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Chapter 246: The Power of Hatred

8262words in this chapter2024-01-28

Wen Qinghe's eyes turned red with the sting of Su Xin's words.He tightly clenched his fists,wanting to say something,but in the end,he could only feel disheartened.

Su Xin was right;he was indeed weak.Living in close proximity to the Xunfeng Sword Sect,the Wen family had always compared him to Wu Qingyun since childhood,yet he consistently fell short,even now.Especially in today's battle,his confidence was shattered by Wu Qingyun's sword,leaving him too afraid to consider challenging Wu Qingyun again.He could only come here to vent his frustration.

Seeing him in this state,Su Xin smiled faintly,"Did I hit the mark?Admitting your weakness now?If that's the case,don't smash the stone wall with your fists.Try using your head instead."

Wen Qinghe glared at Su Xin,but then reluctantly said,"I also want to surpass Wu Qingyun,but our Wen family's inner strength is inferior to the Xunfeng Sword Sect.While I may not fear within the same level,our martial skills can gain an advantage.However,as time goes on,the gap between me and Wu Qingyun widens.Even if I reach a higher stage,such as mastering the Grand Entwined Silk Hand,I still can't match him."

Su Xin shook his head,"Who said martial skills couldn't compensate for the gap in cultivation levels?Haven't there been examples on the Ranking Lists,such as the Lingqiao War God Palace or even the Qihai War God Palace?"

Wen Qinghe sighed,"But where do I find such martial skills?"

Su Xin looked at him and said,"If you want to learn,I can teach you."

Upon hearing this,Wen Qinghe immediately became cautious,looking at Su Xin with suspicion.Martial skills were closely guarded secrets among martial artists,and even masters would keep some techniques undisclosed.Encountering a Nascent Soul realm martial artist willing to teach a powerful skill so casually made Wen Qinghe,despite his simplicity,harbor doubts,fearing ulterior motives.

Su Xin shook his head,"Don't be so tense.I see a bit of my younger self in you,and that's why I'm willing to help.I'll only teach you two martial skills,no need for you to be my disciple,and I won't go to the Wen family.You don't have to worry about any hidden motives towards your family."

Relieved,Wen Qinghe smiled sheepishly.Taking a master was a significant commitment,and it came with many entanglements.He didn't want to be manipulated unintentionally.

"Did you also experience humiliation when you were young,like I do now?"Wen Qinghe curiously asked.

A strange expression crossed Su Xin's face,then he nodded solemnly,"Quite similar.I came from a prominent family's branch,but my parents died early,and I didn't even have the qualifications to learn martial arts.I was bullied.Fortunately,a wise person taught me martial arts,allowing me to rise to my current cultivation level.Now,I've left behind the shackles of that aristocratic family.On the arena just now,I couldn't stand by when I saw Wu Qingyun acting too ruthlessly,so I saved you."

Wen Qinghe nodded in understanding.It seemed that this senior had a tougher past than he did,at least,his family treated him well now.

Su Xin coughed and continued,"I plan to teach you two martial skills based on your current situation.Tell me,when Wu Qingyun publicly humiliated you and took away your beloved woman,do you hate him?Do you want to kill him?"

Wen Qinghe,with red eyes,answered firmly,"Of course,I do!"

"Very well.Use the power of that hatred to strengthen yourself.Utilize the resentment and hatred in your heart to defeat Wu Qingyun,"Su Xin instructed.

Wen Qinghe was puzzled,"How can hatred become my strength?Even if I hate Wu Qingyun,and practice the Grand Entwined Silk Hand with all my might,I still can't suddenly break through to the Nascent Soul realm and defeat him."

Su Xin smiled and said,"Feel my power now.I'll show you how immense the strength of hatred can be."

Su Xin's aura changed;he had suppressed his presence to near invisibility,but now he revealed his power at the early stage of the Nascent Soul realm,just like Wen Qinghe.

"Watch closely.This is the power of hatred!"

With those words,Su Xin struck the stone wall with a fierce punch.

Hatred!Hatred!Hatred!The intense hatred surged.

Hatred for the unfairness of heaven,hatred for the blind eyes of the world!

Hatred Fist!

Under the Hatred Fist,the enormous mountain wall,over ten yards tall,was instantly blasted with a hole more than a yard wide and five feet deep.Large cracks spread across the entire wall,causing the ground to shake as if splitting apart.

Wen Qinghe stared in astonishment.Could this destruction really be caused by the power of a Nascent Soul realm?

But it wasn't over.Su Xin turned around and struck with a palm,a surging force:Vengeance Palm!Deep as the sea of resentment!


