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Chapter 186: Thoughts Shouldn't Be Disturbed

8559words in this chapter2024-01-11

Since he had already been recognized,Su Xin had no need to conceal himself any longer.He directly removed his own human-skin mask,revealing his true face.Seeing this scene,no one had any doubts anymore;this person was indeed Su Xin,the 23rd-ranked on the Human Ranking,known as the'Blood Sword God's Finger.'

"Now,is there still someone claiming that my martial arts are the Wild Fox Zen?"Su Xin said calmly.The people present exchanged glances,none daring to speak a word.For their small Lingzhou Prefecture,any random person ranked on the Human Ranking could rival all the strong individuals in their prefecture.Not to mention that the person standing before them was the culprit who had once killed four Martial Palace Realm warriors,Su Xin,the'Blood Sword God's Finger.'

Qiu Ming and Li Hesong cursed Nie Yuan and the Lin family in their hearts,for bringing such a dangerous person into their midst.Their current concern was whether Su Xin,to conceal his whereabouts,would kill them and silence them.

"I don't intend to stay in Lingzhou Prefecture for long.I've taught Lin Qing for a while;consider it a favor.As for the matters of the Lin family,you handle it,"Su Xin said indifferently.He had never planned to hide his tracks.Even if he did,he wouldn't go as far as killing all the warriors in Lingzhou Prefecture.Not because Su Xin was unwilling,but because it was pointless.There were over a thousand warriors present,and even though no one could match Su Xin,they were not wooden stakes waiting to be killed.Any leak of information would occur once someone escaped.

Moreover,even if he killed all these warriors,it would be useless.He couldn't slaughter an entire prefecture,could he?If someone investigated,even from the mouths of ordinary people,it would be clear that Su Xin was behind it.

Upon hearing Su Xin's words,Lin Wancheng,who was kneeling at his feet,shuddered,experiencing a chill.Nie Yuan was his biggest support in Lingzhou Prefecture,and now that Nie Yuan had been pointed at by Su Xin and Su Xin left with such words,who knew what his final fate would be.

Su Xin patted Lin Qing's head and said,"Kid,if you want to go further,remember this:martial arts follow the heart.The larger your heart,the farther you can go."Lin Qing nodded,still a bit confused about his master suddenly changing his face.

After finishing his words,Su Xin took a step forward,his figure like the wind.People only felt a strong wind roaring,and Su Xin had already disappeared from their sight.

Seeing Su Xin leave,Li Hesong and Qiu Ming breathed a sigh of relief,but then they cast cold glances at Lin Wancheng.They had also figured out that Su Xin's appearance in Lingzhou Prefecture was probably just to recover from his injuries.Joining the Lin family and taking Lin Qing as a disciple was likely out of boredom or coincidence,with no specific purpose.

Even though Su Xin would probably not come back to Lingzhou Prefecture in the future,they couldn't take any risks.If Su Xin happened to return one day and found out they hadn't followed his instructions,what would happen?

Lin Wancheng,without Nie Yuan as his backer,was no longer a concern.Dealing with a Lin family alone was not a difficult task.

By now,Su Xin had already left Lingzhou Prefecture.He wanted to test the power of the Wind God's Legs.Although its explosive power was indeed formidable,it was not suitable for long-distance travel.The consumption of internal energy was similar to the Blood River Divine Sword,a three-and-a-half-star-level martial skill.If he used the Wind God's Legs for long-distance travel,his internal energy would be depleted within a few dozen miles.

As Su Xin left the northern city of Lingzhou Prefecture,three strangely dressed individuals entered from the southern city.Their attire resembled that of Shangguan Yanqing,with an ancient appearance—high-collared robes,tall hats,and cold,emotionless expressions.

One of them carried a sword,another held a knife,and the third had a giant hunting bow on his back,nearly half a yard long.

The one with the sword looked towards the city walls of Lingzhou Prefecture and said indifferently,"I really don't know what the elder is up to,bringing back the distant branch expelled more than a dozen years ago to Weiyuan Hall."The one with the knife said,"In recent years,the number of people in Weiyuan Hall,both main and branch lines,has been decreasing.It's better to bring some family members back.If we continue to stay hidden,Weiyuan Hall may truly fade away."

The one with the sword said,"But this distant branch's strength was never strong to begin with.Now they're just mixing in this small town.Even if we bring them back,what's the use?Are we going to raise a few useless worms?"

The person in the middle,carrying a bow on his back,spoke in a deep voice,"Nevertheless,their bodies carry the bloodline of the Lin family from our Weiyuan Hall.If they are useless,as long as his descendants are not,it's acceptable.Alright,let's go into the city."

