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Chapter 46: What old wolf? Just a Sick Dog

7814words in this chapter2024-01-02

"Congratulations,Boss Su!No,now I should call you Boss Su,the youngest big boss in Changning Prefecture.Hmm,truly admirable."

The Chief Constable of the Eastern Twelve Districts,Tie Wuqing,walked over with a smile,playing with two not-so-light iron guts in his hands.

Su Xin turned around and nodded,saying,"Lord Tie,don't make fun of me.The so-called big boss is just a title."

Tie Wuqing shook his head,"It's not just a title;it's a symbol of status.Before,you,Su Xin,were unknown,but since yesterday,who in Changning Prefecture doesn't know you?"

Changning Prefecture was vast,with tens of thousands of members in various factions,but only the big bosses were considered true leaders,worth remembering by other factions.

Su Xin didn't continue being modest;instead,he asked,"Lord Tie,what brings you here today?"

Tie Wuqing,with a hint of a smile on his lips,said,"Of course,I'm here to ask for your help.I originally planned to come a few days ago,but at that time,I saw you were actively dealing with the Qingzhu Gang,so I didn't want to trouble you."

"Well,thank you,Lord Tie,for your understanding.As long as Su Xin can do it,feel free to ask."

Making friends with Tie Wuqing was what Su Xin had planned from the beginning.As the Chief Constable of the Eastern Twelve Districts,Tie Wuqing's identity was in the top ten in the entire Changning Prefecture Yamen and was worth Su Xin's investment.

"It's like this:our prefecture's lord's son visited the Happy Forest a couple of days ago,and his money pouch was stolen.Losing the money is one thing,but there was also a rare Warm Jade in his pouch,a priceless item from the Western Regions.I've been busy lately,and I can't spare the manpower.If you can find this Warm Jade,that's great.If not,just find someone to take the blame.The lord's son is furious now,so just give him an explanation to calm him down."

Su Xin pondered for a moment and asked,"Is the lord's son sure that his money pouch was stolen and not lost?"

"Absolutely sure.His clothes were slashed,but he didn't notice anything.It was the work of an experienced thief."

After some thought,Su Xin said,"Lord Tie,rest assured.Whether or not I can find the Warm Jade,I'll give you an answer within three days."

"Good,I'll be waiting for good news from you,Su Xin."

Tie Wuqing played with the iron guts in his hands and left with a mysterious smile.

The last time he saw Su Xin,he was just a small gang member controlling the Happy Forest.Now,he had become the big boss guarding a market district.The speed at which this young man climbed up was beyond his imagination.

After Tie Wuqing left,Su Xin turned to Huang Bingcheng and said,"Go to the Happy Forest and inquire about every detail of the lord's son in there.Check all the pickpockets and thieves in the Happy Forest.Find out who dared to steal the lord's son's money pouch."

Huang Bingcheng nodded and immediately went to the Happy Forest with his men.

In less than half an hour,Huang Bingcheng brought back the information."Boss,the situation is a bit tricky."

"What happened?"

"I asked Boss Liu carefully.The day the lord's son came to the Happy Forest,he went straight to his Drunken Moon Tower.His money pouch was still there until he left.Only when he wanted to go to the Eternal Joy Lane to have Zhouji's Osmanthus Chicken,his money pouch was already gone."

Su Xin contemplated,"So,the money pouch was most likely stolen when he left the Drunken Moon Tower and entered the Eternal Joy Lane.Can we confirm if it was the pickpockets from the Happy Forest?"

"It's definitely not.Since we took over the Happy Forest,all those small thieves on the streets have been cleared out.The money pouch was definitely not lost in the Happy Forest."

"Not in the Happy Forest,then it must be in the Eternal Joy Lane.Who is the head of the pickpockets in the Eternal Joy Lane?"Su Xin asked.

"It's a bit complicated.The head is a person nicknamed Lao Lang,who,in his early years,established a stronghold in the dense woods of the southern region.He had over a hundred strong followers.However,he got into trouble with a young martial artist from a martial arts sect in the South and was single-handedly defeated.He barely escaped but was betrayed by his subordinates,resulting in severe injuries and the loss of one eye.Later,he retired in Changning Prefecture."

