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Chapter 304:Failing to Accept Disciples

8974words in this chapter2024-02-21

For Du Chen,the patriarch of the Du family was quite satisfied.

Although Du Chen was his illegitimate son,the patriarch didn't hold any disdain towards him.The Du family had always been pragmatic;as long as you could demonstrate the necessary strength,whether you were illegitimate or not,you could attain the appropriate status.

However,Du Chen's talent displayed previously was nothing remarkable,just average at best.But recently,he had shown remarkable progress,surpassing even those carefully nurtured disciples of the family,and even trampling the younger generation of the Zhang family underfoot.This greatly pleased the patriarch.

After all,for more than a decade,he hadn't invested many resources into this son,yet he had unexpectedly grown to this level.

Looking at Du Chen,the patriarch said,"Since Daoist Master holds you in such high regard,shouldn't you express your gratitude?"

Du Chen obediently bowed to Su Xin and said,"Thank you for your praise,Daoist Master."

Seeing this scene,the other disciples of the Du family turned red with jealousy.A previously disregarded illegitimate child not only surpassed them but also gained the attention of the patriarch and many elders,enjoying endless glory.

And now,this acknowledged strong individual actually praised this illegitimate child.Why?

Seeing how much attention this Daoist Master received,they could imagine that after being acknowledged and praised by him,Du Chen's status in the Du family would surely rise significantly.

Su Xin nodded,returned Du Chen's gesture,and suddenly said,"Patriarch Du,just now,I felt a sudden inspiration.I feel a connection with your son and wish to take him as my disciple.What do you think?"

For the patriarch of the Du family,of course,he wouldn't object to a transcendent realm expert wanting to take his son as a disciple.

Previously,Su Xin was just a retainer of the Du family;they were merely in an employer-employee relationship.But if Su Xin were to take his son as a disciple,their relationship would undoubtedly take a big step forward,and he could firmly tie Su Xin to the Du family through this relationship.

It's important to note that in the martial world,the relationship between master and disciple was quite significant.A master was akin to a father figure.Could one watch their own son get into trouble?

Therefore,the patriarch was about to agree,but at this moment,Wei Changfeng,who had been silent for a while,suddenly spoke up,"Du Chen wields a sword,while Daoist Master Qingxuan uses a sword.Wouldn't it be inappropriate for you to take him as your disciple?"

Seeing Wei Changfeng causing trouble again,Su Xin couldn't help but feel annoyed.

The first time was forgivable,as it actually solidified his identity,but this time he almost ruined his plans.

Su Xin glanced at him and said calmly,"Elder Wei's words are misplaced.Who says that someone who uses a sword can't teach someone who wields a blade?The martial path in this world ultimately converges;one method leads to myriad methods.What I want to teach Du Chen is not blade techniques,but martial arts."

Wei Changfeng sneered,"Daoist Master Qingxuan,your words sound impressive,but one might think you're a transcendent realm grandmaster of martial arts.Still talking about martial arts?Even if you're strong,you're only at the transcendent realm.It's a bit too presumptuous to speak of the martial path leading to myriad methods."

"Elder Wei,sometimes it's best not to be so full of oneself.Just because you can't do something doesn't mean others can't either."

Su Xin extended his hand,and a foot-long sword aura burst forth from his fingertip.

"This is the sword,sharp and decisive,the harbinger of destruction!"

The short sword aura soared into the sky,carrying terrifying power,embodying the annihilating sword intent Su Xin displayed.

He then wielded his palm like a blade,emitting a blade aura,sharp and unmatched,capable of annihilating all things in the world with a single stroke.

"This is the blade,unrivaled in its sharpness,capable of destroying all under heaven."

Su Xin then clenched his fist,unleashing a fist intent brimming with destruction.

"This is the fist,overwhelming in its power,capable of shattering the heavens and the earth.No matter the myriad martial arts,I can shatter them with a single punch!"

Su Xin's hand continued to change,displaying various forms:blade,sword,fist,finger-eighteen weapons in total.They seemed vastly different,but the martial intent within them was the same:destruction!

Swordsmanship was not Su Xin's only martial path,so he could comprehend the annihilating sword intent and apply it elsewhere.

For Su Xin,this was simple,but the many martial practitioners present fell silent.They were all stunned.Could sword intent and martial arts be so seamlessly interchangeable?

Su Xin calmly said,"Do I now have the qualification to teach Du Chen?"

Wei Changfeng looked extremely embarrassed,but the patriarch of the Du family's eyes gleamed with understanding.He realized that he had underestimated Daoist Master Qingxuan.

