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Chapter 78: The Hongmen Banquet

9496words in this chapter2024-01-03

Chen Zhao is already over sixty years old,but as an innate martial artist,his qi and blood are robust,making him appear similar to Meng Changhe,who is around forty years old.

When informed that Meng Changhe was visiting,Chen Zhao was momentarily surprised.Years ago,he forced this nephew to leave,taking over the escort agency left by his senior brother.Since then,they had no contact.

During these more than ten years,Meng Changhe knew that Chen Zhao was living in seclusion in Chenzhou Prefecture.He had vaguely heard about Meng Changhe's deeds in Changning Prefecture,but they had never contacted each other.

Now,with Meng Changhe suddenly visiting,Chen Zhao couldn't help but feel uneasy.Could it be that his nephew had broken through to the innate realm and come seeking revenge for past grievances?

However,when he saw Meng Changhe respectfully bowing and addressing him as Senior Uncle,and noting that Meng Changhe's strength was still at the peak of the acquired stage,Chen Zhao affirmed that Meng Changhe must have some request.

"Hehe,it's been more than a decade,Senior Uncle,you still look as radiant as ever,"Meng Changhe chuckled.

Chen Zhao lazily sat in his chair,took a sip of the tea presented by the servant,and then said,"Even if I'm radiant,it's nothing compared to your prestige in Changning Prefecture.I heard you are now the leader of the largest gang,commanding tens of thousands of brothers,dominating the region.Quite impressive."

"Hehe,Senior Uncle,don't mock me.What's my gang in your eyes?It doesn't even have an innate martial artist;it's just child's play,"Meng Changhe self-deprecatingly remarked.

Chen Zhao stroked his beard and said,"Enough,what do you want?You didn't come here just to catch up,did you?"

"Alright,Senior Uncle,I'll be straightforward.I came to ask for your help this time."

Meng Changhe then explained the situation to Chen Zhao,omitting the part about Chen Hong and Ma Qingyuan offering him ten million taels of silver.

After hearing the story,Chen Zhao couldn't help but chuckle,"Tsk tsk,Changhe,I have to say,you're over forty now,the dominant force in Changning Prefecture,yet you can't even handle a junior.Moreover,he killed your son and disciple.You're really useless."

Meng Changhe cursed Chen Zhao in his heart,almost wishing to tear a piece of flesh from him on the spot.However,on the surface,Meng Changhe could only smile and say,"That young man is extraordinary.Breaking through to the acquired stage before the age of twenty is something even disciples of prestigious sects find difficult.Moreover,the Three Heroes Alliance is not solely under my control.So,I have to seek Senior Uncle's help."

Chen Zhao immediately shook his head,"Changhe,I am your elder after all.Normally,I should help you in times of trouble.But as you know,I withdrew from the martial world over a decade ago.If I intervene now,it would be breaking the rules."

"Five hundred thousand taels of silver!"Meng Changhe suddenly said.

"What did you say!?"Chen Zhao's expression changed instantly.

Meng Changhe calmly stated,"I said I will give Senior Uncle five hundred thousand taels of silver as compensation for your efforts."

Hearing the mention of silver,especially fifty thousand taels,Chen Zhao's eyes gleamed.Despite being an innate martial artist,he had been living a luxurious life over the past years,nearly exhausting the money he earned from selling the escort agency.

Although not skilled in financial management,Chen Zhao had spent more than he earned.Now,with Meng Changhe offering fifty thousand taels,he couldn't resist the temptation.However,he restrained himself from immediately agreeing and said in a deep voice,"One million taels,and I'll accompany you."

Meng Changhe pretended to be hesitant,"Senior Uncle,it's not that I don't want to give you more,but most of the Three Heroes Alliance's funds are within the gang.My personal savings are limited.I can only offer six hundred thousand taels."

Chen Zhao was unwilling,and after some haggling,they settled on a deal of seven hundred thousand taels.

Seeing Chen Zhao's expression,as if he had gained an advantage,Meng Changhe couldn't help but sneer in his heart.His'good Senior Uncle'was even more in need of money than he had imagined.Seven hundred thousand taels of silver easily settled the matter.

"By the way,how do you want to handle this?Are you going to eliminate him directly?"Chen Zhao's attitude became much more polite after receiving the silver.

Meng Changhe shook his head with a sinister expression,"Not in a hurry.I promised the Qingzhu Gang to help them reclaim their territory.Besides,I don't want to kill him so soon.Since he wants to expand the Feiying Gang,let him experience despair first.I'll strip away all his territories,and when he feels hopeless,then he can die!"

Chen Zhao grinned,"Simple.If he doesn't hand over the territories willingly,I'll first disable his martial arts.You can plunder his territories as you wish."

Confident in his own strength,Chen Zhao was sure that with just a one-word difference between innate and acquired,he could easily cripple Su Xin.At this moment,Su Xin was still unaware of the impending crisis.After swallowing up the Qingzhu Gang,he immediately rewarded numerous gang members.Anyone who participated in the battle,regardless of their contribution,received a share.Some received large sums,while others received as little as ten taels.This made other gang members envious and eager to join the battle hall.Moreover,Su Xin accepted the former members of the Qingzhu Gang,instantly increasing his manpower to twenty thousand,with ten thousand in the battle hall.

