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Chapter 79: Disregarding Rules

9072words in this chapter2024-01-03

On the top floor of Shenglong Tower,when Su Xin arrived,representatives from all factions,except those from the Three Heroes Alliance,were already present.

Seeing Su Xin's arrival,everyone greeted him with a casual acknowledgment.Apart from Jiang Beifei of the Jiangyang Gang,who coldly snorted,displaying resentment on his face,the spokespeople from other factions appeared indifferent.

They had no positive or negative stance towards Su Xin's rise.They neither welcomed nor sought to suppress him.As long as Su Xin did not reach the level of the Three Heroes Alliance,they were not interested in dealing with him.They didn't want to unnecessarily create a powerful enemy.

Simultaneously,Su Xin was assessing the spokespersons of Changning Prefecture present in the room.

Geng Qingfeng,the leader of the Divine Wind Gang,was a young man in his thirties and the youngest gang leader in Changning Prefecture besides Su Xin.Despite his youth,Geng Qingfeng's strength and tactics were not inferior to Su Xin.When he took over the Divine Wind Gang in the mid-stage of the Houtian realm,the three deputy gang leaders were much stronger than him.However,over ten years,Geng Qingfeng cleared them all out,achieving Houtian Great Perfection himself.

On the other side,He Tian,the leader of the Iron Blade Gang,was a robust man in his forties,almost ten feet tall,carrying a massive horse-cutting knife on his back.While the Iron Blade Gang's overall strength wasn't outstanding,He Tian himself was a formidable martial artist,arguably the top in Changning Prefecture.During the Three Heroes Alliance's attack on the Iron Blade Gang,He Tian single-handedly stopped the joint assault of Meng Changhe and Duan Xiao,engaging in over a hundred rounds of battle without defeat.

The last person was Qi Yuan,the leader of the Blood Cloth Gang,a middle-aged man in his forties with an ordinary appearance.He seemed like the type of person you wouldn't notice in a crowd.Unlike others,Qi Yuan came alone,lurking in a corner,with an almost invisible presence.This low profile made Su Xin feel the greatest threat.

Coming from the renowned assassin organization Blood Cloth Pavilion,a person from the Blood Cloth Gang was undoubtedly formidable.If Qi Yuan chose to assassinate secretly,few peers could withstand him.

After waiting for a while on the upper floor without seeing anyone from the Three Heroes Alliance,He Tian from the Iron Blade Gang couldn't help but frown."What's going on with the Three Heroes Alliance?They've summoned us,but they're not showing up."

Geng Qingfeng calmly said,"Since we're here,let's just wait.With representatives from our three gangs and four factions,they won't dare to play tricks on us.Oh,I misspoke a bit;it should be two gangs and four factions now."

As he spoke,Geng Qingfeng glanced at Su Xin,a hint of a smile playing on his lips.

At that moment,a voice suddenly echoed from below,"Master Geng,you're mistaken.It's still three gangs and four factions.Some people have swallowed things they shouldn't have,and it's time to regurgitate them."

All heads turned towards the entrance as Meng Changhe and his entourage finally arrived,accompanied by Chen Hong and Ma Qingyuan.However,the attention of those upstairs was immediately drawn to Chen Zhao,who walked at the forefront.

An Innate Qi Sea realm practitioner!This was an Innate Qi Sea realm expert!

Meng Changhe ushered Chen Zhao into the seat of honor,saying,"This is my master,Chen Zhao,an Innate Qi Sea realm martial artist."

Everyone gazed at Meng Changhe,feeling wary.Why did he bring his master?Did he really intend to use an Innate Qi Sea realm expert to eliminate them and dominate Changning Prefecture?

Such thoughts raced through their minds,but they could only respectfully greet Chen Zhao and address him as senior.

He Tian couldn't help but ask,"Meng Changhe,what's the meaning of bringing Chen Senior here?"

His hand had quietly grasped the hilt of his knife behind him.If Meng Changhe really intended to act,even if Chen Zhao was an Innate Qi Sea realm expert,he dared to fight.

Meng Changhe chuckled,"Brother He,don't be impatient.I invited my master to help maintain order in Changning Prefecture.Recently,things have gotten a bit chaotic,with some people recklessly attacking,disrupting the order of Changning Prefecture.It's time to intervene!"

The seated representatives all shifted their gaze to Su Xin.They now understood that Meng Changhe's target was Su Xin.

Meng Changhe's hatred towards Su Xin seemed insurmountable.Bringing an Innate Qi Sea realm expert just for Su Xin was a clear declaration of intent.

Seated on the main seat,Chen Zhao spoke coldly,"Are you Su Xin?Hmph,Changning Prefecture has really declined,letting such a young junior climb to a prominent position.Don't you find it embarrassing?"

The expressions of He Tian and the others were not pleasant.Why should Changning Prefecture concern you?Whether there are people in our Changning Prefecture is none of your business.

