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Chapter 300:The Fate of the Heavenly Soldiers'Remains

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Chapter 300:The Fate of the Heavenly Soldiers'Remains

After leaving the Cold Moon Hall,the four of them expressed their gratitude to Su Xin,but he just casually remarked that they should refrain from such foolish actions in the future.He also instructed them to send another message to Bai Wuchang to prove their visit,assuring them that they were out of danger.

Su Xin didn't hold much hope for these four individuals.Independent cultivators had the hardest time surviving in the martial world,requiring strong character and perseverance.While they might stick together through thick and thin,their excessive emotional attachment and tendency to act without thinking made them vulnerable.If one of them encountered trouble,the rest would likely be implicated sooner or later.

Therefore,Su Xin doubted whether they could live long enough to break through to the Nascent Soul Realm.But that was no longer his concern.After all,these people were not his personally cultivated peripheral members.Any future headaches would fall on Bai Wuchang's shoulders.

Right now,Su Xin needed to find a place to replenish his true qi.In order to create the imposing scene of a Nascent Soul Realm martial artist's appearance within the Orchid Hall earlier,he had depleted half of his true qi to maintain the icy hell-like ambiance.Fortunately,the effect was quite satisfactory,and hardly anyone doubted Su Xin's strength.

Moreover,it was Su Xin who instructed Tai Lusi and the others to inform Liu Xiao about the remains of the Heavenly Soldiers.When putting on a show,one must go all the way.Authenticity was key.

When Chen Xian acted insolently earlier,without Liu Xiao's intervention,Su Xin would have found it difficult to de-escalate the situation without arousing suspicion.Additionally,Liu Xiao's knowledge of the existence of the Heavenly Palace Sect added another layer of credibility.When revealed by Liu Xiao,this identity carried more weight than if Su Xin had revealed it himself.

After restoring his internal energy,Su Xin didn't rush back to the Underworld to report his mission.Instead,he decided to take a look at Jiangnan Province first.Although Judge Cui had already briefed him on the situation there,Su Xin preferred to see it for himself before deciding when to return.

This time,he must deal with Yin Ji and Jiang Heliu,among others,all at once!

With this in mind,a cold light flashed in Su Xin's eyes.

On the way back to Jiangnan Prefecture,Su Xin didn't use the identity of Prince Chujiang.Of course,he wouldn't use his real identity either.Instead,he once again changed his appearance to that of the middle-aged man he had impersonated when he went to scheme against the Wen family.

This identity was only used once,and only appeared in Jiangnan.Although most people knew that Su Xin had manipulated the Wen family into cooperating with him,they were unaware of the specifics.Only Wen Ming,the father and son,knew that this identity was assumed by Su Xin.Therefore,Su Xin wasn't worried about being recognized on the road.

After leaving Gaoyang Prefecture,Su Xin directly used his inner energy to hurry along the road,arriving at another prefecture,Jiangning Prefecture,in less than half a day.

Initially,Su Xin intended to have a meal in Jiangning Prefecture and then leave.However,while having his meal,he overheard some intriguing news.

The martial forces in Jiangning Prefecture were mostly dominated by aristocratic families,with very few sects.Jiangning Prefecture was considered a large prefecture in the entire Jiangdong region,so there were as many as five second-tier forces within the prefecture.

Among these five second-tier forces,the Du family had a long-standing feud with the Zhang family.However,the Du family had always been the weaker side.But recently,the Du family seemed to be rising.

Both the Du and Zhang families shared a common characteristic:neither had Nascent Soul Realm martial artists,but they boasted eight or nine Spiritual Palace Realm martial artists,with the Zhang family even having as many as twelve.

However,recently,the patriarch of the Du family had a sudden enlightenment and entered the state of Harmony between Heaven and Man,becoming a half-step Nascent Soul Realm existence.This development greatly alarmed the Zhang family.

Any Spiritual Palace Realm martial artist who entered the state of Harmony between Heaven and Man would almost certainly break through to the Nascent Soul Realm in the future;it was only a matter of time,possibly a few months,a year,or several years.

If the patriarch of the Du family suddenly broke through to the Nascent Soul Realm,it would spell disaster for the Zhang family.

Moreover,during this period,a illegitimate child of the Du family,Du Chen,suddenly demonstrated remarkable strength.With his cultivation at the Sea of Qi Realm,he defeated several disciples of the Zhang family in the Spiritual Aperture Realm.His use of a broken sword was exquisite,leaving both patriarchs and elders of both families astonished.

Originally,Du Chen was just a bastard of the Du family,with mediocre talent.He barely broke through to the Sea of Qi Realm at the age of twenty and wasn't valued much within the family.However,after his recent display of power,Du Chen was even designated as one of the heirs of the Du family,causing discussions among the martial artists of Jiangning Prefecture,some criticizing the Du family for being too pragmatic,among other things.

What caught Su Xin's attention wasn't the Du family patriarch's advancement to the half-step Nascent Soul Realm,but Du Chen's sudden rise in strength,defeating Spiritual Aperture Realm warriors with only Sea of Qi Realm cultivation.

