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Chapter 107: The First Mission

7832words in this chapter2024-01-06

Upon hearing Su Xin's dissatisfaction with his nickname,Tie Wuqing shook his head and said,"Be content.In the martial world,there are plenty of nicknames that are far worse than yours.Martial nicknames aren't self-proclaimed;they are earned through one's achievements and,at the very least,require recognition from others.Xie Zhiyan's original nickname was'Heavenly Maiden,'but after she used the Tai Shang Jiu Jie Sword to kill Jiangling,it changed to'Nine Calamities Maiden.'There's a saying in the martial world:there are no wrongly given names,only poorly chosen nicknames.If you want to change your nickname,you need to have noteworthy achievements first."

Su Xin shrugged,"A fast sword is just a fast sword,at least it's bearable."

It was only then that Tie Wuqing noticed a change in Su Xin's aura.Within these three days,he had broken through to the Qi Sea Realm.Tie Wuqing couldn't help but smile,"I knew I didn't misjudge you.Strength is something that can be accumulated with time."

Su Xin replied,"I have to thank you for the Heavenly Soaring Pill,Lord Tie."

Pills played a significant role in breaking through realms.Without that Heavenly Soaring Pill,Su Xin would have needed several more months to gather enough strength to attempt breaking through to the Qi Sea Realm.

Tie Wuqing nodded in satisfaction,"Now that you've successfully broken through to the Qi Sea Realm,I have a task for you.With your Qi Sea Realm cultivation,completing this task should be smoother."

Su Xin was surprised,"A task so soon?"

"The Six Sects rarely lack tasks."

"What's the task about?"Su Xin asked.

Since he had decided to be a hound for the court,he needed to be prepared to accept tasks.As long as it wasn't a suicide mission,there was no need to be picky.

Tie Wuqing nodded in approval;he appreciated Su Xin's understanding of the situation."Do you know about Shangshan City?"

Su Xin nodded,"I've heard of it."

Anyone from southern Hunan would be familiar with Shangshan City.It was the largest city in southern Hunan,strategically located between southern Hunan and the Central Plains.Every day,numerous Central Plains merchants traded southern specialties in this city,making it the largest commercial hub in southern Hunan.

Tie Wuqing continued,"What you know about Shangshan City is just its title as the largest city or commercial hub in southern Hunan.However,Shangshan City is unique compared to other prefectures under the court's jurisdiction.It doesn't fall under the court's authority."

"Not under the court's jurisdiction?"Su Xin was taken aback.Although the Central Plains was nominally ruled by the Great Zhou Dynasty,Shangshan City,being the largest city in southern Hunan,shouldn't be so arrogant.

Tie Wuqing explained,"Indeed,not under the court's jurisdiction.Shangshan City's existence is quite peculiar.It wasn't originally a city but was established by the current city lord,Yanzu Nine,a master in the Fusion Realm of martial arts,several decades ago.A martial artist in the Fusion Realm is already a dominant force in the region.Coupled with Yanzu Nine's abilities and the geographical uniqueness of Shangshan City,it became the largest city in southern Hunan in just a few decades.Furthermore,Shangshan City isn't just a commercial hub;it is also a gathering place for wandering martial artists in southern Hunan.Almost 80%of the unaffiliated martial artists in southern Hunan gather there.You can pick anyone randomly from Shangshan City,and they would likely be at least a Postnatal early or mid-stage warrior."

"Anyone randomly picked would be at least a Postnatal early or mid-stage warrior?Doesn't that mean the leaders in Constant Peace Prefecture going to Shangshan City would be inferior to even a small fry?"Su Xin thought to himself.

"So,is there a problem in Shangshan City now?"Su Xin asked.

Tie Wuqing nodded,"Not exactly a problem,but there's a risk of one.Yanzu Nine,despite being a remarkable figure,is aging.According to our intelligence,he is on his last legs.Knowing this,about a month ago,he relinquished most of his power,hoping to choose a successor from his thirteen children.When Yanzu Nine was in charge of Shangshan City,he maintained a neutral stance between the court and martial sects.But now,with his imminent demise and his children having backgrounds from various major martial sects in southern Hunan,will they continue his neutral stance or align themselves with the court or martial sects?"