Pointing at Su Xin,Chen Zhao continued,"You have a cruel heart,extinguishing the centuries-old Qingzhu Gang with just a word.Such ruthless methods will bring consequences in the future."

Su Xin's expression remained unchanged.He calmly replied,"Senior Chen,the struggles between gangs are never about being ruthless or not.If the Qingzhu Gang had the strength to wipe out my Feiying Gang,they wouldn't have shown mercy either.Moreover,even if I destroyed the Qingzhu Gang,it seems like it's an internal affair of Changning Prefecture.Does Senior Chen plan to join the Three Heroes Alliance?"

Chen Zhao was momentarily taken aback by Su Xin's retort,but he quickly sneered,"Do I have to join the Three Heroes Alliance to manage affairs in Changning Prefecture?As martial artists,we intervene when we see injustice.What can you do about it?"

Chen Zhao's words were quite unreasonable,clearly indicating his intention to exert dominance through strength.His message was clear:possessing the strength of the Innate Realm granted him the authority to control others.

However,this statement infuriated the representatives of the major factions in Changning Prefecture.While there might be internal struggles among the Divine Wind Gang,Iron Blade Gang,and the reclusive Blood Cloth Gang,they usually kept their conflicts confined within Changning Prefecture.

Meng Changhe's actions had undoubtedly violated this unspoken rule,causing extreme displeasure among the assembled representatives.No one wanted an overbearing figure meddling in their internal affairs.

Except for the Jiangyang Gang,who seemed to welcome Chen Zhao's intervention,anticipating that Su Xin's Feiying Gang expansion would eventually lead to their own demise.

Even Duan Xiao and Ning Luojun from the Three Heroes Alliance wore grim expressions.Meng Changhe had made this decision without consulting them,bringing an ancestor-like figure without prior notice.

While Meng Changhe's plan to use Chen Zhao for revenge against Su Xin or even to eliminate him might benefit the Three Heroes Alliance,Chen Zhao's attitude was problematic.His arrogance offended all the major factions in Changning Prefecture.Did he genuinely believe that being an Innate Realm expert made him invincible?The combined forces of the three gangs and four factions exceeded tens of thousands,and one person's strength wouldn't make them unbeatable.

Meng Changhe harbored his own resentment.He now understood why his master's joint venture in escorting goods had failed.With Chen Zhao's arrogant demeanor,who would willingly entrust their goods to him for business?

Seated calmly,Su Xin spoke coldly,"Senior Chen,how do you intend to manage things?"

Behind Chen Zhao,Chen Hong and Ma Qingyuan wore expressions of anticipation.According to the agreement,Chen Zhao should now help them reclaim the Qingzhu Gang's territory.

As expected,Chen Zhao did not disappoint them.He straightforwardly stated,"You've swallowed the Qingzhu Gang's territory overnight.Quite ambitious.Now,be obedient and spit it out for me."

All eyes turned to Su Xin.

Chen Zhao was indeed ruthless,demanding Su Xin return the territories of three markets with just a single sentence.However,the main issue wasn't this demand;it was the fact that surrendering these territories would be a loss of face for Su Xin in Changning Prefecture.

Even if the other factions disliked Chen Zhao's arrogant attitude and violation of Changning Prefecture's rules,they wouldn't confront a martial artist of the Innate Realm just for Su Xin.Chen Hong and Ma Qingyuan looked at Su Xin mockingly.

"So,you've taken over the Qingzhu Gang.What does it matter?In the end,you'll obediently hand it over to us."

Su Xin stood up,tapping the table lightly."Senior Chen,you indeed have great authority.Three market territories,do you expect me to surrender them at your command?"

Pointing at Chen Zhao,Su Xin's face remained expressionless."I call you'senior'out of respect.Without that,what are you?Do you think you have the right to meddle in Changning Prefecture's affairs?"

These words echoed through the entire seventh floor of Shenglong Tower,leaving a stunned silence.

Chen Hong and others stared at Su Xin as if he were insane.Daring to point at an Innate Realm martial artist and say,'What are you?'Has Su Xin lost his mind?

Meanwhile,He Tian couldn't help but murmur,"Well said."This was something he had wanted to say for a long time.

Chen Zhao's expression was a mix of anger and disbelief.A junior who had only practiced martial arts for a few years dared to speak to him like this.After withdrawing from the martial world for over a decade,was this how the younger generation behaved?

"Fine,fine,fine!A young junior is so arrogant.Today,I will teach you a lesson and show you what respect is!"

With a sudden slap on the table,Chen Zhao shattered the exquisite golden nanmu table in front of him.A powerful aura erupted,causing even He Tian and the others to shudder.

An Innate Realm martial artist could condense their Qi Sea,and their internal energy was powerful.They could even release it as true Qi.This kind of strength was several times more powerful than the Houtian Great Perfection.

The gap was undoubtedly enormous.Although there were legends of extraordinary individuals defeating Innate Realm martial artists in the Houtian Realm,these were mere stories.At least,they had never witnessed it.