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Chapter 310:Deal

9472words in this chapter2024-02-21

With a mask covering his face,it was impossible to discern the exact expression on Bullhead's face,but Su Xin could imagine what kind of mood Bullhead would be in right now.

"Lady Mempō,could you please call me Old Bull or just Bullhead?Can you stop calling me that?"Bullhead pleaded.

As one of the oldest figures in the underworld,it was embarrassing for him every time a new member joined and he had to endure this.Now,even his name had become a big joke in the underworld.

Mempōcoldly snorted,"What?You're not happy even if I call you Young Bull?Or maybe you want to have a little showdown with me."

Bullhead quickly shook his head.He had once thought of resisting with force,but unfortunately,he had suffered a humiliating defeat in front of Mempō.

Su Xin cleared his throat and said,"Old Bull,are you interested in this celestial soldier's wreckage?"

Seeing Su Xin change the subject,Bullhead nodded eagerly,"Exactly,my brother,Horsemian,uses a sword.Repairing this broken sword would be perfect for him."

Su Xin glanced slightly surprised at Bullhead.According to legend,Bullhead and Horsemian were inseparable.It seemed the same here in the underworld,but Su Xin wondered about the relationship with Black and White Impermanence.

At this moment,the voice of Hòu Tǔ,the Earth God,rang out coldly,"Horsemian uses the Fine Willow Seed Knife,but the prototype of this knife is the Yan Ling Knife,and the shapes are not consistent."

The stronger the martial artist,the higher the requirement for weapon compatibility.Even a slight deviation was unacceptable.That's why almost half of the martial artists didn't have suitable weapons.For example,a Nascent Soul Realm martial artist would need at least a Profound Grade weapon,but due to the lack of suitable weapons,even half of them were wielding only Yellow Grade weapons.Without a suitable weapon,they might as well not have a Profound Grade one.

Bullhead chuckled,"Then I'll have to trouble Lady Earth later to reshape this celestial soldier's wreckage.Shouldn't be a problem,right?"

Hòu Tǔnodded,saying,"As long as the compensation is enough."

Su Xin looked at Hòu Tǔin surprise.This lord of the Yang Spirit Realm was unexpectedly a grandmaster of refining.Only those who could create celestial-grade weapons could repair them.Such figures were rare in the world.Su Xin hadn't expected any of them to be female.

Bullhead grinned,"King ChǔJiāng,name your price.Horsemian might not be able to come for a while,but I know his assets,so I'll take the deal on his behalf."

Su Xin nodded.Bullhead and Horsemian were indeed cooperative to the extent that they seemed like one person.

"Not in a hurry.This thing isn't just a celestial soldier's wreckage,"Su Xin said.

With that,Su Xin removed the frost on the broken sword.It immediately emitted an angry sword cry,and sword qi scattered towards Su Xin,but he directly suppressed it with his powerful internal force.

Su Xin chuckled,"I looted this broken sword after wiping out a second-rate force.So,it harbors some hostility towards me."

The surrounding people heard that Su Xin had wiped out a second-rate force just to snatch a broken sword,and their expressions showed nothing unusual.The underworld wasn't righteous,but they didn't concern themselves with anything other than their own and their fellow underworld members'interests.Su Xin wiping out one or two noble families for the sake of seizing celestial soldiers'wreckage didn't bother them.

Seeing the current form of the broken sword,Hòu Tǔsuddenly exclaimed,"This is a demon spirit!"

Su Xin nodded,"Lady Earth has sharp eyes,indeed,it's a demon spirit."

The people present looked at the broken sword in astonishment.They had heard of demon spirits but seeing one was a first for them.They could roughly estimate the price of celestial soldiers'wreckage,but they were uncertain about the price of celestial soldiers'wreckage that had given birth to a demon spirit.After all,such occurrences were rare once every few hundred years.

They turned their gaze to Hòu Tǔ,as she was the expert in this field.

After pondering for a moment,Hòu Tǔsaid,"The spirituality of demon spirits is greater than that of ordinary sword spirits.Therefore,after refining it into a celestial soldier again,part of its spirituality needs to be sealed to ensure safety.But even so,the re-refined broken sword will be about thirty percent stronger than an ordinary celestial soldier."

Bullhead immediately nodded,"If Lady Earth says thirty percent,then it must be thirty percent.Let's go with that."

Mempōyawned,"Alright,I'm not getting involved in your affairs anymore.You handle the transaction yourselves.I'm going back to catch some sleep."

Hòu Tǔalso disappeared in a flash.She was quite interested in this demon spirit,but in the end,the thing would definitely end up in her hands.She had plenty of time to study it.

Bullhead turned to Su Xin,"Name your price for whatever you want to exchange.As long as the total value is about the same,several items will do."

