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Chapter 162: Battle, Di Yunfei!

8815words in this chapter2024-01-08

Before returning to the Eastern Lin Mansion,Di Yunfei actually did not want to kill Su Xin.As the younger brother of Di Jingfei,he had always been trained according to the inheritance pattern of the leader of the Zhengjian Alliance.

Di Jingfei had told him more than once that in this world,there were no enemies and friends,only two kinds of people:those who could be used by him and those who couldn't.Although Su Xin had killed Bai Duotongzi and others,which was indeed hateful,it also proved that Su Xin's strength was much stronger than those waste like Bai Duotongzi.Moreover,Su Xin was well-known on the ranking list,and if he could subdue Su Xin,it would be equivalent to surpassing ten Bai Duotongzis.

But now,Su Xin had exposed the deepest secret in his heart with just a few words.This not only infuriated Di Yunfei but also made him feel a sense of fear.A person with such deep thoughts,not to mention keeping him as a subordinate,would be better off eliminating him directly.Otherwise,when he grew up,that would be truly terrifying!

"Su Xin,since you seek death,I will grant your wish!"Di Yunfei squeezed out these words from between his teeth.

Behind him,Pang Feiyun coldly snorted and stepped forward.The elder from the Chen family hesitated for a moment but also followed suit.He didn't want to get involved in Di Yunfei's struggles so quickly,but now that he had promised to join Di Yunfei's subordinates,backing down at this moment might lead to trouble from Di Yunfei in the future.

Su Xin smiled ambiguously,"What's this,Young Master Di wants a group fight now?Although Su has only one person,I will definitely accompany you to the end."

"You all step back!"Di Yunfei ordered.

Di Yunfei wanted to have a one-on-one fight with Su Xin,not because he was provoked into showing off,but because he had his own pride.Whether it was background,identity,or ranking on the list,he was higher than Su Xin.If he had to rely on numbers in a fight against Su Xin,even if he won,it would be embarrassing and wouldn't be recorded on the ranking list.

Of course,if he really wanted to kill Su Xin,he wouldn't care about the number of people.But given Di Yunfei's pride,he would believe that he could handle Su Xin on his own.

"Young Master Di has great spirit,but unfortunately,you still can't escape from your brother's shadow.'Azure-eyed Flying Dragon'Di Jingfei was a legendary figure.I wonder if Young Master Di has inherited a fraction of your brother's prowess,"Su Xin added fuel to the fire.

Di Yunfei didn't respond,but the anger flickering in his eyes revealed his current emotions.

A burst of green qi erupted,and Di Yunfei suddenly reached out towards Su Xin.This grab,like a dragon exploring its claws,produced a strong suction force that pulled the qi from Su Xin's body into Di Yunfei's palm.

Su Xin's Blood River Divine Finger was unleashed,and two blood lines shot out,directly attacking Di Yunfei from both sides.

The green qi burst open,and Di Yunfei directly crushed the two Blood River Divine Fingers with his bare hands!

Su Xin's expression stiffened.Di Yunfei's strength should be at the pinnacle of the Spiritual Aperture realm,having opened the eyes,ears,and mouth apertures,but not yet the nose aperture,reaching the consummate stage.

But in just this casual exchange,Su Xin felt the formidable power of Di Yunfei.

Bai Duotongzi had also opened the eyes,ears,and mouth apertures,but he struggled to withstand Su Xin's Blood River Divine Finger.Currently,Di Yunfei seemed unusually relaxed in comparison.

"A presence ranked fifty-seventh on the ranking list is indeed not easy to deal with,"Su Xin remarked.

Iron Ruthlessness had mentioned that although there might be some discrepancies in the ranking list,at this level,it was generally earned through continuous battles.Di Yunfei's rank of fifty-seventh meant he had fought and won numerous battles without faking his achievements.

With the Blood River Divine Finger broken,Su Xin attacked directly.Twenty-four solar terms shocking god fingers were unleashed in succession,changing with the seasons.The finger force sometimes resembled thunder,sometimes as cold as winter,with endless variations that dazzled onlookers.

The two continued their battle from the tavern straight onto the street.The ground where they fought cracked,and the well-maintained tavern almost turned into a sieve,leaving the innkeeper somewhat distressed.

Di Yunfei's hands formed claws,emitting a green qi.His grab was like controlling a dragon and a crane,capable of pulling Su Xin down by his arm.

The clash between two ranking list powerhouses was thrilling for the spectators below.Someone whispered,"It seems that what Di Yunfei is using is the martial technique'Azure Water Blue Dragon Technique'from the Zhengjian Alliance.It's quite similar to the Shaolin Temple's'Dragon Claw Hand'among the Seventy-Two Arts,powerful and unparalleled."

"But how come I've never seen the finger technique Su Xin is using?It seems to be a set of finger techniques.In just a short time,he has displayed more than ten variations,and the power is astonishing!"

