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Chapter 170: Zhuyanxin's Disastrous Defeat

7292words in this chapter2024-01-08

Wishing Yanxin success in his mission to steal the Scarlet Flame Fire Lotus,he found it surprisingly smooth,to the point that he could hardly believe it himself.

After obtaining the Scarlet Flame Fire Lotus,Yanxin took a peculiar look at the object.The exterior of the Scarlet Flame Fire Lotus was crafted from a reddish-gold metal,resembling the shape of a lotus flower.Inside,there were rows of densely packed poison needles.Carefully opening the petal,he discovered some intricate mechanisms,appearing mysterious and unfamiliar.

Yanxin had never seen such a high-level item like the Scarlet Flame Fire Lotus before,but judging by its lifelike appearance in his hand,he was convinced of its authenticity.Not bothering to analyze its structure further,he descended the mountain,preparing to claim the bounty on Su Xin's head.

Yanxin was eager to make a name for himself in front of Shangguan Yanqing,but he was aware of his own limitations.As long as Shangguan Yanqing had not recruited formidable experts in the Southern Xiangnan region,Yanxin could impress him.However,if Shangguan Yanqing had already enlisted warriors in the innate spirit realm,Yanxin's current Qi Sea Realm strength might become irrelevant.

Therefore,Yanxin needed to achieve a significant feat to secure his position in front of Shangguan Yanqing.Holding the Scarlet Flame Fire Lotus,he muttered to himself,"Han Guang,oh Han Guang,I'll gladly accept this Scarlet Flame Fire Lotus from you.Since you're hiding in the Huayin Mountains,you probably won't need this treasure in your entire life."

Meanwhile,inside the Changning Mansion,Su Xin was puzzled.A day had passed,yet Shangguan Yanqing had not approached him.Was Shangguan Yanqing truly patient,or had something else delayed him?

Su Xin had no intention of staying in Xiangnan for long,so resolving the matter with Shangguan Yanqing as soon as possible seemed prudent.

At that moment,a commotion outside caught their attention.A subordinate rushed in,reporting,"Master,there's a commotion outside!"

Su Xin exchanged glances with Huang Bingcheng.Was it Shangguan Yanqing?However,when they went to check,they found a young man with the Qi Sea Realm strength causing the disturbance.He looked proud and arrogant–undoubtedly Yanxin,who had rushed to Changning Mansion overnight.

Seeing Su Xin and others come out,Yanxin displayed a disdainful expression and said,"Are you Su Xin?Hehe,ranking above Young Master Shangguan on the Bounty List doesn't mean you can threaten him.Who gave you the courage?"

With the Scarlet Flame Fire Lotus in his hands,Yanxin coldly pressed on it,commanding,"Surrender peacefully and come with me to the Huayin Mountains to apologize to Young Master Shangguan.You might spare your life.Otherwise,think about the consequences!"

Su Xin and his companions exchanged glances.Who was this eccentric character?Was he crazy to come alone to Changning Mansion with just the strength of the Qi Sea Realm?Even if Su Xin didn't intervene,Huang Bingcheng and the Flying Eagle Gang could easily overwhelm him with their sheer numbers.

However,Su Xin felt something was off.Those who could cultivate to the innate realm weren't fools,and the blatant provocation from Yanxin was not something a rational person would do.If Yanxin wasn't foolish,it meant he had confidence standing there and making such threats.

Su Xin's expression turned cold,and just as he was about to make a move,Yanxin took out the Scarlet Flame Fire Lotus.However,to everyone's surprise,despite the pressing sounds from Yanxin manipulating the mechanisms,the Scarlet Flame Fire Lotus remained unchanged.

Huang Bingcheng and the others couldn't help but sneer.Yanxin's bluff had caught them off guard,but it turned out to be an empty threat.

Su Xin,pointing a finger,sent Yanxin flying.His powerful force penetrated Yanxin's meridians,causing him to spit out blood.

Huang Bingcheng smirked,"Shangguan Yanqing is quite amusing,sending such a useless guy.Master,shall we go directly to him?If his subordinates are all like this,we have nothing to fear."

