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Chapter 56: The Unsheathed Sword is the Most Terrifying

10197words in this chapter2024-01-02

Li Zhonghe's hands were numb;even his formidable Golden Bell technique had its limits.Interesting~Academy.

Moreover,the Golden Bell was more effective against cold weapons like knives and swords,but it had limited use against aggressive and expansive boxing techniques like the Hate Fist.

Retreating,Li Zhonghe's hands moved like embracing the sun and moon.He struck with a palm,as if splitting a mountain,displaying a grandeur.

Great Toppling Stone Hands!

Meng Changhe had also used the Great Toppling Stone Hands to stop Tie Wuqing's Iron Courage back then.However,at that time,it was from a considerable distance,and Suxin couldn't discern its intricacies.Now,witnessing it up close,he could feel that this technique,one of the Seventy-Two Ultimate Arts of the Shaolin Temple,was indeed extraordinary.No wonder it was among the Shaolin Temple's top techniques.

The brilliance of the Great Toppling Stone Hands lay in the character"Topple."It wasn't just a simple strike;it incorporated a forceful throw,exhibiting an astonishing burst of power.

What Li Zhonghe demonstrated was only a remnant move of the Great Toppling Stone Hands.If it were the complete technique,the power of throwing stones in mid-air would far surpass what Li Zhonghe could currently achieve.

Li Zhonghe executed the aerial Toppling Stone,and Suxin confronted him with the Hate Fist.

The Vengeance Palm,as deep as the sea in enmity!

Facing each other with palms,the immense force caused both to step back simultaneously.Li Zhonghe's strength and the power of the Vengeance Palm were evenly matched in this clash.

However,in the stands,Tie Wuqing's mouth revealed a faint smile."Li Zhonghe is about to lose."

Some of the representatives of major factions in the audience were puzzled.It was clearly an evenly matched situation.How could Li Zhonghe possibly lose?

However,those who discerned some mysteries showed expressions of surprise.Meng Changhe's face,on the other hand,turned as dark as the bottom of a pot.

Indeed,Li Zhonghe was about to lose because his confidence wavered.

First,there's a surge,then a decline,and finally,exhaustion.

Li Zhonghe used all his skills,but in the end,he couldn't overcome Suxin.His confidence wavered.

Suxin took the initiative,employing the Hate Fist with his left hand and the Vengeance Palm with his right.The chilling fist techniques directly pressed Li Zhonghe into a corner.Although Li Zhonghe used the Great Toppling Stone Hands several times,it was futile,unable to break Suxin's rhythm.

Seeing Li Zhonghe in this state,the audience erupted in boos.

"Why so fierce just now?How come you're backing off now?Losing is not the issue;you're making us lose money,damn it!"

They weren't Li Zhonghe;they didn't understand his current dilemma.

It's not that he didn't want to go all out;he was guarding against Suxin's fast sword.

A sheathed sword always had a greater deterrent power than a drawn one.

At the beginning of the fight,he dared to face Suxin's fast sword head-on with his Golden Bell because he knew that,with Suxin's strength,even the fastest sword couldn't break his defense.

But after several rounds of fighting,Suxin had almost figured out the weakness in his Golden Bell.

Every hard skill in the world had its weak points,especially low-level body-refining techniques like the Golden Bell.While reaching the highest realm might reduce the vulnerabilities,at Li Zhonghe's current cultivation level,he had numerous weak points throughout his body.As long as Suxin hit one of these points,breaking his Golden Bell,Li Zhonghe would be on the brink of defeat.

Right hand or left hand?From which direction would Suxin draw his sword?Half of Li Zhonghe's attention was focused on how to defend against Suxin's fast sword,and his mind was somewhat distracted.

Opportunities were fleeting.Suxin's left hand touched the scabbard,and Li Zhonghe's eyes lit up.The Great Toppling Stone Hands were unleashed,directly slamming towards Suxin's left hand!


A soft sound echoed,and the blade entered the body.Li Zhonghe looked in horror at the thin sword that had penetrated his lower abdomen's Qihai acupoint.The hand holding the sword was the right hand;then,what was in his left hand?

Suxin threw away the split scabbard,activated his internal energy,and stirred the thin sword inside Li Zhonghe's abdomen.The defiant gaze in Li Zhonghe's eyes gradually dimmed.

Pulling out the thin sword,Suxin gestured a bow to Tie Wuqing and descended from the stage.

Tie Wuqing turned to Meng Changhe,smiling,"Lord Meng,the life-and-death duel is over,grievances have been resolved.Do you have anything else to say?"


Meng Changhe kicked the chair behind him and turned to leave.

Ning Luo Jun bowed to Tie Wuqing,"Captain Tie,please don't mind.My eldest brother is in a bad mood,so he lost his composure."

"Hehe,I understand."

The conclusion of the life-and-death duel left the people in the audience with various expressions.

Suxin's victory,to be honest,exceeded their expectations.Even those who bet on Suxin winning couldn't have imagined that he would actually defeat Li Zhonghe.

As the strongest disciple of Meng Changhe and a prominent figure in the entire Three Heroes Conference,Li Zhonghe could rank in the top ten.In Changning Prefecture,he was a well-known figure.However,in front of everyone,he was killed by Suxin.

To rise to prominence,stepping on the bodies of predecessors was the fastest way,and Suxin perfectly demonstrated this principle.

From now on,the entire Changning Prefecture would remember Suxin for his fast and ruthless sword and unparalleled boxing skills.

