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Chapter 306 Taking the Initiative

9931words in this chapter2024-02-21

After Wei Changfeng laid out his complete plan,the many elders present still furrowed their brows.

Du Family's patriarch shook his head.While Wei Changfeng's method wasn't necessarily bad,it didn't align with their preferences.

Both the mechanisms of the Mo family and the concealed weapons of the Tang family weren't easy to obtain.Furthermore,even if they managed to acquire them,their effectiveness would be limited.With the Du family's strength and resources,they couldn't purchase high-quality goods,which would likely struggle against innate martial artists.

At this moment,Su Xin suddenly spoke up,"Patriarch Du,no matter what strategy we devise,passive defense is always the last resort.We might as well take the initiative and turn defense into offense."

The Du Family's patriarch was taken aback,"You want to launch an attack?"

The other Du family elders were also astonished.Su Xin's idea wasn't something they hadn't considered,but rather something they didn't dare to contemplate.

Given their inferior strength,launching an attack would be suicidal.

Wei Changfeng sneered,"Daoist Qingxuan,your idea is simply too unreliable.The defending side always has the advantage.We Du family are already in a disadvantaged position.Initiating an attack would only squander our sole advantage."

Su Xin shook his head,"That may be true in theory,but there are always exceptions.Even if we prepare numerous defensive measures,we're merely passively resisting their attacks.In other words,we're being led by the nose.However,if we take the initiative,it's a different story.At least,we can catch them off guard.Even we ourselves wouldn't expect to launch an attack,let alone the Zhang family.Besides,we don't know what schemes the Zhang family is plotting in secret.If they succeed and launch an attack later,it would be disastrous."

As Su Xin finished speaking,Wei Changfeng immediately retorted,"You're essentially gambling with the safety of the Du family!If something goes wrong,we'll lose everything!"

Su Xin shrugged,"There's never a situation of guaranteed victory in a war of extermination.It's always a gamble.Anyway,I've voiced my thoughts.Whether Patriarch Du and the other elders choose to use it is not my concern."

After much deliberation,the Du Family's patriarch gritted his teeth,"Let's go with Daoist Qingxuan's plan.We'll launch a surprise attack on the Zhang family tonight!"

Wei Changfeng opened his mouth to speak but said nothing.The Du Family's patriarch had made a decision,and his opposition would be futile.

So,after nightfall,the Du Family mobilized all their experts above the Heavenly Dipper Realm and launched a surprise attack on the Zhang family!

The Zhang family's mansion was in the south of the city,while the Du family was in the north.With such a long distance,it was impossible for other powers within Jiangning Prefecture not to notice the Du family's movement.

However,they were surprised.They hadn't expected the usually weaker Du family to strike first.It was truly unexpected.

Nevertheless,this had nothing to do with them.Knowing that the Du family would settle their life-and-death struggle with the Zhang family tonight,other aristocratic families within Jiangning Prefecture immediately recalled their forces outside the city,fearing being inadvertently involved in the struggle between the two families.

The results would be known by early the next morning,which was exactly what Su Xin wanted.

A group of several hundred people arrived at the gate of the Zhang family's mansion.The Du Family's patriarch directly smashed the gate open with a burst of scorching palm wind.

However,at that moment,a barrage of arrows suddenly erupted from the gate,shooting towards the Du family members.

No,it shouldn't be called an arrow barrage;it was a rain of crossbow bolts!

What emerged from the gate were crossbows over three meters long,crafted from refined iron,used by the Great Zhou Dynasty for attacking and defending cities.Who would have expected the Zhang family to have prepared such things?

However,the Du family wasn't unprepared.

They were launching a surprise attack on the Zhang family;naturally,they knew it was impossible for their group to reach the Zhang family's gate without being detected.

So,when the crossbows shot out,a group of elders at the Heavenly Dipper Realm had already positioned themselves in front of the others,forming a peculiar formation.

The true qi of eight Du family elders merged together,creating a terrifying vortex of true qi in front of them.The crossbows made of fine steel were directly stirred into a pile of scrap metal within that vortex.

At this moment,the gloomy-faced patriarch of the Zhang family walked out from the gate,instructing other disciples to throw those giant crossbows aside.

These things were slow to string;it required the strength of five strong soldiers to string them together.Although a Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist could string them alone,the speed wasn't comparable.

These giant crossbows were prepared by the Zhang family for attacking the Du family.At that time,they were the attacking side,naturally having plenty of time to manipulate these giant crossbows.

But now,these giant crossbows could only shoot one bolt each,rendering them useless.The Du family wouldn't give them another chance to string them.

"Du Family,I never expected you to be so bold,daring to barge in!"The patriarch of the Zhang family's complexion was as dark as if water could drip from it.

