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Chapter 285:The Secret of Yin Ji

8670words in this chapter2024-02-08

Yin Ji went to the Mingyue Sword Sect,while Li Huai and Liu Hao stayed behind at the sect's gate.Their presence was merely to exert some pressure on Yin Ji,as instructed by Su Xin.

As for Su Xin's intentions,he had already given his orders,and Li Huai and Liu Hao were to allow Yin Ji to act boldly without interference.Su Xin was curious to see how many destabilizing factors still lingered in Jiangnan Province.

Within the Mingyue Sword Sect,upon learning of Yin Ji's visit,the sect's Nascent Soul realm head,Lin Wufeng,personally came to welcome him and courteously invited Yin Ji into the sect's meeting hall.

Given the current prestige of the Six Sects of Jiangnan Province in the martial world,even a Nascent Soul realm chief constable from the provincial capital was worthy of their respect,let alone the disciple of one of the Four Great Divine Constables,"Nine-Winged Fire Phoenix"Liu Fengwu.

Lin Wufeng had his disciples serve tea to Yin Ji and asked with a smile,"I wonder what brings Master Yin to our humble Mingyue Sword Sect?"

Taking a sip of tea,Yin Ji replied,"Chief Lin,there's no need to belittle yourself.If the Mingyue Sword Sect is considered small,then perhaps only the Xiao family can be deemed a major sect in the entire Jiangnan Province."

Setting down his teacup,Yin Ji's expression grew serious as he continued,"Chief Lin,you know my identity.I am an inspector dispatched by the Six Sects Headquarters.One of my main duties is to supervise the chief constables of each province,ensuring they do not engage in illegal activities or misconduct in the local area.

Perhaps I'm still unfamiliar with these matters since I'm new,but Chief Lin,you've been in Jiangnan Province for a long time.What is your opinion of the Six Sects in Jiangnan Province?Chief Lin,don't worry.If there are any issues,feel free to speak up.I will certainly report them and ensure that certain individuals don't act recklessly in Jiangnan Province."

The smile faded from Lin Wufeng's face.He understood Yin Ji's implication.This inspector from the Six Sects actually wanted him to join forces against Su Xin,which left Lin Wufeng somewhat amused and annoyed.

Normally,as a martial arts sect leader,he would be happy to see internal conflicts within the Six Sects.However,if this matter implicated him personally,Lin Wufeng wouldn't find it amusing anymore.

Yin Ji's intentions were clear to anyone with a bit of sense;he wanted Lin Wufeng to oppose Su Xin.Was he tired of living,seeking to make an enemy out of Su Xin?

Yin Ji had significant backing as an inspector of the Six Sects,with a position equivalent to that of a chief constable.He was also a disciple of one of the Four Great Divine Constables,"Nine-Winged Fire Phoenix"Liu Fengwu.But what did all that have to do with him?

Everything Yin Ji possessed was under the jurisdiction of the Six Sects Headquarters.He couldn't possibly bring Liu Fengwu to destroy his small second-rate sect.

But Su Xin was right there.With his ruthless methods,if he dared to oppose him,Lin Wufeng's Mingyue Sword Sect might become history the next day.

Though Lin Wufeng had some grievances against Su Xin due to the matter with the Xunfeng Sword Sect,their relationship was merely one of friendly relations between their respective sects.It wasn't a case of"shared joy and shared sorrow."

If he were to make an enemy out of Su Xin over a trivial matter from the past,then what was the point of being the head of the Mingyue Sword Sect for so many years?

So,faced with Yin Ji's insinuation,Lin Wufeng pretended ignorance and said,"Master Yin,please rest assured.The Six Sects led by Lord Su in Jiangnan Province have been keeping the peace in our martial world without any issues as you mentioned."

Yin Ji's expression changed,his voice turning ominous as he said,"Chief Lin,think carefully.Opportunities like this come only once.If you assist me,I can guarantee the interests of your Mingyue Sword Sect in Jiangnan Province."

Lin Wufeng chuckled,"My Mingyue Sword Sect is just a second-rate small sect,unable to withstand such turmoil.I appreciate Master Yin's goodwill,but I'll arrange a banquet to welcome you."

"No need.I have other business to attend to.I won't trouble Chief Lin,"Yin Ji said with a displeased expression,bowing before leaving directly.

Watching Yin Ji's departure,a hint of disdain appeared in Lin Wufeng's eyes.

Did he think he was Su Xin,daring to play such tricks alone?

The leaders of these martial forces were very cautious.Without full assurance,they wouldn't risk their lives and fortunes on a decision.When the Wen family allied with Su Xin,it was because Su Xin had maneuvered them into a corner with his tactics,leaving them no choice but to join forces.

Now Yin Ji wanted to make the Mingyue Sword Sect oppose Su Xin with just his words?What a joke.

