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Chapter 105: Wind Chaser Patrol

8157words in this chapter2024-01-06

Upon hearing Iron Ruthless suggest that he become a Wind Chaser patrol,Su Xin was momentarily stunned.↖,

"Lord Iron,you can't be serious.I'm just a martial artist at the Postnatal Realm.You want me to be a Wind Chaser patrol and complete those tasks?"

After Iron Ruthless gave a detailed description of the responsibilities of a Wind Chaser patrol,Su Xin felt that this so-called Wind Chaser patrol did tasks similar to those of special agents in his previous life,requiring exceptionally high personal strength.

For instance,in the current mission Iron Ruthless was undertaking,the opponent,although just a remnant of Du Yuansheng lurking in the shadows,possessed the strength of the Innate Divine Palace realm.If a weaker person took on this task,it would be akin to offering themselves.

While Su Xin's peak Postnatal Realm strength might allow him to dominate within the Constant Peace Prefecture,it wouldn't be sufficient on the outside where numerous experts abounded.Iron Ruthless shook his head and said,"I've said it before,being a Wind Chaser patrol sometimes relies not on strength but on intelligence.You can improve your strength through cultivation,and your cultivation speed has always been impressive.However,a lack of intelligence is not easily remedied.Moreover,being a Wind Chaser patrol has only benefits for you.The advancement paths in other positions of the Six Fans Sect are relatively slow.Only as a Wind Chaser patrol,by completing tasks one by one,can you promote as long as your contributions are enough,without slowly accumulating experience."

Having reached this point,Iron Ruthless continued,"Believe me,joining the Six Fans Sect is something you won't regret.The treatment within the Six Fans Sect is sometimes even better than those top-notch sects."

With that,Iron Ruthless took out a bottle of elixir and handed it to Su Xin,saying,"This is the Mystic-grade elixir,Heaven Surge Elixir,specially concocted by the alchemy master of the Six Fans Sect.Elixirs,like weapons,are classified into four grades:Heaven,Earth,Mystic,and Yellow.Although this Heaven Surge Elixir is only Mystic-grade,don't think of it as those little elixirs used for cultivation in the Shaolin Temple.This Heaven Surge Elixir is specifically prepared for Postnatal martial artists attempting to break through to the Innate Realm."

Su Xin took the elixir,well aware of the preciousness of such elixirs capable of aiding in breakthroughs.In the system,elixirs like the Heaven Surge Elixir were roughly equivalent to a level of two and a half stars to three stars.Depending on the efficacy,their value ranged from 300 to 500 points,almost half of Su Xin's current wealth.It wasn't cheap.

Su Xin cupped his hands and said,"Thank you,Lord Iron."

Iron Ruthless waved his hand,"No need to thank me.This is just a welcome gift,considered an advance payment of your salary from the Six Fans Sect.The treatment for a Wind Chaser patrol is the best among all positions in the Six Fans Sect.You receive a monthly salary of one hundred thousand silver taels along with some merit points.The one hundred thousand silver taels may not be very useful;in the Innate Realm,money is just a number.Even the most destitute Innate martial artists can earn a few thousand to tens of thousands just by running errands for others.But the monthly distribution of merit points is highly valuable.You can use merit points to exchange for various cultivation resources within the Six Fans Sect,whether it's elixirs,techniques,martial skills,or weapons.It offers more freedom compared to those major sects.Those major sects in the martial world are very strict when it comes to distributing these cultivation resources,leaving no room for personal selection.Furthermore,merit points are not only distributed monthly;whenever you complete a task,you will be rewarded with additional merit points based on the difficulty of the task."

Hearing Iron Ruthless say this,Su Xin's eyes brightened.The system of the Six Fans Sect seemed quite good,resembling a'big villain system'in reality.Both involve completing tasks to exchange for cultivation resources,and their attributes are quite similar.

"What about my monthly merit points,and how much does this Heaven Surge Elixir cost?"

Iron Ruthless answered,"A Wind Chaser patrol receives a relatively large amount of monthly merit points,a total of 50.As for the Heaven Surge Elixir,it requires 1000 merit points to exchange."

Su Xin immediately widened his eyes,"Isn't that a bit too little?Only 50 points per month means it would take at least 20 months to exchange for this Heaven Surge Elixir,nearly two years."