He quickly said to Du Chen,"My son,why haven't you come forward to pay your respects to your new master?What are you waiting for?"

Du Chen's eyes also showed a hint of joy.For a newcomer like him who had just stepped into the martial arts world,what Su Xin had demonstrated earlier was simply extraordinary.

Moreover,this Daoist Master was revered even by his father,who was only at the semi-transcendent realm.His strength could be imagined.If he could truly become his disciple,his future martial arts path would undoubtedly be much smoother.

But just as Du Chen was about to pay his respects,the broken sword behind him sent waves of warning,advising him not to take Daoist Master Qingxuan as his master.

Du Chen hesitated again,even though he had wanted to pay his respects just now.

To him,this broken sword was not just a weapon;it was also his teacher,his friend,and the source of his future hopes.

So,when the sword warned him,Du Chen hesitated for a moment and chose to trust its judgment.He deeply bowed to Daoist Master Qingxuan and said,"Apologies,Daoist Master.My path in martial arts differs from yours,so I cannot become your disciple."

Upon hearing Du Chen's words,everyone was stunned.

The younger generation of the Du family sneered inwardly.Du Chen had become too conceited;he even gave up such a good opportunity.

But the patriarch of the Du family was furious."Du Chen!What are you saying?"

Su Xin kindly waved his hand and said,"Everyone has their own aspirations,Patriarch Du,please don't mind."

Hearing Su Xin's words,Du Chen felt relieved.His perception of the Daoist Master in front of him improved,but he also wondered why the broken sword didn't allow him to become Su Xin's disciple.

He knew that the broken sword had a spiritual sense and could convey various emotions to him,but it couldn't speak.So,even if he asked,he wouldn't get an answer.But he knew he just had to trust the judgment of the broken sword;after all,it would never deceive him.

The patriarch of the Du family still angrily ordered Du Chen to leave.However,Su Xin squinted his eyes and looked at the broken sword behind Du Chen.

Now he was almost certain that the broken sword was the remnant of a spiritual weapon that had given birth to a demonic spirit.

Just now,he had felt a very weak spiritual fluctuation from the broken sword,so weak that Su Xin wouldn't have noticed it if he hadn't practiced the Heaven and Earth Spirit Technique.

The spiritual fluctuation directly transmitted to Du Chen,which was why Du Chen,who had already decided to become his disciple,directly refused him.

This made Su Xin even more interested in this demonic spirit.Its intelligence was almost comparable to that of a normal person,and its spiritual perception was even more sensitive.

All living things are spiritual,but only humans have intelligence and can think.After other creatures gain intelligence,they are called demons.

Su Xin had read some information in the files of the Six Gates,which said that in the distant ancient times before the ancient era,various ancient beasts roamed the world.However,those beings born with intelligence were called the demon race.

At that time,the human race was extremely weak,and only some strong individuals who had comprehended the power of heaven and earth and could borrow the power of heaven and earth could rival those powerful demons.

And these people were the embryonic form of martial artists.At that time,martial artists did not have the distinction between innate and acquired;they began by comprehending the power of heaven and earth,using the power of heaven and earth to become strong.It can be said that the starting point for martial artists at that time was the transcendent realm.

However,later on,the human race,with its vast population advantage,gradually standardized the martial path step by step,from the acquired body refining to the innate Qi cultivation,and finally to transcending the realm to achieve the status of martial arts grandmaster.This made the overall strength of the human race soar,and finally,under the leadership of the Human Emperor,completely suppressed the demon race,leading to the prosperity of the human race.

According to the information from the Six Gates,even now,there are some remnants of the demon race in the martial world,but they have already entered a state of seclusion,each lurking in some hidden places,rarely appearing.

And those ancient primordial beasts have also been almost wiped out.

Now Su Xin could be sure that this kind of demonic spirit,apart from not having a physical body,was no different from the legendary demon race.Its value was definitely more than just being a spiritual companion;after all,such a demonic spirit transformed from a spiritual companion was a rare occurrence that might not happen even once in hundreds of years.

Thinking of this,Su Xin's gaze towards Du Chen suddenly became as if he was looking at a treasure.

But outsiders might think he was regretting not being able to take Du Chen,such a talented disciple,as his own.Only Su Xin himself knew that he was looking at the broken sword behind Du Chen with ill intentions.

The broken sword felt Su Xin's unfriendly gaze and quickly sent a warning signal to Du Chen.Unfortunately,Du Chen didn't understand its meaning.After thinking about it carefully,he didn't seem to be in any danger anyway.