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Chapter 309:The Murky Path in Jiangnan

8008words in this chapter2024-02-21

After Su Xin's departure,the Six Gates lacked in high-end combat power.Naturally,Wen Mingyu,Guan Jiankong,and others would not assist Yin Ji.Consequently,the Six Gates lost several Nascent Soul realm experts.

However,it wasn't a big deal as Yin Ji still had Jiang Heliu by his side.Dai Wanchun,who disguised himself as Jiang Heliu,possessed the peak strength of the Nascent Divinity realm.With him taking action,hardly anyone of the same level could match him.After all,Jiang Heliu hailed from the royal family of Wu State,with access to the ancient martial arts scriptures of Wu State.Moreover,he was also affiliated with the White Lotus Sect,possessing various terrifying mystical techniques.

Under Jiang Heliu's hand,Yin Ji managed to obliterate a second-rate sect.However,this stirred up a hornet's nest.The entire martial world of Jiangnan united against Yin Ji,putting him in a tight spot.Compromise became inevitable.

Even Jiang Heliu criticized Yin Ji for his rash actions,though he acknowledged Yin Ji's contribution.With Yin Ji's reluctant approval,nearly a hundred remnants of the Wu State were placed within various positions of the Six Gates of Jiangnan,including even the chief constables of prefectural cities.

With Li Huai and others already suppressed by him,Yin Ji left their territories to these remnants of Wu State.Therefore,Jiang Heliu's current concern was stability,ensuring that their people from Wu State took root within the Six Gates of Jiangnan.

Moreover,this resurgence was planned to be more discreet than the previous one.After all,even the headquarters of the Six Gates probably didn't expect them to return,let alone infiltrate from within.

Thus,Jiang Heliu warned Yin Ji that he wouldn't intervene anymore."You deal with these messes on your own."

With no other choice,Yin Ji compromised,reducing the tax burden to a mere symbolic gesture.Each major martial force now paid a negligible amount,just enough to maintain appearances.

This settled the discontent among the major forces,but Yin Ji became a laughingstock.Even for a symbolic tax,the top three major forces refused to comply,shutting their doors.

Regarding the Xiao Family,Yin Ji had some self-awareness,skipping them entirely to avoid foolishness.

However,this situation caused resentment among the constables of the Six Gates of Jiangnan.They were tasked with collecting taxes,yet they witnessed major sects treating them with disdain,offering meager payments as if to beggars.

Unable to voice their discontent,they blamed Yin Ji for this humiliating situation,their dissatisfaction growing.

During Su Xin's leadership,these constables commanded respect.But now,their authority was disregarded,and they were treated like beggars.

The headquarters of the Six Gates also scorned Yin Ji's actions.If he could efficiently collect taxes from the major sects,it would be commendable.But what he collected was so insignificant that even ordinary cultivators would disdain it.Was this taxation or begging?It was a disgrace to the Six Gates!

Because of this,Tie Zhan often mocked Liu Fengwu,making him doubt Yin Ji's ability to manage the Six Gates of Jiangnan.He even considered replacing him.

Now,the martial world of Jiangnan was in turmoil,and the Six Gates of Jiangnan faced internal disunity,making Su Xin shake his head in disappointment.

Yin Ji,once a Wind Pursuit Constable of the Six Gates,was not a fool.Even a fool sitting in the position of the Chief Constable of the Six Gates wouldn't have performed worse.But Yin Ji was too eager for quick success and instant benefits,and now he was paying the price for it.

After finishing his drink,Su Xin left the tavern and found a secluded spot.He infused his inner energy into the token of the underworld.The pitch-black space engulfed Su Xin once again.When he opened his eyes,he found himself in the underworld,standing in his own grand hall.

Exiting the hall,Su Xin noticed some commotion in the square.Three individuals were engaged in conversation.One of them was Su Xin's acquaintance,Judge Cui,while the other two wore masks—one wore the mask of the Judge of Rewards for Virtue,and the other wore a bull-headed mask.

Seeing Su Xin emerge from the hall,Judge Cui immediately spoke,"This is our new member of the underworld,King Chu Jiang."

The Judge of Rewards for Virtue smiled warmly and said,"It's been several years since we had a new member join our underworld.To have someone of your caliber,a potential member of the Ten Yama Kings,is truly a joyous occasion.You can simply call me Judge Shanshan from now on."

