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Chapter 165: The Unrivaled Blade

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Xiao Moyun's master is the head of the Summer Altar in the Nian Gang,known as"No Second Blade"Jin Kexin.

The authority of the Spring,Summer,Autumn,and Winter altars under the Nian Gang is considerable,as the influence of the Nian Gang extends from the entire Da Zhou Dynasty to the Eastern Jin Dynasty.Wherever there is transportation,you can find the presence of the Nian Gang.

Therefore,the masters of these four altars hold significant power within the Nian Gang,second only to the gang leader and even comparable to a smaller version of the Nian Gang itself.

The nickname of the Summer Altar master,"No Second Blade"Jin Kexin,has three meanings.First,it signifies his strict adherence to principles and trustworthiness,saying what he means.Second,it reflects his aversion to unnecessary words in combat,preferring to act with the blade immediately.The third meaning highlights his renowned sword technique,the"No Second Blade."

When the blade is unsheathed,why bother with a second strike?Few can withstand Jin Kexin's single stroke.

As the legitimate disciple of Jin Kexin,Xiao Moyun has naturally learned the"No Second Blade"technique.However,while Jin Kexin wields a short-handled beheading horse knife,Xiao Moyun's blade is a curved one with a small arc,resembling a crescent moon.

Xiao Moyun took out his blade from behind,and with an imposing gaze,he looked at Su Xin,saying,"Brother Su,would you be willing to give me some face and impart a few moves?"

"Willing to accompany you,"Su Xin replied calmly.

Xiao Moyun held the curved blade in his hand,but he noticed that Su Xin did not pick up the sword at his side.Perplexed,he asked,"Brother Su,why haven't you drawn your weapon?"

"When my sword leaves its sheath,blood will be spilled.Since this is just a friendly exchange,there's no need for it,"Su Xin replied casually.

Xiao Moyun sneered,"Brother Su does have boldness,but my blade doesn't have so many rules.Brother Su,please take my first strike!"

With that,a deafening sound of blade resonance echoed within the entire private room.

Although Xiao Moyun's blade did not move,his true energy was tightly combined with the blade,emitting a deafening roar.In this moment,Xiao Moyun and his blade were one entity—the embodiment of the"No Second Blade."

Xie Zhiyan furrowed her brows slightly.She was well aware of the reputation of the"No Second Blade."Passed down by Jin Kexin,the technique seemed simple but involved the fusion of one's spirit,energy,and the blade to unleash an incredibly powerful strike.

Normally,whether learning sword or blade techniques,one would start with the basics.However,the"No Second Blade"directly delved into the true essence of blade mastery,skipping conventional techniques and focusing solely on the formidable strike.

It was even said that when Jin Kexin taught Xiao Moyun,he forbade him from learning any blade techniques or combat experiences for five years.Xiao Moyun was only allowed to stand under the scorching sun with a blade in hand,not moving until he felt the'sound'of the blade.Only then would he have completed the first step.

As a qualified wanderer,Xiao Moyun had already mastered the"No Second Blade"to some extent.

With a single stroke,devoid of grandiose energy,just a simple cut,the private room seemed to vanish before Su Xin.Xie Zhiyan disappeared,and even Xiao Moyun himself was nowhere to be seen—only the world-piercing blade remained.

Su Xin also made a move,not drawing his sword but extending a single finger.A burst of blood-red light appeared,and the slender finger met the formidable blade,generating a remarkable sword aura!

When blade and sword clashed,it sounded like thunder and lightning,causing the entire restaurant to tremble.Xiao Moyun's expression stiffened slightly,but then he sheathed his blade and burst into laughter,"Brother Su's strength is indeed extraordinary.No wonder Di Yunfei was defeated by you."

Although Xiao Moyun smiled on the surface,he was inwardly shocked.Many people of the same level could block his"No Second Blade."While he harbored the intention of stepping on Di Yunfei upon entering the world,he didn't consider himself invincible among peers.

The crucial point was that everyone knew Su Xin excelled in swordsmanship!His weapon was a sword!

Earlier,Su Xin had blocked his"No Second Blade"without even drawing his sword,indicating an unfathomable strength.At least Xiao Moyun didn't have confidence in a direct confrontation with Su Xin.

So,after the single stroke,Xiao Moyun immediately sheathed his blade and laughed heartily.

Xie Zhiyan looked at Su Xin with astonishment.The small gang leader who had been forced to abandon her own faction due to pursuit by the Qingcheng Sword Sect had now grown into a formidable individual.

"Brother Xiao,don't take offense,but there's something I want to tell you,"Su Xin said.

Xiao Moyun asked,"What is it?"

Su Xin calmly said,"Changning Prefecture's Feiying Gang.It's best for all of you not to intervene."

"Why?"Xiao Moyun's expression turned cold.

Even if Su Xin could catch his"No Second Blade"barehanded,it only proved Su Xin's strength in facing him.But it didn't mean Xiao Moyun was afraid of Su Xin.