At this moment,Su Xin,of course,couldn't see these events.Shortly after leaving Lingzhou Prefecture,he sensed someone following him.However,Su Xin didn't make a fuss.When he walked onto a secluded path,he suddenly turned around.His figure was like a raging wind,his blood-red sword unsheathed,slashing horizontally towards the pursuer!

"Lord Su,please hold off!"A frightened shout came from the seemingly empty space.A figure materialized in place,a seemingly ordinary man in his thirties with the strength of the Innate Spirit Channeling Realm.Su Xin's sword,the Dragon Sword,was poised at his neck,just a hair away from severing his throat!

The young man hurriedly said,"Lord Su,I am Chen Qiao,an undercover investigator from the South Han Road of the Six Bureaus.Please don't misunderstand;I am here to deliver a message to you."

A mocking expression appeared on Su Xin's face,but the Dragon Sword at Chen Qiao's neck showed no sign of moving.

Chen Qiao's concealment technique was interesting;he could simulate the surrounding scenery with true energy,achieving an almost invisible effect.Unfortunately,the flaw in this technique was significant—it could hide his figure but not the leakage of true energy.While stationary,it was fine,but as soon as he moved,the fluctuation of true energy would be immediately detected by Su Xin.

Chen Qiao claimed he was here to deliver a message,but Su Xin had sensed someone following him shortly after leaving Lingzhou Prefecture.If it was a message,why didn't he reveal himself and deliver it?Did he think Su Xin was a fool?

The mockery in Su Xin's eyes grew,making Chen Qiao extremely embarrassed.Although his identity as an undercover investigator for the Six Bureaus was genuine,he had the intention of surprising Su Xin by suddenly appearing,causing him embarrassment.

The reason for this action was simple—he felt a bit resentful towards Su Xin.Chen Qiao had worked diligently for over a decade in the Six Bureaus,starting as the lowest-ranked constable in the state capital and eventually becoming the chief constable of the state capital.He was then chosen by the headquarters of the Six Bureaus to become an undercover investigator.

Considering the hard work he had put in for more than a decade,how could Su Xin,who had just joined the Six Bureaus,hold a position higher than him?It was precisely due to this resentment that Chen Qiao had the idea to play a prank on Su Xin.However,he didn't expect to be exposed halfway.

Under Su Xin's sword just now,he had no chance to react.If he hadn't spoken quickly,he might have been killed by Su Xin on the spot.

Embarrassed,Chen Qiao said,"Lord Su,I am indeed an undercover investigator.If you don't believe me,I can show you my credentials."

Su Xin moved the Dragon Sword away from his neck,and Chen Qiao sighed in relief.However,Su Xin used the sword to pat his face,an insulting gesture that made Chen Qiao furious.He nearly attacked Su Xin on the spot.

"Remember next time,don't entertain thoughts you shouldn't.Otherwise,it might cost lives,"Su Xin said with a mocking expression."I doubt how you became an undercover investigator.In terms of strength and background,what qualifications do you think you have to compete with me?Do you believe that even if I killed you,the Six Bureaus would only give me a verbal warning?"

Chen Qiao's anger dissipated instantly,replaced by endless fear.An undercover investigator needed to be meticulous,but this time,jealousy clouded his judgment.He had provoked Su Xin,and as Su Xin said,even if he were killed on the spot,the Six Bureaus would,at most,issue a verbal warning.

Su Xin's strength had been witnessed by Chen Qiao;although they were both in the same realm,the difference in their abilities was immense.Su Xin truly deserved his position as the 23rd on the Human Ranking.

As for their backgrounds,Su Xin's was far superior.Chen Qiao had climbed up from the lowest position to his current role,with no influential connections above him.Su Xin,on the other hand,was recommended by Iron Merciless,the head of the younger generation of the Iron family in Xiangnan Road,to enter the Six Bureaus.With the Iron family as his backing,what qualifications did Chen Qiao have to compete with him?

Clear-headed now,Chen Qiao dared not harbor any resentment towards Su Xin.He stood obediently on the side,listening to Su Xin's instructions.

Su Xin sheathed his sword and asked,"You mentioned delivering a message.What message is it?"

Chen Qiao quickly took out an invitation made of some unknown metal from his chest and handed it to Su Xin,saying,"This is the invitation for this year's Jiangnan Meeting.It's not only organized by the Xiao family of Jiangnan,but the Imperial Court has also sent'Blood River'Gu Donglai,the Grand Marshal of the Jiangnan Road Expeditionary Force,to participate.Therefore,the Six Bureaus were tasked with delivering the invitation to you."