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Chapter 57: Attaining the Position of Hall Master

8310words in this chapter2024-01-02

Suxin came with great momentum,aiming for the position of hall master.Whether it was Sha Feiying or the other three hall masters,this was absolutely unacceptable.

However,Suxin's expression remained unchanged,as if he had anticipated this situation.

"Boss,don't be too hasty to refuse.Becoming a hall master has its benefits.With my current reputation,staying as a hall master in the Flying Eagle Gang will undoubtedly boost the morale of the brothers.If I leave,I don't need to explain the consequences,"Suxin calmly stated.

A trace of severity flashed in Sha Feiying's eyes."Suxin,what do you mean?Are you planning to betray the gang?"

"Don't make it sound so harsh.It's not that I betrayed the Flying Eagle Gang,but rather the gang betrayed me!"Suxin's gaze turned cold."Boss,I,Suxin,have made numerous contributions to the gang since I joined.However,when trouble arose,you all intended to capture me and hand me over for redemption.It's disheartening!"

Silence fell among Sha Feiying and the others.They knew they were in the wrong,and the matter was indeed disgraceful.

"Fortunately,I,Suxin,survived.I won't dwell on this matter.In the Flying Eagle Gang,strength and achievements matter.With my current strength and accomplishments,don't I deserve the position of a hall master?"Suxin pointed at Dong Chengwu and sneered,"Even this defeated underling can become a hall master.Why can't I?"

"What did you say!?"Dong Chengwu stood up angrily,glaring at Suxin.

"Are you offended by being called a defeated underling?How about we have another fight?"Suxin stared coldly at Dong Chengwu.The Chief of the Punishment Hall could only show internal anger but wouldn't dare to lay a hand on Suxin.

Dong Chengwu indeed didn't dare to attack Suxin again.He was a person who followed rules,while Suxin was undoubtedly unruly.Suxin had killed Meng Chong's son,and if he angered Suxin now,who knew if he would kill him too?

Sha Feiying remained silent for a while before saying,"Your strength and achievements do qualify you to be a hall master,but your seniority is too shallow.In all of Changning Prefecture,there isn't a hall master under twenty years old,even if you combine the three gangs and four societies."

"Seniority?That's just a bunch of nonsense!"Suxin said unceremoniously."If I join the Green Bamboo Gang now,they will surely set aside previous grudges and accept me immediately.I could secure at least the position of vice gang leader.But I'm not one to forget my roots.After spending so much time in the Flying Eagle Gang,as long as the gang gives me what I deserve,why should I turn to another gang?"

Sha Feiying stared at Suxin.He knew that when Suxin mentioned joining another gang,it wasn't just about joining another gang himself but also taking his subordinates and territory with him.With Suxin and his well-trained subordinates,along with Yongle Lane and Happy Grove,Suxin's influence had already reached one-third of the entire Flying Eagle Gang.

Suxin continued,"The three hall masters,you don't need to be so tense.Even if I become a hall master,I won't touch any of your rights.The affairs of the Battle Hall,Punishment Hall,and Benevolence Hall won't be within my purview.I will establish a new hall called the Succession Hall,dedicated to teaching gang members internal skills and some martial techniques."

Dong Chengwu and the others exchanged glances,showing puzzled expressions.

"If you don't want rights,why do you insist on being a hall master?Just for the sake of a title?"Suxin gave a disdainful remark."I have my own considerations regarding the skills and techniques I'll teach.You don't need to worry.The Succession Hall will be open for all gang members to learn."

Sha Feiying looked at Suxin,finding it challenging to read this young man.

The establishment of the Succession Hall seemed even less prestigious than an empty title of a hall master.

Lin Fuhu's Battle Hall controlled the gang's strongest combat power.Dong Chengwu's Punishment Hall held the most significant authority,and Zhuang Li's Benevolence Hall naturally had the most resources.Compared to these,Suxin's proposed Succession Hall seemed to lack any benefits.

Seeing Sha Feiying remain silent,Suxin smiled and asked,"How about it,Boss?Isn't the position I want reasonable?By establishing the Succession Hall,I won't take away half of the gang's rights.On the contrary,it will increase the strength of our Flying Eagle Gang."

This time,Dong Chengwu and the others did not object.Since the establishment of the Succession Hall did not conflict with their interests,they had no reason to oppose it.

