The strongest villain system
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Chapter Seven: The Great Sumeru Sword Technique

8388words in this chapter2023-12-23

The next morning,when Su Xin woke up and saw Xin Er still sleeping like a little pig,he didn't disturb her.Instead,he walked straight to the outside of the courtyard.

Outside,two clever gang members arranged by Huang Bingcheng were on guard.Originally,Huang Bingcheng had arranged for four people,but Su Xin felt it wasn't necessary,so he left two people on duty while the other two took turns.

Seeing Su Xin coming out,the two gang members quickly saluted respectfully,"Boss Su."

Su Xin nodded and handed a silver coin to one of them,"Go buy ten meat buns and a pound of soy milk.Use the remaining money to buy some wine;guarding all night must be tough."

Ten meat buns and a pound of soy milk cost only eleven copper coins,and the remaining money was almost all their reward.This made the two gang members excited.

"Thank you,Boss Su!"

Watching the excited duo,Su Xin was somewhat surprised.It was just a little reward;why were they so thrilled?

Little did he know that when Liu Sandao was the boss,he was much stricter with them,often resorting to violence and scolding.Liu Sandao,with his petty character,showed a small-minded attitude once he gained power.

They initially thought Su Xin would be another harsh boss,so they were shocked to see him being so friendly and even generously handing out one or two silver coins as a reward.

Back in his room,Su Xin found Su Xiner still sleeping soundly.He entered the system.

In the vast white space of the system,the big screen was no longer blank.A column displayed"Antagonistic Value:10 points."

"Congratulations,host,on taking the first step.You're one step closer to becoming the ultimate powerful antagonist."

"Newbie task completed,activating the main task.

Main task:Ambitious Leader(Part 1)

Task explanation:A man without power is nothing;a man without money is nothing.To have power,you need money first.Time limit:six months,earn ten thousand taels of silver.

Failure consequences:Randomly strip yourself of a permanently learned skill.

Task reward:Intermediate lottery once,200 points of antagonistic value."

"Ten thousand taels of silver!Well,that's not a small amount."

Su Xin's main source of income was collecting protection fees from the businesses in the Happy Forest.Normally,the monthly fee was just over five hundred taels.If he followed Liu Sandao's harsh methods,he could get thousands,but it would eventually lead to bankruptcy.

Thinking about how to earn ten thousand taels of silver,Su Xin realized he needed a plan.Moreover,he needed the money urgently for the development of the gang.

"Why is the penalty for the main task so light,just stripping away one skill,while the penalty for the newbie task was cutting off an arm?"Su Xin asked.

"If the newbie task cannot be completed,it means the host is too useless.It's better to die early than waste time,"the system replied.

Su Xin:"…"

"By the way,I still have one more chance for a novice lottery.I want to draw it,"Su Xin said.

Now that Su Xin had another chance for a novice lottery,although it was not very rewarding,even if he got a Qi-boosting pill,it would be great for him.

The roulette wheel on the big screen started spinning.Instead of getting the desired medicine or martial art,it landed on the miscellaneous category.

"Congratulations to the host for drawing a hand-embroidered piece made by Dongfang Bubai.Evaluation level:one star."

Su Xin's face turned dark.What use was this thing to him?He wasn't Yang Lianting.

He directly chose to discard it.Su Xin thought for a moment and said,"I still have ten points of antagonistic value.Give me another chance for a novice lottery."

Now,Su Xin,although he had internal skills and techniques,was too one-sided in his techniques.

Jing Wuming's fast sword was powerful,but it was only strong in its cunning and ruthlessness.The system had said that Su Xin's fast sword could not reach one hundred percent proficiency because its personal style was too strong.

Su Xin's fast sword had defects.Once the opponent analyzed and targeted it,Su Xin would be helpless without any other means.Not everyone could be like Li Xunhuan's flying knives,unique and unbeatable.

The roulette wheel began to spin rapidly—martial arts,consumables,elixirs...In Su Xin's eager eyes,the pointer slowly moved past the empty space,barely reaching the martial arts category.

On the large screen appeared a young man dressed in a robe and headscarf typical of the Northwest Desert,wielding a peculiar sword with a round handguard.

Although this young man had a handsome appearance,there was a fierce and arrogant demeanor between his brows,making people feel somewhat uncomfortable.

"Congratulations,host,on drawing the character Chu Zhaonan,who possesses seven martial arts,including'Chasing Wind Swordsmanship,''Great Sumeru Sword Technique,''Tianshan Swordsmanship,'etc.Ratings range from one to one and a half stars.The host can choose a random draw or spend 20 antagonistic points for a specific selection."