As the saying goes,"A rising tide lifts all boats,"Su Xin took advantage of the momentum and,under a casual pretext,attacked the Jiangyang Gang,causing them to lose a district overnight.Within the Jiangyang Gang,Jiang Beifei and two deputy gang leaders paced anxiously in the meeting hall,unsure of what to do.

Deputy gang leader Yang Dong gritted his teeth and said,"I warned that Su Xin had ambitious plans;sooner or later,he would target our Jiangyang Gang!Even if we sent Jiang He's head to him,it only delayed the inevitable.Look at it now,our fate is becoming similar to the Qingzhu Gang!"

Jiang Beifei and Shen Zhongming fell silent.Initially,they decided to present Jiang He's head to Su Xin to avoid giving him a reason to attack.However,they underestimated him.

If Su Xin truly wanted to eliminate Jiangyang Gang,what excuse did he need?He could have attacked directly.The assault by the Feiying Gang in just one night terrified them,causing them to lose one district immediately.

Fortunately,unlike the internal strife within the Qingzhu Gang,Jiangyang Gang managed to set up some defensive formations,barely surviving the night without being completely wiped out like the Qingzhu Gang.

Jiang Beifei slammed the table,"It's too late to say anything now.Let's focus on how to overcome the current difficulties.Go find the Three Heroes Alliance;Meng Changhe has a grudge against Su Xin and won't sit idly by.Also,inform other gangs.With the Feiying Gang's rampant expansion,after we're wiped out,they'll be next!"

Yang Dong sneered,"I just sent someone to find the Three Heroes Alliance,but Meng Changhe is not there.The other two alliance leaders have no personal vendetta against Su Xin.They dismissed the person I sent without hesitation."

Shen Zhongming also sighed,"The messengers I sent to other gangs had similar responses.In their eyes,Su Xin is not a significant threat.Even if he swallows our Jiangyang Gang,his forces are comparable to the Iron Blade Gang and the Divine Wind Gang,far from the Three Heroes Alliance.As long as there's no major force like the Three Heroes Alliance in Changning Prefecture,they won't join forces,and they won't bother with such matters."

Just as they felt helpless,a gang member rushed in to report that the Three Heroes Alliance had sent an invitation,requesting their presence at Shenglong Tower the next day.

Jiang Beifei,Yang Dong,and Shen Zhongming exchanged glances.Had the Three Heroes Alliance intervened?Was this a turning point?

Regardless of the situation,meeting someone from the Three Heroes Alliance was good news.At the same time,all the representatives of the various gangs in Changning Prefecture,including Su Xin,received invitations from the Three Heroes Alliance.

Holding the invitation,Su Xin puzzled,"The Three Heroes Alliance is summoning everyone to Shenglong Tower for a meeting.What could they be planning?"

Huang Bingcheng hesitated,"As far as I know,all the spokespersons of the gangs in Changning Prefecture gathering for a meeting has only happened once in history.That was when the Three Heroes Alliance rose to power and aimed to dominate Changning Prefecture.They united against the Three Heroes Alliance.But now,except for us swallowing the Qingzhu Gang and attacking Jiangyang Gang,nothing major has happened in Changning Prefecture.Could this be directed at us?"

Su Xin casually tossed the invitation aside,indifferent,"Thinking about it now won't help.We'll find out tomorrow.Worst case scenario,we'll face it head-on."

The next morning,Su Xin,accompanied by Li Huai and Huang Bingcheng,arrived at Shenglong Tower,situated in the central part of Changde District.

Although Changning Prefecture was once the capital of the Great Zhou,it was just a small southern country at that time,lacking any remarkable structures.The only exception was Shenglong Tower.

Shenglong Tower had seven floors,and access to each floor required a certain level of status.Previously,only the scions of the Great Zhou royal family were qualified to enter.Now,it was prepared for the true spokespersons of Changning Prefecture.

Upon entering the tower,a short and chubby innkeeper,exuding a festive appearance,warmly greeted them,"So,you're Su Xin,the leader of the Feiying Gang.It's your first visit.I always reserve a spot for you on the seventh floor of Shenglong Tower."

Su Xin cupped his hands,"I appreciate the kind offer,but Feiying Gang is quite a distance from Changde District.I can't come here often."

The innkeeper flattered,"Maybe in the future,it won't be too far.The speed at which the Feiying Gang expands its territory is unprecedented in my many years in Changning Prefecture.Only in your hands does the Feiying Gang truly soar."

Su Xin exchanged a few courteous words with him.The innkeeper,despite managing Shenglong Tower,was no ordinary person.Though only responsible for the inn,he represented someone powerful behind the scenes with connections to the Great Zhou royal family.

Now,with the owners of Shenglong Tower having relocated to Shengjing,this short and chubby innkeeper could fully represent the influential figures behind him.Even the Three Heroes Alliance,including Meng Changhe,treated him with respect,unlike the disdain they often showed towards other merchants.