"Despite his injuries,Lao Lang retained his martial arts skills from the past.He quickly recruited all the hundreds of pickpockets in the Eternal Joy Lane under his command,even ignoring the former big boss,Dai Chong's face."

"After your assassination of Dai Chong,the leader of the Qingzhu Gang,Chen,took over his position.It's said that he even attempted to negotiate with Lao Lang for protection fees,but it seems he suffered a setback and returned with a disheveled appearance.He never dared to mention the matter again."

Su Xin smirked,"Just a failure,nothing to be afraid of.Moreover,he is a loser without an ounce of confidence,proudly using his past failures as an excuse.Pathetic and pitiful."

"Boasting?"Huang Bingcheng asked in surprise,"Did he reveal all these things himself?"

Su Xin replied coldly,"Since you mentioned he was once a formidable figure,such individuals usually prefer to conceal their identities.How could others know so much about him?Most likely,he intentionally leaked this information to create a sense of fear and awe.He gave himself the nickname'Lao Lang,'thinking he's a fallen Wolf King.In reality,he's nothing more than a spineless sick dog,nothing to fear.Even if he managed to defeat Dai Chong and Chen,they are just souls under my sword."

Huang Bingcheng agreed after some thought;their boss was incomparable to Dai Chong and Chen.

"Let's go,meet this sick dog.Do you know where he is?"

"The members of the Qingzhu Gang probably know."

Many of Su Xin's subordinates were originally from the Qingzhu Gang.He casually pointed to a gang member guarding the entrance and asked,"Do you know where Lao Lang is?"

The gang member nodded,"Yes,he's in Blackwater Street."

"Perfect,lead the way."

With a familiar guide,they arrived at Blackwater Street in less than a quarter of an hour.

Blackwater Street in Yongle District was essentially a slum similar to Changle District.Although the location was not as remote as Changle District,each district invariably had both wealthy and impoverished areas.

Even in the poorest places,there was always a lively establishment,just like Happy Forest in Changle District.

Blackwater Street was a long street covered by flowing sewage,with dilapidated roads left unattended and very few shops.

Even during ordinary times,Qingzhu Gang would not collect protection fees here since there were hardly any businesses to extort.Pedestrians on Blackwater Street eyed Su Xin's group with caution,some even with hostility.If not for the fact that Huang Bingcheng and the guide were wearing the attire of the Flying Eagle Gang,they might have been robbed already.

"These people have some insight.They know who's in charge in Yongle District.Even facing the Flying Eagle Gang,they dare not be too audacious,"the guide cautiously said,"Boss,these people are not easy to provoke.The most dangerous among them is a group of pickpockets under Lao Lang.While they are pickpockets outside,once they are in Blackwater Street,they turn into criminals willing to kill."

Su Xin nodded and started scheming.In the future,if Tie Wuqing wanted someone to take the blame,this would be a good choice.

There were no good-hearted people in Blackwater Street.If they arrested ten people,cutting off ten heads,probably only one wouldn't be guilty.When Tie Wuqing needed someone,he could go to Blackwater Street,arrest people,and pin the crime on them,regardless of whether they were guilty or not.

The guide led Su Xin's group to the deepest part of Blackwater Street,where there was only one house—a house with black-painted walls,devoid of windows except for the door.

At the door stood two fierce-looking men.Seeing Su Xin's group approaching,disdain appeared on their faces."What are Flying Eagle Gang members doing here?Do you also want to follow the example of Qingzhu Gang's trash and provoke our boss?Let me tell you,although our boss doesn't seek trouble,he's not someone to be trifled with!Whether you're from Qingzhu Gang or Flying Eagle Gang,in Blackwater Street,our boss calls the shots!"

The guide,once intimidated by Blackwater Street,was now bold with Su Xin,"Huh!Does Blackwater Street determine who calls the shots?In the entire Yongle District,Su Xin is in charge!Now that Boss Su has personally come,shouldn't Lao Lang come out to greet him?"

One of the men sneered at Su Xin,"So,the Flying Eagle Gang has a little kid as their boss now?Looks like the Flying Eagle Gang is really desperate."

Su Xin smiled at the man,but for some reason,the man felt a chilling aura enveloping him,as if he wasn't facing a young man with a gentle smile but a fierce tiger ready to pounce.

Before he could say anything,a dazzling sword light filled his vision in the next moment!