A loud explosion rang out,massive chunks of debris falling down.Under Su Xin's Hatred Fist and Vengeance Palm,the entire mountain wall was directly demolished by half!

Su Xin quickly pulled Wen Qinghe backward to avoid being hit by the falling debris.Looking at Wen Qinghe,who was still in disbelief,Su Xin smiled and asked,"Do you still think the power of hatred is insignificant?"

Wen Qinghe was completely stunned.He never expected that a punch and a palm fueled by the power of hatred could unleash such tremendous force.If he could use these Hatred Fist and Vengeance Palm techniques in the arena,Wu Qingyun wouldn't stand a chance against even a single blow.

After the shock,Wen Qinghe's expression turned ecstatic.He tugged on Su Xin's sleeve and asked,"Senior,are you planning to teach me these two techniques?"

Su Xin nodded,a mysterious smile playing on his lips."Yes,these are the two martial skills I intend to pass on to you.They can maximize the power of hatred within you.Similarly,I will only teach these to those who harbor hatred in their hearts."

For the rest of the afternoon,Wen Qinghe learned the Hatred Fist and Vengeance Palm from Su Xin.As the sun set,Su Xin said,"Alright,you can go now.Come back tomorrow at noon to continue your training."

Wen Qinghe hesitated,"Senior,can I tell my father about learning these martial skills from you?"

Su Xin didn't answer directly but instead asked,"Do you plan to seek revenge against Wu Qingyun immediately after mastering these skills?"

Wen Qinghe replied,"Certainly!"

Su Xin said,"Do you think your father will allow you to confront Wu Qingyun on your own if you tell him about this?"

Wen Qinghe thought for a moment and looked somewhat disheartened.His father indeed doted on him,but there were limits.He wouldn't allow Wen Qinghe to act recklessly,as it could affect the interests of the Wen family.The Wen family and the Xunfeng Sword Sect had minor conflicts,but if a fight broke out,it might lead to more significant consequences,especially considering the current weaker position of the Wen family.

Realizing this,Wen Qinghe decided not to tell his father about this matter.

Before leaving,as if remembering something,Wen Qinghe asked Su Xin,"By the way,senior,I haven't asked for your name."

Su Xin shook his head."Names are just external labels.Our meeting is fateful.After passing on these two techniques,I will depart.Why bother about a title?You can just call me senior."

Wen Qinghe immediately showed respect.He had doubted the senior's intentions earlier,but now he felt a bit embarrassed.

After bidding farewell to Su Xin,Wen Qinghe left directly,and Su Xin also turned to leave with an enigmatic smile on his face.

Upon returning to the Wen family,Wen Qinghe's father,Wen Mingyu,rushed over upon hearing the news.He had been worried when he learned that Wen Qinghe had left alone after the competition.

In the Jiangnan Prefecture,the central region,and with Wen Qinghe's Nascent Soul cultivation,Wen Mingyu hadn't sent anyone to search for him,hoping that Wen Qinghe would take a walk to clear his mind.

Wen Qinghe's mother had passed away early,and Wen Mingyu,who had never married,had deep affection for his son.He had spared no effort in cultivating and nurturing Wen Qinghe.However,due to Wen Qinghe's limited maturity,he was easily provoked by Wu Qingyun's mockery,leading to a loss of rationality.

Upon seeing that Wen Qinghe was unharmed,Wen Mingyu breathed a sigh of relief.He consoled,"Qinghe,don't worry.Even without Ling Eyes,our Wen family practiced cultivation just fine before.As for women,I've specially selected a few excellent candidates for you.Among them is the daughter of the Valley Master of Tianfeng Valley,aged eighteen,beautiful and much better than the daughter of that mediocre Chen family."

Wen Qinghe's expression changed abruptly,and he coldly snorted,"No,in my whole life,I only love Chen Qing'er.Father,you don't need to concern yourself with this matter.Sooner or later,I will use my own strength to win Qing'er back!"

After saying this,Wen Qinghe slammed the door shut and returned to his room.

Seeing Wen Qinghe's attitude,Wen Mingyu couldn't help but pat his son's head with a headache.He had protected his son too well,causing a significant mismatch between Wen Qinghe's temperament and his actual strength.Additionally,Wen Qinghe's sentimental nature had become a problem.

If it were any other woman,it might be manageable.However,the daughter of the Chen family had already received a betrothal gift from the Xunfeng Sword Sect.Even if Wen Mingyu wanted to intervene,the Xunfeng Sword Sect wouldn't agree.It wasn't just about a woman;it also involved the dignity of the Xunfeng Sword Sect.

Wen Mingyu sighed and walked away.One step at a time,he thought.