The person wearing the bull-headed mask was tall and robust,exuding a powerful aura that rivaled that of Gu Donglai.

He grumbled in a deep voice,"Indeed,much stronger than me.I was originally interested in the'Wheel of Hell Scripture'of the Wheel King.I never expected to be given the Bull Head's technique.It's simply unreasonable."

Judge Shanshan chuckled,"With your abilities,you were interested in the'Wheel of Hell Scripture'?Can you even comprehend the essence of the Wheel of Hell?"

Both Judge Shanshan and the Bull Head,though under his jurisdiction in the Ten Yama Kings,were formidable in their own right.Judge Shanshan was likely at the peak of the Nascent Divinity realm,while the Bull Head possessed the strength of the Merging Divinity realm.

Su Xin greeted them,"Greetings,esteemed seniors."

Judge Shanshan smiled,"King Chu Jiang,no need for formalities.Since we're all members of the underworld now,you can address us directly by our names."

The Bull Head added,"Exactly.Just call me Old Bull.I can't stand all this seniority nonsense.Over the years,I've defeated more than a dozen seniors with my fists alone."

As members of the underworld's inner circle,despite Su Xin concealing his strength with a mask,both Judge Shanshan and the Bull Head could sense his power.However,to them,strength was inconsequential.

There were only over thirty members in the underworld's inner circle,and each one was exceptionally talented.Even if some managed to break through to the Nascent Divinity realm,if they didn't pass the scrutiny of King Yama and Meng Po along with the two official members of the underworld,they would remain in the outer circle,only gaining the privilege to exchange resources and take on autonomous missions within the underworld.

Su Xin's recognition as an inner circle member despite being in the Spiritual Palace realm showcased the recognition of his potential by the higher-ups.

Perhaps in a few years,he would be on equal footing with them.

Judge Shanshan informed Su Xin,"By the way,you did well with your recent task.Bai Wuchang has received the message,but he's currently busy.So,he asked me to inform you not to worry and wait until he's available to notify you to pick something from his treasury."

Su Xin was surprised,"Don't I need approval from King Yama or Meng Po?"

Judge Shanshan replied,"Under normal circumstances,it does require the approval of one of the two and two official members of the underworld.But with so few inner circle members,and everyone being familiar with each other,we don't need to be so rigid.As long as the other party confirms the completion of your task,there's no need for approval from the higher-ups.So,congratulations,you're now an official member of the underworld."

Su Xin nodded.Suddenly,he said,"Oh,I have something here.Would any of you be interested?"

One of the greatest benefits among underworld members was the ability to exchange items they didn't need with each other.

Even the most precious items couldn't be black-marketed among them,or else they'd face the entire underworld's pursuit,something that no one in the martial world could withstand.

Hearing this,Judge Shanshan and the others were somewhat dismissive.While Su Xin might have the potential to acquire good items,they were all Nascent Divinity realm experts.What Su Xin considered valuable might not be useful to them.

But since this was Su Xin's first time trading within the underworld,they didn't discourage him.Instead,they wanted to see what he could offer.

When Su Xin took out the frozen remnants of a celestial soldier from his mustard seed bag,the three of them were shocked.

"Celestial soldier remnants!"Judge Shanshan couldn't help but exclaim.With his strength,he could sense a spiritual presence within the frozen blade.

As soon as these words were spoken,two figures appeared behind Su Xin,one graceful and charming,the other tall and slender—none other than Meng Po and King Yama.

Meng Po exclaimed,"Little Chu,you're quite lucky to obtain a piece of celestial soldier remnants.With some repair,if the spirit within hasn't suffered too much damage,it can be used as a normal celestial soldier."

Su Xin's mouth twitched slightly.She called Judge Cui"Little Cui,"herself"King Chu,"so what should she call the Bull Head?

Sure enough,after Meng Po finished speaking,she turned to the Bull Head."Little Bull,doesn't your brother still lack a suitable celestial soldier?Since he also uses a blade,why don't you call him over to trade with Little Chu?"

Hearing the term"Little Bull,"Su Xin couldn't help but grin.Despite wearing masks,he could feel their undisguised amusement.