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Chapter 94: When All Else Fails, Reveal the Dagger

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Although Su Xin has meticulously unraveled the doubts about the identities of the two individuals,he is currently puzzled by one thing:why would they go to such lengths to frame him?With a sudden realization,Su Xin recalls a previous question from Iron Ruthlessness about when Yijianmen obtained the token.A speculation emerges in Su Xin's mind,prompting him to exclaim,"You have more than two keys;it turns out you should have three or even four keys!"

Gong Qingfeng is surprised and responds,"You can even figure that out?Well,Su Xin,you are truly extraordinary.Your guess is correct;we had four keys in our possession.Over the years,Senior Brother Jiang managed to find the tokens scattered outside,and the last one was inside Yijianmen.Since we couldn't retrieve it,we had to resort to this method."

As these words are spoken,Fang Dongting's expression changes abruptly because the key in his hand is indeed a recent acquisition.Jiang Yuandong and Ruan Mingyue's faces mirror Fang Dongting's unease.Being locals of Xiangnan,they are well aware of the preciousness of the treasure left by Du Yuansheng,the Mad Lion.

After obtaining the keys,the three families enthusiastically sent their core disciples to come,unaware that they had fallen into each other's schemes.Su Xin touches his nose and remarks,"It makes sense that you deliberately gave the key to the Qingcheng Sword Sect.You wanted to use the discord between the Qingcheng Sword Sect and Yijianmen to provoke both sides,hoping that they would exhaust much of their strength before entering the treasure site.And by framing me,you probably aimed to use me to strike against Xie Zhiyan behind me.You knew that with Xie Zhiyan's character,she would definitely speak up for me,while Fang Dongting would surely add fuel to the fire.You wanted them to end up fighting each other over my affairs,perhaps even mutually harming each other.Unfortunately,it didn't succeed in the end due to my exoneration.However,the only thing I'm puzzled about is why you had to involve the three major families of Xiangnan.It seems that,besides using them to frame me,they serve no other purpose for you."

Hearing Su Xin's words,Jiang Yuandong looks at Jiang Ling with a perplexed expression.This matter seems unrelated to the three major families of Xiangnan;why did they specifically target them?

Jiang Ling,facing Jiang Yuandong and Ruan Mingyue,sneers,"You think you have nothing to do with this matter?In the beginning,it was your three major families colluding with the court,conspiring to kill my adoptive father!When I obtain the treasure and reestablish the Three Lakes Martial Alliance in the future,I will settle this score with you.For now,it's just collecting a bit of interest!"

Now,Jiang Yuandong is at a loss for words.This is the cause and effect left by their forefathers,and now it is their turn to repay.

Fang Dongting snorts,"Stop with the useless talk.Just the two of you,dare to scheme against us?"

Upon hearing Fang Dongting's words,everyone suddenly realizes that Jiang Ling and Gong Qingfeng are at the Innate Qi Sea Realm and the Postnatal Grand Perfection Realm,respectively.The combined strength of the people present is definitely stronger than them.What is there to fear?

However,Su Xin is not as optimistic as Fang Dongting.The fact that the opponents lured them here and unabashedly exposed their identities indicates that they must have some reliance.

Indeed,after hearing Fang Dongting's words,Jiang Ling's momentum begins to rise continuously.True Qi erupts from his body,and faint frost condenses around him.

"Divine Palace Realm cultivator!"

People exclaim in shock,their expressions turning extremely ugly.

Innate Qi Sea,Ling Aperture,Divine Palace-three realms.

A Divine Palace Realm cultivator refines the divine palace in the center of their eyebrows,reaching the stage where they can communicate with the heavens and the earth by increasing their spiritual power.Stronger cultivators can even preliminarily borrow a trace of the power of heaven and earth.

Regardless of how far Jiang Ling has reached,even if he is the weakest Divine Palace Realm cultivator,he is still stronger than Fang Dongting and Xie Zhiyan by two small realms,fully capable of overwhelming them!

"Hiding this strength for so long,today I can finally display it freely!"Jiang Ling roars,drawing a thin,blade-like Willow Leaf Knife from behind.

On the other side,Gong Qingfeng also releases the suppression on his strength,revealing the aura of an Innate Qi Sea Realm cultivator.

Two Innate Realm cultivators,one in the Divine Palace Realm and the other in the Innate Qi Sea Realm;this is beyond what they can handle.

Everyone instinctively looks towards the large mechanical gate behind them.Jiang Ling sneers,"No need to look anymore.To prevent theft,the entrance to the mechanism gate here must remain closed.It will take an hour before it can be opened again.Even if you have the keys,they are useless."

He Tao quickly says,"Master Jiang,this is your grudge with them.The Iron Knife Society is just a small gang in Changning Prefecture.If you let me go,I will definitely not reveal a word."

Meng Changhe also hurriedly says,"That's right,we promise to keep our mouths shut."

At this moment,Meng Changhe deeply regrets his decision.He took the initiative to get involved in this matter,even squeezing out Ning Luo Jun and Duan Xiao,contacting the three major families of Xiangnan alone.

But now he wishes he could switch places with Duan Xiao and Ning Luo Jun.

"Hehe,keep your mouth shut?"

Jiang Ling calmly says,"In this world,only the dead can truly keep their mouths shut!"

As the words fell,Jiang Ling's Willow Leaf Knife,thin as a cicada's wing,had already slashed out.It seemed as if a mighty river was flowing to the east,but Jiang Ling's single slash severed it,creating a piercing and ear-splitting whistle in the air.