Inside Shangshan City,with so many wandering martial artists and the meddling of various martial sects,if they behave themselves,it's fine.But if they cause trouble,the consequences would be unimaginable!"

Su Xin furrowed his brow and asked,"Is the task this time about manipulating the successor of Shangshan City?"

A cold glint flashed in Tie Wuqing's eyes,"The best option is to support someone close to the court to become the lord of Shangshan City.If that's not possible,then we absolutely cannot let those close to the martial world in southern Hunan become the city lord.If necessary,direct assassination is an option!"

Su Xin nodded,"I understand.Is there a deadline for this task?"

"Yanzu Nine's life is running out,and at most,it's about a year.So,the task timeframe is limited to that.During this time,you can also avoid the pursuit from the blacklist in Constant Peace Prefecture."

"By the way,since my name is already on the people's list and the black market,the martial artists in Shangshan City will probably know my appearance soon.Won't it be suicidal for me to enter Shangshan City?"

Tie Wuqing smirked,"I've already prepared an identity for you.However,you need to get a skilled artisan to make a facial mask for you.We have an expert in crafting facial masks at the headquarters of Six Sects in southern Hunan.You can go with me to meet him,and he'll tailor a mask based on your facial features."

Thinking of the facial mask,Su Xin suddenly remembered the one he obtained as a prize,the mask of Wang Lianhua.

"Wait a moment,I think I already have a facial mask.No need to make the trip."

Su Xin reached into his chest,but in reality,he took out a facial mask from the system's space and put it on.With the mask on,Su Xin transformed from a refined young man into a handsome young man in his twenties.

Tie Wuqing looked at Su Xin in surprise,"This facial mask of yours is quite well-made,even better than the one crafted by the expert at the Six Sects'headquarters in southern Hunan.Where did you get it?"

If Tie Wuqing hadn't seen Su Xin put on the facial mask himself,he might have doubted that Su Xin was someone else.

"Do you still remember the flower-picking thief we encountered during our first meeting?He was a master of disguise,and I found this facial mask on him."

Tie Wuqing slapped his forehead,evidently recalling the incident.The flower-picking thief's disguise skills were indeed impressive.

"That's convenient.You don't need to waste time then.Just head straight to Shangshan City."

Tie Wuqing handed two books to Su Xin.Pointing to the thinner one,he said,"This contains information about the new identity I've arranged for you.Don't rush into Shangshan City;familiarize yourself with the identity first.The thicker one is a detailed compilation of information about the martial forces in the martial world—first-rate,second-rate,third-rate sects,and more.It covers almost all except some insignificant forces.It also includes some common knowledge about the martial world.Understanding them won't hurt.Additionally,there are contact methods for Six Sects'undercover agents.If needed,you can use them to gather information and support.I have other matters to attend to in southern Hunan,so I'll leave now.Remember not to be overconfident.If things seem wrong,you can escape first.If the mission fails,stronger individuals will be sent to resolve it naturally."

Su Xin nodded and watched Tie Wuqing leave.However,he didn't take Tie Wuqing's last words lightly.While Tie Wuqing saved Su Xin because he appreciated his abilities and saw potential in him,Su Xin was aware that if the mission failed,Tie Wuqing's reputation would suffer,and he might face attacks from other bounty hunters within Six Sects.This was Su Xin's first battle after joining Six Sects,and he didn't plan to fail,not just for Tie Wuqing but for his own stability within Six Sects.

The explanation about the thick book containing information on martial forces was quite useful for Su Xin.Previously,he was too engrossed in political maneuvering within Constant Peace Prefecture and knew very little about the martial world,both locally and in the Central Plains.With this detailed information provided by Six Sects,he could at least have a rough understanding.

As for the information on his new identity,Su Xin carefully examined it and couldn't help but feel a bit strange.Six Sects had indeed put in great effort to create a false identity for him this time.Although it was fake,the background was quite impressive.