Under the gate of the Mingyue Sword Sect,Liu Hao watched as Yin Ji descended from the mountain alone and couldn't help but mock,"Master Yin,did Chief Lin not invite you for dinner?"

Yin Ji ignored him,his face dark.He continued to visit several sects,but the results were the same as with the Mingyue Sword Sect–either feigned ignorance or outright refusal.

Jiangnan Province now had new rules,and these rules were set by Su Xin.

Although many had died with the birth of these new rules,the existing martial forces didn't feel their interests were harmed.Some sects even gained benefits.

With this situation,they were well-fed and yet wanted to challenge Su Xin?

In just half a year,Su Xin had established such dominance in Jiangnan Province,leaving Yin Ji deeply shocked.

Now Yin Ji found himself in a miserable situation.He knew better than to expect any support from the constables of the Six Sects of Jiangnan Province.After Su Xin's demonstration yesterday,it was impossible for anyone to stand by his side.The various martial sects in Jiangnan Province weren't any better.They were all cunning and none believed Yin Ji would emerge victorious in this struggle.They either feigned ignorance or outright refused to assist him.

Yin Ji had come to Jiangnan Province to seize power,but now he found himself completely marginalized by Su Xin.His so-called role as an"inspector"held no real power anymore.What could he do now?Seek help from his master?Liu Fengwu would likely be furious.

Yin Ji had heard of the power struggles within the upper echelons of the Six Sects.Iron Ao was injured and in seclusion,and Liu Fengwu had fought hard to secure the position of inspector.But that was the limit.Pushing further would only anger the Iron family,leading to dire consequences.

To achieve the position of inspector,which required considerable effort,only to have it sabotaged upon his return to the Six Sects Headquarters,would surely result in harsh consequences.His master had more than one disciple vying for power behind Yin Ji's back.

Just as Yin Ji was troubled by these thoughts,a noise suddenly came from the room.He looked up to see two people sitting at the table in the center of the room.At the sight of them,Yin Ji was immediately startled.

One of them was middle-aged,with a square face and a three-foot beard hanging from his chin.The other was a young man in his thirties,with an ordinary face but exceptionally clear and translucent hands that seemed as brilliant as jade.

If Su Xin were there,he would recognize them immediately.They were none other than the remnants of the Wu Dynasty,Jiang Heliu and Yue Qingping!

Although Yin Ji was surprised to see them,he wasn't afraid.Lowering his voice,he said,"The entire Jiangnan Province is under martial law now.Su Xin's spies are everywhere,and there are two of his trusted men guarding outside the mansion.Are you both insane to come here?"

Jiang Heliu replied indifferently,"Don't worry.With just those two cultivators at the Nascent Soul realm,they won't be able to find us."

Yin Ji frowned."Even if Li Huai and Liu Hao can't find you,what about the spies from the Six Sects?While none of them are Nascent Soul cultivators,they have keen senses.If they catch wind of your presence,it could lead back to me."

Jiang Heliu's expression turned cold as he said,"Are you blaming me now?Yin Ji,gratitude is important.Without us,you'd still be a mere constable of the Six Sects.You owe your current status as one of the Four Great Divine Constables,a disciple of Liu Fengwu,and an inspector equivalent to a chief constable to us."

Hearing this,Yin Ji's expression fluctuated between gloom and frustration.After a moment of silence,he asked,"What do you want?"

Jiang Heliu's expression softened."It's simple.We're here to help you."

"Help me?"Yin Ji furrowed his brow.

Jiang Heliu sneered,"What,do you think you don't need help now?With Su Xin's influence in Jiangnan Province,you won't get even the slightest bit of power from him.Currently,you're practically powerless in Jiangnan Province.If we don't help you,are you prepared to return to Liu Fengwu and explain?"

Yin Ji retorted irritably,"So,how do you plan to help me?Don't forget your current identities.If you dare to show yourselves,all the forces of the court in Jiangnan Province will hunt you down."

Jiang Heliu wiped his face,transforming from a refined middle-aged man into a rough-looking individual.Similarly,Yue Qingping's ordinary face morphed into that of a handsome young man.

Yin Ji,as a former tracker constable of the Six Sects,wasn't just a title achieved through power struggles.His own abilities and skills as a tracker were genuine.For instance,he could easily see through Jiang Heliu and Yue Qingping's disguises.

"One of the leaders of the Wuyi Villa,the vice chairman of the Three Rivers Water and Land Alliance,'Sea-Burning Dragon'Dai Wanchun.Ranked twenty-third on the previous Generations List.His adoptive son,'Dragon-Capturing Hand'Fang Xiaoyun."

As Yin Ji uttered these two names,his face still bore a shocked expression.Jiang Heliu and Yue Qingping were being audacious.These two individuals were still alive and well.They actually dared to impersonate them.