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Chapter 50: You're Forcing Me to Kill You

9336words in this chapter2024-01-02

Although Huang Bingcheng had been slapped by Meng Chong,he dared not utter a single word of complaint.He wasn't an ordinary gang member who knew nothing but blind enthusiasm.Having been in the Feiying Gang for so long,he understood whom to provoke and whom not to.The formidable strength of the Three Heroes Association was evident to all,and not even the current Su Xin,let alone Sha Feiying,could afford to provoke them!

"Old Huang,what's going on?"At this moment,a voice suddenly came from outside.Huang Bingcheng inwardly exclaimed,realizing it was Li Huai returning from patrol.

He knew Li Huai well.Li Huai didn't care about anyone,not even the former Third Tiger.Only Su Xin truly earned his respect.This guy was capable of doing anything.

Seeing the injuries on Huang Bingcheng's face,a chilling killing intent flashed in Li Huai's eyes.His demeanor was indifferent,and within the entire Feiying Gang,he only cared about two people–the boss Su Xin and Huang Bingcheng,with whom he had the most interaction.In his heart,he had already considered Huang Bingcheng as his brother.

Li Huai shifted his gaze to Meng Chong and the others.Without asking,he knew this trouble was caused by these outsiders.The few people who came with Meng Chong were not only responsible for recruitment but also for protecting Meng Chong's safety.

Li Huai had killed many people,and a profound killing intent naturally enveloped him.When revealed,it immediately made them alert.

Meng Chong naturally felt this killing intent,but he had no fear.On the contrary,he laughed heartily."Good!Very good!The Feiying Gang has quite the audacity.Not only do you dare to block me,but you also want to lay hands on me.Today,if you dare to make a move,I promise to slaughter all the gang members under Su Xin,and even Sha Feiying won't dare to make a peep!"

"Fine,if you're capable,go ahead and try!"The main entrance was pushed open,and Su Xin walked out.At that moment,the eyes of Meng Chong's group showed a wary expression.

They were all martial artists in the early stages of the Acquired Realm,but in Su Xin's presence,they could only feel a deep sense of threat,unable to determine his actual strength.

There were only two possible reasons for such a result.Either Su Xin was utterly incompetent in martial arts,or he was stronger than all of them.

Su Xin had already sensed the commotion outside,but he couldn't intervene.He was in a critical moment of breaking through to the middle stages of the Acquired Realm.Abruptly ending it would not only render all his efforts in vain but might also lead to injuries due to the backlash of true qi.

So,he could only concentrate on breaking through the seventy-two acupoints,allowing his acupoints to circulate endlessly,forming the number seventy-two,a symbol of perpetual motion.Finally,he successfully advanced to the middle stages of the Acquired Realm.

But right after coming out,he heard Meng Chong's arrogant words.

Su Xin naturally knew about the Three Heroes Association,but even if they offered a high price,he couldn't join them.He still had a mission on hand,and joining the Three Heroes Association would result in the punishment of mission failure,which was not worth the risk.

Su Xin wouldn't go even if persuaded,let alone now,when Meng Chong had just slapped Huang Bingcheng.

Meng Chong coldly looked at Su Xin and provocatively said,"Your Su Laoda indeed has quite the face,refusing to come out despite three invitations and four invitations."

"It's not me who invited you.If you're impatient,you can leave,"Su Xin replied indifferently.

Meng Chong chuckled in anger,"They say Su Xin is arrogant,and today I've witnessed it.But I'm not here to argue with you.The Three Heroes Association has set its sights on you.As long as you join our Three Heroes Association,you can name any conditions you want."

Those few Three Heroes Association members who came with Meng Chong breathed a sigh of relief.Their leader had instructed them explicitly to ensure that Su Xin joined them.However,Su Xin's seclusion had frustrated Meng Chong,and the situation had become tense.Fortunately,the Deputy Head ultimately showed understanding,temporarily setting aside their differences for the sake of greater achievements.

However,what Meng Chong said next sent a chill through their hearts.He continued,"But I'm not pleased with those two underlings of yours.I don't want such ungrateful wretches in the Three Heroes Association.If you make them kneel and kowtow,and each slap themselves ten times,I'll allow them to join the Three Heroes Association with you."

Su Xin's subordinates'eyes turned red instantly,and those Three Heroes Association members felt a shiver down their spines.Meng Chong was humiliating Su Xin to the extreme!If the boss couldn't even protect his own underlings,it would be the most shameful and disgraceful thing.

If Su Xin agreed to make Huang Bingcheng and Li Huai kneel and slap themselves for the sake of joining the Three Heroes Association,his reputation would be permanently tarnished.Most likely,not more than twenty percent of his subordinates would be willing to follow him to the Three Heroes Association.Who would want to follow a boss who betrayed and humiliated his own underlings for personal gain?

"What if I don't want to join the Three Heroes Association?"Su Xin said calmly.

