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Chapter 169: Luring Su Xin

8592words in this chapter2024-01-08

Among the three of them,Zhou Sheng spoke the least.Upon hearing Wu Sanchong's words,a sly smile appeared on Zhou Sheng's face."If he's unscrupulous,then don't blame us for acting without righteousness.Since he wants to monopolize the benefits in that tomb,let's bring in more people.We can share the treasures inside the tomb together!"

Han Guang exclaimed,"Are you crazy?If you dare to leak the information,Shangguan Yanqing is not hesitant to kill!"

Zhou Sheng shook his head."You're mistaken.We won't leak the information;instead,we'll bring in more people.Before the powerful cultivators from the Shangguan family arrive in the southern part of Xiangnan,we'll divide the treasures in the tomb.What we can grab as three individuals will surely be more than what Shangguan Yanqing would share with us."

Han Guang furrowed his brows."Explain what you mean by bringing in more people."

They were all former bandits who typically preferred using their fists to communicate.However,Zhou Sheng was different.Despite his mediocre strength,he ranked eighth within the Huayin Mountains.He was cunning,fond of scheming and intrigues,earning him the nickname"Night Wolf"for his unpredictable nature,much like a hungry wolf in the dark.

"If we leak the information,not only will Shangguan Yanqing target us,but it will also attract numerous warriors from Xiangnan.With our current strength,we won't even get a speck of dust.What I propose is to attract a warrior,let him discover the tomb in Huayin Mountains.Once the main forces of the Shangguan family are alerted,we can watch the show.With these additional people,Shangguan Yanqing's group won't stand a chance unless he decides to share the benefits with them.Do you think,considering Shangguan Yanqing's personality,he would agree?"

Wu Sanchong sneered,"Your words sound easy,but whether we attract a group or just one person,it makes no difference.In the end,Shangguan Yanqing will still blame us.I don't want to be hunted down by the Shangguan family."

Zhou Sheng smirked mysteriously."Who said we have to personally attract outsiders?If Shangguan Yanqing's subordinates bring someone in and the information leaks,it's not our fault."

Han Guang pondered and asked,"What do you have in mind?"

Zhou Sheng retorted,"What do you think of Zhu Yanshin?"

Han Guang scornfully smiled,"This guy has big ambitions but lacks the ability.He's mediocre,only good at flattery."

Even as a former bandit,Han Guang looked down on Zhu Yanshin.Zhu Yanshin was from the Nine Yang Sword Sect,just a third-rate small sect.In terms of strength,they were not even as powerful as the combined strength of the nine major bandit groups in the Huayin Mountains.

Zhou Sheng coldly smiled,"That's precisely what we need—his ambition.If he were a clever person,my plan wouldn't work."

"How do you plan to involve him?"

Zhou Sheng said,"Remember Zhu Yanshin's boast about wanting to teach Su Xin a lesson for Shangguan Yanqing?Let's give him the chance to deal with Su Xin.Eventually,Su Xin will be lured to Huayin Mountains.Currently ranked fifty-fourth on the wanted list,higher than Shangguan Yanqing,but with only one person under him,the Flying Eagle Gang,which is no threat.Once Su Xin arrives in Huayin Mountains,we can create some'mistakes,'exposing the tomb to everyone.Then,it's uncertain who will claim the treasures inside."

Wu Sanchong looked at Zhou Sheng and sneered.Although he often disapproved of Zhou Sheng's clever schemes,he had to admit that following Zhou Sheng's plan at this time would bring them greater benefits.

Attracting only Su Xin,with his limited strength,would not be a significant threat compared to the local powers in Huayin Mountains.Moreover,Su Xin was an independent cultivator without a sect,making it easier to manipulate.

"How do you plan to make Zhu Yanshin go after Su Xin?Zhu Yanshin is only at the Initial Qi Sea Realm.Even if he's foolish,he wouldn't take the initiative."

Zhou Sheng grinned,"It's simple.We'll give him an opportunity—a chance to believe he can easily defeat Su Xin with a single strike."

Before Han Guang could ask,Zhou Sheng continued,"Han,do you remember the Tang Clan's secret weapon,the Crimson Flame Fire Lotus,that you bought in Shangshan City?"

Han Guang gritted his teeth,"Of course,I remember.I'll never forget it in my entire life."

Although Han Guang had been a bandit for half of his life,he was cautious and had never suffered a major loss,except for that one time in Shangshan City when he was deceived.

In Shangshan City,he had spent half of his life savings to buy a famous secret weapon from the Tang Clan—the Crimson Flame Fire Lotus.

The Tang Clan in the Sichuan region was one of the eight sects of the unorthodox path.