The Nian Gang was not lacking in wealth,controlling the entire transportation network.The annual income of the Nian Gang was astronomical,and as the disciple of the Summer Altar's master,Xiao Moyun certainly had no financial troubles.

Having plenty of money doesn't mean he doesn't need more.In the southern part of Xiangnan,he has recruited quite a few subordinates,and for these Xiangnan martial artists,he promises something simple—nothing more than the word"benefit."Those who join him can later join the Nian Gang with him.

Xiao Moyun didn't deceive them on this point;after all,the Nian Gang has many members,and they won't miss these few.However,their status and position depend on their own efforts.

But these promises are just empty promises.Now,if he can obtain the specialties of Changning Prefecture,sell them in Shangshan City,and distribute the money to his subordinates,he guarantees that these people will be even more loyal.

Su Xin pointed to himself and said,"I rely on myself."

Xiao Moyun sneered,"Su Xin,I admit that your strength is not weak,but it's not your turn to call the shots in Xiangnan now.With the annual profits of millions in Changning Prefecture,do you think you can monopolize it?With your ability,it's not enough!"

Su Xin calmly said,"If you dare to move against the Feiying Gang or Changning Prefecture,I will take action against you.Although it's difficult for me to kill you with my current strength,I think it won't be difficult to deal with your subordinates.If you dare to touch the Feiying Gang,I will start by killing your subordinates until none of them are left.I've already slaughtered most of Di Yunfei's experts under his command.He's almost out of the game.Think about it—if I kill all your subordinates,how will you compete with Shangguan Yanqing?I guess the one retreating then won't be Di Yunfei but you!"

"You dare!"Xiao Moyun immediately shouted in anger,his eyes flashing with a killing intent.

If Su Xin really did that,he couldn't stop him.After all,he had seen Su Xin's strength just now.If Su Xin wanted to sneak attack his subordinates,no one could stop him,including himself.

Xiao Moyun said in a cold voice,"If you dare to touch my subordinates,then there's no need for the little faction established in Changning Prefecture to exist.With the strength of the Feiying Gang alone,I can wipe it out with a snap of my fingers.Do you believe it?"

Su Xin nodded indifferently,"I believe.Of course,I believe.But as I said,if you dare to touch the Feiying Gang,I dare to touch your subordinates.You kill one person,I kill one person.We can all perish together.I'll just rebuild the Feiying Gang!"

Su Xin's eyes flickered with madness,"I know the purpose of the three factions coming to Xiangnan—it's for training,and it's also a test.Di Yunfei doesn't need to worry.Losing only affects his face.But if you lose,you'll lose your future!Di Yunfei only has one younger brother,but may I ask,Brother Xiao,how high can you rank among the younger generation of the Nian Gang?Not counting the entire Nian Gang,just among the disciples of your master Jin Kexin,there is more than just you,right?You've wasted so much resources and time cultivated by others.But now,in Xiangnan,you've made a fool of yourself,suffered a complete defeat.Tsk tsk,do you think the Nian Gang and your master will continue to spend a lot of money to cultivate you?If you're not afraid,let's make a bet.Use your future,Xiao Moyun,to bet on the survival of the Feiying Gang.Do you dare to bet?"

Faced with Su Xin's crazy gaze,Xiao Moyun hesitated.He didn't dare to bet!Without the profits from the monopoly of those southern specialties by the Feiying Gang,he would only lose a means of winning people's hearts.If Su Xin really killed all his subordinates,his trip to Xiangnan would be a complete failure.The Nian Gang wouldn't care about what happened in Xiangnan.They would only see others expanding their territory with the subordinates they recruited in Xiangnan,while Xiao Moyun returned to the Nian Gang alone,going from one to none.Such a result itself represented failure.Even his position as the legitimate disciple of Jin Kexin could be completely pulled down,becoming an ordinary disciple not worthy of attention.Xiao Moyun couldn't tolerate this.

Su Xin's reputation was something he had heard about before.The most significant thing he had done was to kill Fang Dongting of the Qingcheng Sword Sect at the innate realm.Back then,Su Xin,as the leader of a small gang,dared to offend the Qingcheng Sword Sect.Xiao Moyun had no doubt that Su Xin now had the courage to confront him.

Looking at Xiao Moyun's changing expression,Su Xin didn't say much.He always believed in a principle:speak accordingly to the person you are facing.Facing someone like Di Yunfei—proud but with vulnerabilities—Su Xin could provoke him,disrupt his mind with words,and defeat him thoroughly with strength.However,facing Xiao Moyun,he just needed to clarify the interests and consequences.Xiao Moyun would naturally understand his situation.

Indeed,the anger on Xiao Moyun's face receded,and he just said coldly,"Fine,I promise you.I won't touch the Feiying Gang.But don't forget,involved in this conflict,there is also Shangguan Yanqing from the Shangguan family.He's even more troublesome than me.If he wants to absorb the Feiying Gang,I doubt you can stop him."

Su Xin said indifferently,"You don't need to worry about that.When Shangguan Yanqing appears,I will naturally tell him these words.I believe intelligent people should know how to choose."