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Chapter 296: Introductory Task

8834words in this chapter2024-02-19

After Judge Cui finished telling Su Xin everything,he asked,"How is your cultivation of the Frosty Hell True Interpretation going?"

Su Xin nodded and said,"My inner power has just started to enter the doorway,but my martial skills are still lacking.I've only practiced three of them."

Judge Cui looked surprised.This speed was not slow at all.It seemed that the judgment of the stone book in the underworld was indeed correct.Su Xin's talent and understanding were definitely top-notch.

"Well,it seems you're almost there.Let me take you to choose an introductory task.With your current strength,the introductory task is basically just a formality,"Judge Cui said.

Su Xin nodded.He was also prepared to complete the task as soon as possible and return to Jiangnan Road to reclaim his position.

Judge Cui led Su Xin to the square filled with bronze pillars.The tasks hanging on the outermost perimeter were the simplest ones,specifically for peripheral members.

However,peripheral members were not qualified to enter the underworld,so these tasks were selected by the inner circle members of the underworld and then sent to the chosen peripheral members.

After glancing over them,Judge Cui casually picked up a piece of paper and said,"This task is quite urgent and not too difficult.It's perfect for you.Place your token on the groove of the bronze pillar,and the person who issued the task will naturally know that it has been claimed by someone.After you complete the task,do the same.By then,the task issuer will know that you've completed it.Also,Lord Hou Tu and Lady Meng Po will be notified.Once they complete the verification according to the rules,you'll receive the reward for the task."

Su Xin nodded and glanced at the task written on the paper.

The issuer of the task was Xie Bi'an,also known as Bai Wuchang,a legendary figure in the underworld.

The content of the task was to rescue several peripheral members chosen by him.He couldn't attend to this personally due to recent important matters,so he had to ask his colleagues in the underworld for help.

The methods to contact those peripheral members were explained in the task,but Xie Bi'an seemed to be in a hurry as the handwriting was unusually messy.

As for the reward for the task,it was quite interesting.It was to randomly pick a mysterious-grade weapon from his treasure trove.

Judge Cui chuckled."Xie Bi'an likes to collect all sorts of miscellaneous things.He travels all over the place.There are quite a few good things in his treasure trove,but of course,there's more junk.If you have trouble choosing,I can offer some advice."

Su Xin nodded and placed his token on the stone pillar.A faint light shone on it,imprinting on the token.

Judge Cui said,"Our underworld tokens are quite mystical.They not only serve as proof of identity but also as keys to enter and leave the underworld.If you have urgent matters and can't come to the underworld to issue a task,you can write down the task and infuse it with true energy into the token.The token will automatically transfer the task paper to this bronze pillar.However,this method consumes quite a bit of internal energy.It's nothing for us,but for you,you'll probably have to use up half of your internal energy."

Su Xin nodded,playing with the token in his hand.He hadn't expected this small object to be so mystical.

Ancient formations were incomplete,and formations with spatial functions like those on the token were rare in the current martial world.Only a few top sects might have such inheritance.However,the ones who researched them the most were likely the Ink Sect and the Heaven's Secret Valley.

But even with the strength of the Ink Sect and the Heaven's Secret Valley,it was unlikely they could create such a small and portable token with multiple abilities.

At the same time,in a cave in the southern wilderness,a figure dressed in white robes and wearing a terrifyingly eerie Bai Wuchang mask was continuously digging downwards.

With a single inhale,terrifying inner power burst forth,tens of zhang in size.Huge clumps of earth,like small mountains,were sucked out by him,directly crushed into powder and ejected from the cave.

At this moment,the token at his waist shimmered with faint light.Bai Wuchang's spirit entered the token and was momentarily stunned."Huh?My task got picked up so quickly?By King Chu Jiang?But I remember there's no one occupying the position of King Chu Jiang now.Has a new member joined?Oh well,I'll leave it to the new guy to deal with those little brats.I should hurry up with the digging.If the time comes and I haven't dug it out,even if I do,it will be useless.Damn it,if you want to die,just die.Why bury yourself so deep?Do you still want to be an emperor underground?"

Muttering to himself,Bai Wuchang continued to dig downwards.

Meanwhile,Su Xin was preparing to leave the underworld.His token had the power to open space,but of course,it wasn't as simple as going wherever he wanted.

This space was left behind by the ancient super sect'Underworld.'As long as it was within the original coverage of the'Underworld,'one could come and go freely.However,in more remote areas,this was not possible.