Su Xin didn't respond immediately.Instead,he walked up to Yanxin,who was now scared,and sneered,"I am Shangguan Young Master's subordinate!I am a direct disciple of the Nine Yang Sword Sect!You can't kill me!"

Su Xin coldly glanced at him.If he wanted to kill Yanxin,there was no need for so much nonsense.

Taking the Scarlet Flame Fire Lotus from Zhuyanxin,Su Xin examined it and was surprised.He had heard of Tang Sect's concealed weapons;based on their construction,only Tang Sect in the martial world could produce such items.However,this particular one was not only genuine but also defective.Moreover,it ended up in the hands of the idiot before him,akin to delivering oneself to the enemy.

Regardless of the information he had gathered previously or the words Xie Zhiyan had shared with him,Shangguan Yanqing was not an idiot.If his intelligence was even slightly normal,he wouldn't send such a useless person with a discarded Tang Sect concealed weapon to provoke Su Xin.

With a narrowed gaze,Su Xin lowered his head and asked,"Speak,who sent you here?"

Zhuyanxin,fearing for his life,dared not admit to provoking Su Xin on his own.Instead,he implicated Shangguan Yanqing.

"It was Young Master Shangguan who sent me!"

Su Xin smirked,and with a swift movement,a sword aura from his fingertip cut off one of Zhuyanxin's fingers,prompting a pig-like scream.

"Now,I'll ask you again.Who sent you?"

Terrified by Su Xin's emotionless eyes,Zhuyanxin felt that if he didn't tell the truth,Su Xin would truly kill him.

"I'll talk!I'll tell everything!No one sent me;I came on my own!"

Zhuyanxin,without being pressed further,disclosed everything that had happened since he followed Shangguan Yanqing until now.He didn't withhold any details,even revealing the tomb of the'Sword Venerable'Luo Yun.Su Xin,initially skeptical,almost severed another finger before realizing Zhuyanxin's genuine fear.

From Zhuyanxin's account,Su Xin inferred that someone was plotting against him,possibly aiming to manipulate him.

Huang Bingcheng,excited,suggested,"No wonder Shangguan Yanqing hid in Huayin Mountain as soon as he arrived in Xiangnan.The mountain must conceal a significant secret.Let's strike now and seize the tomb of the'Sword Venerable'Luo Yun!"

Su Xin replied calmly,"Seize?With what?The nine chieftains of Huayin Mountain are all in the innate spirit realm.The Grand Chieftain is rumored to possess the strength of the Divine Palace realm.The one behind Zhuyanxin's scheme is probably the Second Chieftain,Han Guang.He wants me to step into Huayin Mountain to expose the situation."

Huang Bingcheng expressed regret,"What should we do then?Are we just going to watch the treasure slip away?"

Su Xin revealed a cold smile,"Of course,we won't let it go like this.Now that we know about it,how can I miss a share of the pie?Quickly inform Xie Zhiyan,Xiao Moyun,and Di Yunfei about the'Sword Venerable'Luo Yun's tomb."

Huang Bingcheng was astonished,"Boss,if they all know,won't we lose the chance to take the treasures from the tomb?Isn't it all in vain?"

Su Xin shook his head,"Currently,besides the nine chieftains,there is only Shangguan Yanqing on Huayin Mountain.If I suddenly join them,the most likely outcome is that they will unite to kick me out.However,I'll bring more people with me.Together,we can create chaos.The martial artists in the innate spirit realm on Huayin Mountain are only nine,and when combined with Xie Zhiyan and others,their strength can rival the nine chieftains.What do we do?Take advantage of the chaos,and pluck the chestnuts from the fire!"

Han Guang wants to play with his spear,Su Xin will turn the tables,and with more people on his side,Su Xin has the strength to grab the treasures amidst the chaos.Han Guang might have underestimated Su Xin's capabilities.The news reached Xie Zhiyan and the others,and their initial suspicion of Su Xin's message turned into a realization that there might be some truth to it.Su Xin was not that bored,and since Shangguan Yanqing was on Huayin Mountain,they could take a trip there to verify the information.If the matter was true,why bother fighting in Xiangnan?If they could seize the treasures from the tomb of the'Sword Venerable'Luo Yun and bring them back to the sect,it would be a significant achievement!