Iron Ruthless shook his head,"It's not little at all.Other constables stationed in various divisions of the Six Fans Sect only receive 10 points per month.This is to prevent those cowardly individuals from deliberately avoiding tasks to accumulate points slowly over time.Completing tasks and earning merit points is much more rewarding than relying on the monthly distribution of points.For example,in my recent task,although it took nearly two years,I didn't make a move in the end.However,I completely resolved the remnant of Du Yuansheng.Therefore,I should receive at least five thousand merit points for this task."

Su Xin nodded.It turned out that the person who set these rules was quite knowledgeable about human nature.There are always those slippery characters who try to avoid completing tasks deliberately,relying on time to accumulate points.By reducing the fixed monthly merit points and increasing the merit points for completing tasks,the Six Fans Sect aims to force those individuals to undertake and complete tasks.

Once Iron Ruthless finished explaining everything,he said,"Wait here for a few days.I'll go to the Six Fans Sect headquarters in Xiangnan Dao to submit your information and have them process your identity.During these days,you can try using the Heaven Surge Elixir to break through to the next realm.You've already reached the peak of the Postnatal Realm,and you've even faced off against Innate martial artists.I believe this challenge won't be too difficult for you.Oh,and I'll take care of these bodies."

Iron Ruthless took out a bottle of powder from his pocket and sprinkled it over the bodies of Wu Daoyuan and the others.The powder reacted vigorously with the blood,quickly turning their bodies into nothing but bone fragments.

Su Xin widened his eyes,"Is this the legendary Corpse Transformation Powder?"

"It's something like that.Just a little gadget.You can buy a bottle for ten merit points within the Six Fans Sect.However,it's not flawless.After using it,there will be some traces of tainted blood left behind,which takes time to dissipate and can be easily detected by someone keen-eyed."

Su Xin nodded.Even with this drawback,the item could be considered a must-have for dealing with enemies and traveling.

After Iron Ruthless left,Su Xin chopped down a few trees and built a wooden hut,settling in for cultivation.The Heaven Surge Elixir in the bottle was only one,and to be honest,it didn't look very impressive–an irregular round shape with a dark surface.Without the strong medicinal fragrance,it would be indistinguishable from mud pellets.

Su Xin swallowed it,feeling as if he had ingested a ball of fire.A scorching force erupted within Su Xin's meridians.Without delay,he immediately activated the Purple Haze Divine Art.His internal energy revolved and surged,attacking the dantian and qi sea.At this moment,Su Xin's entire body turned red,resembling a boiled shrimp.

The Three Realms of the Innate were the Qi Sea,Spirit Aperture,and Divine Palace.Among them,the Qi Sea referred to the dantian and qi sea.The internal energy of martial artists in the Postnatal Realm circulated throughout the meridians,and the more acupoints were opened,the wider the range of circulation.However,the Innate Qi Sea gathered all internal energy,forming a storage point in the qi sea,creating a cycle that flowed from the qi sea to the meridians and back,allowing Innate martial artists to possess a much larger quantity of true qi than Postnatal martial artists.

However,breaking through to the Innate Qi Sea was not a simple task.In the process of opening the qi sea,there were considerable risks.Transforming internal energy into true qi to impact the qi sea was akin to forcefully creating a space within the body.If not done properly,it could lead to the rupture of the dantian–a light consequence rendering martial arts useless,and a severe consequence resulting in death.

Su Xin,with his robust physique prepared for breaking through to the Innate Realm,had reached the perfect moment.His body was trained for this,and his control over true qi was exceptional.

While most martial artists stayed in the Postnatal Realm for years without attempting to break through to the Innate,Su Xin's successful breakthrough was nearly guaranteed.The Purple Haze Divine Art,coupled with his combat experience,provided an ideal environment for mastering true qi control.

The soundless roar echoed within Su Xin's body.His body trembled,and the true qi crazily merged into the qi sea.The redness on his skin slowly disappeared,replaced by a gradually rising aura.

Su Xin's true qi erupted around him,like small knives revolving,leaving scars on the surface of the wooden hut.Su Xin stood up,suppressed the aura,and felt the powerful new force within himself.The Innate Qi Sea Realm had been achieved!