The peripheral members Su Xin was going to help were all in Jiangdong Road,not far from Jiangnan Road.After teaching Su Xin how to use the token to designate coordinates,Judge Cui left.

After infusing true energy into the token,Su Xin once again experienced the feeling of traversing space.When he opened his eyes again,he found himself in a desolate mountain in Jiangdong.

Wearing the mask of King Chu Jiang,Su Xin took out a black-golden robe from his mustard seed bag and put it on.This black-golden robe was a benefit for members of the underworld.Although it lacked defensive power,it had the effect of concealing one's aura.It was said that even a warrior in the Yang Spirit Realm couldn't discern your cultivation level once you wore it.

After dressing,Su Xin headed straight to the location given in the task.

Meanwhile,in an inn in Gaoyang Prefecture,Jiangdong Road,three warriors in the Divine Palace Realm sighed anxiously inside the room,wearing troubled expressions.

Among them,a handsome and relatively young man sighed,"Big brother,we only have one day left.If we don't hand over the item soon,Third Brother's life will be in danger."

A charming woman among the three,with teary eyes,said with a sob,"It's all my fault.If I hadn't trusted that bastard so easily and let him join us,things wouldn't have turned out like this."

The handsome young man snorted,"Qinglian,you always trust outsiders too much.I told you from the beginning that kid didn't seem trustworthy!He's a wanderer but tries to ingratiate himself with disciples from major sects.He looks humble,but you still don't believe us.Now,we've been duped!"

However,even with the trouble the trio faced,the young man who had been silent finally spoke up,"Alright,Qinglian didn't mean any harm.I didn't expect that kid to be so greedy.Moreover,he's even associated with the Golden Pavilion among the Seven Gangs."

This young man,who appeared to be in his early thirties,had a peculiar appearance,somewhat resembling that of a mixed-race individual from the Western Regions.Clearly,he was a half-breed.

During the Eastern Jin Dynasty,individuals with the appearance of this young man were looked down upon by the Central Plains people,considered to be offspring of barbarians,mere hybrids.

Back then,some great families liked to collect a few dancers from the Western Regions.If they accidentally bore children,those children wouldn't even have the qualifications to cultivate martial arts.

Now,because the Thirty-Six States of the Western Regions had become independent,and the Great Zhou Dynasty posed no threat to them,the status of these people had improved significantly,and they were now referred to as"Hu"people rather than barbarians.

However,despite this,once this young man with such a face went out,he would inevitably be pointed at,whispered about,or even ridiculed.

Seeing Qinglian in tears,the young man said,"Don't worry,I've informed Lord Xie Bi'an to come and help us.He once said that if we have any trouble,we can notify him.If he can't come,other prominent figures from the organization will come instead.With the strength of the inner circle members in the organization,not to mention just a hall master from the Golden Pavilion,even the entire organization wouldn't be taken seriously."

But at this moment,the young man expressed doubt,"Big Brother,do you really believe what that person said?He always talks about how powerful his organization is,even saying that he doesn't care about the Shaolin Temple or the Nature's Gate.But if his organization is so strong,why have we never heard of it?We haven't even seen anyone else from his organization."

Hearing this,the young man immediately rebuked,"Second Brother,be careful with your words!The strength of Lord Xie Bi'an is beyond your imagination!Moreover,when we initially received his techniques,we agreed to join the organization.We are all part of the organization now.There's no'yours'or'mine'anymore.What kind of talk is that?"

This young man held some authority among the three.With his reprimand,the younger brother immediately fell silent.

However,he continued to mutter something under his breath,seemingly convinced.

But as he raised his head,he was suddenly startled.

He hadn't noticed when,but there was now a mysterious figure sitting on a chair in his room.This person wore a black-golden robe and the mask of King Chu Jiang.A strange and chilling aura emanated from him,disturbing their minds.

Seeing this,both Qinglian and the young man also noticed the presence in front of them,sending shivers down their spines.

They had been talking for so long,yet they hadn't noticed when this mysterious person had appeared.How terrifying must his strength be?

But when the young man saw the mask on Su Xin's face,he was shocked and immediately saluted,"Tai Lusi pays respects to Lord Chu Jiang!"

He clearly remembered that Lord Xie Bi'an had said their organization was called the Underworld,and all members were named after the Yin gods of the underworld.