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Chapter 51: Everyone Flees in Times of Crisis

8045words in this chapter2024-01-02

Killing Meng Chong might have certain implications for Su Xin's future development,but he felt no regret.Meng Chong was aggressive,and if Su Xin didn't retaliate,given his personality,he would never know peace.Besides,Su Xin was no longer the same person who,after killing Chen Dao,had to compromise and acknowledge Third Master Hu as his stepfather to escape unscathed.

With his mid-stage Acquired Realm strength and the influence he had built,Su Xin could handle anything that came his way.Even facing the formidable Three Heroes Association,the most powerful gang in Changning Prefecture,he had no fear.

Wiping the blood off his sword,Su Xin calmly stated,"Take your junior master and get out of Yongle Lane."

The three gang members remained silent,swiftly carrying Meng Chong's body and two others away.They didn't dare utter a harsh word.

Su Xin dared to kill Meng Chong;what were they?If they angered this madman further,there was probably no escape from Yongle Lane for any of them.

After the Three Heroes Association members left,Huang Bingcheng unexpectedly knelt before Su Xin."Boss,my life is now yours forever!"

For men,their knees are as precious as gold.In the martial world,even if someone's status was much higher,it was rare for them to kneel.A single-knee kneel was already the highest form of respect;typically,they would bow or salute with folded hands.Huang Bingcheng's kneeling spoke volumes about his complete admiration for Su Xin.

If Su Xin had asked him to kneel and slap himself,Huang Bingcheng would probably have done it,despite the humiliation.After all,the Three Heroes Association was the top power in Changning Prefecture.

"Get up!Make your knees harder;don't kneel at every little thing,"Su Xin lightly kicked Huang Bingcheng,prompting him to stand.

Boss,if things don't work out,let's withdraw.We can't stay in Changning Prefecture anymore.We can go to the dense forests in the south of Xiangnan,establish our base,and many of our brothers are willing to follow you!"Huang Bingcheng suggested immediately.

Li Huai,coldly commenting from the side,said,"When our strength is sufficient in the future,we can always come back to Changning Prefecture and wipe out their Three Heroes Association!"

Even if Li Huai was arrogant,he wasn't arrogant enough to confront the Three Heroes Association head-on.Even when he was about to take action earlier,he had prepared to leave Changning Prefecture immediately after killing Meng Chong,not wanting to implicate Su Xin and the others.

"Why should we run away like dogs with a dead family?"Su Xin countered.

"But the Three Heroes Association..."Huang Bingcheng started.

Su Xin interrupted him,"The Three Heroes Association is not the heavens.Changning Prefecture is not under their sole control.I won't leave Changning Prefecture,and the Three Heroes Association can't force us out."

Huang Bingcheng wanted to persuade further but found himself at a loss for words.This leader had always been good at creating miracles;they just didn't know if he could pull through this time.

"Go gather all the brothers and tell them about this,"Su Xin instructed.

Huang Bingcheng didn't question why;he quickly gathered all of Su Xin's followers to the entrance of Yongle Lane.

Su Xin now commanded more than 1,100 people.The atmosphere was tense and respectful.

Most of the gang members present had heard about Su Xin killing Meng Chong,and their faces revealed admiration.Their boss was indeed someone they hadn't followed wrongly.Especially for those who had recently joined Su Xin,they had heard about Su Xin attempting to assassinate Dai Chong,the leader of the Qingzhu Gang,for the sake of his subordinates'loyalty.But that was just hearsay.Now,they had witnessed it,and the identity of the target was much higher than Dai Chong.

"Everyone,you probably heard about what happened earlier.I killed Meng Chong,the junior master of the Three Heroes Association.I won't go into the reasons,as the person is already dead,and further explanation is pointless."

Su Xin looked at the crowd below and said solemnly,"Next,the Three Heroes Association will definitely want to kill me,and you might also suffer.Now,I'm giving you a chance.If anyone wants to leave,take ten taels of silver each and go.I won't stop you."

The people below remained silent.

Though Su Xin was admired as a good boss,they didn't want to die.Continuing to follow Su Xin,they could easily be implicated by the Three Heroes Association.A slight mistake,and their lives could be over.

Su Xin instructed Huang Bingcheng to bring out two chests,each filled with ten taels of silver ingots,shining brightly.

