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Chapter 166: Shangguan Yanqing

8358words in this chapter2024-01-08

Xiao Moyun,angered by Su Xin's taunts,left,while Xie Zhiyan shook her head and said,"This time,you've offended the youngest talent of the Nian Gang."

Su Xin shrugged indifferently.He didn't really care about the so-called outstanding talent of the younger generation in the Nian Gang.In the past,Su Xin might have been cautious about the Nian Gang's influence,but now he wasn't afraid.

Leaning against a big tree to cool off,Su Xin had joined the Six Gates and become a despised"imperial hound"in the martial world.Some compensation was necessary.

If Xiao Moyun dealt with Su Xin on his own,it would be fine.However,if he intended to use the power of the Nian Gang against Su Xin,the Nian Gang would surely investigate Su Xin's background.His identity as a Wind Patrol officer was not intentionally hidden,and the Nian Gang would find out the details.

Disputes among the younger generation could be resolved individually,but once external forces were involved,things could take a different turn.

Xie Zhiyan asked,"I've settled things in Southern Hunan.Are you planning to stay here?"

Su Xin shook his head."Of course not.I still have to deal with Shangguan Yanqing.Once he's taken care of,I'll head to the Central Plains."

"If you're going after Shangguan Yanqing,be cautious.He's different from Di Yunfei and Xiao Moyun.Di Yunfei is arrogant,and Xiao Moyun is cautious with a bit of cleverness,but Shangguan Yanqing is extremely cunning."

Xie Zhiyan furrowed her brows,thought for a moment,and continued,"Shangguan Yanqing ranks 55th on the martial artist rankings,higher than Di Yunfei.However,the reputation of the Shangguan family has always been polarized.Some say they are righteous and chivalrous,with an ancient spirit.Others say they are despicable and shameless.Although I haven't dealt with Shangguan Yanqing personally,I suspect his outstanding quality is not just his strength but also his cunning methods."

"Thanks for the advice.I'll be careful.Are you heading straight back to Yijianmen?"Su Xin asked.

Xie Zhiyan shook her head."I'll stay in Southern Hunan for some time.There are some matters related to the faction I've built for Yijianmen that need my attention."

"Why would a direct disciple of Yijianmen like you have to manage these miscellaneous matters?"Su Xin inquired.

Xie Zhiyan smiled bitterly and shook her head."Yijianmen is currently short-staffed,and since I came to Southern Hunan,I might as well take care of it."

Su Xin didn't ask further.After bidding farewell to Xie Zhiyan,he headed straight to Changning Mansion.

Upon arriving at Feiying Gang,Li Huai,Huang Bingcheng,and Li Qing,along with others,were waiting at the door.When they saw Su Xin,they all shouted,"Chief!"

Although Su Xin had been away for a year,his prestige in Feiying Gang had not diminished in the slightest.Moreover,the news of Su Xin publicly defeating Di Yunfei had already spread in Southern Hunan,and Feiying Gang had also heard about it.

After receiving this news,Li Huai,Huang Bingcheng,and others finally understood.It was Su Xin who had caused a fire in Di Yunfei's backyard,making him rush back to Donglin Mansion.

"Alright,everyone,disperse.I'm not the chief anymore,don't address me like that,"Su Xin waved his hand.

Li Huai said in a deep voice,"You'll always be the chief of Feiying Gang."

Huang Bingcheng and Li Qing also said,"Yeah,Boss,we're still waiting for you to lead us to dominate Southern Hunan."

Before Su Xin came back,Li Huai and the others had already discussed it.This time,they must let Su Xin resume his position as the chief.After all,Li Huai had no attachment to the position of chief.

Su Xin asked them to disband the gang members and led Li Huai and others into the main hall."I don't plan to stay in Southern Hunan,so you'll continue to be the chief."

Huang Bingcheng couldn't help but say,"Why?The Black List pursuit by the Qingcheng Sword Sect has been withdrawn.Why don't you come back?"

Li Huai said in a deep voice,"Old Huang,you don't need to say more.I understand the boss's intention.Feiying Gang is too small,and Southern Hunan is too small."

They were not martial artists,but only Li Huai understood the meaning behind Su Xin's words.Now that Su Xin could defeat Di Yunfei and compete with the outstanding talents of the younger generation in the Central Plains,staying in a small place like Southern Hunan would limit his achievements.At that time,Feiying Gang wouldn't be an asset but a burden.

A look of disappointment appeared on Huang Bingcheng's face.Without Su Xin's leadership,the development of Feiying Gang was extremely slow and couldn't compare to when Su Xin was in charge.

