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Chapter 307:Too Late

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The so-called Blood Slaughter Sword Formation was a well-known evil formation,famous for its simplicity in arrangement and powerful effects.

The principle of the Blood Slaughter Sword Formation was actually quite simple:lay down forty-nine foundation stones,nourish the swords within these stones with the blood of innate martial artists,and finally,using a secret method,make the swords absorb all the blood of these innate martial artists within the stones,thus forming powerful blood swords.

Once all of this was accomplished,as long as the Blood Slaughter Sword Formation was activated after setup,the blood energy within the formation would surge.The swords,nurtured by the blood of innate martial artists,would automatically unsheathe and slaughter all living beings within the formation until the blood energy within the swords was depleted.

Originally,the Zhang family planned to set up the Blood Slaughter Sword Formation around the Du family before attacking.

After activating the formation,they could directly kill eighty percent of the Du family's disciples within the formation,then shoot down the remaining warriors with giant crossbows,and finally,the Zhang family's people could completely annihilate the last surviving members of the Du family.

However,the sudden attack by the Du family thwarted the Zhang family's plans,leaving the head of the Zhang family gnashing his teeth in hatred.

You see,their Blood Slaughter Sword Formation now had blood from only three foundation stones left unfilled.

With hundreds of innate martial artists in the Zhang family,they took turns to bleed and cultivate,refining the Blood Slaughter Sword Formation.

The blood from those three foundation stones only needed one more day,and three innate martial artists from the Zhang family would have been able to cultivate again.Unexpectedly,just one day short,their efforts were in vain.How could they not resent this?

But now,it was too late to say anything.They could only fight to the end.However,the Zhang family sadly discovered that even in battle,they were currently no match for the Du family.

The white-clothed Daoist's origins were unknown,and his strength was astonishing.He was even more terrifying than the head of the Du family,single-handedly blocking three martial artists from the Divine Palace realm of the Zhang family,tilting the battle instantly.

However,as the battle intensified,Su Xin realized that the Zhang family was struggling.He slowed down his attacks and deliberately let two martial artists from the Zhang family at the Divine Palace realm go out for assistance.

The people from the Du family thought Su Xin was exhausted,so they didn't pay much attention.

After all,Su Xin had already fought valiantly against three opponents by himself.Besides,now that the Du family had the upper hand,victory was certain.

Under Su Xin's deliberate control,the Du family ultimately annihilated the Zhang family completely.

The massacre was extremely tragic;over two thousand members of the Zhang family were directly ordered to be killed by the head of the Du family.

Some of the younger disciples of the Du family felt a bit uneasy,but the head of the Du family coldly said,"Now is not the time for your compassionate hearts.If we lose this battle,the Zhang family would treat us the same way!If I spare them now,when they grow up,they will be formidable enemies to our Du family!"

After teaching these young disciples a lesson,the head of the Du family began to count the remaining members of their family.

Upon seeing this,the eyes of the head of the Du family turned red.Even though they won,it was a pyrrhic victory—a victory at a great cost!

The warriors the Du family brought this time numbered in the hundreds,but now only over eighty remained.Among them,there were only two elders at the Divine Palace realm of the Du family,along with one Wei Changfeng.

There were over twenty innate martial artists,and the remaining sixty-plus were fortunate enough to escape with their lives as mid-level martial artists.

Fortunately,the foundation of the Du family remained intact.Internally,they still had a large number of young disciples.

After swallowing up all the resources of the Zhang family and lying low for ten years,he could then advance to the realm of Divine Transformation,and the young disciples of the Du family would rise again.By then,the Du family would undoubtedly become stronger!

Thinking like this,but at this moment,the head of the Du family suddenly heard Wei Changfeng say,"Qingxuanzi!Stop it!What are you doing?!"

While the head of the Du family was counting the remaining people in the courtyard,Su Xin had somehow walked outside the Blood Slaughter Sword Formation,holding the corpse of a martial artist,whether from the Du family or the Zhang family,and was dripping blood onto the ground.

The crimson blood quickly filled one of the foundation stones,and the sword immersed in the blood emitted a strange gleam.

Hearing Wei Changfeng's shout,the head of the Du family and others reacted,turning to look at Su Xin,who was still dripping blood into the foundation stone.For some reason,a sudden chill ran through everyone's heart.

"Elder Qingxuanzi,please stop!The Blood Slaughter Sword Formation is not something to be trifled with!"The head of the Du family hurriedly shouted.

But Su Xin's actions did not stop;instead,they accelerated,filling another foundation stone.

Feeling that the blood flowing from the corpse in his hand was somewhat insufficient,Su Xin frowned.He flicked his fingers,and several sword qi shot out,instantly cutting the corpse into countless pieces.The blood dripped down,all falling into the foundation stone,but not a drop stained Su Xin's body.

Watching Su Xin dismember the corpse without any expression,the Du family and others realized that something was terribly wrong.

How could such a person,who seemed like a demonic creature,possibly be a senior practitioner secluded in the deep mountains and forests practicing the Supreme Forgetfulness Dao?

"Quick!Get out of here!Break through!"The head of the Du family shouted frantically.

The people of the Du family were still somewhat dumbfounded,but Wei Changfeng directly dashed towards the gate.