Bartering like this mostly occurred with very precious items.Now,this celestial soldier's wreckage,which had given birth to a demon spirit,was one such item.If it were elsewhere,trading such a valuable item would surely involve haggling for days.But in the underworld,there was no such thing.Everyone was a member of the underworld,and they would meet again in the future.There was no need to squabble over a little profit;everyone would voluntarily step back.

Moreover,with their current strength,there really wasn't anything worth their while to haggle over.

Su Xin certainly wouldn't be foolish enough to ask for the moon.He thought for a moment before saying,"I want to exchange two things.One is for you,Old Bull,to lend a hand,and the other is for some defensive treasure,like armor."

Bullhead asked,"Who are we dealing with?"

The underworld was never short of requests for assistance in battles,of course,it was necessary to specify the terms and prices.

One of the good things about the underworld was that,apart from Yama and MempōHòu Tǔ,you could hire someone to help deal with anyone.The condition was that you had to offer compensation.

But helping wasn't a death sentence,so most tasks would include information about the target's identity and strength,and the price would be determined based on the opponent's strength.

Now,Bullhead was asking about this,as the price would vary greatly depending on whether the opponent was in the Nascent Soul Realm or the Core Formation Realm.

Su Xin said,"The opponent is a remnant of the Wu Kingdom,and also a disciple of the White Lotus Sect,Jiang Helium.He has the peak strength of the Nascent Soul Realm."

Bullhead sneered,"So,it's the Nascent Soul Realm.That's simple."

Although Jiang Helium was considered a strong figure in the Nascent Soul Realm,he was really nothing compared to the elite of the underworld.

"As for defensive treasures,I have quite a few here.You can take some from me first,and I'll ask Old Horse for more when I get back."

Bullhead practiced body-refining techniques,making his physical body extremely powerful.Coupled with various defensive treasures,his strength was even greater.So,of course,he had collected quite a few defensive treasures.

He simply poured out various armors and inner garments from his mustard seed bag,and soon they formed a small mountain.But in less than half a minute,Bullhead quickly arranged and neatly placed these armors.

Pointing to the armor that was stacked the most,Bullhead said,"Hmm,these are all part of my collection,ranging from armors of some ancient countries to modern ones.Although their defensive power isn't great,they are extremely valuable collectibles."

Cui,the judge,muttered softly on the side,"Are these junk items extremely valuable to you?Stop fooling around and bring out the real good stuff."

Bullhead snorted,"What do you know?Some of these armors are one-of-a-kind.You can't find a second set of them even if you search the entire martial world."

Cui rolled his eyes.Normal people wouldn't collect such things.

After exchanging a few words with Cui,Bullhead pointed to a magnificent golden armor,"This is the Zhanjin Mingguang Armor left by General Weiyuan of the Eastern Jin Dynasty.It can withstand the slash of a Profound Grade weapon without leaving a trace.Only a celestial-grade weapon can cause some damage to it."

Bullhead then pointed to a set of armor with a fierce appearance,carved with a black dragon on the chest,"This armor is even more remarkable.It's the Black Dragon Armor refined by the ancient Qin State.Not only does it have astonishing defensive power,but it also contains a formation that can suddenly increase the user's true qi several times.However,after use,it will damage the user's vitality.So,it can be used as a trump card."

"And this."Bullhead brought out a set of armor that was as red as blood,"This is the Evil Armor that was refined by the Blood Butchering General of the Eastern Jin Dynasty after slaughtering a small kingdom in the Western Regions,using over a hundred thousand liters of blood.This thing has even more astonishing power.After wearing it,the surrounding blood energy will soar,equivalent to an unrestricted Blood Slaughter Formation.But the side effects are significant;if you're not careful,you'll be hit by the blood energy and go insane.So,if you don't have enough willpower,it's better not to choose it."

In no time,Bullhead recommended several pieces of armor to Su Xin,each with an incredible background,and even the weakest could resist Profound Grade weapons.

But unfortunately,Su Xin didn't need these things for the time being.

He wasn't a military man,so it wasn't appropriate to run around in armor all day,and it was too flashy.

The kind of treasure Su Xin wanted was the kind that could be worn close to the body,the kind that others couldn't see once worn.

After hearing Su Xin's request,Old Bull tapped the horn on his mask,"I see.I don't have many of these close-fitting armors in my collection.It seems like there's nothing precious,but oh,wait,what about this?Do you think it'll work?"

As if suddenly remembering something,Bullhead took out something like a vest from his mustard seed bag.

This vest was made of layers of threads that seemed as fine as silk,soft and light,but it gave off a sharp metallic feeling.

Bullhead introduced,"This thing is called the Sword Feather Armor,made from several exotic metals pulled into threads and then woven together.It's actually supposed to be worn as an inner lining for a higher-grade armor set,but I haven't found that set after digging up several graves.I only found this one inner lining.In terms of defense,it can withstand the slash of a Profound Grade weapon,and it also has a weakening effect on internal energy attacks.But the only downside of this Sword Feather Armor is that if it's subjected to too many attacks,the threads on it will break,and its defense will decrease."