"If you don't join the Three Heroes Association?"Meng Chong's eyes revealed a chilling killing intent."If you're not with us,then you're against us.Dare to show disrespect to me,and I'll slaughter all the gang members in Yongle Lane!"

Su Xin sighed.Could this be considered a disaster coming out of the blue?He was quite perceptive about people,and Meng Chong was definitely not someone with a broad mind.When Meng Chong declared he would slaughter all of Su Xin's subordinates,Su Xin didn't take it as a joke.Meng Chong not only had the intention but also the strength to carry out his words.

Even if he let Meng Chong go today,his Yongle Lane would still be in turmoil.Moreover,if he allowed Meng Chong to leave,enduring this humiliation,Su Xin's hard-earned reputation in the Feiying Gang would be greatly diminished.After all,a leader who swallowed his pride and lacked backbone wasn't worth following.

"Meng Gongzi,you are forcing me.You are forcing me to kill you!"Su Xin sighed,causing the Three Heroes Association members to be on high alert,blocking Meng Chong in the middle.

But Meng Chong pushed them aside and sneered,"You want to kill me?I'm standing right here today,let's see if you have the guts to do it!"

Su Xin shook his head,"The Three Heroes Association's three leaders built such a vast foundation from scratch.I admire that,but unfortunately,you haven't inherited even one-tenth of their intelligence.Now,the Three Heroes Association is the strongest in Changning Prefecture.Why haven't you directly absorbed other gangs?Because as soon as the Three Heroes Association declares its intention to dominate Changning Prefecture,other gangs will immediately set aside their differences and unite against you.It's like when a rabbit is anxious,it bites people.Though the metaphor might not be accurate,the essence is the same—leave a way out for people,force them into a corner,and you gain nothing.Now that you've declared to slaughter everyone in my Yongle Lane,since I'm going to die sooner or later,why not dare to kill you?Killing you now can even implicate another person."

Su Xin's words were calm,devoid of any killing intent.However,the Three Heroes Association members were terrified.They quickly stood in front of Meng Chong.One of them shouted,"Deputy Head,go quickly!"

Before his words could completely fall,Su Xin had already moved.

Vengeance Palm!Deep-seated Hatred!Extreme hatred,repaid with blood!

One Three Heroes Association member wanted to block,but Su Xin's palm directly shattered his heart!

Vengeance Palm—when hatred reaches its peak,the enemy disappears!

Meng Chong brought five people with him,all with strength in the early stages of the Acquired Realm.Placed in the Feiying Gang or the Qingzhu Gang,any one of them could directly take on a leadership role.However,now,they were directly killed by Su Xin with a single palm!

Su Xin stepped forward,already in front of Meng Chong.

Although Meng Chong also had the strength of the early Acquired Realm,his actual combat experience was too limited.During his time in the Three Heroes Association,he had participated in handling gang matters,but he had never been in a real gang fight.Now,facing the sudden attack from Su Xin,he even forgot how to draw his sword for a counterattack.

But he forgot,and others didn't.

One gang member reacted quickly,drew his standard-issue waist knife,the same type used by the Imperial Court's constables like Iron Heartless.Though small and lightweight,it was extremely sharp and could be unsheathed at the fastest speed to handle unexpected situations.

However,he was fast,but Su Xin was faster.

The sword was unsheathed from Su Xin's left hand,but he held it in reverse,using the hilt to knock the waist knife away,diverting its trajectory away from him,just grazing Su Xin's shoulder.

At this moment,Su Xin stepped sideways and delivered a punch with his right hand!

Extreme Hatred Fist!Extreme!Extreme!Extreme!Overflowing with boundless hatred!

The gang member's chest caved in,and he flew backward.


The cold long sword was unsheathed again,but this time,it wasn't the hilt;it was the blade aimed at Meng Chong's neck!

At this moment,Meng Chong was only repeating one phrase in his mind:"He wants to kill me!He actually dares to kill me?He really dares to kill me!"

At the critical moment,it seemed like Meng Chong's potential was suddenly stimulated.He bent down abruptly in a backbend,avoiding the sword.But just as he was about to reach for the sword at his waist,he found nothing.

In this trip,he never expected to resort to violence,so he didn't bring any weapons!

He wanted to seek help from the remaining three gang members,but the three had seen Su Xin kill two people with just a punch and a palm.They were already terrified.

The sharp edge swept across Meng Chong's neck.He instinctively dodged,but he felt a pain in his chest.Su Xin's sword had already pierced through his heart.

Meng Chong fell with a look of unwillingness.Everyone present took a sharp breath at that moment.

Huang Bingcheng felt gratitude towards Su Xin for standing up for him and killing Meng Chong.However,at the same time,he also felt like the sky was falling.

For Changning Prefecture,the Three Heroes Association was like the heavens!

Compared to this incident,Su Xin killing Hou Tong was simply swatting a fly,causing a bit of disgust but having no substantial impact.But this time,it was life-threatening!