At this moment,he was cursing the Du family head in his heart,calling him a fool.He had already said that there was definitely something wrong with that person,but he stubbornly refused to believe it.Now,see?He had fooled them all!

However,at this moment,Su Xin raised his head,grinned,and said,"Sorry,I'm late."

As soon as his words fell,his hands were already forming continuous seals,and a powerful true energy poured into the Blood Slaughter Sword Formation.Suddenly,a blood-red light connected the forty-nine foundation stones,and the aura of blood slaughter soared into the sky,trapping the Du family's people within!

The sound of swords constantly rang out as the swords within the foundation stones,like whales swallowing,absorbed the blood of the innate martial artists within them,turning their bodies blood-red.

With Su Xin's infusion of inner power,forty-nine long swords shot out,turning into streams of blood,covering the sky,and rushing towards the remaining Du family warriors!

The Blood Slaughter Sword Formation was not a difficult formation because of its simple construction and powerful effects.It was stored in the Six Sects'Book Pavilion in Jiangnan Dao.Su Xin glanced at it briefly,and he still remembered the basic operating procedures.

Originally,the Blood Slaughter Sword Formation,refined with the blood of innate martial artists,was prepared by the Zhang family for all the Du family warriors.However,now they only had a few dozen people,so naturally they couldn't resist the power of the Blood Slaughter Sword Formation.Instantly,those mid-level martial artists were slaughtered.

The head of the Du family looked at Su Xin,his expression as if he wanted to devour someone,"Qingxuanzi!My Du family has been good to you,why would you harm us like this?"

"Good to me?You want me to serve your Du family with just one Grand Rejuvenation Pill?Don't be silly.The price you're offering to have me serve is one your Du family can't afford.As for why,go ask the King of Hell,"Su Xin replied disdainfully.

But at this moment,Su Xin suddenly showed a hint of a smile,"I think my relationship with the King of Hell is pretty good,asking him wouldn't help you much."

In the time it took to say these two sentences,under the full force of the Blood Slaughter Sword Formation,the head of the Du family was immediately struck by several swords and directly torn apart by more than a dozen blood-colored sword auras,becoming a pile of minced meat.

Originally,with the power of the Blood Slaughter Sword Formation,martial artists at the Divine Palace realm could completely withstand it,at most,it would just consume some energy.

The Zhang family had originally planned to supplement with crossbow bombardment after a round of the Blood Slaughter Sword Formation,and then deal with it themselves.However,under Su Xin's deliberate actions,the remaining people of the Du family had almost exhausted their internal energy.So under the Blood Slaughter Sword Formation,even the strongest Du family head could only support himself for a few breaths before being torn apart by the chaotic blades.

And when the power of the Blood Slaughter Sword Formation was completely exhausted,the only surviving disciple of the Du family was Du Chen.

Of course,he didn't have the ability to survive within the Blood Slaughter Sword Formation,but the Broken Blade did.

When the blood sword attacked,the Broken Blade,like a living thing,with its sharp blade qi,appeared above Du Chen's head.The blood-colored sword aura attacked,but the blade qi could directly shatter it,allowing Du Chen to survive until now.

"Why?!"Du Chen stared at Su Xin,his eyes red as if blood would drip from them.

He couldn't understand why a senior who praised his talent,wanted to take him as a disciple,and kindly taught him martial arts would suddenly turn into a demon and kill his entire family!

"Sorry,because of the thing in your hand,"Su Xin pointed at the Broken Blade.

This demon spirit was indeed very mysterious.The power of the Blood Slaughter Sword Formation was enough to kill ordinary innate martial artists,but this Broken Blade could easily withstand it.

Having received the reason,Du Chen felt like crying.

From the beginning,the Broken Blade had been warning him to be careful of Su Xin,but he had ignored it until now,only to realize that it was too late.

The Broken Blade showed a hint of anger,a hazy gray light emanated from it,and suddenly the blade qi overflowed.However,it didn't attack Su Xin but,carrying Du Chen,flew into the air and escaped.

Seeing this scene,Su Xin's eyes showed even more surprise.

Though he had never used a Heaven-grade weapon,he had seen it in books.

Although a Heaven-grade weapon had a spirit,it was still just a weapon,not a real living thing.The spirit of the weapon could only make it more responsive when wielded by a martial artist.

But now,the performance of this Broken Blade was clearly no different from a person,except that it lacked a body.

However,Su Xin had gone to great lengths for this treasure.How could he let it fly away like this?

Under Su Xin's feet,a strong wind roared,and he displayed the first move of the Wind God Leg to its extreme.His figure was in the air,and his leg movements were like a storm,directly stomping the Broken Blade and Du Chen to the ground.

Endless blade qi scattered,but it couldn't even touch Su Xin's protective true energy.

Originally,the Purple Cloud Divine Art didn't bring about powerful true energy;it could only be considered average.After practicing the Mountain Scripture,Su Xin's true energy had skyrocketed.Now,Su Xin had also cultivated the Frozen Hell True Solution,combining the icy true energy with the Purple Cloud Divine Art,making Su Xin's internal energy profound and unfathomable.

This blade qi could easily kill those at the Innate Spirit Realm,but it couldn't even hurt Su Xin's hair.