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Chapter 303 Disguise

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The head of the Du family courteously led Su Xin into the living room.At this moment,there were elders of the Du family in the hall,as well as other recruited wandering cultivators.

Pointing at Su Xin,the head of the Du family said,"This is Daoist Qingxuan,a powerful new recruit of our Du family.He has formidable strength and has already comprehended the Sword Intent.Even I may not necessarily surpass him."

Upon hearing this,the people of the Du family all showed joy.They hadn't expected that in this extensive recruitment of followers,they would actually be able to recruit such a strong individual.

The warriors who had recently joined the Du family were a little nervous at first,but upon seeing even such a powerful figure joining the Du family,it was evident that they had confidence in the Du family.Seeing this scene,they immediately felt reassured.

The head of the Du family immediately had preparations made for a feast,intending to welcome Su Xin and the other new members of the Du family.

During the feast,Su Xin naturally received special attention from everyone.Not only did the head of the Du family and the elders frequently toast to him,but the Du family's followers also continuously praised Su Xin,using this opportunity to build good relationships.

However,the only one not pleased throughout the entire feast was a martial artist in the group of Du family elders.

This martial artist in the God Palace Realm was about forty years old,with a sinister aura between his brows,obviously not the type to get along well with others.

Although he was sitting among the Du family elders,he was not a member of the Du family but rather a follower.

His name was Wei Changfeng,and he had been a follower of the Du family for more than ten years.It could be said that he had already integrated into the Du family.In fact,his status in the Du family was not that of a mere follower but rather an elder.All the other followers recruited by the Du family had to obey his orders.

Initially,Wei Changfeng enjoyed this kind of life.However,Su Xin's appearance made him feel a sense of crisis.

His identity was special.It took him more than ten years as an outsider to finally gain the recognition of the Du family.

But now,this person who had just arrived stole his thunder.Coupled with the praise from the head of the Du family,Wei Changfeng worried that the Du family might transfer the authority to manage the followers to this Daoist.

Such a thing was not impossible.The Du family was known for being pragmatic.As long as your strength was sufficient,the Du family would naturally give you the position you deserved.

Just like Du Chen,the illegitimate son who was completely ignored by the Du family before.Once he demonstrated his strength,he was directly designated as one of the heirs to the family head,with treatment that was simply earth-shattering.

Now,the head of the family had even said that not even he was confident of surpassing this person.This person's strength could be imagined.Perhaps his position would be replaced by this person.

Therefore,as he watched everyone continuously flattering this person,Wei Changfeng became increasingly unhappy.Amidst the flattering voices,he couldn't help but say coldly,"I wonder where Daoist Qingxuan practiced before?There are not many martial artists in the God Palace Realm who can comprehend Sword Intent in the entire Jiangdong region.Why haven't I heard of Daoist before?"

Upon hearing these words,which seemed like an interrogation,everyone present was stunned,and the entire hall fell silent.

The head of the Du family brought Su Xin here,obviously to recognize his joining the Du family as a follower.With your tone,it's as if you're interrogating him,clearly showing hostility.

The head of the Du family's face sank as he said,"Elder Wei,Daoist Qingxuan was personally approved by me to join the Du family.There's absolutely no issue with his identity.You're being a bit too much."

Wei Changfeng stood up and clasped his hands,saying,"Family Head,I've been with the Du family for more than ten years.Don't you know what kind of person I am?I have always been wholeheartedly devoted to the Du family.Of course,I don't doubt Daoist Qingxuan's intentions.However,we are currently in a critical period of struggle with the Zhang family.We can't afford to be careless."

The head of the Du family rubbed his temples with some headache.He also knew that Wei Changfeng was considering the Du family's interests.

However,he was 99.9%sure that Su Xin was not sent by the Zhang family.If the Zhang family had such a strong martial artist helping them,they would directly attack the Du family.What's the point of sending an undercover agent?It would be counterproductive.

So even though he knew Wei Changfeng was cautious for the sake of the Du family,he didn't want to inquire about Su Xin to avoid offending this expert.

Su Xin smiled lightly and shook his head,saying,"Family Head,there's no need to mind.Elder Wei is also considering the safety of the Du family.My background is nothing secretive.Although I am from Jiangdong,I rarely appear in the martial world.So,it's normal that none of you have heard of me.Because I practice the Dao of Supreme Forgetfulness."

Upon hearing Su Xin's explanation,everyone's faces suddenly showed understanding.It all made sense now.

There are numerous branches of the Daoist tradition,one of which is called the Dao of Supreme Forgetfulness,which is one of the four branches of the current Daoist Sect,the Supreme Daoist Sect.

The Supreme Daoist Sect focuses on enlightenment and spiritual cultivation.Progress is slow,but if one truly comprehends it in one go,their strength will also soar.