"Chu Zhaonan,it's him."

The master of the Floating Dragon Sword,one of the three renowned swordsmen during the early Kangxi period.

Su Xin,in his past life,had limited exposure to novels of the Liang school,and even in the most famous Seven Swords series,he first watched the TV drama.In Zhao Wen-zhuo's version,the character Chu Zhaonan underwent significant changes,becoming a heroic figure enduring humiliation.

However,in reality,Chu Zhaonan was a genuine antagonist.Despite being one of the Seven Swords,his character was arrogant,morally corrupt,and unscrupulous.He initially pursued the female hero Fei Hongjin,helped her resist the Qing Dynasty,but eventually betrayed his comrades and joined the Qing Dynasty,becoming a lackey of the Qing court.

"Why did it cost 20 antagonistic points for a specific draw this time,while last time it was only 5 points?"Su Xin questioned.

The system explained,"The character drawn last time was Yin Zhiping,with the highest skill level of half a star.Therefore,it only cost 5 antagonistic points.This time,the character Chu Zhaonan has a rating between one and one and a half stars,so a higher cost is required for selection."

Su Xin shook his head,"They really left no loopholes.Let's go with a random draw.However,he carries quite a few martial arts,unfortunately,all at a low level."

Chu Zhaonan's master was the founder of the Northern Sect of the Tianshan School,Master Huiming.He was proficient in almost all the martial arts of the Tianshan School.However,the martial arts in the Liang school martial arts novels belonged to the low-level martial world.It was normal for them to have lower ratings,and Su Xin accepted it.

The roulette wheel spun again,and the system's cold voice echoed,"Congratulations,host,for successfully drawing'Great Sumeru Sword Technique,'rated one and a half stars."

The Great Sumeru Sword Technique was created by the Tianshan's Divine Radiance,Ling Mofeng,with the meaning of mustard seed containing the vast universe.It combined offense and defense,with intricate variations,making every move impeccable.

Although it wasn't the Chasing Wind Swordsmanship Su Xin wanted,the Great Sumeru Sword Technique had significant advantages in defense.It could compensate for the weaknesses of Jin Wuming's fast sword in defense,which was considered a good outcome.

After a while,the gang members outside had brought breakfast.Su Xin patted Su Xiner's cheek,and she wiped her face,looking sleepy and adorable.

"Wow!It's meat buns!"

Seeing the steaming meat buns on the table,Xiner's drowsiness disappeared instantly.She immediately grabbed a bun and stuffed it into her mouth.

Su Xin poured a bowl of soy milk for her and tapped her little head,"You didn't even wash your hands.Isn't it dirty?"

With a bun in her mouth,Xiner's big eyes squinted into a happy crescent shape.She didn't answer but kept stuffing the bun into her mouth.

In the little girl's world,as long as there's good food and a big brother to accompany her,she's happier than anything else.

After finishing breakfast,Su Xin instructed his subordinates to bring Huang Bingcheng.

As a recognized junior leader in the Flying Eagle Gang,Su Xin was now one level above Huang Bingcheng,who was the first to join Su Xin.Huang Bingcheng had become an underling among dozens of people.

While Su Xin slept soundly this night,he indulged himself in a bit of officialdom.He called over the more than sixty gang members under him and gave each of them a talking-to,thoroughly enjoying the experience.

"Su Boss,did you call me?"

"Sit."Su Xin pointed to Su Xiner and said,"This is my sister,Xiner."

"Wow,this little girl is really pretty!"

Huang Bingcheng grinned widely,but with his appearance,he looked more like an odd uncle trying to impress a little girl with goldfish.

Xiner politely replied,"Hello,Uncle."

Huang Bingcheng's face immediately turned dark.It was pitiful;he had just turned thirty today,and how did he end up becoming an uncle?Moreover,Su Xin called him'Big Brother,'and Su Xin's sister called him'Uncle.'How did he suddenly become a generation shorter?

Moreover,he referred to Su Xin as the boss,and Su Xin's sister called him'Big Brother.'How did he suddenly become a generation shorter?

"Call me Big Brother."Su Xin smiled.

"Oh,Brother Huang,hello."Xiner looked at Huang Bingcheng with a puzzled expression,noting his visibly eager face.

Su Xin patted Xiner's head and said to Huang Bingcheng,"Find a few brothers and come with me to Wangji Pharmacy."

"If you need medicine,just let me know,and I'll have them buy it for you."

A hint of coldness flashed in Su Xin's eyes,"Not to buy medicine,but to get something back from someone!"