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Chapter 185: Who Did You Say Practices the Wild Fox Zen?

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Lin Sheng came up with a killer move,obviously holding deep resentment towards Lin Qing for what had happened.The onlookers'eyes revealed reluctance,but no one stepped forward to stop the situation.

Everyone knew about the situation of Lin Qing and his son in the Lin family,but it was essentially their family matter.How could outsiders intervene?Getting involved might even upset Nie Yuan,for no apparent reason.

On the stage,facing Lin Sheng's deadly move,Lin Qing seemed stunned,motionless.It wasn't until Lin Sheng's long sword was thrusting down at him that he lightly parried it,deflecting Lin Sheng's sword.

Lin Qing thought that it was still not the early stages of the day after tomorrow.Su Xin had not taught him internal skills in the past six months,only guiding him in understanding the principles of martial arts.So,Lin Qing's strength was merely opening up twenty acupoints.

The force behind Lin Sheng's previous strike was much greater,but Lin Qing barely managed to deflect it.Immediately after,he executed a move from the Lin family's sword technique,attacking Lin Sheng's vital points.

Lin Sheng was stunned,not expecting Lin Qing to block his move.However,Lin Sheng didn't pay much attention and casually tried to block Lin Qing's attack.Unexpectedly,Lin Qing suddenly changed his move to'Follow the Wind,Support the Willow,'an entry-level technique in the Lin family's sword art.

This technique aimed to be nimble and swift,striking several vital acupoints on the opponent's body in an instant.Lin Qing,however,targeted Lin Sheng's lower three routes,leaving him somewhat bewildered.Lin Sheng clumsily managed to block these moves.

Following that,Lin Qing's sword technique became elusive.On the surface,it seemed like he was using the Lin family's inherited sword art,but in reality,it was something else entirely.Each strike seemed unrestrained,and although Lin Sheng's strength was higher,he was being led around.

Now,even outsiders could see that Lin Sheng had fallen into Lin Qing's tactics.Lin Qing directed Lin Sheng's sword wherever he wanted it to go.

Lin Wancheng's face turned iron-gray.The sword technique Lin Qing was using now was the bizarre one he had seen before,the one his teacher had taught him–that eccentric sword technique!

In the end,Lin Qing suddenly changed his move,directly knocking Lin Sheng's long sword out of his hand,leaving Lin Sheng stunned,and the whole arena in an uproar.

The final result of this martial arts competition had almost been determined.Either Lin Sheng,Nie Yuan's carefully cultivated grandson,or the genius from the Li family would win.However,a random youngster appeared and unexpectedly defeated Lin Sheng,which was quite surprising.

Nie Yuan,sitting on the high platform,was infuriated and slammed his teacup to the ground.He coldly said,"Lin Wancheng!Is this your disciple from the Lin family?What sword technique is he using?Is this the Lin family's sword art?"

Nie Yuan had no son,treating Lin Sheng like a true grandson,nurturing him carefully.Even a rare elixir obtained from outside,he was reluctant to consume,saving it for Lin Sheng.But today,his inexplicable loss to Lin Qing,who was already considered a waste,was hard for him to accept.

Having his son lose,Lin Wancheng was also extremely aggrieved.He stepped onto the stage and loudly questioned,"Lin Qing!What sword technique are you using?Is this our Lin family's ancestral sword art?Using someone else's technique to defeat our family's sword art is simply disrespectful to our ancestors!"

Other martial artists from Lingzhou Prefecture couldn't help but sneer.Lin Wancheng was indeed as unsophisticated as the rumors said.Bullying a young widow and her children was something he could do,and now he was trying to label a young boy with such accusations.

Raising his head,Lin Qing said,"I am using the Lin family's sword art.My teacher taught me that martial arts come from the heart,not just from techniques.Appearances are just superficial;only the true meaning of martial arts is its essence."

This statement left everyone present in a daze.It might be understandable for those who hadn't reached the level of postnatal martial artists,but for Li Hesong and other innate martial artists,it resonated deeply.

Although they hadn't comprehended the true meaning of martial arts,as innate martial artists who had traveled through the martial world,they understood the concept.However,hearing this term from a ten-year-old child made them feel a bit awkward.Who was this kid's teacher?An ordinary wandering martial artist wouldn't be able to articulate the true essence of martial arts like this.

Lin Wancheng didn't expect Lin Qing to dare to refute him.Soon,he coldly said,"Using a wild fox dance learned from somewhere to act arrogantly in front of us–do you even respect our family?Since that's the case,I'll cripple you and then enforce the family rules!"