The Dao of Supreme Forgetfulness,in particular,is extreme,claiming to forget all emotions in the world,reaching a state of no sorrow or joy,no fear or worry.Only by doing so can one get closer to the heavenly Dao and comprehend it.

This branch of practitioners is relatively small in number;most cultivators hide in deep mountains and forests to comprehend the heavenly Dao.Therefore,it's not unusual for their strength to be remarkable yet not well-known.

Su Xin continued,"As for the issue of Sword Intent,it's even simpler.Although I've comprehended Sword Intent,I don't go around flaunting it to everyone I meet."

Laughter erupted among the people present,but Wei Changfeng persisted,"How can the Daoist prove that he cultivates the Dao of Supreme Forgetfulness?"

Everyone frowned involuntarily.Wei Changfeng was being a bit too much.The Daoist had already explained himself,yet he continued to press.

Especially the elders of the Du family,they glared at Wei Changfeng."Now you,Wei Changfeng,seem more like a spy sent by the Zhang family.What benefit does it bring to the Du family to drive away such a powerful Daoist?"

Su Xin waved his hand indifferently."Since Elder Wei wants to see,there's no harm in it."

As he spoke,Su Xin's eyes suddenly turned hollow,emitting a chilling aura.In that moment,his eyes held no emotion,devoid of sorrow or joy,fear or worry,as if the indifferent heavenly Dao was looking down on all living beings like ants.

This gaze was terrifying,causing everyone present to shiver.

At this moment,the head of the Du family and others no longer had any doubts.Although they hadn't seen practitioners of the Dao of Supreme Forgetfulness before,who else but those who practiced such a path could reveal such a gaze?

At the same time,the head of the Du family felt fortunate that he hadn't confronted Su Xin earlier.

Originally,the head of the Du family intended to test Su Xin's true strength in public.However,faced with Su Xin's Sword Intent,he didn't have absolute confidence in winning.If he lost in front of everyone,it would be embarrassing.After all,if a follower surpassed the family head in strength,it wouldn't sit well.

Now,after witnessing this scene,the head of the Du family was even more certain.The strength displayed by Su Xin earlier was definitely not his full power.As someone who practiced the Dao of Supreme Forgetfulness,his Daoist techniques would undoubtedly be stronger than his swordsmanship.

The hollow and cold look in Su Xin's eyes receded,returning to normal.

As for the Dao of Supreme Forgetfulness,Su Xin naturally didn't cultivate it.However,his Frost Hell True Solution was somewhat similar to the Dao of Supreme Forgetfulness.

Chu Jiangwang controlled the Frost Hell,judging countless evil spirits,essentially resembling the heavenly Dao,hence the terrifying gaze that seemed to look down on ants.

Moreover,Su Xin also had the Mountain Scripture,which magnified this feeling to the extreme.Of course,a strong practitioner of the Dao of Supreme Forgetfulness would not be deceived.However,fooling the laymen of the Du family wouldn't be a problem.

Su Xin looked at Wei Changfeng."Elder Wei,any more doubts?"

Wei Changfeng wanted to say something,but the head of the Du family immediately intervened."That's enough,Elder Wei.Let's put an end to this matter."

Seeing the expression of the head of the Du family,Wei Changfeng knew that the head of the Du family was genuinely angry,so he reluctantly sat back down.

However,Su Xin was quite grateful to him.With his disruption,it seemed that the people of the Du family trusted him more.

Halfway through the banquet,the head of the Du family specifically called out the young generation of the Du family to introduce them to everyone.

The Du family respected strength above all else.Therefore,there was not just one heir to the family head.As long as they were from the main branch of the Du family and had sufficient strength,they could become heirs to the family head.

There were a total of eight heirs in this generation,but one of them,carrying a broken blade and only at the Qi Sea Realm,stood out among the Nascent Soul Realm disciples.

Su Xin's heart stirred;this person should be the remarkable Du Chen.

Su Xin carefully inspected the broken blade on his back but didn't find anything unusual.

Of course,Su Xin hadn't seen advanced items like celestial weapons,so he couldn't be sure if this broken blade was a remnant of one or something else.He needed to get closer to observe.

"Go,pay respects to the seniors.In this battle between our Du family and the Zhang family,we'll rely on the efforts of the seniors,"instructed the head of the Du family.

"Yes."Du Chen and the others responded and came forward to salute Su Xin and the other innate realm followers.

When Du Chen came to salute Su Xin,Su Xin turned to the head of the Du family and said,"Family Head,your son is remarkable.With a dazzling aura between his brows,he must have great luck and fortune.This child will definitely not be an ordinary person in the future."

Although the head of the Du family didn't believe in the Daoist concept of luck and fortune,upon hearing Su Xin praise his son,he couldn't help but feel proud."Daoist,you're too kind.My son has average aptitude,but fortunately,he has accumulated a lot recently,and has shown some promise in recent days."