After contemplating for a while,Sha Feiying couldn't figure out why Suxin was doing this.He spoke in a deep voice,"Suxin,if you have any other conditions,just say it.I don't believe that establishing the Succession Hall is solely for the benefit of the gang."

"You're misunderstanding me,Boss.I,Suxin,am still a member of the Flying Eagle Gang.Is it abnormal for me to think about the gang's well-being?"Suxin protested loudly,but Dong Chengwu and the others secretly rolled their eyes.

Talking about considering the gang's well-being was just empty talk in front of the gang members.In reality,everyone prioritized their own interests first and then the gang's.Even Sha Feiying,who founded the Flying Eagle Gang,followed the same principle.

If Sha Feiying had truly considered the gang's well-being initially,he wouldn't have ruthlessly slaughtered more than a dozen talented leaders and restricted the powers of Dong Chengwu and others.

Seeing Sha Feiying's skeptical gaze,Suxin shrugged."Alright,I have another condition.Appoint Li Huai and Huang Bing as the chief leaders.I become the hall master,and from now on,Happy Grove and Yongle Lane will be under their management.Consider it making things official."

Li Huai and Huang Bing were both stunned.They hadn't expected that Suxin brought them here to secure a position as chief leaders.

Li Huai was relatively calm,but Huang Bing was extremely excited.Before meeting Suxin,he had often dreamed of becoming a prestigious chief leader.Although he held more practical power than some chief leaders,he lacked the official status,making him feel somewhat regretful.

Now,Suxin's words had granted him the position of chief leader.

Upon hearing Suxin's conditions,Sha Feiying thought for a moment and agreed.This request wasn't unreasonable.Among the thirteen chief leaders,a significant portion had good relations with the three hall masters.Most of them were loyal to Sha Feiying.

With Suxin becoming a hall master and gaining the support of two chief leaders,it wasn't a big deal.Sha Feiying readily agreed.Besides,it was better for Suxin to state his conditions than to keep silent.Otherwise,Sha Feiying would have suspected Suxin of plotting something behind the scenes.

"Tomorrow,I'll announce you as the hall master and the news about them becoming chief leaders."

Sha Feiying looked at Suxin and said solemnly,"Suxin,you're still young.In the future,you will definitely be one of the decision-makers in the Flying Eagle Gang.Now,elevate the gang's strength.The benefits will be for you young folks.Forget about the unpleasant things in the past."

Suxin's lips curved into a slight smile."Thanks,Boss.I,Suxin,have never been a petty person.I've already forgotten what happened in the past."

After some insincere exchanges,Suxin left with Huang Bing and Li Huai.He had achieved his goal,and as for Sha Feiying's words,who would believe them?

Being one of the decision-makers in the future.Why add"one of"?In Sha Feiying's mind,the entire Flying Eagle Gang was reserved for his son,and others could only be"one of."

Outside the main hall,Huang Bing,seeing that no one was around,hurriedly asked,"Boss,why did you even create the Succession Hall?It seems like a thankless task.Even if we teach others the internal skills and martial arts,we won't gain their loyalty."

Suxin shook his head.He had obtained the position of the Succession Hall master for the sake of completing the task and for future plans.

"Look further ahead.Even if the subordinates of other chief leaders or the three hall masters come to learn,I don't expect to win their loyalty by just teaching martial arts.The purpose of the Succession Hall is to establish goodwill,"Suxin explained.


"Yes,just goodwill.Let the gang members have a favorable impression of us psychologically.That's enough."

Huang Bing stared at Suxin in astonishment.This seemingly thankless Succession Hall actually had only one purpose—to win the hearts of the gang members.

It might not yield immediate results,but over time,the mentality of those gang members would undoubtedly change.

Suxin was now a hall master,holding the second-highest position in the Flying Eagle Gang after the boss.What would be next?

If this had happened in the past,Huang Bing would have been shocked,but now he appeared quite indifferent.Witnessing Suxin's tactics,where he forcefully seized the position of the hall master and two chief leaders from the boss's hands,Huang Bing's awe and fear of the boss and the high-ranking members of the Flying Eagle Gang had long disappeared.

Back at the hall entrance,Suxin asked Huang Bing and the others to prepare.Tomorrow,Sha Feiying would announce the establishment of the Succession Hall.

Suxin,on the other hand,entered the system.As soon as Sha Feiying agreed to make him a hall master,the system had already prompted that Suxin had completed the mission.