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Chapter Four: My Stronger Hand is the Right One

8440words in this chapter2023-12-22

Outside the Drunken Moon Pavilion,Su Xin gazed at the luxurious building adorned with golden decorations,sighing in amazement.

Compared to the commoner's district near Chang Le Alley,this place seemed like a completely different world.

"Halt!This place has been reserved by our Flying Eagle Gang.Go somewhere else to have fun."A young gang member hurriedly blocked Su Xin's path as he attempted to enter the Drunken Moon Pavilion.

"I'm here to find Liu Sandao,"Su Xin replied.

"Bold!Do you think you can casually mention Three Brother's name?"The gang member scolded,but his cold sweat began to trickle down.Su Xin's ridiculous iron sword was now at his throat!

"Can I go in now?"Su Xin asked calmly.

The gang member nodded quickly,afraid that Su Xin might accidentally sever his throat.Su Xin retracted his sword,indifferent as he said,"Be more low-key.You're just a small leader;there's no need for such a big show to intimidate people."

Entering the Drunken Moon Pavilion,Su Xin found Liu Sandao's display even more extravagant than he had imagined.As a small leader,Liu Sandao had gathered around sixty to seventy gang members who were all now glaring at Su Xin.

"Liu Sandao,it seems like you're enjoying this position quite well.Quite imposing,"Su Xin commented,drawing the attention of Flying Eagle Gang members towards Liu Sandao.

The gang members had heard about Liu Sandao betraying his own brothers to obtain this position.Now,facing the aggrieved party,they wanted to see how Liu Sandao would explain himself.After all,in the world of martial arts,the principles of righteousness mattered.

However,they underestimated Liu Sandao's shamelessness.

Facing Su Xin's inquiry,Liu Sandao shamelessly responded,"Su Xin,don't blame me.This position suits me better.You're too young to win people's hearts.I've been in Flying Eagle Gang for over ten years,leading countless brothers.Moreover,I've planned for this position for so long.You can't blame me for being ruthless.Brotherhood?Just a lie to fool kids!"

Liu Sandao's words left everyone stunned.Su Xin's reaction was swift.With a step forward,he quickly evaded the approaching gang member and threw him towards Liu Sandao.Seizing the opportunity,Su Xin thrust his sword,pinning Liu Sandao to the ground.

Su Xin pulled out the sword,addressing the crowd,"Liu Sandao is dead.This place is now under my control.Anyone in favor,and anyone against?"

Witnessing Su Xin's actions,the Flying Eagle Gang members felt a chilling sensation.One brave soul stepped forward,shouting,"Su Xin,you're daring!Chen Dao is Tiger San's adopted son,and Three Brother was appointed as the small leader by the gang leader.You dare to publicly kill them,ignoring the gang rules.You'll face punishment!"

"That's right!Even if Three Brother made a mistake,gang rules should handle it.When did it become your right to take matters into your own hands?"Two more members protested.

"Su Xin!You've got a nerve!Chen Dao was Tiger San's adopted son,and Three Brother was the gang leader's chosen small leader.You dare to kill them in public.You're disregarding the gang rules.You'll face punishment!"

Despite their bold words,the gang members'legs were trembling.They hoped to intimidate Su Xin with the gang rules.

"No need to argue.Since you've mentioned gang rules,let me show you what real power is."Su Xin's sword swiftly flashed,slicing through the throat of the first protester,splattering blood.

The other two screamed and fled towards the exit.Su Xin,with agile steps,caught up to them and dispatched them with a sword each.Four out of the original five who followed Liu Sandao were now dead.The last remaining one,Old Four,who had brought the news about Old Five,knelt on the ground,begging for mercy.

"Su Xin,I know I was wrong!It was Sun Lao Da and Liu Sandao's decision to betray you.I was forced into this situation!They're both dead now.Spare me,please!"

"Ah,one should value loyalty.Your words will surely sadden your four sworn brothers.Why don't you go down and accompany them personally?"The iron sword thrust out,and Old Four couldn't even cover his throat with his hands.With terror in his eyes,he collapsed slowly.

"Now,does anyone still oppose?"Su Xin withdrew his sword,a faint smile on his lips.

The sixty-plus gang members shivered,quickly responding in unison,"We pay respects to Boss Su!"

Killing was not frightening to them;their hands were stained with blood too.But what terrified them was Su Xin's madness!He dared to kill Liu Sandao and even Chen Dao,the adopted son of Tiger San,their boss.

"Host successfully killed Liu Sandao,task completion rate fifty percent.Please continue your efforts,"the system's voice echoed in Su Xin's mind.

Su Xin was puzzled,"I've already killed Liu Sandao.Even if the gang members don't fully trust me,they acknowledge me now.Why isn't the task considered complete?"

