The strongest villain system
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Chapter Three: When the heavens wish to destroy, they first drive to madness.

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Changning Prefecture has forty-nine districts,and although Chang Le Lane is the poorest market,it is not entirely a slum.At least one street is relatively decent,known as"Happy Forest."

As the name suggests,Happy Forest is a place for people to enjoy themselves.On this small street,there are over a hundred establishments,including gambling dens,restaurants,brothels,and inns.

This Happy Forest street alone can support dozens of Flying Eagle Gang members.Without it,the Flying Eagle Gang would probably withdraw from Chang Le Lane altogether.Engaging in fierce battles with the Qing Zhu Gang for such a poor place,the Flying Eagle Gang feels like it's operating at a loss.

In the largest brothel on Happy Forest street,Drunken Moon Pavilion,Liu Sandao is enjoying a massage from two girls with narrowed eyes.He listens to his subordinates report while having a seemingly pleasant time.

Liu Sandao is already in his thirties this year.It took him more than ten years in the jianghu to rise to this position as a small leader,which is considered quite an achievement.

Although the means by which he attained his current position might not be entirely honorable,this is the jianghu,where the rule"might makes right"prevails even among the lowest ranks.

Despite being fierce and ruthless—having even killed an opponent in his debut battle against a rival gang member—Liu Sandao is not a martial artist.He lacks any martial skills,and for over a decade,he has been struggling at the bottom of the Flying Eagle Gang due to his lack of strength.

However,being at the bottom has its advantages.At least,within the lower ranks of the Flying Eagle Gang,he has a wide network of connections and some friendships with upper-level members.

Otherwise,after framing Su Xin,his fate wouldn't be securing this small leadership position but facing the gang's disciplinary measures.

"How's Chen Ge doing at the gambling den?"Liu Sandao casually asks while playing with a pair of iron gallbladders in his hands,a move he learned from Tie Wuqing,the Chief Constable of the East Twelve Districts of Changning Prefecture.He feels it gives off a powerful aura.

One subordinate,with a troubled expression,reports,"Chen Ge has lost over a hundred taels at the gambling den,and they just lent him another hundred taels."

Liu Sandao dismissively waves his hand,"Whatever he loses counts as on my account.Tell Old Huang at the gambling den that he can skip next month's protection money."

The subordinate hesitates and says,"But,Boss,the monthly protection money for the gambling den is only fifty taels,and Old Huang said that when the Qing Zhu Gang managed it,the fee was only thirty taels."


Liu Sandao forcefully slams the iron gallbladders onto the ground,startling the two girls behind him.

"From now on,I'm in charge here!"

Liu Sandao's face is filled with ferocity."Tell Old Huang that the monthly fee is now two hundred taels!If he doesn't pay,there's no need for his gambling den to stay open!"

"Yes,yes!I'll go tell him right away!"The subordinate immediately runs out.

For some reason,since becoming this small leader,Liu Sandao,who used to be kind and approachable,has changed a lot.

Liu Sandao picks up the fallen iron gallbladders and starts to massage them again.However,before he can fully settle back into his chair,a commotion is heard from outside.

"What's going on?"Liu Sandao asks displeased.

"Boss!Lao Wu is dead!"A gang member with a scar on his face rushes in with a tearful voice.

"What happened?Wasn't Lao Wu out with Lao Si?Could it be the Qing Zhu Gang?"

Liu Sandao pushes his way through the crowd and sees Lao Si carrying Lao Wu on his back.Lao Si's eyes are vacant as he looks at Liu Sandao.

"How did Lao Wu die?!"

Although he has many subordinates,most of them joined after he became the small leader.The only ones who have faithfully followed him for several years are these five brothers.

"Boss!It was Su Xin who killed Lao Wu!"

"Su Xin!"The name Liu Sandao least wants to hear now.

Although underworld gangs are looked down upon by the righteous martial world,they still adhere to a certain code of loyalty.Liu Sandao,who obtained his position by framing his own brother,knows that people will gossip.

"Impossible!Su Xin was nearly killed by the Qing Zhu Gang before,and now he's probably close to death.How could he have killed Lao Wu?"

Lao Si grimly says,"It's true!Su Xin killed Lao Wu with just one sword!Wait,I can't even call it a sword;it's more like a piece of iron!He even said that you owe him and he will come to collect it personally!"

Hearing this,Liu Sandao feels a chill rushing to his head.

Surveying the surroundings,Liu Sandao shouts,"What the hell are you all looking at?Get lost!"

Everyone inside Drunken Moon Pavilion immediately retreats.

"Go and bring Chen Ge to me."

Chen Ge,whose real name is Chen Dao,is in his forties.Although he is just an ordinary member of the Flying Eagle Gang,he is also the adopted son of Tiger Third Master,one of the thirteen big bosses of the Flying Eagle Gang.

Proficient in Iron Sand Palm,a skill passed down directly by Tiger Third Master,Chen Dao is far beyond the reach of ordinary small leaders.This time,Liu Sandao invited him to eat,drink,have fun,and gamble,spending hundreds of taels of silver to try and get some favorable words from him in front of Tiger Third Master,hoping to secure his position.

Chen Dao is brought over,but he sits down in Liu Sandao's previous seat with an impatient expression,asking,"What's going on?I was having a good time gambling over there."

Liu Sandao doesn't mind Chen Dao's rudeness;instead,he smiles apologetically,"Chen Ge,here's the situation.One of my men was killed by someone,a single move took his life.I want you to come and witness the attacker's strength."

