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Chapter 65: If You Act Unjustly, Don't Blame Me for Being Unrighteous

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In places of oppression,there is always resistance;this saying holds true no matter where it is applied.

Under the management of Sha Yuandong,the most severely oppressed in Yongle Lane were undoubtedly the merchants.

Merchants,driven by profit,consider money as their everything.Robbing them of their wealth is akin to killing their parents.Sha Yuandong is undoubtedly annihilating their entire families.

Sha Yuandong's direct subordinates numbered no more than a hundred.These individuals had been under the command of Sha Feiying,taught martial arts,and guarded the hall's entrance.

These people had no real power before.Although their monthly pay was higher than that of the average gang member,it did not come close to the gray income of their counterparts in other gangs.Their monthly pay was barely two taels of silver.

So,when these people were placed under Sha Yuandong,they immediately began unrestrained extortion.Their ruthlessness in doing so made even the seasoned members of the Flying Eagle Gang blush.

Being the direct lineage of the gang leader,their courage was naturally greater than that of other gang members.They weren't afraid of the gang's punishments.Moreover,after Sha Yuandong openly protected them once,they became even more unbridled.

The East Ascending Tavern in Yongle Lane was one of the top ten among hundreds of taverns in Changning Prefecture.Its owner,Boss Fang,was the most ruthlessly extorted by these people.

The East Ascending Tavern typically entertained officials,rich merchants,and every dish served was a delicacy,while the wine started at ten taels of silver per jug.However,it was precisely this place that was targeted by Sha Yuandong's hungry wolves.

Initially,they enjoyed free meals at the East Ascending Tavern,feasting on the most expensive dishes and wines,accumulating a bill of over a hundred taels of silver each meal.

When asked for payment,these individuals brazenly declared,"We're giving you face by eating here.Dare you ask for money?"

Not content with just free meals,these people engaged in revelry and gambling,turning the elegantly decorated East Ascending Tavern into a chaotic place.Other patrons were displeased,causing a significant loss in customers.As a result,the business was not even half as good as before.

Fang,the owner,couldn't bear it any longer after seeing substantial losses on the account books and the tarnishing of the East Ascending Tavern's reputation.If things continued like this,his tavern would go bankrupt.

When pushed to the edge,people are capable of anything,especially these seemingly courteous merchants,who were far from being easy targets.

After a month of relentless extortion,seeing the tavern's accounts losing tens of thousands of taels and the reputation of East Ascending Tavern plummeting,Fang finally made up his mind.

"Under Sha Yuandong's rule,we have no way out.We either sell our properties at a low price and leave Yongle Lane,or we wait to be extorted until bankruptcy!What do you think?"Fang gritted his teeth.

Someone sighed,"Back when Boss Su was in charge,we thought his protection fee was high,but he could control his underlings.Sha Yuandong,on the other hand,doesn't differentiate between right and wrong.Yongle Lane is bound to be ruined in his hands!"

Hearing someone mention Su Xin,others chimed in,"Exactly!When Boss Su was around,the streets were not as chaotic.Even the likes of Yellow and Li,who worked for Boss Su,never extorted us.If we unite and protest to bring back Boss Su,what do you think?"

Fang sneered,"Are you an idiot?Do you not know what happened to Boss Su?This involves the power struggle within the Flying Eagle Gang.Can you afford to get involved?If you dare to protest at the Flying Eagle Gang's main hall,by then,you might not only lose money but also your lives!"

"So,what's your plan,Boss Fang?You called us all here,you must have a plan.Stop beating around the bush."

"Alright,I won't waste words.My plan is simple.If Sha Yuandong is unkind,don't blame me for being unjust!If he doesn't give us a way out,then we won't let him stay in Yongle Lane!If you agree with my plan,we pool some money and go to Vice Leader Chen.We'll get the Green Bamboo Gang to attack Yongle Lane.We'll have an inside and outside attack,driving the Flying Eagle Gang out of here together!"

Many merchants were startled by Boss Fang's plan.

They were all businessmen,adept at the tactics of the business world,but engaging in violence and bloodshed was something they couldn't accept.

