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Chapter 247: Overwhelming Hatred

8839words in this chapter2024-01-28

Qinghe Wen often uses the excuse of needing some time alone to go outside and follow Su Xin to learn the techniques of"Hatred Extreme Fist"and"Vengeance Extreme Palm"every day.These two martial arts,rated at two and a half stars,might be somewhat mediocre for Su Xin now,but for Qinghe Wen,they are like treasures.Moreover,he learns quickly,mastering the techniques in just two or three days.According to Su Xin's assessment of his proficiency,it's at least 5%.

The"Hatred Extreme Fist"and"Vengeance Extreme Palm"are created by the Thirteen Limits of Yuan and are inherently characterized by a strong personal touch.Yuan Thirteen Limits hates Zhuge Zheng,resenting the unfairness of the world.Qinghe Wen also harbors hatred in his heart,so he can quickly grasp the techniques.In terms of martial strength,these two techniques surpass the"Great Entangling Silk Hand"and"Vein Severing Divine Finger"passed down in the Wen family by more than a bit.Qinghe Wen is confident enough to defeat Wu Qingyun.

"Qinghe,you've already made a preliminary entry into the'Hatred Extreme Fist.'Next,you need to practice diligently and even spar with others to become proficient.Now,facing Wu Qingyun,as long as you perform normally,your chances of winning are even above seventy percent,"Su Xin said.

Qinghe Wen nodded confidently,"When I go back,I'll challenge Wu Qingyun again in front of everyone.This time,I will definitely defeat him and take back Qing'er."

Su Xin's expression turned somewhat strange,"You want to defeat him to reclaim Miss Chen from him?"

Qinghe Wen naturally replied,"Of course.Qing'er doesn't know what kind of person Wu Qingyun is,but I do.He's a playboy who has tarnished countless girls over the years.Qing'er following him will never lead to a happy life."

Su Xin looked at Qinghe Wen with some pity.This child is too naive,and Su Xin even felt a bit embarrassed to deceive him.Nevertheless,shaking his head,Su Xin continued,"What if I tell you that your Miss Qing'er has already been defiled by Wu Qingyun?Oh,no,that word is inappropriate.Let's say the two have already shared the same bed.Would you still want to reclaim her?"

Qinghe Wen was instantly struck as if by thunder.He was stunned for a moment before angrily retorting,"Impossible!They are not married yet.Qing'er is not that kind of person!"

Su Xin sneered,"I'm curious how you grew up.Who told you that unmarried people can't share a bed?Firstly,Chen Qing'er doesn't like you at all.In terms of family background,the Xunfeng Sword Sect undoubtedly surpasses your Wen family.In terms of strength,Wu Qingyun defeated you publicly on the arena,which is evident.Lastly,let's talk about seducing women.Do you,a newcomer,think you can compare to Wu Qingyun,an experienced player in the game of love?A woman from a mediocre family,easily fooled into bed by him,what's so strange about that?To be more ruthless,the Chen family is just a low-class family.Besides her appearance,what does Chen Qing'er have to offer?If she had gone to bed with Wu Qingyun a bit earlier,she would have cooked the rice early and thoroughly tied down Wu Qingyun.This is probably what her family or she herself wanted."

Qinghe Wen,who had been well-protected by Wen Mingyu,had never thought of such cruel things as Su Xin mentioned.Now,Su Xin was brutally revealing them,and he couldn't believe it.

"No!It's impossible!Qing'er is not that kind of person!"

Qinghe Wen shouted at Su Xin in madness,disregarding the fact that this person in front of him was someone he usually respected greatly.

Raising an eyebrow,Su Xin said,"Oh,you don't believe it?Fine,I'll take you to see for yourself."

Saying that,Su Xin directly picked up Qinghe Wen and rushed to Zezhou Prefecture,heading straight to the largest brothel in Zezhou Prefecture,the Phoenix Pavilion.

Entering the Phoenix Pavilion,Su Xin threw out a gold coin directly,specifying a room and entering with Qinghe Wen,without requesting any girls.

The old madam,seeing that Su Xin,although middle-aged,had an extraordinary demeanor,and Qinghe Wen,who was handsome,burst into giggles,her face showing a flirtatious smile that made Su Xin disgusted.

He waved his hand in disgust to drive the old madam away,closed the door,and sealed several acupoints on Qinghe Wen with internal force.Looking at Qinghe Wen's puzzled eyes,Su Xin said,"I'm afraid you'll be stimulated when you see something later,so I temporarily sealed your internal force to prevent you from doing anything foolish."

Qinghe Wen,with numerous acupoints sealed by Su Xin,couldn't move and couldn't even speak,only expressing confusion with his eyes.

Su Xin poured himself a jug of wine and drank it,based on the information he obtained from his spies in Zezhou Prefecture.He estimated that Wu Qingyun and the others would arrive soon.

Sure enough,less than half an hour later,a commotion was heard downstairs.The old madam greeted the guests with a flirtatious smile,leading a group of people to the room next to Su Xin's.