The Unorthodox Eight Gates,despite being labeled as unorthodox,are not forces that adhere to honest martial cultivation.However,there's only one sect like Tang Clan in the entire martial world,which directly focuses on various mechanical poisons and uses martial arts as a secondary pursuit.

Tang Clan excels in the manufacturing of various concealed weapon mechanisms.These concealed weapons are not your average weapons;they are said to be so deadly that even a child wielding them could potentially kill a cultivator at the innate realm.

This is not an exaggeration;there are real examples to prove it.When facing a martial artist from Tang Clan,one should never assess their danger based on their apparent age.A seemingly powerful martial artist from Tang Clan might not pose a significant threat,but the real danger lies in seemingly harmless,extremely young individuals and some women.

Since Tang Clan dares to let their members roam the martial world,it signifies that they carry terrifying concealed weapons made by Tang Clan.Once they make a move,it's either death or severe injury.

Because of these legends,Tang Clan's concealed weapons are highly prized.Some consumable concealed weapons are even more expensive than yellow-grade or profound-grade weapons.

As their specialty,Tang Clan rarely sells their carefully crafted concealed weapons.Therefore,the circulating Tang Clan concealed weapons in the market are extremely rare.

The Crimson Flame Fire Lotus in Han Guang's hands is one such renowned concealed weapon from Tang Clan.

It is said that the Crimson Flame Fire Lotus is made from the metal condensed from the lava in the deepest part of a volcano,naturally carrying a scorching attribute.Inside this Crimson Flame Fire Lotus are densely packed steel needles,numbering in the thousands,appearing extremely frightening.

During its full bloom,the Crimson Flame Fire Lotus is said to be the most magnificent.Countless red-hot,fire-poisoned steel needles roar out.Judging from the force of the concealed weapon,even innate martial artists can't resist.

Because of this,Han Guang reluctantly took out half of his life's savings to buy this Crimson Flame Fire Lotus.Little did he know that after spending decades in Xiangnan,he had been deceived by a cunning merchant!

The Crimson Flame Fire Lotus wasn't fake;it was defective!The concealed weapon was genuine,and the densely packed poisonous needles were real,but the mechanism inside was faulty and couldn't be activated.

This discovery made Han Guang spit blood.His life's savings had been used to buy such a useless item.When he wanted to return to Shangshan City and settle the score,the Central Plains merchant had long vanished.

However,Han Guang had only shared this matter with Zhou Sheng and Wu Sanchong;others were unaware.After all,it was not a glorious incident.Besides,keeping the defective Crimson Flame Fire Lotus could make others think he still had a trump card,creating a sense of fear.

Now that Zhou Sheng mentioned the Crimson Flame Fire Lotus,Han Guang immediately understood his intentions."Are you planning to set up a trap using the Crimson Flame Fire Lotus?"

Zhou Sheng nodded,"Exactly,Han,are you reluctant to part with your Crimson Flame Fire Lotus?"

Han Guang snorted,"Am I reluctant to part with that piece of junk?As long as you can really make Zhu Yanshin lead Su Xin here,wasting such a useless thing doesn't matter."

Zhou Sheng nodded.Now that Han Guang agreed,the plan became more straightforward.

Late at night,Zhou Sheng deliberately replaced the two subordinates guarding the door for Zhu Yanshin with his trusted confidants.Although they were no longer bandits,they had retained some elite members whom they trusted.

When they saw Zhu Yanshin return to his room,the two gatekeepers exchanged glances and began whispering.

"I say,Lao Chen,weren't you always guarding the Crimson Flame Fire Lotus in the back hall of the stronghold?How come you're here today?"

"It's because of those warriors that Shangguan Yanqing brought.They insisted on digging around under the stronghold.We're short-staffed;at night,we have to guard and serve them at the door.The boss had to pull me over."

"Don't we need to guard the Crimson Flame Fire Lotus anymore?I heard this little thing was bought by the boss from a merchant in the Central Plains with all his savings.He doesn't want to lose it."

"Hey,the entire Huayin Mountains are this big,and we're all brothers.Who would dare touch it?Besides,I've been guarding it for several years;I haven't seen anyone coming to steal the Crimson Flame Fire Lotus."

"Alright,let's just keep our night watch.Once we get rid of these big shots,we can relax.Whenever we manage to get them out,we'll be at ease."

While the two were speaking,they slightly lowered their voices,but Zhu Yanshin heard everything clearly.Immediately,he had some different thoughts.

After hesitating for a moment,Zhu Yanshin changed into black clothes,loosely wrapped a piece of cloth around his face,and quietly slipped out of the window.With his strength,he could move without making a sound,and the two gatekeepers at the door wouldn't notice him.