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Chapter 45: Extreme Hatred Fist, Extreme Enmity Palm

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In the vast and blank space of the system,Su Xin said,"I want to draw rewards for the mission."

The system replied,"You have one specified category draw(two stars or above,three stars or below).Please choose from the six options."

Without hesitation,Su Xin said,"Martial Arts."

On the large screen,the roulette kept spinning,silhouettes of individuals flashing by.Finally,an ugly-looking man with a gloomy expression appeared in front of Su Xin.

"Congratulations to the host for drawing the character Wen Xue'an.He possesses eleven martial arts skills,including Vendetta Palm,Hatred Fist,Momentum Sword,and the Eleven Gates.The character's rating is two and a half stars,and martial arts range from one and a half to three stars.Due to this being a special mission reward draw,specific selection using antagonist points is not allowed."

Su Xin pondered for a moment and murmured,"Wen Xue'an,it's him."

The name Wen Xue'an might be unfamiliar to many,but when referred to as the Seventh in the world,everyone would likely have an impression.

He was considered one of the most hated antagonist characters among heroes,but at the same time,a pitiable figure.

However,there's a reason why a pitiable person might also be detestable.

Wen Xue'an was the son of Wen Zhang,a high-ranking official in the former dynasty,and his concubine Mo Shi.His mother,born in poverty,suffered greatly and eventually died of depression.

He was often bullied by his half-siblings,coupled with his ugly appearance and gloomy nature,making him even more disliked.

However,he became so depraved that he wanted to have relations with his half-sister.As a result,he was expelled from the Wen family.After that,he diligently practiced martial arts,becoming the top expert by the side of the treacherous Cai Jing.

Despite being called the Seventh in the world,his actual strength didn't even rank in the top seventy-seven.The title of"Seventh in the world"was merely to prevent others from figuring out his true abilities.

What truly boosted Wen Xue'an's strength was when he became the apprentice of Yuan Shisan and the favorite disciple of Yuan Shisan,learning many exclusive martial arts of the Zizai School.

Looking at the explanation on the big screen,Su Xin felt a bit troubled.

In fact,Wen Xue'an was not a bad character;he possessed many exclusive martial arts of the Zizai School taught by Yuan Shisan.

But before this,he also learned more common martial arts like the Five Tiger Breaking Door Saber.Moreover,since the system didn't allow specific selection,the possibility of drawing these inferior martial arts was quite high.

"Oh right,why does the character rating of the Seventh in the World show two and a half stars,but he has up to three hearts in martial arts?"

Su Xin only noticed this now.The martial arts skills carried by the character were even higher than the level he was in.

The system explained,"The character rating is based on their inherent strength,while the level of the carried martial arts depends on the completeness of their learning.As I mentioned before,for example,the official version rating of the Nine Yin Manual is four stars.If the host draws Ouyang Feng,he will receive the Inverted Nine Yin Manual,rated three stars,and Ouyang Feng's own rating is three and a half stars.The Seventh in the World falls into the same category.The'Momentum Sword,'a fusion of all his martial arts,is rated three stars.Although he only learned a part of Yuan Shisan's Heartbreaking Arrow Technique,the rating still reaches three stars."

"Alright,let's proceed directly to drawing martial arts."

There were too many martial arts carried by the Seventh in the World.If he could luckily draw something like the Heartbreaking Arrow Technique's incomplete version,it would be a win.

Su Xin showed a wry smile.He originally thought this reward would be a welfare,but it turned out to be a matter of luck.

The halo flickered among the eleven martial arts,eventually slowing down.

"Congratulations to the host,successfully drawing the Hatred Fist and Vendetta Palm.Since these two martial arts attributes complement each other,they will be combined into one.The rating is two and a half stars."

"Although it's not the incomplete version of the Heartbreaking Arrow Technique,it's still not bad."

Getting the Hatred Fist and Vendetta Palm was considered good.These two martial arts were unique skills created by Yuan Shisan and taught to the Seventh in the World.They were extremely powerful.

Most importantly,these two martial arts compensated for Su Xin's deficiency in martial arts variability.

The Great Vajra Sword Style leaned towards defense and didn't quite match Su Xin's style.Although he practiced the Great Vajra Sword Style to a very high proficiency,it became increasingly awkward to use.

Jing Wuming's Fast Sword,on the other hand,was suitable for one-hit kills.If the first strike didn't inflict serious damage,the subsequent strikes would be weaker.

This ruthless and cunning Fast Sword was more suitable as a hidden card.

After leaving the system,Su Xin went out to find Huang Bingcheng.

Huang Bingcheng looked at Su Xin in surprise.Wasn't the boss going into seclusion?Why did he come out so soon?

"Old Huang,I've arranged Li Shiyéto you.His monthly stipend is the same as yours.But remember one thing,you can let him do things,but don't let him take control."