Su Xin's internal force extended to the wall,and the originally soundproof wall immediately became like air.The voices from the opposite room were clearly transmitted.

As soon as he heard one of the voices,Qinghe Wen's eyes immediately turned red,because that voice was unmistakably Wu Qingyun's!

He's already prepared to marry Qing'er,yet he's here in a brothel–what a scoundrel!

Across the room,voices were loud and chaotic,presumably Wu Qingyun and the younger disciples of martial forces around Zezhou Prefecture were enjoying themselves with drinks.One of them said,"Brother Wu,heard that your Xunfeng Sword Sect has already sent the betrothal gifts to the Chen family.When are you planning to marry Chen Qing'er?"

"Yeah,Brother Wu,give us a definite answer,so we can prepare a surprise gift for you."

Wu Qingyun chuckled,"Why rush into marriage?I haven't had my fill of fun yet.The head of the Chen family seemed so eager when my father went to present the gifts,quite disgusting."

Upon hearing this,Qinghe Wen's fists clenched,and a look of resentment appeared in his eyes.

Someone laughed,"Brother Wu,don't say that.Chen Qing'er is the number one beauty in Zezhou Prefecture.Now that she's taken by Brother Wu,giving the Chen family some benefits is not a big deal."

Wu Qingyun sneered,"But I can't stand the shameless behavior of the head of the Chen family.To be honest,while Chen Qing'er's looks are decent,during my travels,I've encountered more than one or two beauties.For example,at the Jiangnan Gathering,I invited more than ten top courtesans from Jiangnan Prefecture,like those from the Star Moon Sect.In terms of appearance and skills,they surpass Chen Qing'er.If I didn't want to deliberately provoke Qinghe Wen,I wouldn't bother marrying Chen Qing'er."

Upon hearing Wu Qingyun's words,someone smirked,"Speaking of skills,does that mean Brother Wu has already experienced the taste of Zezhou Prefecture's number one beauty?How was it?"

Wu Qingyun also chuckled,"Of course,I took Chen Qing'er into my bed in just a few days.Honestly,the feeling is not as good as those courtesans from Jiangnan Prefecture.This girl is too inexperienced,and her skills are mediocre.The only good thing is her body,quite tender."

All of Wu Qingyun's words fell clearly into Qinghe Wen's ears.By now,he was red with anger,blood vessels bulging,and his eyes were filled with redness.If Su Xin hadn't sealed his acupoints,he might have rushed out by now.

Su Xin stood behind Qinghe Wen,forming a peculiar hand seal with both hands.A hazy moonlight rose from Su Xin's hands,dreamlike and beautiful.

"Now,do you see?"Su Xin's voice echoed in Wu Qingyun's ears,soft and accompanied by the faint light of the moon,slowly merging into Qinghe Wen's body.

"The woman you cherish most is just a plaything for Wu Qingyun,a tool he uses to mock you.Do you hate yourself for being useless?Do you hate the unfairness of the heavens?Do you,perhaps,wish to kill Wu!Qing!Yun!"

As Su Xin's words fell,Qinghe Wen's anger gradually turned into madness.At this moment,he was filled with overwhelming hatred.

The illusionary technique brought about by the Mountain Scripture was not an actual illusion but a way of utilizing true energy,although the external display resembled some illusions.

Su Xin wasn't using the Mountain Scripture to deceive Qinghe Wen with illusions;it didn't have the bewitching power of the illusion magic techniques.

Su Xin simply tapped into the power of the Mountain Scripture to intensify the hatred in Qinghe Wen's heart,fermenting it to the extreme.

The hazy moonlight merged into Qinghe Wen's body,causing him to break through Su Xin's sealed true energy suddenly.He threw a punch,shattering the wall in front of him.

Wu Qingyun and his group were having a good time drinking,but the sudden collapse of the adjacent wall startled them.When Wu Qingyun saw Qinghe Wen walking out from the other room,he disdainfully smiled,"So it's you.Heard you disappeared after losing to me on the arena last time.Now,you dare show up here.What,do you want to fight me again?"

Wu Qingyun didn't regard Qinghe Wen,whom he had defeated multiple times,with much importance.However,the other martial artists who came with Wu Qingyun felt that something was off with Qinghe Wen.

His aura was too strong,even causing them to feel a bit intimidated.While they had seen Qinghe Wen before,the current Qinghe Wen emitted a completely different vibe.If they closed their eyes,they wouldn't even recognize this guy exuding a dangerous aura as the somewhat timid Qinghe Wen they knew.

Wu Qingyun wanted to say more,but at this moment,Qinghe Wen had already struck.With a powerful punch,filled with boundless hatred!

Hatred!Hatred!Hatred!Hatred Extreme Fist!

This sinister and bizarre punch caught Wu Qingyun off guard.It wasn't until this punch approached that he barely managed to draw the long sword from his waist.

However,under the punch filled with overwhelming hatred,the sword shattered,and Wu Qingyun was sent flying,blood pouring from his mouth.In just one punch,Wu Qingyun was severely injured!