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Chapter 284:Yin Ji's Discontent

9221words in this chapter2024-02-08

Those who dared to step out and stand on Yin Ji's side were almost all those greedy individuals.

If they weren't lacking in greed,how could they dare openly oppose Su Xin just because of some dissatisfaction with Yin Ji's terms?

For someone who lacks greed,there's no need to doubt whether they engage in some shady dealings on ordinary days;it's almost a certainty.

Among these eight people,there were hardly any with clean hands behind their backs.

No matter how one puts it,the Chief Constable of the Prefecture is akin to a local emperor.The Chief Constables of various prefectures in the Jiangnan region would,to a greater or lesser extent,divert some of the cultivation resources sent from above for themselves.However,most of these diversions involved small quantities,and as long as you didn't incur public wrath,Su Xin wouldn't bother.

Where there's no fish,the water is clear.For such minor matters,Su Xin always turned a blind eye.

But if you thought Su Xin was deliberately indulgent,you were wrong.

Just like now,in just one night,Su Xin had all the evidence prepared against these people.

And the other martial artists who hadn't taken a stand also felt fortunate in their hearts.

Su Xin didn't know who would align with Yin Ji beforehand,so it's obvious that he didn't collect this evidence recently.The only explanation is that he already had this evidence in hand,waiting for the right moment to present it when someone caused trouble!

"With both witness and physical evidence present,according to the rules of the Six Doors,the guilty shall be punished!"Su Xin's voice fell,and Li Huai directly took action,slicing Zheng Tianhe's throat with a sword,leaving him to fall to the ground with resentful eyes.

Afterwards,the others also acted,and in an instant,the eight people who wanted to seize power with Yin Ji were directly killed by Su Xin.

Then,Su Xin directly selected eight people from among the martial artists of the Divine Palace Realm beside him and appointed them as Chief Constables on the spot.

This scene chilled the hearts of everyone present.

Originally,they thought their positions were so important,but now they realized that in Jiangnan,the Six Doors didn't lack figures like them at all.If one died,another could be easily replaced.

At Su Xin's command,the hall of the Jiangnan Prefecture Assembly continued to bleed.Yin Ji pointed at Su Xin and said coldly,"You dare to kill eight Chief Constables of the Divine Palace Realm just like that.Don't you have any respect for the rules of the Six Doors?"

Su Xin sneered,"Rules?With both witness and physical evidence present,according to the rules of the Six Doors,I can completely skip reporting to headquarters and execute them directly.As for the follow-up,I just need to provide a record to the higher-ups.What,do you have any objections?"

Yin Ji's expression seemed as if it could drip water.With the people already dead,what objections could he possibly have?

Only now did Yin Ji understand that within Jiangnan,he and Su Xin couldn't talk about rules at all.What he used to play with at the Six Doors headquarters didn't work on Su Xin.

Su Xin looked at Yin Ji and said coldly,"Lord Yin,don't you want to send people to carry out your tasks in various martial arts circles in Jiangnan?Well,I'll give you this opportunity.With so many Chief Constables present,as long as someone agrees,he and his subordinates can be immediately mobilized by you,Lord Yin."

Upon hearing Su Xin's words,many Chief Constables present shook their heads and said,"Sorry,Lord Yin,we haven't finished our affairs in our prefectures yet.We're afraid we can't accompany you to carry out the tasks."

Su Xin had just killed people,and unless they were brainless,they wouldn't stand with Yin Ji.

Su Xin spread his hands and said,"It seems that no one can spare the time to help you,Lord Yin.That's troublesome.How about this,I'll send two of my most elite constables to accompany you,Lord Yin,and also ensure your safety."

Su Xin clapped his hands and said,"Li Huai,Liu Hao,from now on,you two will accompany Lord Yin."

Yin Ji's expression changed instantly,and he angrily said,"Su Xin,what do you mean by this?Sending people to monitor me?"

Li Huai and Liu Hao were both Su Xin's confidants.Yin Ji could easily guess what Su Xin wanted to do.

Su Xin shook his head and said,"Don't make it sound so bad.It's not monitoring;it's just protection.Jiangnan is not safe now.Those remnants of Wu might appear anytime.So,it's better to be cautious."

Yin Ji snorted coldly and turned away.

Li Huai and Liu Hao exchanged glances and followed closely behind Yin Ji,causing Yin Ji to grit his teeth,wishing he could fight them on the spot.But in the end,Yin Ji had to endure it.

After the hall splattered with blood was completely cleaned up,Su Xin didn't pay any more attention to Yin Ji.

The people from the Six Doors headquarters were a bit too presumptuous,thinking they could pluck peaches with just anyone they sent.Little did they know that some trees couldn't be touched casually.

Under Su Xin's governance,although the foundation of the Six Doors was still unstable,it was not something Yin Ji could leverage.Taking advantage of Yin Ji's visit,Su Xin would eliminate those unstable elements within the Six Doors to prevent future troubles.

And at this moment,Yin Ji returned to his residence,with Li Huai and Liu Hao firmly following behind him.