Although Li Shiyéhad joined Su Xin,he was originally a disloyal person.

Su Xin might use such a person,but he wouldn't give him significant authority.

"Today,you're willing to betray Tiger Third for personal gain.Will you also betray me for the same reason in the future?"Huang Bingcheng nodded.Even if Su Xin didn't say it,he wasn't planning to treat Li Shiyéwell.

That guy just joined the gang and immediately tried to steal his thunder.Ridiculous.

After instructing Huang Bingcheng,Su Xin left the Happy Forest and returned to his own courtyard.From the attack on the Happy Forest until now,he had been busy without a break.It was time to rest.

Back home,Xiner sat in the room with a distressed face,listening to an old man lecturing.When she saw Su Xin return,she immediately rushed into his arms,pleading,"Brother,can I skip class today?I haven't seen you for many days.How about you teach me swordsmanship instead?"

Xiner had been forced to endure dry content and write hundreds of words every day while Su Xin was attacking the Green Bamboo Gang these past few days.Now that she saw Su Xin come back,she immediately came over to complain.

The old man,seeing Su Xin,became nervous."Master Su,Miss Xiner is intelligent but a bit capricious.If she doesn't focus on studying and literacy,as she grows older,it may become more challenging for her to learn."

Su Xin,being the gang leader,treated this failed scholar with respect.Relying on teaching students and writing letters,the scholar didn't dare to offend Su Xin,fearing that Su Xin might think he was deliberately being harsh on Xiner.

"Alright,sir,I know about this.But learning also needs a balance of work and rest.Today,let's consider it a day off for Xiner."

"Brother,you're so good!"Xiner immediately hugged Su Xin and happily bounced around.

"I'll take my leave then."The old scholar felt awkward being around someone as imposing as Su Xin.

"Enough with the coquetry.You're only allowed to play for one day,and tomorrow you have to continue studying with the teacher,"Su Xin scolded.

"Oh,I know."The head that was just raised a moment ago drooped instantly.

After sending Xiner away,Su Xin returned to his room and prepared to take a nap.Playing mind games with someone like Sha Feiying was too mentally taxing.

The next day,Su Xin woke up refreshed.Instead of going to the Happy Forest,he went directly to Yongle Alley.

The situation in the Happy Forest had stabilized,but Yongle Alley was a newly conquered territory.Most of Su Xin's men were concentrated there,and he needed to be present.

On the way,he met members of the Flying Eagle Gang,all stopping to salute,their eyes filled with admiration.No wonder—they had received the order yesterday appointing Su Xin as the leader of the Flying Eagle Gang.

It was noteworthy that Su Xin was only seventeen years old.Having a leader at such a young age was indeed quite extravagant.Even Sand Third,the son of the gang leader,Sha Feiying,was around the same age as Su Xin.However,if he were directly appointed as the leader,he would undoubtedly be criticized by the gang members.

But Su Xin,as the leader,was beyond reproach.He had earned this position through genuine achievements!

At the entrance of the Yongle Alley headquarters,seeing Su Xin arriving,Huang Bingcheng quickly came forward.

"Boss,why didn't you take a few more days to rest?I can handle things here,"Huang Bingcheng said with a flattering smile.It might seem like he was being overly complimentary,but that was his style.

"I trust you to handle things,but in the path of martial arts,if you don't progress,you regress.Especially for body refining,continuous training is crucial.It's not just me who needs to cultivate;the brothers under me can't stop either.Is the martial arts arena at the entrance of Yongle Alley ready?"

When the Green Bamboo Gang was in Yongle Alley,there was no need for a martial arts arena.The backyard of the entrance was used to store miscellaneous items.

When Su Xin took over,he had Huang Bingcheng clear the backyard to make it a martial arts arena.

"It has been prepared long ago.It's a bit small,and I was planning to expand it.Otherwise,with over a thousand brothers,it's not enough."

Su Xin nodded and asked,"Have there been new gang members breaking the rules?"

Huang Bingcheng felt a bit awkward."There are some.However,they were all caught and severely punished by Li Huai and his people.Li Huai's methods are quite ruthless,but I guess those guys won't dare to offend a second time.Those businessmen now also understand that you are not someone to be trifled with."

Previously,the businessmen in Yongle Alley had some complaints about Su Xin's increase in the monthly fee.However,witnessing the severe punishments given by Su Xin's men,they had nothing to say.

When the Green Bamboo Gang was in charge,although the fee was lower,the lower-ranking gang members often harassed these businesses.

It was indeed easier to deal with the big boss than troublesome underlings.Although these guys only demanded a few taels of silver each time,they came several times a month.The money they extorted was not much less than the monthly fee,and it also delayed their business.

Now,under Su Xin's strict discipline,with Li Huai and his people supervising,who would dare to offend again unless they didn't want to stay in Su Xin's gang?