As for Li Zhonghe,sorry,a dead person wasn't worth their remembrance.

When Suxin returned to his subordinates,Huang Bingcheng and the others erupted in cheers,but Suxin halted them.

Although he had won this life-and-death duel,being too high-profile wouldn't be wise.There would be plenty of opportunities to celebrate back at Yongle Lane.Upon returning to the entrance with his men,Suxin informed them directly that everyone present would receive double the usual share,and there would be a monthly reward of one hundred taels of silver.

This move instantly made all the gang members cheer,affirming that Suxin had indeed made the right choice.

The territory under Suxin's command wouldn't remain this small forever.As it expanded in the future,all of them would receive promotions,at the very least becoming a small leader.

As for those who left earlier,there would be no chance for them to join Suxin's side in the future.Those who deserted in the face of battle,what use were they?

After rewarding his subordinates,Suxin called Huang Bingcheng and Li Huai out and asked them to accompany him to the main hall.

Huang Bingcheng was puzzled,"Why go to the main hall?The boss doesn't want to see us now."

"He might not want to see me,but I want to see him.The boss still owes me something."

Suxin continued to explain to Huang Bingcheng as he led the two directly to the main hall.

Huang Bingcheng questioned,"What's the purpose of going to the main hall?The boss doesn't want to see us."

"He doesn't want to see me,but I want to see him.The boss still owes me something."

Suxin explained to Huang Bingcheng as they directly arrived at the main hall.

Upon seeing Suxin coming,the two guards at the door immediately bowed respectfully,"Greetings,Boss Su."

Disciples of the battle hall had always admired strong individuals.Suxin killed the son of Meng Changhe from the Three Heroes Conference,almost trampling Meng Changhe's face underfoot and stomping on it twice.

Moreover,not only did he not die,but he also beheaded Li Zhonghe,a renowned figure in the Three Heroes Conference,in a life-and-death duel.How many people in Changning Prefecture could boast of such achievements?

"Take us to see the boss."

The disciple hesitated for a moment but still led Suxin into the main hall.If it were someone else,even a big leader coming to see the boss in the main hall would need to be reported.

But the person before them was Suxin,the hero admired by almost all members of the Flying Eagle Gang.Who would dare to stop him?

Inside the main hall,Sha Feiying,Dong Chengwu,and the three hall masters remained silent.Today's events had left them somewhat overwhelmed.

If Suxin had died,it would have been acceptable.They could rightfully take over Suxin's power and territory.Moreover,Tie Wuqing had said that after the life-and-death duel,all grudges would be settled,and the Three Heroes Conference wouldn't come looking for trouble.

However,the crucial point was that Suxin hadn't died.Instead,he had decisively defeated Li Zhonghe,boosting his reputation in the Flying Eagle Gang.

Sha Feiying could even feel the admiring gazes his subordinates cast towards Suxin.

It was normal to think about it.The strength of a gang also determined the confidence of its members in external matters.

Previously,members of the Three Heroes Conference were like this.Even an ordinary small gang member wouldn't bother looking at the small leaders of the Flying Eagle Gang and the Green Bamboo Gang,two bottom-ranking gangs.

The former leadership of the Flying Eagle Gang was mostly old,and their style of doing things was mainly stable,making the gang members cautious.

Now,with the emergence of Suxin,a figure who could be said to have made a name for himself in Changning Prefecture,it seemed that they had a sense of pride even when stepping out.

With such a high reputation,Suxin was already challenging Sha Feiying,the founder of the Flying Eagle Gang.How could he be at ease?

Dong Chengwu and the others were in a similar situation.After all,they had chosen to hand Suxin over to the Three Heroes Conference.Moreover,Dong Chengwu had personally intervened.This grudge had grown considerable.

At this moment,the door to the main hall was pushed open,and Suxin,accompanied by Huang Bingcheng and Li Huai,walked in.

"Why are you here?"Dong Chengwu glared at the disciple who led the way."It seems like you're forgetting the rules.You actually brought people in without reporting."

Suxin sat confidently in a chair."Why can't I come?After all,I am the big boss of the Flying Eagle Gang.Why can't I even enter the main hall?"

Strength determines attitude.

In the early stages of the Postnatal realm,Suxin had to be cautious and respectful in front of Sha Feiying,carefully understanding the thoughts of the gang leader.

Now that he was in the mid-stage of the Postnatal realm,with the glory of killing Meng Changhe's son and the current momentum,even Sha Feiying,who was in the late stage of the Postnatal realm,was not to be feared.

If it were the previous Suxin with such an attitude,Dong Chengwu would probably have erupted long ago,directly berating him for not understanding the rules.

But now,Dong Chengwu just snorted and remained silent.

"Suxin,let's be straightforward.What do you want to do?"After a long silence,Sha Feiying suddenly spoke.

Suxin sat up straight,"It's simple.I want a position that matches my current status.I want to become the fourth hall master of the Flying Eagle Gang."


Sha Feiying and the other three spoke simultaneously,rejecting it firmly.

The position of hall master was already at the level of decision-makers in the Flying Eagle Gang.With the three current hall masters,Sha Feiying had worked hard to weaken their individual strengths.Now,adding Suxin,who had a soaring reputation within the gang,how could he possibly agree?

For Dong Chengwu and the others,the rejection was even simpler.They had already divided up all the rights of the Flying Eagle Gang.If Suxin wanted to become a hall master,what aspect would he be responsible for?

Regardless of which aspect of affairs Suxin wanted to manage,it would inevitably dilute their own rights!