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Chapter 301 Retainers

9645words in this chapter2024-02-21

The next day,in front of the Du family's gate,a warrior from the Du family posted a notice,offering a hefty reward to recruit retainers.Regardless of origin or age,if a retainer at the Divine Palace Realm were to come,the Du family even offered to present them with heirlooms to entice their joining.

Upon seeing this,the entire martial community of Jiangning Prefecture reacted swiftly.The Du and Zhang families were likely on the brink of conflict.

Both families had been in Jiangning Prefecture for a considerable time,perhaps two or three hundred years.Their enmity spanned generations,with numerous casualties on both sides.It had long evolved into an irreconcilable feud.

This time,the Du family head's breakthrough to the Half-Step Primordial Spirit realm,and the extraordinary display of strength by Du Chen,the illegitimate son of the Du family,thoroughly provoked the Zhang family.

As bitter enemies of the Zhang family,the Du family knew well what the Zhang family was thinking.The Zhang family could attack them at any moment.

Therefore,the Du family took the initiative this time,preemptively recruiting some powerful retainers.

The number of Divine Palace Realm warriors in the Du family was slightly fewer than in the Zhang family.Without sufficient strength,once the conflict broke out,they had no assurance they could simultaneously contend with several Divine Palace Realm existences.The Du family would undoubtedly be defeated.

Some local martial forces in Jiangning Prefecture shook their heads upon seeing this,preparing to return and advise their clan members to stay indoors to avoid being embroiled in the conflict between the two powers.

With the Du and Zhang families fighting for life and death,the other three second-rate forces dared not take advantage.With both sides bloodthirsty,unless one was certain they could eliminate both families,daring to take advantage would likely result in self-harm.

The third-rate factions were even more cautious,fearing involvement in such a level of combat.They couldn't even afford to approach actively.

However,some wandering martial artists were very interested.

Usually,the Du family had strict criteria for reviewing retainers,including background and character requirements.One had to pass the Du family's rigorous assessment and tests to qualify for membership.

But now was a time of crisis,and the Du family couldn't afford to be so selective.As long as you had strength,the Du family would take you in.

This time,in their fight against the Zhang family,besides relaxing the criteria for recruiting retainers,the Du family directly listed some rewards for the retainers,including several Huang-grade weapons.These were treasures of the Du family's heritage,passed down through generations.Bringing them out this time was a significant move.

The Du family head had courage.After all,you couldn't be too attached to your children.By bringing out several Huang-grade weapons,if they could truly eliminate the Zhang family,the resources of the Zhang family would be theirs.

Several Du family elders and some younger disciples stood at the Du family gate,leaving a large space in front for those who wanted to join the Du family to showcase their skills.

This time,the Du family didn't care about anything else when recruiting retainers.The first criterion was that your strength must pass.

Many wandering martial artists present were eager to try.

Although getting involved in the conflict between the Du and Zhang families might mean death,if the Du family were to win,it would be a significant opportunity.Not only could they join the greatly strengthened Du family,but they could also obtain so many resources for cultivation,which would be a profitable deal.

So,a martial artist at the Heavenly Realm immediately stepped forward respectfully and said,"I would like to join the Du family as a retainer."

For the current Du family,a Heavenly Realm warrior was just cannon fodder.But even such cannon fodder was something they desperately needed.Besides,recruiting them as retainers wouldn't cost much.

So,a Du family elder nodded kindly and said,"Very well,this warrior,please come and showcase your skills first."

With a wave of the elder's hand,a young disciple from the Du family stepped forward.

This young disciple appeared to be less than twenty years old,but he had already reached the Heavenly Realm's perfection,matching the strength of the martial artist who seemed to be in his thirties.

However,this was quite normal in the outside world.Progress in the Heavenly Realm was inherently fast,coupled with excellent techniques,elixirs for support,and guidance from renowned masters.Achieving perfection in the Heavenly Realm before the age of twenty was entirely normal.

The young disciple from the Du family,with a proud demeanor,respectfully gestured,and engaged in combat with the martial artist.

The Du family disciple used a sword,displaying elegant and agile swordsmanship,which seemed quite decent.

The wandering martial artist,on the other hand,had a rough background.He wielded a half-person-tall large ring knife,with fierce and explosive movements,exceptionally ferocious.

Moreover,he had rich combat experience,much greater than the young Du family disciple,who had never experienced life and death struggles.Plus,it seemed he also practiced some kind of body refining technique,which allowed him to press the young Du family disciple down after more than ten moves.

Being pressed down in front of their own elders and many martial artists,the young Du family disciple's face flushed red,already showing signs of embarrassment and anger.

