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Chapter 295 Trouble

9473words in this chapter2024-02-19

The uproar caused by over forty state chief constables was no small matter.Liu Hao sneered,"These guys all come from bandit backgrounds,very greedy.Back then,Lord Su lured them in with benefits and an iron-fisted approach.This Yin Ji doesn't know the severity of the situation,actually daring to tamper with their interests."

Su Xin's method was to first give them a big sweet date,let them taste the sweetness,and when they made mistakes,slap them hard to let them know the rules.

By now,they had already tasted the sweetness.In order to continue enjoying those benefits,they would naturally behave obediently and wouldn't dare to leave.

However,Yin Ji was different.He dared to directly interfere with their interests,so it's no wonder these people are causing trouble.

One after another,suggestions came forth,"Let's go with them and show some strength along the way."

Huang Bingcheng shook his head,"Let's keep a low profile.Right now,Yin Ji sees us as thorns in his side.We can do without those resources for now.As long as they don't catch any leverage on us."

Speaking of cultivation resources,Li Huai and the others were not lacking in these things at the moment.

Su Xin had always been generous to his own people,so Su Xin naturally intercepted a portion of the cultivation resources allocated from above for his own people.

However,not actively showing support didn't mean they wouldn't watch the show.

So,several people followed behind those state chief constables,prepared to see how Yin Ji would handle the situation.

At this moment,Yin Ji received a message from his subordinates saying that when those state chief constables came to him demanding an explanation,Yin Ji couldn't help but reveal a cold smile.

This was exactly what he had been waiting for.If these people didn't come to cause trouble,how could he establish his authority?

To use one to warn a hundred,these people probably still harbored the fantasy that Su Xin could come back.

It's perfect to let them see today who really controls the Six Doors of Jiangnan Province!

Yin Ji walked to the door,and the state chief constables protested loudly one after another,"Master Yin,what do you mean by this?Why aren't we given the rewards we deserve for our tasks?We don't even receive our basic monthly salaries."

Yin Ji looked at them coldly and said,"What do I mean?I mean,I'm the chief constable of Jiangnan Province!If I say your task completion is inadequate,then you are inadequate!

If the task is not completed,shouldn't there be consequences?The deduction of your salaries this time is lenient.If you dare to cause trouble again,all of you will be demoted by one rank!There are plenty of people within the Six Doors who want to be state chief constables!"

With this statement,the whole scene erupted.

Now they knew that Yin Ji was clearly holding a grudge against them for not directly siding with him,hence his actions.

This made many of the state chief constables present extremely resentful.

When Su Xin was around,he never failed to give them things.So even if Su Xin killed quite a few people,they accepted it.

Just as Su Xin said before,when you're in this line of work,you have to own up to your mistakes.Some people were just too greedy and got what they deserved.

But now Yin Ji,just because they didn't side with him in time,deducted all the cultivation resources they deserved.This was a bit too much.

Among these state chief constables,eighty percent were former bandits with explosive tempers.

When they joined the Six Doors,it was also because of Su Xin's tempting benefits and coercion.

Originally,following Su Xin was fine,after all,Su Xin could really bring them benefits,and they were willing to follow this boss.

But now that Yin Ji had taken over,just because of a small matter,he withheld all the cultivation resources they deserved.How could they continue to tolerate such a petty person?

So,immediately,one of the state chief constables threw his official hat on the ground,cursing,"Damn it!I'm not doing it anymore!It's just a small man who's gotten ahead.When Lord Su was around,he didn't withhold our rightful cultivation resources and salaries!"

A cold light flashed in Yin Ji's eyes."You miss Su Xin,don't you?I'll give you the chance to join him!"

As soon as he finished speaking,Yin Ji struck directly,and a terrifying aura surged towards the martial artist who had just attacked.

Yin Ji was a well-known pinnacle practitioner of the Divine Palace realm.Since arriving at the Six Doors of Jiangnan Province,he had never made a move,but that didn't mean he was afraid to do so.

Yin Ji's hands were always clad in a pair of silk gloves.This wasn't a preference but his unique weapon,allowing him to even confront high-level weapons bare-handed.

The raging true energy condensed into a terrifying vortex flowing around Yin Ji's hands,carrying a majestic momentum as it descended.

The state chief constable wasn't someone to be trifled with either;he also had the cultivation of a pinnacle Divine Palace realm,but he was slightly inferior to someone like Yin Ji,who had reached the semi-step Transcendence realm.

Seeing Yin Ji make a move,he immediately drew the long knife from his waist,and a chilling force burst forth from it,enveloping him in a frightening cold.

This state chief constable used to be the leader of a bandit gang,so naturally,he had some tricks up his sleeve.

Although he didn't expect Yin Ji to strike so suddenly,his counterattack still carried considerable power.