Someone hesitated,"But is this effective?Even if you manage to get the Green Bamboo Gang involved,didn't they lose to the Flying Eagle Gang before?Can they defeat them now?"

Boss Fang replied,"Don't forget,previously,the Flying Eagle Gang took control of Yongle Lane with the help of Su Xin.He was the one who killed Dai Chong and secured Yongle Lane.But now,Su Xin has been stripped of all his power and rights by the Flying Eagle Gang.Without Su Xin,Yongle Lane is nothing to fear."

After some thought,Boss Fang's plan seemed feasible.

Pressed by Sha Yuandong,and even though they understood the risks,they all nodded in agreement.

These merchants conducted substantial businesses,holding tens of thousands of taels in liquid assets.A few of them decided to pool together 300,000 taels and handed it to Boss Fang to deliver to the Green Bamboo Gang.

Upon receiving the news,Chen Hong of the Green Bamboo Gang was overjoyed.He immediately sought out Ma Qingyuan for discussion.

"Hahaha!The Flying Eagle Gang is destroying itself;they're digging their own grave.Don't blame us!"Chen Hong laughed heartily,in high spirits.

Although they successfully sidelined the former gang leader,Wei Feng,during the previous gang conflict,Yongle Lane was unfortunately taken by the Flying Eagle Gang.This gave them a sense of crisis.

Even if they became the new leaders,what use was it without territory?

So,after sidelining Wei Feng,they temporarily set aside the pursuit of power and concentrated on developing the Green Bamboo Gang.

Unexpectedly,today brought such good news from Yongle Lane.

Ma Qingyuan doubted,"Could there be a deception in this?What if we attack Yongle Lane,and the Flying Eagle Gang's people are lying in ambush?"

Chen Hong,with confidence,said,"Rest assured,it's genuine.I know the situation in Yongle Lane very well;it matches exactly what Boss Fang said."

"You planted some chess pieces in Yongle Lane?"Ma Qingyuan suddenly realized.

With a smug expression,Chen Hong nodded,"After managing Yongle Lane for decades,how could the Flying Eagle Gang swallow it so easily?This time,I'll make them regurgitate everything!"

Without Su Xin,the Green Bamboo Gang didn't consider the Flying Eagle Gang a threat.

After consulting with Boss Fang,Chen Hong decided to take action tonight.

As the saying goes,long night,many dreams.They had infiltrated spies among the Flying Eagle Gang's underlings.Although they weren't sure if there were spies from the Flying Eagle Gang within the Green Bamboo Gang,this plan couldn't be leaked;it had to be executed immediately.

After returning to Yongle Lane,Boss Fang gathered other merchants and recruited reliable assistants.

He didn't bring these people to fight against the Flying Eagle Gang;they didn't have the courage for that.Their job was to set fire to the hall entrance.

Taking advantage of the chaos,the Green Bamboo Gang would strike when the Flying Eagle Gang was busy trying to put out the fire.

Late at night,Boss Fang and his men,carrying containers of oil,arrived at the entrance of Yongle Lane.

The Hall of Transmission and Yongle Lane's entrance were adjacent,saving them time.

The night was silent;all the surrounding shops were closed.There wasn't even a lantern on the street.

Originally,even in the late hours,Yongle Lane would have several brothels and taverns open.Although not as lively as Kuaihuolin,the nightlife was still vibrant.

However,since Sha Yuandong arrived,thugs and petty criminals emerged on the streets.Customers found it disturbing and unsafe,so they preferred to go to Kuaihuolin instead of Yongle Lane.

With no business to attract customers,everyone naturally closed up early,providing convenience for Boss Fang and his plan.

Initially,Boss Fang thought there would be guards at the entrance.To his surprise,when he arrived,there wasn't a single person,rendering his planned diversion useless.

The entrance was supposed to be guarded,but Sha Yuandong's subordinates lacked discipline.Who would willingly stand here in the freezing cold in the middle of the night?So,estimating that Sha Yuandong was probably asleep,they found a place to take a nap,giving Boss Fang and his group the opportunity they needed.