But at this moment,the martial artist's movements suddenly slowed down.The young Du family disciple's long sword thrust forward,aiming directly at the opponent's midsection.The martial artist immediately stepped back,sheathing his knife,and bowed,saying,"The young master of the Du family is truly skilled.I am inferior."

Even if the Du family disciple was foolish,he knew that he was let off by the opponent,who was giving him face.This made him develop a slight fondness for the martial artist and he quickly bowed,saying,"Not at all,the skills of this elder brother are also commendable."

Responsible for recruiting retainers,the elder from the Du family stroked his beard.This person had good strength and understood human emotions,knowing when to advance and when to retreat.Not bad at all.

He nodded and said,"Please,sir,come inside and register.From now on,you are a member of our Du family."

The martial artist quickly bowed and said,"Thank you,elder."

Others sighed and whispered to each other,impressed by the young man's cleverness.He had just joined the Du family and already pleased one of the Du family's direct disciples and an elder.

The Du family's intention in testing these retainers was simply to see if they were genuine or not.There was no real competition involved.As long as your strength was acceptable,even if you lost,you could still join the Du family.

So,although this martial artist could have won,he deliberately lost to the young Du family disciple to earn a favor.After all,his strength had already been recognized by the Du family elder.What did winning or losing matter?

With this martial artist taking the lead,other wandering martial artists also eagerly signed up.After all,fortune favors the bold.Once the battle between the Du and Zhang families ended,they wouldn't need them anymore.

By midday,the Du family had recruited nearly a hundred people.However,the Du family elders responsible for recruiting were getting anxious.

Despite the morning's efforts,only three people at the Heavenly Realm had signed up,and they were all at the Heavenly Sea Realm.This was far from what they had imagined.

At the level of strength the Du and Zhang families possessed,the main determinant of victory or defeat lay in the Heavenly Realm warriors.The Heavenly Sea Realm warriors,no matter how many,would only follow along.

The three Du family elders exchanged glances.Although they were anxious,they couldn't say anything.

In fact,they vaguely guessed the reason,which was simply that these Heavenly Realm warriors didn't have much confidence in the Du family.

Although the Du family head had reached the Half-Step Primordial Spirit realm,it was only half a step and couldn't command a Primordial Spirit.Even Du Chen's astonishing talent had only reached the Heavenly Sea Realm.Any further achievements would have to wait until later.

So,the only advantage the Du family had over the Zhang family was potential.But the problem was,would the Zhang family give the Du family a chance to grow?Judging by the nervousness of the Du family now,it was doubtful.

These Heavenly Realm warriors of wandering origin valued their lives greatly.With their strength,they could easily dominate a remote small city.If they wanted to go further,they could join other powers as retainers or guest officials.Although the rewards might not be as many as those offered by the Du family,at least they would be safe.

At this moment,a middle-aged Taoist in white robes,exuding an air of elegance and spirituality,walked through the crowd and bowed,saying,"This humble Daoist wishes to join the Du family as a retainer.May I?"

The eyes of the three Du family elders lit up.A Divine Palace Realm warrior!

Setting aside everything else,just the appearance of this Daoist indicated he was a master.And with Divine Palace Realm strength,if he could join the Du family,their chances of victory against the Zhang family would increase significantly.

This Taoist in white was naturally Su Xin.After thinking it over last night,he decided to first infiltrate the Du family.If he didn't get an opportunity,he could always take advantage during the Du and Zhang families'major battle.

But he didn't expect the Du family to be so cooperative,starting to recruit retainers.Su Xin wouldn't miss such a good opportunity.

The Du family elder bowed and said,"May I know the name of the Daoist?"

Su Xin smiled lightly."Certainly,I am Daoist You Fangye,with the title of Qingxuanzi."

The Du family elder said,"Apologies,Daoist Qingxuanzi.Although you have the strength of the Divine Palace Realm,you still need to showcase your skills before formally becoming a retainer of our Du family."

Although the Du family elder knew that Divine Palace Realm warriors didn't need to prove themselves,there were many warriors present,so they couldn't make any exceptions.

Su Xin smiled,"Of course,but I also have a request."

"Elder Qingxuanzi,please make your request.As long as it's not unreasonable,our Du family can agree."The Du family elder took charge.

A Divine Palace Realm warrior would be of tremendous help to them now.As long as the other party wasn't too unreasonable,they could agree to anything.

Su Xin said,"It's simple.After becoming a retainer of your Du family,I don't want any other rewards.I only want one of the Shaolin Temple's Great Return Pills,cherished by your Du family."

As soon as these words were spoken,the faces of everyone present turned extremely strange,and even the three Du family elders showed signs of anger.Was this person looking for trouble?