"From the Qing Zhu Gang?"In a place like Chang Le Lane,there wouldn't be other gangs around.The only possibility is the Qing Zhu Gang,who just lost a battle to them.

"No,it's one of our own from the Flying Eagle Gang,"Liu Sandao said with an embarrassed expression.

"One of your own?Damn,you can't even control your own men?"Chen Dao frowns at Liu Sandao,suddenly thinking of something.He asks in surprise,"Is it that Su Xin?The Su Xin you took the position from?"

Liu Sandao nods awkwardly,well aware that betraying a brother is not an admirable thing.

Chen Dao shrugs indifferently,not bothered by it.After Lao Wu's body is brought up,Chen Dao crouches down to carefully examine it.Seeing the sword wound in Lao Wu's throat,Chen Dao's eyes narrow.

"Chen Ge,any insights?Did you figure something out?"Liu Sandao hastily asks.

"Expert!A skilled swordsman!"Chen Dao says in a deep voice,his tone no longer lazy."A single fatal strike,precisely cutting the windpipe with the sword's edge.Even without much distance,this person's control over the sword has reached a terrifying level.Was Su Xin this strong when he was under your command?"

Liu Sandao looks bewildered,"Well,this kid was indeed a good fighter from the start.Don't be fooled by his gentle appearance;he's got strength.He could take on three strong men by himself without any problem.But I've never heard of him using a sword."

"That's strange.Someone who hasn't immersed themselves in swordsmanship for over a decade wouldn't be able to use such a technique."Chen Dao sits up,playing with the two iron gallbladders Liu Sandao had."Could Su Xin have learned internal skills?"

Liu Sandao suddenly suggests,"Maybe this Su Xin learned some internal skills?"

Chen Dao sneers,"Do you think everyone has the qualifications to learn internal skills?Only true martial artists who have reached the innate realm can cultivate internal skills.In our Flying Eagle Gang,only the gang leader and the three hall masters are innate realm martial artists.This isn't some place where everyone practices martial arts;this is Changning Prefecture,not the bustling city filled with martial artists.We,like you,are just running around the jianghu.Internal skills?You've been reading too many fast novels."

Liu Sandao smiles apologetically,"I'm indeed ignorant.Chen Ge,do you think you can handle Su Xin?"

"A fast and accurate sword thrust is useless.Strength is fundamental!Five hundred taels of silver,I'll help you deal with this Su Xin.At the same time,I'll report to my adoptive father that Su Xin colluded with the Qing Zhu Gang,clearing your name from the rumors of framing your brother."Chen Dao plays with Liu Sandao's iron gallbladders while saying this.

"Alright!I'll prepare the money right away!"Liu Sandao agrees through gritted teeth.Compared to money,life is more important.Five hundred taels,although a lot,can be collected by squeezing the various establishments in Happy Forest a bit more aggressively,and it'll be covered in a month.

"Great!Liu Sandao,soon you'll know that spending these five hundred taels is worth it."Chen Dao throws down the iron gallbladders,stands up,revealing five clear fingerprints on the gallbladder,made by his fingers.

Meanwhile,what is Su Xin doing?He's eating buns.

As soon as he arrived at Happy Forest,he felt hungry again.So,he found a roadside stall,ordered several baskets of soup dumplings,and started eating.

Martial artists have abundant energy and blood,making them have large appetites.Coupled with Su Xin's recent cultivation of internal skills,he needs to digest the essence of the food to transform it into internal strength.

Some high-level practitioners can consume a large amount of food,and it's normal for them to eat a whole cow in a day.Of course,such people can also go without eating or drinking for a month.

After finishing the buns,Su Xin suddenly remembered that he still had one more chance to draw a lottery today.

With a thought,Su Xin appeared in the system space.

"System,do I still have one chance for the lottery today?"

The system replies,"Yes,the host still has one chance for the basic draw.Would you like to proceed?"

"Proceed,"Su Xin says without hesitation.

Although the basic draw is somewhat mediocre,there's always a chance of getting a new martial art or technique.Even if it's not a weapon,it's still acceptable.

However,Su Xin clearly doesn't have the luck this time.The pointer of the roulette passes by martial arts and lands on elixirs.

"Tsk!It's not as good as I imagined.It would be better if it were a weapon."Su Xin is using the iron piece sword he took from Lao Si,and it looks a bit shabby.

"Congratulations to the host for drawing a basic subpar Qi-Boosting Pill.Evaluation:Half a star."

Su Xin's mouth twitches a bit.A basic subpar Qi-Boosting Pill doesn't sound like something good.

Coming out of the system space,Su Xin holds the subpar Qi-Boosting Pill in his hand.It doesn't have a spherical shape but looks irregular,making it seem unreliable.

Su Xin opens his mouth and swallows it twice.Instantly,he feels the internal strength in his body doubling.

Don't think that doubling is a lot.Su Xin has only been cultivating internal skills for a day,and the internal strength in his body is just a tiny bit.Even with a double increase,it's still just a tiny bit.

Overall,this basic subpar Qi-Boosting Pill can only increase the internal strength Su Xin cultivated in a day,which is better than nothing.

Just as he stands up,Su Xin hears the system's voice in his mind:"Mission system activated.A new mission is now available.Newbie Mission:Kill Liu Sandao within three days and become the small leader of the Flying Eagle Gang.Mission rewards:Antagonist Points 10,basic subpar Qi-Boosting Pill.Failure penalty:Sever one arm."

"The failure penalty for a newbie mission is so severe?But the mission itself is relatively simple."Su Xin tosses a broken silver piece and heads straight for Happy Forest.