Lane.

Huang Bingcheng immediately informed Li Huai to guard while he rushed to notify Su Xin.

"Are they here to cause trouble in Huaqiang Lane?These guys have really had enough of living?"Su Xin's face revealed a hint of coldness.Did these people think he was as useless as Sha Yuandong?

"Let's go.Let's see what confidence this head of the Green Bamboo Gang has to provoke me."Su Xin immediately put on his clothes and went out.At the intersection of Huaqiang Lane and Yongle Lane,Li Huai was confronting the Green Bamboo Gang with over a hundred people.

Although the opposing force outnumbered Su Xin's men by seven or eight times,Su Xin's men showed no fear.After practicing internal energy and martial arts for such a long time,they were eager to test their skills in a fight.Were these people worth their fear?

However,they held back their urge to act first due to Li Huai's restraint.When they saw Su Xin approaching,they respectfully cleared a path for him.

Su Xin didn't recognize the leader of the Green Bamboo Gang,and given his current strength,he had no qualifications to be known by Su Xin.Upon Su Xin's arrival,the Green Bamboo Gang leader,who had just been clamoring to attack Huaqiang Lane,was suddenly rendered speechless.In front of hundreds of his followers,he couldn't utter a single word.

"Get lost."Su Xin remained calm,uttering this word indifferently.

The contemptuous attitude angered the Green Bamboo Gang leader immensely.He pointed at Su Xin with a flushed face,wanting to say something harsh.However,Su Xin directly warned,"If you dare to speak another word of nonsense,I'll kill you right now."

In the end,the Green Bamboo Gang leader didn't utter his threats,and without saving face,he left with his people.

Huang Bingcheng exclaimed,"Did this guy come looking for trouble?Is he insane?"

Su Xin shook his head."I'm afraid he didn't come willingly;someone behind him forced him to test my strength.I'll let Yongle Lane go this time,but sooner or later,I'll take it back."

Seeing the Green Bamboo Gang leader's attitude,Su Xin knew there was someone manipulating him from behind,most likely the two deputy leaders of the Green Bamboo Gang.

This person,reaching the position of the Green Bamboo Gang leader,was certainly not a fool.He understood the vast gap between him and Su Xin.Still,today,he came to challenge Su Xin,either crazy or forced by someone else.

Chen Hong,aware that Su Xin had been stripped of his authority and sent to Huaqiang Lane for retirement,was afraid that Su Xin might suddenly make a move.So,he sent a boss to test the waters.

Unfortunately,he guessed wrong.Even if Su Xin were to make a move,it wouldn't be today.He hoped the Green Bamboo Gang would create a more significant disturbance.

The next day,Su Xin,accompanied by Huang Bingcheng and Li Huai,went to the main hall.

Although Sha Feiying hadn't notified everyone to gather at the main hall,with such a significant event,would the gang leader need to notify each member personally?Dong Chengwu and the others were probably unable to sit still.

When Su Xin arrived at the main hall,he ran into Dong Chengwu and the other two.

Zhuang Li walked up,asking in a low voice,"Master Su,you know about yesterday's incident?"

Su Xin smiled,"If I didn't know,would I come here today?"

Zhuang Li looked at him and said,"Master Su,if that's the case,I won't beat around the bush.What do you plan to do next?"

"This question shouldn't be asked by you to me,but by me to you."

Su Xin looked at the three of them.They were even less composed than he had imagined.

"Master Zhuang,I'm not joking.You should understand your situation now,right?Do you want to control your own future or hand it over to someone else?The choice is yours.I'll ask you one question:Is the Flying Eagle Gang Sand's Flying Eagle Gang or everyone's Flying Eagle Gang?"

Zhuang Li looked at Su Xin in astonishment.This statement was somewhat ruthless,especially said in front of the three of them.How audacious was this guy?

Dong Chengwu was even more furious."Su Xin,what do you mean?Are you trying to split our Flying Eagle Gang?"

Su Xin sneered,"Master Dong,don't throw around accusations randomly.Do you still think you're the head of the Disciplinary Hall?Right now,you only have a title;don't take yourself too seriously."

"You..."Dong Chengwu pointed at Su Xin,a mix of shock and anger,rendered speechless.

Originally,Dong Chengwu had a deep and scheming personality.However,almost every time he encountered Su Xin,he was provoked to the point of erupting in rage.

Avoiding the three,Su Xin walked into the main hall.However,while entering,he left a sentence behind,"Gentlemen,I don't care about your stance,nor is there a need to care.Anyway,I'm here today to take back what belongs to me.As for you,well,do as you please."