As the blade descended,the nearest Jiang Yuandong and Ruan Mingyue showed a look of unwillingness in their eyes.A bloodline emerged from their brows,and their bodies were directly cut in half.The scene became extremely bloody in an instant.

One slash,two people severed.The members from the three major families of Xiangnan who came this time were completely wiped out.It seems that Jiang Ling harbors deep hatred towards these three families.

Xie Zhiyan exclaimed,"This is the secret martial art of the North Sea Knife Sect,the'断东流'(断东流)!"(Note:"断东流"can be translated as"Severing the Eastward Flow.")

Jiang Ling shook off the blood from the Willow Leaf Knife,saying,"Exactly,it's断东流.When my adoptive father led people to annihilate the North Sea Knife Sect,this so-called top sect of the North Sea had only one martial art,断东流,that caught my adoptive father's attention."

Looking at Xie Zhiyan and the others,Jiang Ling coldly said,"Although I haven't learned my adoptive father's'狂狮九斩'(Nine Slashes of the Mad Lion),just with断东流,it's enough to deal with you all.In this battle,I will use your blood to offer a sacrifice to the newly formed Three Lakes Martial Alliance!"

With these words,Jiang Ling took a swift step and arrived next to Xie Zhiyan.The slender Willow Leaf Knife,however,slashed out with a majestic blade technique,instantly enveloping Xie Zhiyan in a surging aura of blades.

"Qingfeng!Go deal with the other trash.I'll handle Xie Zhiyan.Ranked 78th on the People's List,the'Heavenly Maiden'Xie Zhiyan,even if her strength is inferior to mine,I cannot be careless."Jiang Ling instructed while attacking.

Gong Qingfeng nodded,revealing a sinister smile to Su Xin and others.The long sword in his hand swiftly thrust out.

In an instant,seventy-two sword auras approached,sharp and forceful,directly enveloping them all.Gong Qingfeng unexpectedly intended to face multiple opponents alone,and he took the initiative!

Su Xin had already sensed the tremendous power of this force as the sharp sword auras approached.Although both are Innate Qi Sea Realm warriors,Gong Qingfeng is much stronger than Fang Dongting.

With a single blow,Meng Changhe resisted the sword aura with his"大摔碑手"(Great Toppling Stone Hand),but was directly blasted away by the powerful force,his hands bleeding profusely,and his breath weakened to the extreme.

He Tian wasn't faring any better.The massive beheading horse knife behind him swung consecutively but was cut into two by the sword aura.He,too,was sent flying by a sword strike,a huge sword mark appearing on his chest.

Among the three leaders of Changning Prefecture,only Su Xin,using the sharpness of the Yue Long Sword combined with the power of the small sphere in his hand,managed to neutralize the sword aura,but he was still forced back several steps.

On Fang Dongting's side,things weren't much better.He lacked combat experience,and although he came from the Qingcheng Sword Sect,individual combat strength varies from person to person.

Despite blocking the sword aura,Fang Dongting's hands felt numb,and the long sword almost slipped from his grasp.

Even the follower who had always been behind Fang Dongting,although inconspicuous,turned out to be an Innate Qi Sea Realm warrior.His performance was slightly better than Fang Dongting.

In an instant,five people fell,and Gong Qingfeng laughed wildly.His figure was like a raging wind,charging towards Fang Dongting once again.

Su Xin,seeing Gong Qingfeng's incredibly fast movements,immediately reacted.This Gong Qingfeng was the one who had deliberately attacked him during the night.

"Seven!Block for me!"Fang Dongting shouted,wielding the Water and Fire Dao Sword.However,he continued to retreat step by step under Gong Qingfeng's attack.

The follower named Seven,although also a disciple of the Qingcheng Sword Sect,seemed not to be the direct disciple and had not been taught the unique martial art'道剑'(Dao Sword)of the Qingcheng Sword Sect.

He only used some ordinary sword techniques to resist,but unfortunately,the power was insufficient.Despite his rich combat experience,he couldn't match the opponent.

Of course,Gong Qingfeng didn't forget about Su Xin.

With his incredibly fast movements,Gong Qingfeng had just been fighting Fang Dongting and Seven,but in the next moment,he was already in front of Su Xin.Sword auras fell like stars,making Su Xin retreat step by step,a trace of blood flowing from the corner of his mouth.

Even though Gong Qingfeng only used one-fifth of his strength to deal with Su Xin,the continuous connection of the formidable force still injured Su Xin's internal organs.

Although the three of them joined forces,they were still no match for Gong Qingfeng.At this moment,Fang Dongting narrowed his eyes,suddenly shouted,"Seven,you stay here to resist.I'll find an opportunity to go out and seek reinforcements!"

With these words,Fang Dongting unexpectedly sheathed his sword and ran into the mist.Seven,on the other hand,began desperately resisting Gong Qingfeng's attacks.

"Damn it!"Su Xin couldn't help but curse loudly when he saw this scene.

Although the three of them together couldn't beat the opponent,they could barely maintain a stand-off.Now that Fang Dongting ran away,with Gong Qingfeng's strength,it won't be long before he can kill one person.

Su Xin didn't intend to delay time for that bastard.He also retracted his sword and retreated,but Seven continued to resist Gong Qingfeng's attacks while guiding him in the direction Su Xin had escaped.

"Damn!Are you crazy?Fang Dongting is clearly leading you to your death.Why are you fighting so desperately?Do you want to drag me down with you?"Su Xin roared at Seven in anger.