Although Lin Qing's little face was full of stubbornness,a hint of fear couldn't be concealed.Even though he was young,he understood what losing his martial skills meant for him.The other martial artists in Lingzhou Prefecture remained silent.This was a matter of the Lin family,and they couldn't interfere.

Just as Lin Wancheng was about to take action,a cold voice rang out,"Are you saying the martial art I taught is the Wild Fox Zen?"

The voice was not loud,but everyone present felt as if it echoed in their ears,as if the person speaking was right beside them.

The expressions of Nie Yuan and the other two innate martial artists changed instantly.This was a formidable expert.

Su Xin pushed through the crowd and walked out,saying indifferently,"Are you claiming that the martial art I taught is the Wild Fox Zen?"

A tremendous pressure enveloped Lin Wancheng.As Su Xin approached,the pressure intensified,feeling as if Mount Tai itself was pressing down on him,causing cold sweat to stream down his body.

Su Xin reached him and stared expressionlessly at Lin Wancheng."Answer me,yes or no?"


Unable to endure the overwhelming pressure,Lin Wancheng finally knelt on the ground,trembling.

Although he had reached the pinnacle of the postnatal stage,facing someone of Su Xin's caliber made him akin to an ant,ready to be crushed at any moment.

Throughout Su Xin's career,those who opposed him were either well-known veteran innate experts or young talents on the People Ranking.A postnatal martial artist like Lin Wancheng didn't even qualify for Su Xin's intervention.

Lin Qing looked at Su Xin with admiration.He had always felt that his teacher was powerful,but being non-verbal,he never fully understood where the strength lay.Now,seeing his usually arrogant uncle kneeling in fear,Lin Qing gained a new perspective on his teacher's abilities.

While a child like Lin Qing might not discern much,the martial artists below had different insights.Lin Wancheng,despite his contemptible behavior,was still a postnatal master.Yet,he was now overpowered by the imposing aura of the person before him.The terror was palpable.

Meanwhile,Nie Yuan's face turned as dark as black water.Lin Wancheng was his son-in-law,but now,he knelt before the other party like a dead dog.This was more painful than a slap on the face.

Nie Yuan unsheathed his long sword and shouted,"Playing tricks!Who are you?How dare you act recklessly in our Lingzhou Prefecture?"

He didn't mention himself but tried to involve Lingzhou Prefecture,clearly attempting to leverage the support of Li Hesong and Qiu Ming.

This strategy might have been concealed from Li Hesong and Qiu Ming,but hearing Nie Yuan,they still drew their weapons and stood by his side.

Lingzhou Prefecture's strength was originally weak,so they had secretly agreed to unite against external threats despite internal conflicts.Now was the time for the three of them to stand united.

Su Xin furrowed his brows and coldly snorted,"Nonsense!"

He flicked his finger,and a blood line shot out,seemingly alive.The blood line twisted in mid-air,heading straight for Nie Yuan.

Nie Yuan's nickname was'Thundering Sword,'indicating not just his sword technique but also the incredible speed of his sword.However,his sword was still slower than Su Xin's Blood River Divine Finger.

Before Nie Yuan could draw his sword,the blood line suddenly accelerated,piercing through his forehead and sending him crashing to the ground.

Instantly killing Nie Yuan left Qiu Ming and Li Hesong,who stood by his side,with no room for reaction.

Overwhelm!Undoubtedly overwhelming!

Seeing Su Xin's move,Li Hesong and Qiu Ming lost the courage to continue the fight.The opponent was clearly in a different league.

Qiu Ming,as the head of the escort agency,often traveled for deliveries,so he had more information than others.Witnessing Su Xin's deadly strike against Nie Yuan,he seemed to recall something and exclaimed,"That's the Blood River Divine Finger!Su Xin!You are Su Xin!Ranked 23rd on the People Ranking,the'Blood Sword Divine Finger,'Su Xin!"

The revelation caused a commotion throughout the crowd.People stared at Su Xin with disbelief.

Although Su Xin had been healing and in seclusion for half a year,his name had not disappeared from the martial world.Every martial artist in the top thirty of the People Ranking was unforgettable.

Moreover,Su Xin's last feat of single-handedly defeating four God Palace-stage martial artists had occurred not far from Lingzhou Prefecture,making the memory even more vivid.

However,no matter how memorable the event was,they could never have imagined that this legendary figure,a young talent who could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with elite disciples of major sects despite being a wanderer,was now hidden within Lingzhou Prefecture for such a long time.