The system explained,"The task details involve killing Liu Sandao and becoming the Flying Eagle Gang's small leader.Your current position is acquired through violence,not recognized by the gang's higher-ups.Therefore,it doesn't fulfill the task."

Su Xin felt a headache.The task seemed simple,but the difficulty lay here.

"Get a few people to clean up the bodies here for me,"Su Xin commanded as he sat in Liu Sandao's former seat.

A gang member promptly stepped forward,scolding,"What are you all looking at?Haven't you heard Boss Su's words?Clean up the bodies and clear the bloodstains from the floor!"

This member,around thirty years old,had a sly look and was the one Liu Sandao threw forward earlier to resist Qin Yu's attack.

Su Xin observed him with interest.Even after killing several people,these Flying Eagle Gang members now feared him.Yet,this person dared to please him.

"What's your name?"Su Xin asked.

"I'm called Huang Bingcheng.Honestly,I've long been fed up with Liu Sandao's behavior.He betrayed his brothers to climb up,and in crucial moments,he even harmed his own people.Ridiculous!"Huang Bingcheng spat at Liu Sandao's corpse,appearing resentful.

Su Xin casually waved his hand,"Alright,from now on,when I'm not around,you manage these gang members."

Huang Bingcheng,upon hearing Su Xin's words,was delighted.He knew he made the right choice.While Liu Sandao was in charge,only those five brothers gained trust.Now that Su Xin had risen,and there was no one to manage the gang members,he was the first to come forward,and Su Xin readily accepted him.

After cleaning up the bodies,Huang Bingcheng eagerly approached Su Xin,wearing a fawning smile,"Boss,any other orders?"

"How much money did Liu Sandao leave?"Su Xin asked.

The most crucial thing in the gang was money.Whether for cultivation or supporting their brothers,funds were necessary.

Huang Bingcheng cautiously replied,"None left."

"Managing such a lively place,and Liu Sandao didn't have a single coin left?Is that believable?"Su Xin sneered,making Huang Bingcheng shiver.

"Really!Liu Sandao,to please Chen Dao,gambled away all the money he had collected from the establishments in the Fast-Living Forest.I doubt he can even produce ten taels of silver now."

Huang Bingcheng explained with a bitter expression,suddenly recalling something.He quickly asked,"Boss,Liu Sandao still has five hundred taels of silver.He just collected it from the businesses in the Fast-Living Forest and intended to present it to Chen Dao.Should we keep it for ourselves or return it to those businesses?"

"Why ask?It's money Liu Sandao collected.What's it to me?Why should I return it to them?"Su Xin glanced at Huang Bingcheng.This guy wasn't sharp enough;did he need to ask about such things?

"By the way,Boss,there's something I'm not sure whether to mention or not,"Huang Bingcheng hesitated.

Su Xin waved his hand,indicating Huang Bingcheng to continue.

Given Su Xin's permission,Huang Bingcheng carefully said,"Boss,it's fine that you killed Liu Sandao,as we're in the gang,not like those sects,hypocritical with their strength-first nonsense.Many of us have overthrown our bosses to climb up.But you killed Chen Dao;that's a big problem.Chen Dao is Tiger San's adopted son.Tiger San is over fifty years old,spent over twenty years grooming Chen Dao to his current level.Tiger San has no biological sons and hoped Chen Dao would be his successor.Killing Chen Dao might make it difficult to pass Tiger San's scrutiny."

After listening,Su Xin tapped the table rhythmically,his habit from his past life when contemplating something.After a moment,he stood up,"Let's go.We're meeting Tiger San."

"What...What!?You want

to see Tiger San?"Huang Bingcheng's jaw almost dropped.

Though only half an hour had passed since Su Xin killed Chen Dao,Tiger San probably already knew.These gang members,newly recruited under Liu Sandao,didn't have much loyalty to Su Xin.Huang Bingcheng thought it was more prudent for Su Xin to take the five hundred taels and seek refuge with other bosses.Going to Tiger San now was likely to end with a slap in the face,or worse,getting killed.

"How about it?Don't want to go?"Su Xin raised an eyebrow.

"No,no,I'll go!"Huang Bingcheng quickly replied.Since he had chosen to side with Su Xin,going back now would mean everything he had done earlier was in vain.

The other gang members looked on,indifferent.If Su Xin returned alive from Tiger San's place,he would be their boss.If not,who cared who Su Xin was?

As Su Xin and Huang Bingcheng left the Drunken Moon Pavilion,the other gang members maintained a nonchalant attitude.If Su Xin returned alive,he would be their boss;if not,they wouldn't bother remembering him.