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Chapter 163: The Sword Unleashes a River of Blood, Slaying the Great Dragon

8265words in this chapter2024-01-08

On Su Xin's sword,there is blood;both the hilt and scabbard are stained with a rich crimson hue.His body,too,bears the mark of blood–hands,eyes,and the very essence of the sword,all in the color of blood!

As the Roaming Dragon Sword is unsheathed,to onlookers,it seems not like a sword emerging,but rather a pool of fresh blood!A fluid,lifelike blood flowing as if with its own vitality.

Sword qi soars like flying blood,vividly red and dripping.Su Xin's Blood River Divine Sword makes its debut for the first and last time.Nurturing the sword with blood,he had prepared for this strike for a long time,unleashing a horrifying sword intent.Su Xin,along with his sword,seemed to transform into a flowing river of blood,rushing towards Di Yunfei!

The clash of the blood-colored brilliance and the azure radiance causes a momentary dispersal of true energy,with sword qi scattered in all directions.The blood-colored sword energy tears through Di Yunfei's Dragon Transformation Technique.In his horrified gaze,it ruthlessly cleaves into his chest,causing a spray of blood as he is thrown back over ten zhang.

A sword draws blood,forming a river–Su Xin sheathes his sword,his face pale from the immense energy expenditure.Meanwhile,the spectators in the sidelines are on the verge of madness!

What do they witness?Di Yunfei,ranked 57th on the Human Ranking List and the younger brother of'Azure-eyed Flying Dragon'Di Jingfei,has been defeated by Su Xin,ranked 105th!The Blood River Sword strike was so stunning,almost like a dream,dazzling them to the point where they could hardly open their eyes.

Yet,it's a harsh reality–Di Yunfei has been defeated thoroughly.From today onwards,Su Xin's position on the Human Ranking List is no longer at the bottom but at 57th,replacing Di Yunfei.

What's the fastest way to climb the ranking list?Quite simple–stepping on those ahead of you.Su Xin's leapfrog over Di Yunfei means a nearly fifty-rank improvement,breaking the record for the most significant jump on the ranking list.

After a brief daze,Pang Feiyun and others remember their duties.They quickly help Di Yunfei up and administer healing medicine to him.

In truth,Di Yunfei isn't as heavily injured as others might think.After Su Xin's sword broke his Dragon Transformation Technique,most of the sword's power was absorbed by his protective true energy.He suffered only some internal injuries,appearing worse than the reality.

Upon being helped up by Pang Feiyun,Di Yunfei,still in disbelief,wonders if he truly lost.Did he,the 57th on the ranking list,really lose to Su Xin,who was beyond 100th?

Seeing Di Yunfei in this disheartened state,Pang Feiyun can't help but feel some disdain.While he acknowledges Di Yunfei's strength,his character seems lacking.Di Yunfei probably faced very few setbacks in his life,maybe none at all.Now,after just one defeat,he appears so despondent–truly pathetic in Pang Feiyun's eyes.

To Pang Feiyun,it's just a loss.Now that Su Xin's inner power is nearly depleted,they can easily overwhelm him.The 57th position on the ranking list will still be theirs.What's there to worry about?

Pang Feiyun's eyes flicker with a hint of coldness.He only wants to join the Sword Alliance through Di Yunfei's connections,aiming for a good background and hoping to leverage the alliance's resources to break through into the Divine Palace or even the Elemental Spirit stage.

So,Di Yunfei can afford to lose,but not at this moment.Handing Di Yunfei to a congenital martial artist,Pang Feiyun sneers at Chen Jiazhu,"Chen Jiazhu,now you're under Young Master Di,and they say the leader should bear the humiliation or die.Su Xin has severely injured Young Master Di.Don't you have any response?"

Chen Jiazhu grits his teeth,lifting his weapon and stepping forward.If this happened just now,he wouldn't have dared to confront Su Xin head-on.With Su Xin's strength,a Spirit Core realm martial artist like himself wouldn't have the courage to face him.

However,seeing Su Xin in this state,clearly exhausting a significant amount of inner power in the fight against Di Yunfei,Chen Jiazhu decides to take advantage of the situation.Watching cautiously as Pang Feiyun and Chen Jiazhu approach,Su Xin's mouth reveals a trace of coldness,prepared to enter the system at any time and exchange for consumables.

Although Su Xin was confident in defeating Di Yunfei,he wasn't sure about dealing with Di Yunfei's subordinates,such as Pang Feiyun.

If it were their heyday,even facing Su Xin together wouldn't have been a concern for them.However,in the current situation,with two Spirit Core realm martial artists and over ten congenital realm warriors eyeing them,it was necessary to play their trump cards.