Understanding the expression on Huang Bingcheng's face,Su Xin shook his head."Old Huang,there's no need to be disappointed.Even if I stay in Feiying Gang,with its current foundation,it won't become significantly stronger than it is now.But you guys are different.Feiying Gang won't be taken away by me in the future,but your future doesn't necessarily have to be spent in Changning Mansion."

Huang Bingcheng and the others'eyes lit up.Did the boss mean that in the future,he would take us away from Changning Mansion?

Su Xin took out the"Purple Cloud Divine Technique"and handed it to Li Huai and Li Qing,saying,"Take this cultivation method,study it,and immediately destroy it after learning.Don't let others see it."

Li Huai received the cultivation method and,with his usually reserved demeanor,was nearly astonished when he glanced at it.Even with his limited knowledge,he could distinguish that the"Purple Cloud Divine Technique"was worlds apart from the introductory cultivation methods he had practiced before.

Handing over the cultivation method to Li Huai was a decision Su Xin had considered well.After joining the Six Gates,Su Xin couldn't remain a small patrol officer forever.He needed to have his own core team.However,Six Gates was different from the martial world in the Central Plains.The number of people did not represent everything.Even Feiying Gang,with tens of thousands of members,would be considered a mediocre sect in the Central Plains.

While Nian Gang had over a million members,the real support for Nian Gang came from the experts in the Twenty-Four Solar Terms Hall,not the ordinary members.Feiying Gang's foundation was weak,and even with Su Xin's efforts,it was challenging to strengthen them.

The only individuals worth cultivating within Feiying Gang were Li Huai,Huang Bingcheng,and Li Qing.Among them,Li Huai had the best martial talent,and in Su Xin's opinion,with proper resources,Li Huai could rival disciples from major sects.

Though independent cultivators often had lower innate talent,occasionally there were those with decent potential.For example,Hong Lietao,recruited by Su Xin in Shangshan City,was one such case,and Li Huai was not inferior to him.

Li Qing's talent was slightly inferior to Li Huai,but he was steady in handling affairs and usually reserved,making him a perfect subordinate.

As for Huang Bingcheng,his strength lay in efficiently carrying out the tasks assigned by Su Xin.Without him,things wouldn't run as smoothly.

With Su Xin's promise,Li Huai and the others felt more at ease.Huang Bingcheng asked,"Boss,how long do you plan to stay in Southern Hunan this time?"

Su Xin replied,"Your troubles haven't been resolved yet.After defeating Di Yunfei,he lost face and probably won't continue fighting with Xiao Moyun and Shangguan Yanqing.I just need to deal with Shangguan Yanqing."

"Shangguan Yanqing?According to the information we got,he's currently in Huayin Mountain,"Huang Bingcheng said.

"Huayin Mountain?Why would he be there?"Su Xin felt puzzled.

The name Huayin Mountain might be unfamiliar to many martial artists in Southern Hunan,but it was well-known among innate martial artists.The leaders of the bandits in the dense forests of Southern Hunan,who had achieved notoriety,were mostly innate martial artists.After retiring from banditry,they chose to settle in Huayin Mountain.

While these bandit leaders had disbanded most of their subordinates,they kept their elite forces in Huayin Mountain.To join Huayin Mountain,one needed at least the strength of someone like Pang Feiyun,and they had to have a certain reputation among the bandits in Southern Hunan.

Huayin Mountain was the most powerful force among the bandits in Southern Hunan,consisting of nine powerful leaders,each at the peak of the Spiritual Aperture Realm.The leader of the first stronghold was rumored to have reached the level of Divine Palace Realm.

Although the bandit leaders in Huayin Mountain had retired from active banditry,they only semi-retired.They had dispersed most of their underlings but kept their elite forces,which had to pay tribute to Huayin Mountain.If they failed to pay,the elite forces under the nine leaders of Huayin Mountain might visit their strongholds.

Huayin Mountain,with its nine Spiritual Aperture Realm martial artists,could be considered a stable third-tier force in Southern Hunan.

Was Shangguan Yanqing trying to recruit the bandits from those nine strongholds?

Su Xin shook his head,finding it somewhat strange.Successfully recruiting these nine strongholds'bandits wouldn't be easy.The leaders of Huayin Mountain were at least as strong as Pang Feiyun.They lived comfortably in Huayin Mountain,and there was no need for them to join Shangguan Yanqing's forces.

Huang Bingcheng asked,"Boss,do you plan to go to Huayin Mountain to find Shangguan Yanqing?"

Su Xin shook his head,saying,"No need.The words I spoke to Xiao Moyun will naturally be relayed to Shangguan Yanqing."