People below nodded in agreement.Di Yunfei's imposing manner was indeed amazing,but it was within their expectations.

In their minds,being ranked fifty-seventh on the list and being the brother of the'Azure-eyed Flying Dragon'Di Jingfei,Di Yunfei having such strength was considered normal.If he lacked this kind of strength,it would be a case of false representation.

However,Su Xin's strength truly exceeded their expectations.The Twenty-Four Solar Terms Shocking God Finger displayed a mysterious fusion of heaven and earth,with unpredictable changes.If unleashed at full power,even the earlier Bai Duotongzi and others,no matter how cautious they were,would likely meet a swift demise when facing Su Xin.

Su Xin didn't care about the discussions among the martial artists below,but Di Yunfei's mood became restless.Who was he?Who was Su Xin?

Di Yunfei and Su Xin were not in the same league when it came to status.Yet,Su Xin was fighting on par with him,a result that Di Yunfei couldn't accept.Especially when Su Xin had just pointed out the flaws in his state of mind,it made Di Yunfei even more uneasy.

What he hated the most was being compared to his brother.Whenever he did something not well,people would say that Di Jingfei,at his age,must have done better.Di Yunfei wasn't a fool;he wouldn't resent his own brother because of others'words,but his mood inevitably turned sour,just like now.

Even if no one said it aloud,Di Yunfei couldn't help but think:If his brother were in his position,could he quickly handle Su Xin?

The more he thought about it,the more impatient Di Yunfei became.He angrily shouted,and a terrifying suction force emanated from between his palms.Su Xin's figure involuntarily moved forward.At this moment,the green qi in Di Yunfei's palms burst open like a blooming firework.

"Dragon Absorbs Water!"

The qi within Di Yunfei's body circulated wildly.His brother had demonstrated this move for him before.With Dragon Absorbs Water,one could temporarily cut off the flow of a river.Su Xin's figure was pulled by the powerful suction,and since he didn't possess any light-footed techniques,he couldn't escape.

But Su Xin had no intention of escaping.Without dodging,he punched out,and instantly,a strong intent to kill filled the air.

Hatred!Hatred!Extreme Hatred Fist!

Since the Twenty-Four Solar Terms Shocking God Finger was already a three-star level martial technique,Su Xin rarely used the Extreme Hatred Fist and Vengeance Palm.However,in this head-on confrontation,the Extreme Hatred Fist was undoubtedly more effective than the Shocking God Finger.

Moreover,Su Xin had the strength cultivated from the Dragon Elephant Wisdom Technique.Although he had not yet reached a small accomplishment,combined with the power of the Extreme Hatred Fist,it was enough to confront Di Yunfei head-on.

When their fists and palms collided,a terrifying shockwave burst forth.In the area centered around Di Yunfei and Su Xin,the ground made of blue stones shattered as if it had been bombed.

Both Di Yunfei and Su Xin stepped back three steps,unexpectedly reaching a stalemate!

This result was unacceptable for Di Yunfei.Pang Feiyun,who was watching,intended to help,but he knew that disciples from major sects had their own pride.It had already been embarrassing for Di Yunfei not to have defeated Su Xin by now.If Pang Feiyun joined the fight,it might make Di Yunfei furious.Therefore,Pang Feiyun had to give up his idea.

A hint of fierceness flashed in Di Yunfei's eyes.He had come to Xiangnan to compete with the most outstanding young talents of the Xie and Shangguan families'younger generations.

However,he didn't expect that neither Xie Moyun nor Shangguan Yanqing had given him any trouble.Now he couldn't even defeat someone ranked at the bottom of the list.

A burst of green qi erupted from Di Yunfei's body.His entire body started emitting a terrifying crackling sound,as if his bones were deforming and running amok.

An inhuman low roar emanated from Di Yunfei's body.He contorted into a strange posture,resembling a dragon,soaring into the sky!

In Su Xin's eyes,Di Yunfei seemed to have truly transformed into a dragon rushing towards him.A palm struck down,resembling a dragon surging through the waves,with a resounding dragon roar.

Among the onlookers,those with knowledge couldn't help but exclaim,"This is Di Jingfei's unique technique,'Dragon Transformation'!The Azure Water Blue Dragon takes flight!Although Di Yunfei hasn't evolved into a flying dragon like his brother,the dragon he transformed into carries a third of the charm!"

Di Jingfei was ranked seventh on the Earth List,and his information had been clearly documented.This signature martial art of the Zhengjian Alliance's leader was well-known.

Facing the approaching Di Yunfei transformed into a dragon,Su Xin remained undisturbed in his heart.He gripped the hilt of the sword with his right hand.From the beginning of the battle until now,he grasped the sword for the first time.In his heart,there was only this one sword!