But there was a hint of disdain in Yin Ji's eyes.As his Star Picking Hand descended,the silk glove shattered the long knife in the martial artist's hand,digging out his heart forcibly!

The Star Picking Hand also meant Heart Picking Hand!

On Yin Ji's snow-white silk glove,there was still a beating heart,but not a drop of blood tainted his gloves.It simply slid down along the lines of the glove.

Throwing away the heart,Yin Ji surveyed the surroundings with a cold gaze."What do you think the Six Doors are?A place you can enter and leave at will?You've seen the consequences of causing trouble without understanding the rules.Don't force me to act,or else the consequences will be as foolish as this idiot!"

Everyone couldn't help but shiver.Yin Ji's murderous aura was on par with Su Xin's,a master who didn't hesitate to kill at the slightest provocation.

However,while Su Xin's killings left them both in awe and fear,Yin Ji's actions invoked more anger than fear.

A presence in the Divine Palace realm was not to be trifled with;they couldn't be simply subdued by force.

Today,Yin Ji ruthlessly killed someone,frightening them all.No one dared to voice any objections anymore,but seeds of discontent were planted in their hearts.

Yet,seeing everyone dispersed,Yin Ji was quite satisfied with his performance.The strategy of killing one to warn a hundred had proven effective time and again.These guys who used to follow Su Xin needed to see some strength to understand reality.

However,Yin Ji regretted that Huang Bingcheng and the others didn't come.If they had dared to cause trouble,they,as former trusted aides of Su Xin,would have been the best targets to set an example.

Jiang He Liu naturally saw Yin Ji's actions within the headquarters of Jiangnan Province,but he didn't say anything.In his view,using strong suppression was quite normal.

In their White Lotus Sect,dealing with disobedient disciples required such methods,followed by indoctrination to make them fearful and obedient dogs of the sect.

However,all of this was observed by the Judge Cui hidden in the shadows.After lingering there for a few days and taking note of everything,he returned to the underworld.

In the underworld,Su Xin hadn't stepped out of his palace gate for several days.

Su Xin had only just begun to comprehend the inner workings of the Ice Cold Hell True Technique.While the mastery was at a rudimentary level,he still needed to familiarize himself with various martial arts techniques contained within it.

Until this moment,Su Xin realized how much time the system had saved him.While 5%proficiency might not seem like much,it saved him the most crucial phase of entry,leaving him with plenty of time for other pursuits.

It would take at least seven or eight days,or even ten days to half a month to master a martial art even at the rudimentary level,and if there were several martial arts to learn,it would take up a considerable amount of time.

The figure of Judge Cui appeared in Su Xin's hall.Upon hearing the disturbance,Su Xin opened his eyes.Judge Cui said,"I've just come from the Six Doors of Jiangnan Province.Don't worry,your subordinates don't have any major issues for now."

After speaking,Judge Cui informed Su Xin of everything he had seen at the Six Doors.

After listening,Su Xin couldn't help but sneer.Yin Ji was digging his own grave.

The position in the Six Doors of Jiangnan Province wasn't something anyone could occupy,nor was it something everyone was qualified for.

Instead of blockading,Yin Ji's blind use of strong suppression would only deepen the resentment of those chief constables with bandit backgrounds,possibly even leading to internal turmoil within the Six Doors.

Internally,this was understandable.Su Xin wondered if Yin Ji would extend this approach externally.If he did,when Su Xin returned to the Six Doors of Jiangnan Province,it would probably be quite a show.

"Oh,and as a free bonus,let me give you some news.That guy from the White Lotus Sect who tried to kill you before is now inside the Six Doors of Jiangnan Province.He's one of the proprietors of the Five Righteous Villas,'Dragon Incinerating the Sea'Dai Wanchun,and has become an honorary chief constable of the Six Doors of Jiangnan Province."

Jiang He Liu's disguises might deceive others,but they couldn't fool Judge Cui,who had once sensed his aura.When Su Xin shattered the token and broke through space to enter the underworld,Jiang He Liu also used a move to attack Su Xin.The aura broke through the passage and entered the underworld,sensed by Judge Cui,who wouldn't forget it.

Upon hearing this news,a cold light flashed in Su Xin's eyes.He had always suspected why things were so coincidental.The spies from Liyang Prefecture were all withdrawn,yet Jiang He Liu and Yue Qingping happened to be ambushed there to kill him.It turned out there was a mole.

The connection between Yin Ji and the remnants of Wu was something Su Xin couldn't have imagined.After all,Yin Ji was a bona fide member of the Six Doors,even specially nurtured by the Iron Family in his early years.It was impossible to imagine him having any connection with the remnants of Wu.However,it turned out that he had long been a turncoat.

It was likely that Yin Ji had been in contact with Jiang He Liu and his group for a long time,but it was unclear whether Jiang He Liu held him in high regard or for some other reason.But to ambush Su Xin,he must have activated this hidden nail that had been buried for who knows how long.