Killing Meng Chong did have a certain impact on Su Xin's future,but he felt no regret.As time passed,someone couldn't bear it any longer.They bowed to Su Xin,turned,and left.One person led,making it easier for others.More individuals stepped forward,bowed to Su Xin,and departed.

In the choice between loyalty and life,they chose their own lives.However,they refrained from taking the silver.

At a crucial moment,fleeing was embarrassing enough.Taking the silver would only add insult to injury.Not everyone could resist the temptation of ten taels of silver,though.One gang member hesitated when leaving,took a silver ingot,and prepared to go.

"What the****!Do you have no shame?Fleeing at the last minute and still taking the silver?Su Boss is kind to you,but I can't stand it!"A hotheaded gang member was infuriated,kicked him to the ground,and several others joined,giving the one with the silver a miserable beating.

"Stop!"Su Xin ordered."Let him take the silver."

Upon hearing Su Xin's command,the gang members reluctantly stopped,but as they left,they spat at him and expressed their disdain.

The gang member struggled to get up,glared at them with resentment,dared not utter a harsh word,and fled.

With this example,other gang members,even if they left,refrained from taking the silver.

After half an hour,no one else left,but Huang Bingcheng's expression fell.In that half hour,over half of the 1,100 gang members had left—nearly 500 remained.What comforted him was that the initial 100-plus brothers who followed Su Xin at Huo Huo Lin were all still there.

Looking down,Su Xin declared,"Since you're willing to face hardships with me,from today onward,you are my brothers!For my brothers,I,Su Xin,will never let you down!"

Having nearly 500 people remaining was a pleasant surprise;Su Xin had initially estimated only around 300 would stay.Even in the face of life and death,could you force these gang members to follow you to their deaths?Those who stayed might genuinely support Su Xin out of loyalty,but most were gambling or believed that Su Xin could overcome this,and their status would rise with him.Su Xin shared the same sentiment.

In every team,there were core members—those who believed in you during critical times.After overcoming challenges,they became your core members.The ordinary gang members who left were replaceable;Changning Prefecture was vast,and they could recruit more.Those who stayed were Su Xin's true core team,the people he could genuinely trust.

Meanwhile,at the main hall of the Three Heroes Association in Changde Lane,Meng Changhe stared at Meng Chong's body with disbelief."Chong'er is dead!How could he die!?"

Meng Changhe's eyes were red,and as a gang member attempted to explain what happened,he suddenly struck the man's chest with a palm,leaving a massive imprint,crushing his internal organs.

"Chong'er is dead,and why are you still alive?"Meng Changhe's voice was as chilling as hell.

Meng Chong was already dead;did the details matter?He only needed to know that Meng Chong was killed by Su Xin—that was enough!

The other two surviving gang members,seeing this,immediately turned and ran.Meng Changhe had gone mad;he would kill them to accompany his son!

Regret filled the hearts of these two gang members.If they had known,they wouldn't have come back.They should have escaped Changning Prefecture,the farther,the better!

Seeing the two escaping,Meng Changhe didn't make a move.Instead,a white figure appeared beside them.With a flash of silver,the two men clutched their throats,collapsed to the ground,eyes still reflecting terror.

It was as if the privileged young master Ning Luojun had arrived,holding two weapons resembling a sword and a hook—his renowned exotic weapons,the Soul-Departing Hooks!

"Big brother,please accept my condolences,"Ning Luojun sighed,saying nothing more.

Duan Xiao walked to Meng Changhe's side,offered his condolences,and fell into silence.

Though they detested Meng Changhe for dividing their authority for the sake of Meng Chong,they never expected Meng Chong's life to be taken.After all,Meng Chong had grown up before their eyes.Now that Meng Chong was dead,they couldn't help but feel uneasy.

Meng Changhe raised his head,eyes bloodshot,voice chilling."Su Xin must die!The entire Feiying Gang must perish with Chong'er!"

Ning Luojun and Duan Xiao nodded.Meng Changhe had descended into a fit of rage,and at this point,saying that annihilating the Feiying Gang contradicted the interests of the gang was futile.Su Xin had to die!The Feiying Gang had to be destroyed!This was the explanation they gave Meng Changhe,more effective than any persuasion.