Originally,they had planned everything well.They were going to wait two more days for their formation to be complete,and then they would directly head to the Du family with that formation.Once the grand formation was laid out,they would crush the Du family with the overwhelming strength of the Zhang family.They could even completely wipe out the Du family from Jiangning Prefecture with minimal casualties,not giving the Du family patriarch and that boy named Du Chen any time to rise.

But he had never calculated that the Du family would dare to barge in,completely ruining his plans.

Seeing the expression of the Zhang family patriarch,the Du family patriarch immediately knew what he was thinking.He couldn't help but burst into laughter,"Kill them all!"

The Du family disciples obeyed,immediately shouting and rushing up to fight.

The Zhang family patriarch snorted,"Even without using the formation,just relying on the strength of my Zhang family is enough to wipe out you bunch of insignificant people!"

Before,the Zhang family patriarch had decided to use that killing formation,intending to wipe out the Du family without using a single soldier.After all,if they were to clash head-on,even if the Zhang family could defeat the Du family,their own losses wouldn't be small.

But now,since the Du family had come knocking on the door,they could only confront them head-on.This made the Zhang family patriarch secretly resentful.

Hundreds of Du family disciples began to fight with nearly a thousand Zhang family disciples.However,despite the larger number of people from the Zhang family,many of them were young martial artists at the early and mid stages of the Innate Realm.On the other hand,the weakest among the Du family were all at the late stage of the Innate Realm.

So,despite the larger number of people from the Zhang family,they weren't actually very effective.At least,it wasn't easy for two second-rate forces to win in a life-and-death battle.

Before Su Xin was about to take action,he said to Du Chen,"Be careful and stay by my side."

Du Chen hurriedly expressed his gratitude,"Thank you,senior."

However,just as he was about to follow Su Xin into battle,his broken sword once again emitted a warning signal,urging him to stay away from Su Xin.

Du Chen touched his nose awkwardly and had to stop his steps,preparing to follow the other Du family elders into battle.

However,the warning signal from the broken sword in his hand still didn't dissipate,continuing to prompt him to leave,seemingly wanting him to leave this battlefield.

Du Chen immediately shook his head,"No,I can't leave.If I leave at this time,I will truly become a traitor to the Du family."

He could listen to the broken sword in other situations,but he couldn't listen to it this time.He knew his talent was average.Even with the help of the broken sword and his diligent practice,he still lagged behind other disciples.Now that he had finally become one of the heirs of the Du family and was so highly valued by his father,receiving the respect of others and a large amount of cultivation resources,he couldn't just give up all of this.

Su Xin also didn't care about Du Chen,but wielded his sword and charged up.

To be honest,with his strength ranked in the top twenty of the People List,looking at the battle between these ordinary God Palace Realm martial artists,it was really like two different realms.

So Su Xin didn't use any profound sword techniques;just with the basics of swordsmanship combined with his sword intent,he could freely move among these ordinary innate martial artists.

As for the other warriors from the two families,they were fighting fiercely.However,overall,the Du family was still at a disadvantage.

In terms of the God Palace Realm,because of Su Xin and the Du family patriarch's strength,they could contend evenly.

But there were far fewer innate martial artists and innate martial artists in the Du family,leading to their mutual fight for half an hour without being able to successfully break into the Zhang family's mansion.

Seeing this scene,Su Xin frowned.He had to increase the strength of his attacks.The power of destruction within his long sword instantly twisted and killed a God Palace Realm martial artist.

Su Xin's figure turned,and a sword qi full of endless killing intent swept out,directly killing several innate martial artists.

With Su Xin's help,the Du family finally broke into the Zhang family's mansion.However,seeing the scene inside the Zhang family courtyard at this time,the Du family patriarch and several elders couldn't help but gasp for cold air.

At this moment,in the huge courtyard of the Du family,there stood a huge formation.

The cornerstone of this formation was a series of huge hollow stone pillars,each of which was inserted with long swords.However,inside these hollow stone pillars,there was a large amount of blood.The entire Zhang family was filled with murderous intent.If it weren't for the suppression of the formation,I'm afraid it would have been seen by others long ago.

"The Bloodthirsty Sword Formation!I didn't expect your Zhang family to even have such a thing.Aren't you afraid of being spurned by all the martial artists in Jiangning Prefecture?"The Du family patriarch said angrily,while also feeling a sense of fear.

Fortunately,they had acted preemptively as Su Xin had suggested.If the Zhang family had used this Bloodthirsty Sword Formation against them,the Du family would have been truly doomed!

The Zhang family patriarch sneered,"What's there to be afraid of?When my Zhang family wipes out your Du family,the battle of extermination will naturally be filled with blood.Even if there's a bit more bloodthirsty power,no one will notice.As long as I destroy this Bloodthirsty Sword Formation after wiping out your Du family,who will find out?I just didn't expect your Du family to be so decisive this time,actually daring to strike first,ruining the plan of my Zhang family."