It wasn't uncommon for Sea of Qi Realm cultivators to defeat Spiritual Aperture Realm ones;many ranked martial artists could achieve this.However,Du Chen's sudden rise seemed too abrupt,almost as if his cultivation had greatly advanced overnight.Su Xin wouldn't believe there wasn't something unusual going on.

If Du Chen had been holding back before,it's even more unbelievable now.

Watching the Du family's behavior,it's clear they're an exceptionally pragmatic family.Once you demonstrate your strength,you naturally gain corresponding status.

Was Du Chen previously so bent on enduring humiliation,unable to access the family's resources until now when he suddenly shines?Is he into masochism or just fond of a good slap in the face?

Upon hearing this news,Su Xin's first thought naturally turned to the remnants of the Heavenly Soldiers,now evolved into demonic spirits.

Su Xin had once asked Tailusi what the remnants looked like.Tailusi had said they were just an ordinary broken sword.So,upon hearing about Du Chen's sudden prowess with a broken sword,Su Xin had reason to be suspicious.

Thus,Su Xin decided not to return to Jiangnan Prefecture for the time being.If Du Chen's broken sword was indeed a remnant of the Heavenly Soldiers,then Su Xin must obtain it.

Although the remnant was a sword,Su Xin could easily trade it for something useful to him.The greatest advantage of being a member of the Underworld was the ability to exchange resources without hesitation.A group of Nascent Soul Realm beings could freely trade what they needed within the Underworld without fear of betrayal.

After nightfall,Su Xin originally planned to sneak up and see what was going on with Du Chen.However,he didn't expect that since last time he displayed his strength,Du Chen was now constantly guarded by three Spiritual Palace Realm warriors.

But that was understandable.With tensions rising between the Du and Zhang families,the Du family was worried that the Zhang family might suddenly strike against their rising star,Du Chen.Therefore,they sent people to protect him personally.

However,this posed a problem.Su Xin didn't regard three Spiritual Palace Realm warriors from second-tier forces as a threat.However,if he made a move,the entire Du family would be alerted.

Three Spiritual Palace Realm beings weren't livestock;Su Xin couldn't eliminate them in an instant.If he forcibly attacked the Du family,with his current strength,he was seventy percent confident he could wipe them out completely.Moreover,if he used consumables,the certainty would be one hundred percent.

But this would cause too much commotion and surely attract the attention of other forces in Jiangning Prefecture.The Zhang family,which had been keeping an eye on the Du family,would definitely intervene.Other forces neighboring the Du family would also send people.By then,under the watchful eyes of everyone,it would be extremely difficult for Su Xin to kill Du Chen and seize the broken sword.Therefore,it was necessary to carefully consider his next move.

At this time,Du Chen remained in the courtyard arranged specially for him by the Du family.Outside the door,three Spiritual Palace Realm warriors guarded him,making him exceptionally relieved.

His mother was just an ordinary maid who had an affair with the Du family's patriarch while he was drunk.This identity was not valued within the family,and coupled with his mediocre talent,he was subjected to ridicule and disdain within the Du family.

Some say talent is innate,though unevenly distributed,it's undeniably true.The stronger the martial artist,the more difficult it is to conceive children,and the better the innate talent of the offspring.If both parents are martial artists,the chances are even greater.Therefore,among wandering martial artists,those with outstanding talent are few,and most are mediocre.

Du Chen's mother was an ordinary person,so it was no surprise that his talent was ordinary.Just half a year ago,he barely broke through to the Innate Realm.However,it was only after several years of seeing his other brothers breakthrough to the Innate Realm that he finally did so.Even then,he was only given a pill to breakthrough to the Innate Sea Realm because his father saw that while his other brothers had broken through to the Innate Realm for several years,he was still stuck in the Great Perfection of the Postnatal Realm.Otherwise,with his status in the Du family,such a precious pill would never have been his turn.

Twenty years of being looked down upon by others had made Du Chen fed up.Just when he was about to reach his limit,fate gave him a great opportunity.

Du Chen gently caressed the seemingly ordinary broken sword in his hand,which even had a hint of rust on it.

Without it,he might have lived an ordinary life forever.

Du Chen couldn't forget the strength the broken sword had given him.It even taught him swordsmanship in his dreams,which was so powerful that compared to the martial skills of the Du family,it was simply rubbish.

Du Chen would never forget the expressions of the Du family when he defeated the strongest of the Zhang family's younger generation alone with a single sword.The eyes of those who usually bullied him showed disbelief and astonishment.

Some younger disciples were envious and awed,while his father and others were delighted.They were pleased that the Du family had truly risen this time.Apart from him about to breakthrough to the Nascent Soul Realm,Du Chen had also emerged as a remarkable talent.

Feeling the joy emanating from the broken sword,Du Chen gripped the hilt tightly and silently shouted,"One day,I,Du Chen,will surely make you famous and ascend to the top,trampling all those martial arts prodigies underfoot!"