Just as Su Xin was about to exchange for consumables,a sword qi suddenly blasted in front of Pang Feiyun and Chen Jiazhu.The chilling sword intent made them shudder,preventing them from taking another step forward.

A woman dressed in a light yellow shirt,exuding an ethereal temperament,walked leisurely towards them.With a clear and melodious voice,she said,"Planning to team up against me when fighting solo isn't working out?That doesn't quite adhere to the rules of the martial world."

Seeing this woman,Su Xin was momentarily stunned.How could she be here?On the other hand,Pang Feiyun and the others felt a deep pressure from her,even greater than the pressure from facing Di Yunfei and Su Xin!

After her appearance,Di Yunfei seemed to recover from the blow of being defeated by Su Xin.He coldly said,"Xie ZhIyan!What are you doing here?"

This woman in the yellow shirt was none other than Xie Zhiyan from the Swordplay Gate.One year apart,her aura had grown significantly,and even Su Xin could sense a hint of pressure.

Others,upon hearing Xie Zhiyan's name,took a sharp breath.This was Xie Zhiyan,the'Nine Calamities Transcending Maiden,'ranked 21st on the Human Ranking List.She was the only disciple of Meng Jingxian,the head of the Swordplay Gate,and her status and position were no less than Di Yunfei's.

More importantly,her strength was formidable.The rankings on the Human Ranking List roughly categorized martial artists into different stages.

Those from 71st to 108th were in a stage where fluctuations in strength were significant,making them relatively weaker.

The stage from 70th to 30th was for outstanding talents or those backed by powerful sects.

The 30th to 10th stage was where martial artists couldn't be measured by their realms,relying solely on their combat strength.

The top ten on the list were considered the elite,capable of breaking through to the Elemental Spirit stage as long as they remained alive.

Xie Zhiyan,a year ago,was ranked 31st for killing Jiang Ling.Now,after a year,she had risen to 21st,solidifying her position as a prominent figure among the younger generation of martial artists.

Looking at Di Yunfei,Xie Zhiyan casually said,"This is not the territory of your Sword Alliance in Southern Hunan.Why can't I come?"

After her words,Xie Zhiyan turned to Su Xin,a gentle smile on her lips."Su Xin,we meet again.Xiner has missed you."

Hearing Xie Zhiyan's words,the onlookers widened their eyes.Xie Zhiyan,the'Nine Calamities Transcending Maiden'from the Swordplay Gate,seemed to be acquainted with Su Xin?And judging by the tone,they seemed quite familiar.This was a major gossip!

Di Yunfei snorted.With Xie Zhiyan present,he couldn't even think of taking action against Su Xin.The aura this woman exuded was even more terrifying than the Su Xin who had defeated him.

"Let's go!"Di Yunfei called,leading his people away,unwillingly.

As they saw Di Yunfei leave,others dispersed as well.The lively scene had ended,and no one wanted to risk incurring Su Xin's anger.Besides,there was Xie Zhiyan,ranked 21st on the Human Ranking List,by his side.

Not the place for discussions on the street,Su Xin and Xie Zhiyan found a restaurant.After getting a private room,before sitting down,Su Xin immediately asked,"How is Xiner doing at the Swordplay Gate?"

Xie Zhiyan,with a hint of a smile,replied,"You don't have to worry.Xiner is doing well at the Swordplay Gate.My master is in seclusion,making it inconvenient to personally teach disciples.Although she is officially my disciple,several elders are personally instructing her.Xiner's talent is good,and she is mature and obedient.She is liked by the elders.Also,due to her natural affinity for the sword,she has progressed rapidly in the past year,comparable to disciples who have been training for three or four years."

Su Xin nodded,relieved to know that Xiner was safe.When he entrusted her to the Swordplay Gate,it wasn't just because of Xie Zhiyan but also because he sensed a positive atmosphere in the younger disciples,unlike the scheming and intrigue he saw in some other sects.

By this time,Xie Zhiyan had ranked 31st on the Human Ranking List by killing Jiang Ling.Now,after a year,she had risen to 21st,solidifying her position as a prominent figure among the younger generation of martial artists.

As Xiner was doing well in this environment,Su Xin felt reassured.

"By the way,why did you come to Southern Hunan this time?"Su Xin asked.

For the major sects in the Central Plains,Southern Hunan was considered a barren and uncultivated land.Sending people here meant there must be a specific purpose.

For instance,Di Yunfei and his group had come partly because Su Xin had raised the price of the local specialty to an absurd level.Additionally,their sect wanted to use Southern Hunan as a training ground for their disciples.