However,these two individuals fortunately gave Yin Ji some face and did not enter his residence.They only stood guard outside,observing his movements.

Su Xin was clearly telling Yin Ji that in Jiangnan,it's best to be honest;otherwise,those remnants of the Wu Dynasty might appear at any time and cause trouble.

However,despite this warning,Yin Ji still didn't want to give up.

As one of the Four Great Divine Captains,Liu Fengwu naturally had more than just Yin Ji as his disciple.There were several others whose strength was not inferior to Yin Ji's.

Yin Ji had worked hard to volunteer himself in front of Liu Fengwu and used all means to secure the position of Inspector.Of course,there were benefits to this.

Liu Fengwu had promised him that after he obtained the position of Inspector,any power he could wrest from Su Xin would be his.And if he could get rid of Su Xin,he would become the Chief Constable of Jiangnan.

His previous position was similar to Su Xin's,as a Pursuing Wind Inspector,albeit in a different area.

Although everyone in the Six Doors knew that the position of Pursuing Wind Inspector was high,what did that matter?Of course,it didn't compare to being a local emperor.

Su Xin could serve as the Chief Constable of the Six Doors with his Divine Palace Realm cultivation,but that was the result of several coincidences.Yin Ji wanted to be transferred to another area as Chief Constable,but that was difficult.It might take several more years until he completely broke through to the Spiritual Realm.

So,Yin Ji didn't want to give up on such a good opportunity.

He had seen the attitude of those Chief Constables of the prefectures in the Six Doors yesterday.Su Xin's methods completely intimidated them,to the point where those Chief Constables didn't even dare to utter a word of complaint.This made Yin Ji curse them in his heart as useless.

However,although he couldn't win over those Chief Constables of the prefectures,it didn't mean Yin Ji had no other methods.

The next morning,Yin Ji walked out of his residence and saw Li Huai and Liu Hao still standing at the door,which made him feel somewhat annoyed.

Liu Hao greeted Yin Ji with a smile,"Lord Yin,did you sleep well last night?"

Yin Ji sneered,"Liu Hao,I've heard that you used to be quite a prominent figure.Among the many Chief Constables in the Jiangnan Prefecture,you were even in the top five.Why bother being a lackey for Su Xin here?"

Liu Hao grinned,"Those martial arts sects often secretly curse us as lapdogs of the court.But whether we're dogs for the court or not,at least being a dog for Lord Su brings me quite a bit."

Yin Ji snorted coldly and turned away.

He had just subconsciously tried to sow discord,but he didn't expect that Liu Hao,who had previous grievances with Su Xin,would be so loyal to him.

Yin Ji left without going to the headquarters of the Six Doors but directly headed outside the Jiangnan Prefecture to seek help from the local martial arts forces.

Yesterday evening,Yin Ji had thought for a long time,and the idea he came up with was to seek help from these martial arts forces.

He couldn't find allies among the Chief Constables of the Six Doors,but it was different among the martial arts forces of Jiangnan.

Although Su Xin had slaughtered five martial arts sects,there were still quite a few martial arts sects in Jiangnan that had enmity with him or were hostile to him.

Collaborating with martial arts sects didn't burden Yin Ji psychologically at all.

Although sometimes it seemed like the Six Doors and these martial arts sects were irreconcilable,in fact,they collaborated quite a bit behind the scenes.

You might rarely see it in the Six Doors,but in the headquarters of the Six Doors,you could see many martial arts sects collaborating with them.

As for Li Huai and Liu Hao following behind him,Yin Ji didn't care.

If they wanted to monitor him,let them monitor.If they wanted to report to Su Xin,let them.Yin Ji just needed to secure the help of these martial arts sects.Even if Su Xin knew,what could he do?Could he wipe out these sects like he did with those Chief Constables earlier?

Even if Su Xin wanted to play dirty and report to the headquarters of the Six Doors,he probably wouldn't find an excuse.

Although the purpose of the Six Doors was to supervise these martial arts sects,the rules of the Six Doors did not include severe punishment for cooperating with martial arts sects.Otherwise,the first person to be severely punished would be Su Xin.

After all,in the plan of Jiangnan,Su Xin was the first to ally with the Wen family.

Yin Ji's first stop was the Mingyue Sword Sect next to the Jiangnan Prefecture.

The Mingyue Sword Sect was considered a fairly strong second-rate force in the Jiangnan Prefecture.Yin Ji went to the Mingyue Sword Sect first because the Mingyue Sword Sect had good relations with the Xunfeng Sword Sect,which Su Xin had destroyed in the past.

When the Xunfeng Sword Sect was destroyed,the Mingyue Sword Sect was the first to protest on their behalf,wanting the prominent martial arts sects like the Luoyue Mountain Villa to come out and seek justice.

But later,Su Xin directly used thunderous means to eliminate several martial arts forces,including the Cold Moon Hall,demonstrating the power possessed by the Six Doors in Jiangnan.The Mingyue Sword Sect also became obedient.